Dragon Orb

Dragon Orb Daegonlot a floating island separated from the mainland of Darkenfel and home to the last of the dragonriders They have settled in the city of Goldenspine and allowed the rest of the world to forget

  • Title: Dragon Orb
  • Author: Shanlynn Walker
  • ISBN: 9781515227915
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daegonlot a floating island separated from the mainland of Darkenfel, and home to the last of the dragonriders They have settled in the city of Goldenspine and allowed the rest of the world to forget them At 16 years old, Daxon knew he was too old to be chosen to be a dragonrider On his way home one night he was surprised when a wild dragon s egg was left in his care bDaegonlot a floating island separated from the mainland of Darkenfel, and home to the last of the dragonriders They have settled in the city of Goldenspine and allowed the rest of the world to forget them At 16 years old, Daxon knew he was too old to be chosen to be a dragonrider On his way home one night he was surprised when a wild dragon s egg was left in his care by the largest dragon he had ever seen Agreeing to raise and protect the as yet unhatched egg, his hopes to become a dragonrider once blossom, but again, fate intervenes When the young dragon hatches, Daxon s world is turned upside down and thrown into chaos After learning of a mysterious orb and the possibility that it might hold all the dragonrider s dragons in thrall, he is determined to not let the same fate befall his young charge He must find a way to protect the hatchling from the fate of the other dragons and a way off of Daegonlot before it s too late.

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      I am the author of the Dragons of Daegonlot series caught my eye when I randomly googled my name and saw my book pop up on here, and after looking over the website, I loved it and thought I would join Aside from being a new author, I love to read I ve always been an avid Stephen King fan, among many others, including Terry Brooks and David Farland I mostly like horror, fiction, and fantasy books, and what I love most about this website is that you can rate them and recommend them Anyway, I hope to really enjoy my time here, as I hope everyone else does as well So, let s keep reading

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    • Wow this is a series that started in 2010 to 50,000 years into the future, but that future contains elves as dragon riders. Then a sixteen year old considered too old to be a bonded rider is given an egg by its dying mother. Wonderful start!

    • Growing up in Goldenspine, Daxon wants nothing more than to be picked as a dragonrider. After years of rejection, he finally has a chance when a wild dragon egg is entrusted to him. Draxon must now learn the truth about Goldenspine, and what he must do to protect the dragons.I downloaded this book for free from , and it was surprisingly good.I really liked the original approach Walker makes to the whole dragon-riding tale, which is a sub-genre that sometimes feels like it's been all done before. [...]

    • This is a charming novella with an intriguing premise: there is a dragon-riding community, but it has split (literally and physically) away from the rest of the world and lives on an isolated island in the sky. The humans there raise tame dragons, which they pair up with human children early on, instead of having the dragons raised by their own kind. Meanwhile, there are also wild dragons, who are (we discover) larger, brighter, andwilder than their domesticated cousins. Nobody questions this un [...]

    • The book starts off with a very old, wild, dying dragon giving her last egg its best chance of survival. The egg hatches and the baby dragon stays in the town amongst tame dragons, humans, dwarves and elves. As the first part of the series, we see a small unravelling of events past and a glimpse of what is to come.When I started reading, I got distracted by the formatting. I don't know how else to explain it. That didn't stop me from continuing. There was negligible typos in the book, so that ma [...]

    • I enjoyed reading this book, and the premise is really interesting: why would a dragon want to associate with humans, let alone carry them around and do what they say?The subchapters took a little time to get used to, but I loved the quotes from our real world that started each one. I thought they added a great touch and tied in really well to the story.Dax’s struggle to achieve his dream was relatable, but it was when he discovered the tie in to our own world that I was really drawn into this [...]

    • SUCH A GREAT BOOK!I'm haven't been a young reader for a long time but I love Dragon books so even though it was also kinda shortI did and I couldn't be happierom the beginning the author sets you in the story. You don't just connect with them, you live with them.I was so deeply into the book that I couldn't believe it when I got to the end-thought my kindle was messing up because the rest of the pages were not showing up and I'm not ready too stop reading this story! Yes the author to some exten [...]

    • Dragon Orb is a short novella that sets the scene for the Dragons of Daegonlot series. It begins with Dax, a 16-year-old from unknown beginnings. He was taken in by two dragonriders and raised as their own. All his life, he has talked of becoming a dragonrider, but has yet to be chosen. One day, a wild dragon flies down before him, and charges him to take care of her egg. Dax does so, and this starts him on a whole new journey. For only a short book, there is plenty of backstory and history to b [...]

    • Ok I know nothing about dragonswell unless you count what I picked up from the Harry Potter series. So I was prepared to be lost in this book but Shanlynn makes it easy to follow. The writing is smooth and makes for a quick read. The story tells of a young man who wishes to be a dragon rider but no dragon will chose him. Until a wild dragon choses him to care for her egg. Drax (The boy) raises the dragon but does not bond the way the other dragons do, as this is a wild dragon not a tamed one. Th [...]

    • This is a fun and good-paced young reader about a boy who wants more than anything to become a dragonrider. After being "rejected" by dragons for most of his young and adolescent life, he comes in contact with a wild dragon, who normally never choose or allow a rider, who tasks him with guarding her sole surviving egg. What follows is a tale of friendship and trust, as Daxon and Drakthira begin to explore a bond that goes beyond that of dragon and rider.It's a bit short, but a good intro to the [...]

    • I don't normally read fantasy books, but I decided to give this one a shot, and I'm glad I did! It's a quick read, but the author packed in an interesting plot and well-developed characters. I got caught up in the story and enjoyed making discoveries alongside Daxson. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

    • This was an awesome book! I loved the characters in the story, they really came alive. Daxon and Trakon are my favorite characters. Daxon is very funny and Trakon is the serious one. I am currently reading the second book and love this one just as much. I cannot wait to see how it ends. I look forward book three.ThanksGage Herington

    • A Fascinating Tale of Dragons.I love stories of fantasy and dragons. Daxon and Drakthira are destined for adventures and as the plot thickens it has peaked my curiosity. I can't wait to read what happens next.

    • Good bookI like this book. It is a bit short. I read it in one setting. I am excited to see what will happen next. For in the next book we are going into the myst as the title suggests.

    • I'm not sure I would've picked this book up on my own but I was impressed with the book. I enjoyed the characters and the plot kept me wanting to read more. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    • Good book.I liked the setting for the story . Since I am from Kentucky it was interesting to read a book that had dragons and their human riders talking about Kentucky and not knowing what Kentucky was.

    • I love female dragonsIt was really good book but really wish there was more and I really wish there was love of a type between female dragon and male human and am looking foward to book 2

    • I liked some of the ideas, but the story seemed to largely consist of info dumps, each character becoming a sort of historian. Some of the emotions displayed by Dax, the mc, seemed out of character, normally placid he would suddenly have angry outbursts for no reason.

    • Well, what a fun little read this was. Enjoyed this little novella quite a lot as well as what could be achieved in such a short frame of wordsPleased to have found itPeace out

    • I loved this book. great concept with many twists to keep me on edge. I'm addicted. I can't wait to see what's in store for book 2 I just hope it's longer.

    • Good readingThis was good book to read and I enjoyed reading it .But there was a mistake on page 129 other then that smooth sailing I finish it off in2 days

    • Dragon viewsI found d the book very enjoyable but it needs some filling in. Flesh it out a little and lengthen it a bit more.

    • Daxon longs to be chosen by a dragon, to be a dragon rider, as so many are in his home of Daegonlot. But at sixteen, he's old enough that he's starting to accept it won't happen. Then a wild dragon appears, gives him her egg, and provides him with a unique opportunity. Although the hatchling refuses to bond with him, they can still be friends . . .This is well written and interesting, weaving a few layers of mysteries into an otherwise straightforward story. The summary encompasses most of the s [...]

    • I want to continue Let's continue the journey. I found the book to be fascinating. I would like to continue the journey with Dax and Thira. Thank you for the adventures!!!

    • Very enjoyableI was very disappointed that this book ended so quickly as i was enjoying the story. I liked the characters, the dragons, the setting, how the story was unfolding then it was done. Looks like i may have to go buy more books.

    • Dragon OrbI suggest reading this. I like the characters, the setting and the story. it is well written. Enjoy reading it as I did.

    • Too much historyReader thoughts: This book has a fun story, but it spends half its time on the history of dragon riding. People speak for paragraphs on end, and very little of the history is relevant.Dax was marginally interesting in the beginning. He was active enough to choose to save 'Thira, but he became passive for the rest of the story. He just read history and listened to it. He had no personality, and neither did 'Thira.This could be a fun start to an epic tale, but it just didn't draw m [...]

    • I generally purchase the first book in a series to read before committing to buying more. I finished this last night after I had gone to bed and through the magic of Kindle was able to order book 2 immediately to continue reading . I really like the concept of both wild and "tame" dragons. I am curious to find out what the dragon orb is all about. I'm also intrigued that the revered "first dragonrider" may not be all that legend has made her out to be. Looking forward to seeing what secrets the [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book! The characters are lovable and the plot is full of mysteries that need to be solved later. The details help the readers to visualize this unique world. The ending leaves us hanging and wanting more. A must read for any fantasy fan!

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