Писать профессионально. Как побороть прокрастинацию, перфекционизм и творческие кризисы

  • Title: Писать профессионально. Как побороть прокрастинацию, перфекционизм и творческие кризисы
  • Author: Hillary Rettig Хиллари Реттиг
  • ISBN: 9785000576724
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Best Download [Hillary Rettig Хиллари Реттиг] ☆ Писать профессионально. Как побороть прокрастинацию, перфекционизм и творческие кризисы || [Comics Book] PDF ✓
      412 Hillary Rettig Хиллари Реттиг
    • thumbnail Title: Best Download [Hillary Rettig Хиллари Реттиг] ☆ Писать профессионально. Как побороть прокрастинацию, перфекционизм и творческие кризисы || [Comics Book] PDF ✓
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    About “Hillary Rettig Хиллари Реттиг

    • Hillary Rettig Хиллари Реттиг

      I m the author of The 7 Secrets of the Prolific The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Writer s Block, one of s top selling productivity books I help people increase their productivity in writing and other areas, and have taught productivity and time management classes at the Mark Twain House and Museum, The Loft, Grub Street Writers, and many other top writing, business, educational, arts, and community organizations The core of my work is the idea that procrastination, blocks, and other forms of underproductivity are symptoms of disempowerment.Disempowerment means you re not missing anything you need to be productive you re only separated from, or have lost access to, that which you have i.e your strengths, skills, talents and energy.Laziness, lack of discipline, lack of commitment, and other supposed deficiencies are all symptoms of the disempowerment, not causes, so please don t focus on them And don t use them to negatively label yourself or anyone else All my work is devoted to helping people locate and remediate the disempowering forces in their work and life, including perfectionism, scarcity, time constraints, and ambivalence, so they can reclaim their joyful productivity.My articles have appeared in Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Future Buzz, Time Management Ninja, Tomorrow s Professor, Authors Helping Authors, and numerous other publications and I ve been interviewed in Entrepreneur and elsewhere Please visit my website vegan, free software advocate, and lover of life and dogs I m also a former foster mom of four teenage Sudanese refugees a.k.a Lost Boys , now all adult and living independently And I m a living kidney donor I also have an abiding interest in social justice my first book, The Lifelong Activist, is a self help guide for progressive and radical activists and it was from my activism that I gained insights on personal power that inform my current work.

    813 thoughts on “Писать профессионально. Как побороть прокрастинацию, перфекционизм и творческие кризисы

    • Well this really surprised me. Yet another read that I picked up entirely at random, and I read this more as food for thoughts to look at barriers to writing and what people could do to overcome them. Rettig does a fine job of examining multiple angles for what keeps people from writing, from procrastinating on projects and solutions to deal effectively with that, perfectionistic tendencies and ways that writers (in multiple venues, not just fiction writing) tend to punish themselves, time manag [...]

    • A book telling us how to overcome procrastination and perfectionism, eh? It sounds like just the sort of thing that I need. So I bought it and started reading, eager to learn where I have been going wrong all these years.And that's when the problems started. This book is incredibly wordy. The title should have given me a clue: "The 7 Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Writer's Block". Snappy it isn't.The book carries on in the same vei [...]

    • Hillary Rettig's writing book covers quite a lot of territory, in depth. The first two chapters, on procrastination and perfectionism, I flew through as they presented new ideas to me. I got bogged down in chapters three (Coping with Resource Constraints) and four (Liberating Yourself From Time Constraints) because the book covered topics that I already have a handle on. Those two chapters I slogged through, sorry to say. I have been writing for many years and the information presented was stuff [...]

    • WHO IT'S FOR: Artists, especially writers, who would like to overcome procrastination and produce moreWHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT: First off, Rettig decriminalizes procrastination and prohibits self-shaming: "The use of shame and coercion as motivational tools, even on yourself, is not just immoral, but futile. They yield not growth and evolution, but, at best, short-term compliance. They also sabotage the creative process." Instead, she identifies perfectionism as the real culprit and Compassionate Ob [...]

    • I found this book to be a quick read and it would likely appeal to anyone needing a push to start writing. I heard about it from another writer and when I saw it had nearly-perfect reviews on , decided it was worth the $3.95 for the Kindle edition, even though I really don't have trouble writing a lot. (What I have trouble with is finishing the stuff I start, but that's another story.)This book reminded me of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way," in that it blends pop psychology, inspirational-wor [...]

    • An excellent guide to overcoming procrastination and blocks to accomplishing any important project. Although the book is aimed at writers, and contains plenty of writing-specific advice, I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with initiating or completing projects, and especially to solopreneurs. Hillary has done a beautiful job of capturing all the reasons why writers and other creative, visionary people get stalled in the process of bringing their ideas to life, and provided many truly h [...]

    • Okay. It started off okay. Some of the things she brings up about perfectionism and why I should try to avoid it struck a chord. But then it just goes downhill from there. The section on time management in particular just pissed me off. The thing is she's presenting things in black and white dichotomies. Like comparing a stereotyped "Bad Time Manager" with a "Good Time Manager." The Bad Time Manager works 40 hours for a job not related to writing. What a sap, right? The Good Time Manager works p [...]

    • An odd one this. I don't like to write negative reviews, but this was a difficult book to get through. In fact, I didn't read it all as I got fed up of the author referring to the LGBT community as 'queers' which was not only insulting, but an odd find in a book about writing. Let me be clear, that the author was not insulting the LGBT community. Not at all. But the use of the word 'queer' was one I found offensive and so I found it difficult to keep reading.There were some good nuggets of infor [...]

    • Some solid advice for writers. Lots of good tips. Not super original, but really motivating and encouraging. It wasn't a great format though. Lots of single spaced text closely spaced together. It would have made for a better reading experience to break up the text with more paragraphs. * I received this as a free copy through the GoodReads First Reads giveaway program.

    • This book had some interesting insights about why people procrastinate and what the common causes of writer's block are. The author is really opinionated about self-publishing and includes a couple of plugs for one of her other books, which I could have done without, but overall it's a decent read.

    • I don’t think I’ll do every single thing that this book recommends, but I sticky-noted many, many pages and have already been seeing the benefits from Hillary’s advice. (Just reading the book helped to chip away at some of my writing-related angst.)

    • The first two chapters of the book are the reason to read it. I'd give that part 4 stars. The rest of the book dragged the rating down.

    • Название -- "Писать профессионально" -- могло бы намекнуть, что книга не совсем о том, чего мне надо. Но почему-то не намекнуло. Основной объем текста посвящён тому, как действовать и вести себя пишущему человеку, чтобы стать более продуктивным и, да, профессиональным: тайм-мен [...]

    • Excellent and informative book for aspiring writersExcellent book. It was very well written, well organized, and informative. I would highly recommend this book to any new or struggling author. I particularly liked the author's suggestion of free flow writing to create many many low quality drafts to get ideas on paper, to avoid perfectionism, and to inspire more creativity. I'm sure I will refer back to this book again as I encounter any blocks in the future.

    • Opened strong. The book has good ideas to boost your productivity and keep you writing. It also identifies several blocks to “prolific” writing. I felt the book fell flat at the end. I prefer a more narrative approach and more sources to back up the ideas. It felt like a long bullet list of tricks. The format will allow for easy scanning to remember specific ideas.

    • Lots of information delivered with lots of words which made for a slower read but with lots of encouraging words and inspiration to write. The author has definite opinions and does offer advice to overcoming procrastination and writer's block. It was a good read just not a favorite.

    • Книжка написана для письменників і всіх, хто заробляє на життя письменством. Але її можна і навіть треба читати всім. Бо прокрастинатори сидять в кожному з нас і ця книжка, як мінімум, скаже Вам, що досить нити, пора творити

    • I give this book 5 stars for the first two chapters and other bits of encouragement placed throughout the book. I first read this book in early 2014 and the tips for overcoming procrastination and perfectionism gave me the boost that I needed to start writing again, and I even wrote 50,000 words in November 2014 for National Novel Writing Month. I used to beat myself up for being undisciplined and lazy but the truth was that I just hadn't managed my time correctly and I hadn't developed good wri [...]

    • Как писать профессионально.Многие люди мечтают написать книгу. Перед нами открыто множество примеров авторов, которые добились невероятного успеха. Но под этим скрыты миллионы попыток недоведенных до конца. Мы потеряли множество великих книг и несостоявшихся авторов, ко [...]

    • Writing - regularly, with confidence and without agita -- is biggest challenge writers face. Call it "writer's block" or "the white bull" (Hemingway) or "failure of the ego" (Mailer), the plain, ordinary day-to-day struggle with blankness can cut would-be and even experienced writers at the knees.Rettig builds a compelling case for identifying the root cause as "perfectionism," which she defines as a set of impossibly unrealistic expectations that are enforced with unjustly cruel (and mostly sel [...]

    • I took Hillary Rettig’s “The Time Of Your Life” (a one-day time management course for writers) at Grub Street a couple summers ago and absolutely loved it. There’s nothing more inspiring than spending several hours with someone who shares your ideals and gives you strategies that can help you optimize your writing time. So when I ran into Rettig at the AWP Conference in Boston a few months ago, I made sure to buy a copy of her book The 7 Secrets Of The Prolific, a guide that tackles seve [...]

    • I was disappointed in this book. I think I picked it up last summer, when I saw the author's workshop offered at Grub Street. I couldn't do the workshop, so I thought this would be a way of getting some of the same benefits, but as I skimmed through the middle sections of the book, I found myself wishing I hadn't even paid the $4 for the ebook.It turns out I'm not much of a procrastinator or a perfectionist, by Rettig's definitions, and I've never really believed in writer's block. Her suggestio [...]

    • Honestly, this book is a godsend. I'm currently applying to graduate school and have had a lot of trouble writing my statement of purpose. After a particularly bad day, I browsed through amazon and saw that this book was being offered free for Prime members. So, I decided to download it, and I'm very glad I did. When Rettig began by discussing the perfectionism at the heart of procrastination, it seemed like she had tuned in to the frequency of my inner critic and had some hidden cameras followi [...]

    • I really liked this quirky book. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I feel like the citations were a distraction and there could have been a more general tone about the book (extending it to visual artists) but that may just be a reflection of my personal taste. I highlighted the text on my Kindle and I think I will come back to it and re-read parts in the future. The fact that it is self published accounts for it's uniqueness. There are many parts I think an editor would have [...]

    • Hillary Rettig delivers everything she promises within the covers of Seven Secrets of the Prolific. I consumed this book alongside two fiction selections, and reading this book made me fairly itch to write. I attended Hillary's presentation at the Rally of Writers gathering in Lansing, Michigan, and purchased the book directly from her there. If you're looking for explanations for procrastination, or trying to identify procrastination--it takes on more forms than I previously thought--this is a [...]

    • This has been a life-changing book for me in learning to overcome ingrained perfectionist tendencies. Rettig clearly explains the hows and whys of perfectionism as well as tangible ways we can change our behavior. She presents time-management concepts in an easy-to-understand way, as well as several techniques for optimizing one's writing process. Additionally, she explores the traditional publishing industry, and contrasts its pitfalls with the benefits of self-publishing, making a very compell [...]

    • Lots of good insights about perfectionism and creative block in this book, as well as ideas of how to overcome it. The only thing that prevented me from giving the book more stars is my feeling that the author had so much to say and might have been better saying it over a number of books. I was left feeling a bit breathless at the end but it may just be that I read the book too fast! The author clearly has a lot of good stuff to say so it may just be a question of reading the relevant parts slow [...]

    • Книга-повторенье. В ней нет ничего существенно нового, но она хорошо систематизирует то, что знаешь уже давно. И, примеряя некоторые принципы на свою сегодняшнюю ситуацию, можно получить положительные результаты, а именно – более продуктивное писательство. Цитата, которая [...]

    • Motivational must read for writers I would refer back to this book whenever I feel down and let these words heal me when the critiques and rejections gets too tough. Reading this book is like battling a few large dragons blocking the way towards self actualisation. An almost impossible task unless one changes their mindset and realize that dragons do not exist in this world. It's only us against ourselves. This is the magic of being prolific.

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