Hinges, Book 2: Paper Tigers

Hinges Book Paper Tigers An important character is introduced Abernathy and an important character is separated Bauble

  • Title: Hinges, Book 2: Paper Tigers
  • Author: Meredith McClaren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook
  • An important character is introduced Abernathy and an important character is separated Bauble.

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      133 Meredith McClaren
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      Meredith McClaren is an illustrator and cartoonist who has no business doing either.She sometimes entertains the idea of drawing the fourth book in Jen Van Meter s Hopeless Savages series And her journal comic Scraps indulges her closeted narcissism.Supposedly she has a postal code in Arizona, but really, she could be anywhere.Oh.And don t touch her stuff.Seriously.

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    • The art is great once again, but to truly understand the happenings in this requires patience and attention to detail, something that could be considered a blessing or a curse. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt though, due to the extraordinary content. It's unique, charming, and starting with this volume, adventurous. It's easy to feel like you don't have the full picture, but that is fine by me, I hope to discover much more in the coming volumes.Reviewed with honesty for Netgalley(honestly) [...]

    • I loved this graphic novel so much! It was so interesting and fun. The artwork was beautiful. I really liked Orio but Bauble was so awesome! He was so cute and funny. Hinges reminds me of Lilo and Stitch in a way. The concept is really cool and different.

    • 2.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes When I read the first book, Clockwork City, some time ago I thought it was a very charming graphic novel, quite unlike anything I'd read before. That's why I was extremely curious and loaded with great expectations when I started this second book. However, it didn't live up to my expectations.When Bauble is discovered; Orio and Bauble have to flee Cobble, the city they arrived in in the first book.While the artwork is really special and in a [...]

    • *holds head* I really don't want to give this 2 stars because the artwork is lovely butWHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?! I found this pretty confusing at times and some of the scenes are incredibly dark. I found myself straining my eyes to try and figure out what the illustrations were trying to convey :(Hinges: Paper Tigers continues on from Clockwork City. Orio and Bauble leave the city of Cobble and end up on the outskirts, alone and vulnerable, until they meet Abernathy. And thenI thinkey encounte [...]

    • Solid continuation of a very good comic, although I did feel this a step down from volume 1.Review: derailmentsofthought/2017

    • I'd love to tell you that this book was great, that the story pulled me in, that the graphic was amazing and everything was perfect. I wanted it to be so.Even though I haven't read volume 1, I hoped I will not miss it much. Actually, there was only few information I could use at the start, but I don't think they would help much. Well, maybe it would as I would know more about the characters and the world surrounding them. I was missing some crucial info for about half of the volume. Then again, [...]

    • 'Hinges Book Two: Paper Tigers' by Meredith McClaren is something I'm trying desperately to like, but I find it confusing to follow at times.Orio and her strange familiar Bauble now live in the city of Cobble, but when Bauble is discovered and someone else wants to own Bauble, Orio and Bauble flee the city. They meet up with a man named Abernathy and discover a ruined city that seems to be inhabited by paper tigers that roam and stalk. What is this strange place they've found and who is Abernath [...]

    • I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Artwork was still amazing! Just look at this shadow from stained glass!However, the rest of the story did not live up to my expectations. I was hoping for more depth, more details, more answers. Instead, we were introduced to a new character and a completely new scenario. Bauble, who was mischievous and more than a hand full in the first Volume, was tame by comparison. Orio, came out of her shell a little bit, [...]

    • Compared to the first volume, this second one seems to be much more plot-driven. However, instead of some of the questions that were raised in the previous volume being answered here, I felt like even more questions were raised. A new character, Abernathy, is introduced and he seems a very interesting one. I am still rather confused as to what exactly is happening in this graphic novel, but the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds it keeps me glued to it for now. The art is mostly beautiful, with [...]

    • Leider nur 2 bis 2.5 Sterne. Der Zeichenstil sagt mir zwar sehr zu, aber es ist unglaublich schwierig der Handlung zu folgen. Vieles bleibt vage, wird nur angedeutet und so habe ich am Ende das Gefühl, dass eigentlich nichts passiert. Nicht einfacher wurde das Lesen für mich dadurch, dass ich Band eins nicht kannte - bzw. mir beim Lesen nicht bewusst war, dass ich den zweiten Band in den Händen hielt.Was in Erinnerung bleibt: Das Herannahen von Personen (auf dem Flur, vor der Tür) wird an ei [...]

    • If the writing was more on, this would be way better than it is. Its definitely a low 4 (and 95% of that 4 is the great art.)

    • This is a trimmed down version of my review, to view the full review visit The Book Ramble.I received a copy of this book from Diamond Book Distributors on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.In this continuation of the series Hinges some major developments occur. Bauble and Orio must flee the city when Bauble is discovered and the authorities realize he is not an Odd. Outside of the city they meet Abernathy and discover a group of paper tigers like those that attacked Orio and Bauble in [...]

    • Thanks to Image Comics and Diamond for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I've been making an effort to branch out into some more eclectic comics series, and had never heard of Hinges previous to coming across an ARC of this volume. Since I hadn't read volume one, I made an effort to seek out some information and found that this was an ongoing webcomic. After a little reading and skimming through artwork, I felt comfortable reading this volume. I would definitely reco [...]

    • The second part of Hinges deepens the story line, but it's still quite a mystery, which actually works. The comic is mostly fleeing as Orio and Bauble need to leave the city because of Bauble's origin. They meet this young man, who's also fled his own city and together they begin their journey - to what? They don't know yet. The beginning of the comic works really well and the pace is quite quick, which brings us to question why didn't the officials go after Orio and how come she and Bauble ran [...]

    • Having not read the first book, I was very confused—I keep saying a one page recap of what went before is necessary if you want new people to buy this—but I’m not sure that would have been any different if I was familiar with the previous story. Basically some very strangely drawn characters inhabit an equally strange city with even stranger small animals as companions. At one point the young woman who seems to be the crux of the story chases after her animal buddy, who leads her to a wall [...]

    • With thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this graphic novel.This is a very quiet book. As in, it doesn't often use words to tell its story, instead relying, as it should, on the images. The main character, Orio, rarely speaks unless it is necessary, and her partner, Bauble, says nothing at all. But Bauble certainly knows how to get Orio in trouble. Such is the nature of an imp, and it is because of this that Orio is forced to leave the clockwork city she'd just se [...]

    • In book 2 we continue with the adventures of Orio and Bauble, but when Bauble gets in trouble, the two head out to the wilds. I love the art in this series. The colors are very muted, and there's an air of mystery over everything. That mystery can get a little dense, since as in the first volume, almost nothing is explained. These books very much drop the reader into an existing world and make them swim. But I love that. the world is fully realized and unique. The main character, Orio, is still [...]

    • I really love this series. It's so freakin' unique and the art style is both cute and beautiful. It has this elaborate world that I think is only going to grow and I was super excited to see a new character introduced.Bauble was as adorable as ever. *cries a lot*The only complaint I have about this book -- and it's a pretty big one and one I see a lot of people mention -- the book can be very hard to understand because of the lack of dialogue and context. You really, really have to pay full atte [...]

    • A great improvement over the previous volume's issues. The mystery deepens and while there are still a million more questions than answers, there's a sense of progression and wonder that accompanies these questions as opposed to frustration. Once again, the artwork is so expressive and tells more of the story than the dialogue does (something I truly love about this story). It is a bit frustrating that there isn't much story again but the pace of the story is just a slow river as opposed to a ra [...]

    • I'm sure there's a good book bursting to come out of the shackles this has, but for the life of me I can't see it. The visual style is so goddamned contrary, and even copious silent pages can go past here without you knowing anything about what has apparently happened. The book starts most awkwardly, with such a mess I felt I'd already lost all handles I may have had on the story from book one. This succumbed to a different kind of narrative – the girl with her familiar-type creature leaving t [...]

    • Mysterious and interesting. I haven't read book one but now I want to. I was able to figure out, I think, basically what was going on. This reminds me a little of the movie 9. It seems like a post-apocalyptic human world where the dolls, puppets, and robots are sentient and maybe the animals are mutated. The characters are interesting. I like Bauble. I liked Orio too and have to wait and see about Abernathy. He makes me a little nervous. The worldbuilding is really good. I'm glad I read this. ** [...]

    • I received a copy of this from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!I rather enjoyed the first volume when I read it last year and immediately picked it up from Netgalley when I saw it was there! It was a quick read and picked up pretty much where volume one left off.The art is still absolutely adorable! I love how charming and simple it is without being minimalist. The story is moving forward at a good pace now, too. Plus, a new character is introduced and I adore him! [...]

    • Another slightly odd one to offer as an ARC; Hinges is puzzling enough even if you start at the beginning. Still often near-silent and near-monochrome, this volume takes us beyond the city's walls into a wider world which starts to offer hints at what might be going on - but fairly subtle hints thus far. It's like a fairytale minus the narration, which can at times be frustrating but is primarily spellbinding.

    • This is still a confusing beautiful story. I wish there was more development and a little bit more explanation. The art is wonderful, muted but detailed. As an illustrator, I applaud Meredith McClaren but the story needs work. Honestly, this is a case where we need more tell and less show. I wish I understood the background and the characters. But I will continue to pick these books because they are amazing to look at.

    • I found this volume/book to be by far more enjoyable than the first book: clockwork city. I felt as though alot of this world was explained in just a few generous pages allowing me to adjust to the climate and temperament of this series. I really embraced the stark dark tones and striking white negative space artistically displayed chapter after chapter. I want to read the next book and I am increasing attached to the imp.

    • Confusing collection and not to my tasteNot having read Volume 1, this was a bit of a mystery at first. Unfortunately, after reading about 20 pages, I still didn’t have a clue what was going on and I found the artwork confusing and unclear. I abandoned this.Not for me.

    • I found this to be like when sometimes I watch anime. I didn't always know what was going on, but it was strangely compelling and beautiful.Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    • This was just as confusing as the first one, but once you go back a few times, the shapes and lines become clearer and the story appears, and it's exciting and sad and I want to re-read the first one, and I look forward to the third.

    • The art is beautiful, but, WTH is going on! I want to know, I need to know, right now what is going on in this world. I'm sooo looking forward to the next book.

    • I struggled with McClaren's artwork again in this volume, especially towards the end, and I've concluded it's time to let go of this series.

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