Batman: In Darkest Knight

Batman In Darkest Knight This time he had the most powerful weapon in the universe a Green Lantern ring to find the killer of his parents This time there was no Joker unless you count the evil alien with a maniacal bent This

  • Title: Batman: In Darkest Knight
  • Author: Mike W. Barr Jerry Bingham Pat Brosseau
  • ISBN: 9781563891120
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • This time he had the most powerful weapon in the universe a Green Lantern ring to find the killer of his parents This time there was no Joker unless you count the evil alien with a maniacal bent This time he was a hero alone Who knows what legends he would inspire From the creators of Batman Son Of The Demon, a frightening look at a world that might of been.

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      426 Mike W. Barr Jerry Bingham Pat Brosseau
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    • Mike W. Barr Jerry Bingham Pat Brosseau

      Mike W Barr is an American writer of comic books, and mystery, and science fiction novels Barr s debut as a comics professional came in DC Comics Detective Comics 444 Dec 1974 Jan 1975 , for which he wrote an 8 page back up mystery feature starring the Elongated Man Another Elongated Man story followed in Detective Comics 453 November 1975 He wrote text articles and editorial replies in letter columns for the next few years By mid 1980 he was writing regularly for both DC and Marvel, including stories for Marvel Team Up, Mystery in Space, Green Lantern, and various Batman titles.Legion of Super Heroes 277 July 1981 saw him take on editorial duties at DC, while writing issues of DC s Star Trek comic, for whom he created the native American character Ensign Bearclaw and a pacifist Klingon named Konom In December 1982, he and artist Brian Bolland began Camelot 3000, a 12 issue limited series that was one of DC Comics first direct market projects In August 1983, Barr created what may well be his most enduring work, the monthly title Batman and the Outsiders with art by Jim Aparo Barr wrote every issue of the original series, and its Baxter paper spinoff, The Outsiders.His other comics work includes Mantra and Maze Agency as well as the 1987 OGN hardcover book Batman Son of the Demon with art by Jerry Bingham , proceeds from which reputedly restored DC Comics to first place in sales after fifteen years This title, and Barr s work on Batman with artist Alan Davis have been cited by Grant Morrison as key inspirations for his recent 2006 run on the Batman title.In 2007, he wrote a two part story for the pages of DC s JLA Classified 47 48, Jan Feb 2008 , returned to the Outsiders with Outsiders Five of a Kind Katana Shazam 1 Oct 2007 , contributed to Tokyopop s Star Trek The Manga, and relaunched Maze Agency at IDW Publishing He has also scripted many of Bongo Comics Simpsons titles, including a Christmas story for 2010.In May 2010, the Invisible College Press published Barr s science fiction fantasy novel, Majician 51, about the discoveries of a scientist working at Area 51.

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    • What if Abin Sur crashed in the grounds of Wayne Manor and Bruce Wayne, still inspired in part by the bat motif, became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814? In Darkest Knight puts a Green Lantern twist on what still turns out to be a fairly traditional Batman story. There are some interesting ideas that you'd expect an elseworlds book to offer, but ring-slinging aside it still ends on a somewhat familiar note.Released in 1994, the book obviously doesn't compare to modern day comics so i'm not criti [...]

    • This may be the best Elseworlds I've read so far.Rather than the bat flying against the window and scaring the hell out of Bruce Wayne, Abin Sur comes to him instead, and Bruce finds himself the Green Lantern of Earth. His very first battle is to take out Red Hood in that factory. What was the infamous moment of the creation of the Joker because Bruce actually talking to the man behind the mask and stopping him from getting there. "But what about the Joker?" you ask. The answer, in short, is Sin [...]

    • This batshit crazy but truly excellent idea that Batman becomes Green Lantern is well told, although it feels very dated. At least Bruce feels a little dated in his personality. (Where's the hard pummelling and the angst?) That must be the power of being a Lantern.Ah, I love Elseworlds.

    • This what ifI mean Elseworld story revolves around the premise that Bruce Wayne received the Green Lantern power ring instead of Hal Jordan.His villains are different. They tend to be a mix of the classic Batman and Green Lantern villains. Sinestro combines with Joe Chill to make a multiple personality that dresses like the Joker. I don't know why he doesn't act like Two-Face besides the fact that Harvey Dent becomes a villain known as Binary. Considering neither Sinestro nor Joe Chill dressed i [...]

    • I have always like the idea of Bruce Wayne becoming the Green Lantern, and that's why I give a slight thumbs up to this. However, I did not get the Green Lantern-y feel in this graphic novel. It needs more action, more ring wielding, and a deeper Bruce Wayne-Sinestro conflict. Also, sobrang bitin.

    • A really good idea to mix the two super-heroes and is a promising start to this Elseworlds' novel. The story does become a little rushed and muddled as it progresses and would have benefited with a larger page count.

    • Full of 90's comic cheesiness, but it's a fairly fun read. The concept is probably better than the execution though - I would love to see this story fleshed out more, and not so rushed.

    • Interesting bit of alternate history where Bruce Wayne ends up being a Green Lantern, rather than Batman. Story is clever, but too rushed.

    • The first time I read this about twenty some-odd years ago, it was an exciting idea for a great story and I absolutely loved it. Now, the art is a little outdated, and the concept a little overdone. Still a good read for nostalgia's sake, but not as much of a classic as I once thought it was.

    • This is one of the better Elseworld books out there. It’s certainly how I think Bruce would react to getting a Green Lantern ring. Other parts of the story seem unrealistic even in this world, but it ends well and in an intriguing way.

    • A pretty interesting introduction to the premise that Bruce Wayne becomes a Green Lantern rather than Batman.

    • (originally written Oct. 5, 2003)As Bruce Wayne sits, beaten and bleeding, despondent over his miserable first night out as a vigilante, wondering what he can do to complete his task, a bat approaches his library window. In seconds, the bat will crash through, terrifying Bruce and giving him the inspiration to create his later-ego, Batman. At least, that's how it's supposed to happen. But this is Elseworld and in this version, the bat is distracted by a brilliant green flash coming from the sky [...]

    • Call this 3.5 rounded up.In Darkest Knight is an Elseworlds tale that ponders what would have been had the dying Green Lantern that crashed on Earth bequeathed his ring to Bruce Wayne, a soul driven by his own sense of justice and regret. Will the young, dark hero embrace his new responsibilities? How will he choose to wield his sudden near limitless power?Taking the opportunity of a Kindle release I revisited this story for the first time since it's original publication twenty years ago. I enjo [...]

    • Holy Oa, Batman!What would happen if Batman received a ring that enabled him to have Green Lantern's powers? This is the premise of this Elseworlds novel. After obtaining the ring from a dying Lantern, he is summoned to Oa and given an important mission to bring in a rogue Lantern on another planet. In his quest to do so, The Batman/Green Lantern sets off a chain of events that brings a battle with a familiar Lantern nemesis intertwined with regular Gotham characters to the city. I found the art [...]

    • The back cover promises not just another happy Elseworlds tale, but if you really want a dark, distorted Elseworlds story, I recommend Batman vs. Dracula and other vampires in Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, Batman: Bloodstorm and Batman: Crimson Mist. A 'Bruce-Wayne-becomes-a-Green-Lantern' story might be possible to accept, at least it's no less believable than Kal-El's rocket landing in Gotham, being adopted by the Waynes and becoming the Dark Knight in Superman: Speeding Bullets, which by th [...]

    • This fusion of superheroes is, ironically, split down the middle. For the first half, the two myths are combined rather well. There's a tightness and logic to the situation – particularly to the idea that giving Bruce Wayne superhuman powers at just the wrong moment might have sent him down an even darker path. In the second half, however, things come apart as the authors deliver twists aimed at the fans while letting the story drift. (view spoiler)[The effect of Batman being a Green Lantern i [...]

    • In many ways, this almost feels more like a silver age book than an early 1990s Elseworld, although there are other Batman titles from the time period that have this level of "cheesiness." The combination of Batman and Green Lantern is interesting as in a having Bruce Wayne answer to a cosmic body is interesting, but the development of conflict is rushed, and the entering feels extremely rushed. It would have benefited from being double the page count. The art is workman-like: figures are consis [...]

    • This is one of the lesser entries in the mostly excellent Elseworlds series. The problem isn't so much the story as the inconsistent artwork. It really needed a far better artist. Batman as Green lantern was nearly as good an idea as Superman being Batman (Speeding Bullets). But Speeding had fifty times the artwork.

    • La verdad es que es un experimento interesante, pero creo que es imprescindible conocer un poco la mitología de los protagonistas para disfrutarlo. Hay que comprender el trasfondo de Batman (no tanto, en esta historia) y el papel que juegan Sinestro y los Guardianes en el mundo de Linterna Verde, para entender cuál es la mecánica de este tebeo.

    • What if Abin Sur gave his ring to Bruce Wayne and he became Green Lantern. Barr tries way too hard to have Sinestro shoehorn all of the Batman villains into the book. Sinestro can basically do anything. He merges his consciousness with others and is able to brainwash characters by sheer willpower. The story just doesn't work.

    • When Sinestro takes on Joe Chill's mind and persona, the story kicks into overdrive. I enjoyed this tale very much. Batman's thoughts were displayed for the reader in a similar fashion as the classic 'Year One.'

    • Some of the best writing within DC comes from the "Elseworlds" line. This book is no exception. For those that are unaware, Elseworlds stories are a type of "What If . . .". In the case of this book, the premise is "What if Bruce Wayne got the Green Lantern's ring instead of Hal Jordan?"

    • I think it attempted a little too much for such a short book, but it's still one of the best Elseworlds volumes!

    • I'm not really a fan of Elseworlds stories, but this short "what-if" kind scenario for Batman is a pretty fun read.

    • A nice interesting twist to the origin of Batman. The combining of Batman and Green lantern is well told and drawn. Very recommended

    • I like Batman. I like Green Lantern. But even 3 stars feels generous. Maybe I was asking too much of this comic, but it did not live up to my expectations.

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