NP Bananamania has returned in an enchanting new novel of uncanny subtlety style magic and mystery that Frank Ramirez of the South Bend Tribune declares is every bit as good as Yoshimoto s first book p

  • Title: NP
  • Author: Banana Yoshimoto
  • ISBN: 9780671898267
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bananamania has returned in an enchanting new novel of uncanny subtlety, style, magic and mystery that Frank Ramirez of the South Bend Tribune declares is every bit as good as Yoshimoto s first book perhaps better A celebrated Japanese writer has committed suicide, leaving behind a collection of stories written in English, N.P But the book may never be published Bananamania has returned in an enchanting new novel of uncanny subtlety, style, magic and mystery that Frank Ramirez of the South Bend Tribune declares is every bit as good as Yoshimoto s first book perhaps better A celebrated Japanese writer has committed suicide, leaving behind a collection of stories written in English, N.P But the book may never be published in his native Japan each translator who takes up the ninety eighth story chooses death too including Kazami Kano s boyfriend, Shoji Haunted by Shoji s death, Kazami is inexorably drawn to three young people whose lives are intimately bound to the late writer and his work Over the course of an astonishing summer, she will discover the truth behind the ninety eighth story and she will come to believe that everything that had happened was shockingly beautiful enough to make you crazy.

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    About “Banana Yoshimoto

    • Banana Yoshimoto

      Banana Yoshimoto or is the pen name of Mahoko Yoshimoto , a Japanese contemporary writer She writes her name in hiragana See also Chinese Along with having a famous father, poet Takaaki Yoshimoto, Banana s sister, Haruno Yoiko, is a well known cartoonist in Japan Growing up in a liberal family, she learned the value of independence from a young age.She graduated from Nihon University s Art College, majoring in Literature During that time, she took the pseudonym Banana after her love of banana flowers, a name she recognizes as both cute and purposefully androgynous Despite her success, Yoshimoto remains a down to earth and obscure figure Whenever she appears in public she eschews make up and dresses simply She keeps her personal life guarded, and reveals little about her certified Rolfing practitioner, Hiroyoshi Tahata and son born in 2003 Instead, she talks about her writing Each day she takes half an hour to write at her computer, and she says, I tend to feel guilty because I write these stories almost for fun She keeps an on line journal for her English speaking fans at yoshimotobanana diary.

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    • I was unsure how to rate N.P because I might have given it a better rating if I had read it at another time, in the 90s or when I was a teenager. I think maybe to me something was lost in translation - the short, matter-of-fact sentences didn't really engage me in the story or the characters. And there was a mistranslation: the word stepbrother is used when in the context of the story we see that she means half brother, as they are related by blood and have the same father. It's always a bit str [...]

    • Đọc N.P suốt 4 tiếng đồng hồ, bên tai vẫn nghe Keane hát về những điều mất mát của tuổi trẻ. Cũng như bao tác phẩm khác của Banana, N.P kể về những con người không bình thường, họ bị ám hảnh bởi cái chết, bởi tình yêu, bởi những điều của quá khứ, nhưng câu chuyện vẫn đẹp đẽ và trong trẻo đến lạ kỳ.Cuốn sách nói rất nhiều về mùa hạ, về vẻ đẹp của nó, về bầu trời xan [...]

    • There were a few developments in this story that threw me for a loop. In light of some strange coincidences, fate and destiny are raised by the small cast of characters, all of whom are caught in a mutual orbit that carries them through a significant series of changes in their lives. I don't know about fate, per say, but I will say that, were this kind of story to happen outside of fiction, it would rank high in terms of strange. I am glad that I did not read a plot synopsis beforehand, else I w [...]

    • I had read Asleep, which was very good, but N.P. is more immature. It has in commun with Asleep a dreamy atmosphere, but in N.P. this atmosphere is more contrived. The novel is made mostly of scenes that take place in enclosed spaces--dialogues between the protagonists. This is a good premise, as far as I am concerned, but the problem is that the novel doesn't live up to its premise. One has the feeling that we are supposed to be fascinated with the characters and their incestuous relationships [...]

    • "Love is love. It doesn't matter what kind it is."All hail my first one star review of 2016! Right now I'm at loss for words, I did really think I was going to enjoy this book. One of the key elements that drew me to N.P. was the translation bit. I thought this was going to be a story about translation and, more specifically, the seemingly impossible translation of the 98th story by the famous Japanese writer Sarao Takase, a translation that has led all of the people working on it to suicide. Th [...]

    • This was a really weird book for me. I suppose it was meant to be shocking and ground-breaking but wasn't and I ended up feeling more confused than appalled or thrilled. The story was going nowhere, it's kind of hard to retell the plot, if there was one. There was, in fact, a given situation the characters find themselves in and their different ways of dealing with it, ways of getting out of it. The characters themselves were two-dimensional, as in you can probably imagine them from the author's [...]

    • Like many Japanese novels, a preoccupation with dreams here. A very unique read here. Mesmerizing, immersive, transporting. I was confused part of the time, but I believe that was partially the idea. The story was visually enchanting, with it be somewhat overwhelming at times. It was more of an experience than a story, actually. It starts out about a young translator, Kazami Kano, whom is greiving following her boyfriend, Shoji's suicide/death. The cause? Like two others before him, it was while [...]

    • Japanese girls, love quadrangles, incest, spirit mediums, and a book that makes people kill themselves sounds like the next Takashi Miike movie.However, it's actually the critically aclaimed book "NP" by Banana Yoshimoto. I won't go into detail about the slight but convoluted plot, but it follows the family and friends of the author of the eponymous book, a great example of the motif of harmful sensation. Translating it fully into the author's native language results in the translator's suicide, [...]

    • Per descrivere questo libro bastano tre parole: tutto e niente.Innanzitutto ho comprato questo libro un po' per caso perché pensavo di aver già letto qualcosa di questa scrittrice, ma non è così. Oltre che essere il mio primo libro della Yoshimoto, è anche il mio primo libro scritto da una giapponese/cinese/coreana o giù di lì. Nonostante io non conosca bene la loro cultura, non sono presenti molte parole “difficili” o di cui non si conosce comunemente il significato, quindi la storia [...]

    • Flat and boring. Incest is definitely not a topic that I would recommend to anyone. Banana Yoshimoto might be a master of her genre and the light YA love novels. She can elegantly portray the affection and tribulations between young lovers. Anyone who liked her "Kitchen" novella and Ms. Yoshimoto's writing style will undoubtedly like anything that she writes. Having said that, I could not wait for this to end. I hated to abandon midway wrongly anticipating a climax that never materialized. I pre [...]

    • He leído Kitchen, Tsugumi y Recuerdos de un callejón sin salida. Este fue mi cuarto libro de la autora el cual comencé a leer en iBook para después volver a comenzarlo en físico ya que no recordaba casi nada de la historia. Un libro un tanto repetitivo sé que Banana Yoshimoto usa mucho las frases "Me encontraba en un callejón sin salida" "Me dio un vuelco al corazón" entre otras. Las cuales se repitieron durante todo el libro haciendo este un tanto cansado. Además la traducción del lib [...]

    • "Have you ever been to North PointTo spend your time and prayThe prison walls are dark and cold and grey"Đó là đoạn mở đầu của North Point, cảm hứng cho N.P, mà theo như Banana diễn tả là "một bản nhạc xưa thật buồn bã"Buồn bã, u uất, ảm đạm.Những nhà tù tinh thần.Ở điểm cực Bắc, N.P của Banana, tồn tại những nhà tù tinh thần như vậy.Điểm mà mình yêu nhất trong văn phong của Banana đó là khả năng viết [...]

    • Nel 1993 ho letto Kitchen, romanzo che avevo trovato molto vacuo, al limite dell’insulso. Tuttavia, di solito, prima di dare giudizi definitivi, anche degli autori che mi sono parsi in prima battuta deludenti leggo sempre almeno un altro libro (a parte quando è evidente che sono casi senza speranza, come, ad esempio, Coelho).Per cui, nel 1994, da brava e disciplinata lettrice, della Yoshimoto mi sono sciroppata anche questo N.P Considerando che, a tutt’oggi, nella mia libreria non ci sono a [...]

    • N.P là sự tổng hòa của những sự việc bất thường, những con người bất thường. Câu chuyện diễn ra vỏn vẹn chỉ trong một mùa hè mà cảm giác cứ như hàng năm tháng, hàng bao nhiêu thời gian đã trôi qua vậy.(view spoiler)[Cuốn sách bắt đầu bằng cuộc nói chuyện giữa Kazami và Shoji về việc nhà văn Takase Sarao đã tự sát bên cạnh thiên truyện số 98 do ông sáng tác, được cho là ẩn chứa lời ng [...]

    • Desconozco cuáles son las convicciones de los demás. Pero creo que, cada uno de nosotros, por muy fuerte que sea, abraza algo semejante. Algo que es su desgracia y que es, al mismo tiempo, él mismo.

    • Short novel which I couldn't put down once I started it; like most other books by the author, it is narrated by a young woman and it builds psychological suspense until one really must fly through the book to see how it is resolved - usually in the author's books there is no neat resolution but a stopping point and this book is no different though i thought the ending here is clearer and segueing into a new beginningThe novel deals with potentially uncomfortable issues (some for the time of publ [...]

    • It's hard to review this book. It's unlike anything I've ever read. To me, the descriptions were the most striking part - beautiful and vivid, and Yoshimoto created metaphors I'd never considered. I glimpsed scenes in my imagination with the same clarity as when you wake on a bright morning and see something right before your eyes, and after that the freshness and clarity of the image is gone forever. Her descriptions had that feeling for me. It did not feel as though much happened in the story, [...]

    • I liked the idea of a story that drove translators -- not readers or writers -- to suicide, and the way everything was brought out at a remove, very elegantly. And the irony: a Japanese story written in Japanese and translated into English, about a Japanese story written in English that couldn't be translated into Japanese, because that would bring it too close A clear wall of elegance and distance, but very intense things on the other side, incest and death.I think it suffered itself in transla [...]

    • Thích cách cô tả đường phố về đêm, thích Sui và "tôi" cùng leo lên sân thượng uống rượu, thích cả chương cuối cùng. Chương cuối nhẹ nhàng, như một lối thoát cho cả nhân vật và tôi. Chương cuối với picnic, bãi biển, pháo hoa, rượu vang cốc nhựa, với bánh quy nướng, với những khách sạn ở xa xa gần gần.Ngà ngà say, tôi cũng từng tự hỏi tại sao mình ở đâyNhưng không phải một cách lạ [...]

    • I couldn't put it down, but the underlying mystery of the danger at the rot of this novel (several people who have tried to translate a late writer's book have committed suicide before finishing) seems to be forgotten too quickly, then casually and inadequately explained. The untranslatable work as it's described lacks the power it is meant to have, so we again find ourselves with a book (about a life-changing book) that is itself far from memorable or compelling.

    • "The sentences were threadbare and somehow pathetic." (p 100)"'I don't think you're really cut out for translation, you know that?''Why? Because I'm not accurate enough?''How can I describe it? You're weak, not really weak, but too kind. You think that you have to be faithful to the structure of the original sentences.'" (p 117)

    • N.P es una novela escrita por Mahoko "Banana" Yoshimoto en 1990, y que el comentarista de la edición de Tusquets nos anticipa que arranca con el encuentro con "esos dos hermanos tiernamente incestuosos", y desembocará en "un inextricable laberinto del que nacerá un amor salvaje, desenfrenado". Pues quien se guíe en su elección por este anticipo, sepa por esto no tiene nada que ver con la novela. N.P es una novela sobre las amistades, y que ilustra con mucha serenidad el modo en que las pers [...]

    • I picked this up at the library, having forgotten that I already read it. Reading it again brought back memories of the first time I read it. One of the things I love about Banana Yoshimoto is how atmospheric her writing is and how I can get completely swept away by the world in her writing. In this story, it's a combination of summer and getting caught up in someone else's family drama. However, on re-reading this, I felt really disconnected from the characters. This may have been a result of t [...]

    • Một câu chuyện vực dậy những mảnh vỡ tâm hồn đang mang trong mình những bí mật, tội lỗi, những ám ảnh và cả những giằn vặt xúc cảm. Và rồi những ngôn từ như một liều thuốc, cứu rỗi những tâm hồn đơn độc, đem lại chút ánh sáng dẫn đường những kẻ kì dị ấy thoát ra khỏi thế giới đau thương, cho họ một cơ hội, một lý do để tin vào tương lai [...]

    • Lettura molto rapida ma in alcuni punti abbastanza pesante; tralasciando che la quarta di copertina fa spoiler di quasi tutti gli avvenimenti, alcuni momenti mi hanno tenuta con il fiato sospeso. È però un libro fondamentalmente morboso (si contano un paio di incesti, altrettanti suicidi e quasi tutti i personaggi depressi) quindi per questo seppur breve non manca di intensità. Primo libro di Banana Yoshimoto, si attendono consigli su quali altri leggere.

    • Ho letti molti libri della Yoshimoto, e non mi sono piaciuti tutti, ma ammetto che questo è il peggiore.Tutti gli argomenti difficili che ha deciso di buttare lì alla rinfusa, personaggi per niente simpatici e un finale scialbo. Credo non ne leggerò più.

    • cuevadelescritor/2De este libro aprendí dos cosas: yo a los japoneses no los entiendo y es probable que no los entienda nunca. Disfruto sus historias, pero hay algo que siempre me cuesta cuanto se trata de leerlas. Su cultura es tan diferente que no me identifico rápido con los personajes, las situaciones o los diálogos. Además, con la imposibilidad de leerlo en japonés, siempre hay unos traductores mejores que otros y algunos libros que tienen demasiadas partes lost in translation (además [...]

    • Read this when I was at uni, but it was one of those books I was too young (by then) to really appreciate. I was looking through my old books and wondering if I should give them a re-read when I stumbled upon my copy of this. I remember thinking Kitchen was SO much better than N.P and I wondered if I would think the same now.It's different, and there are definitely more risks in N.P. than in Kitchen. And because I'm totally into the Zero Escape games, I found so many topics here that appealed to [...]

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