Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow Annabelle has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life a quiet place still scarred by two world wars But when cruel manipulative Betty arrives in town Annabelle s calm world is shattered along with every

  • Title: Wolf Hollow
  • Author: Lauren Wolk
  • ISBN: 9780552574297
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Annabelle has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life a quiet place, still scarred by two world wars But when cruel, manipulative Betty arrives in town, Annabelle s calm world is shattered, along with everything she s ever known about right and wrong.When Betty accuses gentle loner Toby a traumatised ex soldier of a terrible act, Annabelle knows he s innocent Then Betty dAnnabelle has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life a quiet place, still scarred by two world wars But when cruel, manipulative Betty arrives in town, Annabelle s calm world is shattered, along with everything she s ever known about right and wrong.When Betty accuses gentle loner Toby a traumatised ex soldier of a terrible act, Annabelle knows he s innocent Then Betty disappears .Now Annabelle must protect Toby from the spiralling accusations and hysteria, until she can prove to Wolf Hollow what really happened to Betty.Powerful, poignant and lyrical, Wolf Hollow is an unforgettable story.

    Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk WOLF HOLLOW is a masterfully written, moving story set in the shadow of World War II about a young girl named Annabelle who must stand strong when confronted by a manipulative tyrant When Annabelle rebuffs the demands of the local bully, Betty Glengarry, she unintentionally shifts the attention of the Betty s dark schemes unto the solitary World War I veteran Toby. Wolf Hollow, Ipswich, MA Wolf Hollow offers a unique opportunity to view gray wolves in their natural environment Come see how they interact with their pack members and live in a social unit very similar to human families Wolf Hollow is a non profit organization established in to teach people about the importance of the wolf in Wolf Hollow Brewery Glenville All You Need to Dec , A wide selection of freshly brewed beer The brewmaster must have a taste for darker brew since stouts, Porters and a black IPA were some of the choices. Wolf Hollow Brewing Company See Photos Reviews Wolf Hollow is about halfway between Amsterdam and Scotia, just west of I on Rt And If it weren t for a post on a local blog about a BBQ restaurant opening up in the brewery, I never would have heard about these guys. Wolf Hollow novel Wolf Hollow Wildlife Management Area NYS Dept of The primary purposes of Wolf Hollow Wildlife Management Area WMA are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife dependent recreation This WMA consists of acres of upland habitat acquired by the State in This parcel allows for public use for hiking, hunting Geology of Wolf Hollow, Schenectady County, NY Geology of Wolf Hollow, Schenectady County, NY J.I Garver, Geology Department, Union College Wolf Hollow is a narrow, confined section of Chaughtanoonda Creek in

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      Lauren Wolk is an award winning poet and author of the bestselling Newbery Honor winning Wolf Hollow, described by the New York Times Book Review as full of grace and stark, brutal beauty She was born in Balti and has since lived in California, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Canada, and Ohio She now lives with her family on Cape Cod.

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    • Annabelle is one of the most realistic, relatable middle grade heroines I have met in a very long time.Usually, I don’t exactly expect to relate to middle grade heroes and heroines. I know that that period of my life has come and gone, and while I still believe myself young at heart, I only expect from those characters to charm me and maybe impress me in some way.Annabelle did more than that. She is so real and true, and maybe a little naïve, but I couldn’t help but see myself in her. I gue [...]

    • 3.5 stars I liked most of this book very much. Set during World War II, it's the story of Annabelle, whose idyllic farm life and friendship with an older war veteran named Toby is threatened when a bully (view spoiler)[and really, sadist (hide spoiler)] named Betty moves into town. Things I enjoyed: the rural Pennsylvania setting, Annabelle's family (particularly her parents), the friendship with Toby, and the explanation behind the title Wolf Hollow, which is also the name of the town. My favor [...]

    • I am not what you might call a very brave reader. This is probably why I primarily consume children’s literature. I might puff myself up with a defense that lists the many fine aspects of this particular type of writing and believe it too, but sometimes when you catch me in a weak moment I might confess that another reason I like reading books for kids is that the content is so very “safe” in comparison to books for adults. Disturbing elements are kept at a minimum. There’s always a unde [...]

    • WOLF HOLLOW is a masterfully written, moving story set in the shadow of World War II about a young girl named Annabelle who must stand strong when confronted by a manipulative tyrant. When Annabelle rebuffs the demands of the local bully, Betty Glengarry, she unintentionally shifts the attention of the Betty's dark schemes unto the solitary World War I veteran Toby. When Betty goes missing, the town immediately suspects Toby of wrongdoing. Annabelle, certain that the gentle, scarred Toby would n [...]

    • I almost want to start a whole new shelf just for this "middle-grade-except-not-really".Yes, it is yet another much hyped and lauded MG book of 2016 I don't like. It will be easy for many to dismiss me as simply having a contrary year, but really why the love for this book in the kidlit world? It is extremely well written. It is not a book for children though. I'm not saying this in a way that means "teacher book" like I would call Pax or that it's like a Pixar movie in book form like I would ca [...]

    • I really loved this book. It's gorgeously written, full of wisdom, and hard to put down. The thing is, I'm not entirely convinced it's a children's book. Someone told me the author originally imagined it being marketed to adults but she was persuaded to turn it into a middle grade novel. Even if that's not true, it seems true. Like The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird, this book is complex enough for any adult, but happens to follow the experiences of a young person. Does that in its [...]

    • Wolf Hollow is the kind of book where, with about 20 pages left to read, you start hoping there's a sequel because you don't want it to end. Extremely well-written, not a single unnecessary word, no fat to trim. Suspenseful, intriguing and compelling all the way through. A very good read!

    • I just finished reading Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk and must say that it is one of the best coming-of-age stories I have ever read. It can be shelved proudly alongside others like The Outsiders, To Kill a Mockingbird and Where the Red Fern Grows, a few of my favorites. It illustrates how sometimes even doing the right thing isn't neccesarily the best thing, and the most important decisions are seldom the easiest. It also shows that sometimes, regardless of our actions and intentions, we can only [...]

    • I just reread Wolf Hollow and feel like I have to revise my initial opinions. They were mostly based on the authors writing skill which is apparent. The descriptions in Wolf Hollow are extensive and well researched. I'm not so sure that writing children's books, however, is where her talent lies. As an extensive reader of children's books (part of my career), I am somewhat of an expert on sad, depressing children's titles. Some years ago we were inundated by them. Don't get me started on Kira-Ki [...]

    • Well! I was surprised by this book. Picked up this book because a lot of other people i knew were reading it and someone recommended it(well a few). At first i was thinking that it was going to be a soft book with a reasonable dilemma but toned down from its reality. This book was NOT THAT. This book "stars" a young girl named Annabelle. She lives on a rural farm in a town in WWII era Pennsylvania. She meets Betty, a wonderful little girl, who is nothing but a BULLY. I couldn't figure out from t [...]

    • A hard look at the way we treat others: strangers, friends, and family, set against the backdrop of a small farm community during WWII. A tragic book, not maudlin or unnecessarily grim, but definitely not a cheerful story. I have heard nothing but praise for it, even before the Newbery Honor, and I hope it continues to hold people's attention, because it should be widely read.

    • [No spoilers] This is not a happy book. What did I like most about it? It tackled some really heavy topics, such as death, depression and mental illness, and bullying. And the cover - that cover is gorgeous.What did I NOT like about it?1) It didn't feel like it was set in the 1940s. The setting felt older than that to me.2) Those heavy topics weren't really fleshed out enough for my liking or well enough to explain to kids. I can't imagine reading this as a child and understanding what Toby's co [...]

    • I have a favorite bookstore at the beach. They are always well stocked and have a staff that is extremely well read. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of this shop is their "Staff Recommendations" sections in the front of the store. I had gone into the shop this spring looking for a new YA book that I had on my list and one of the sales clerks overheard me asking at the front desk, ran to the back of the store and came back with this book. She was a very quiet, shy young girl and yet her enthu [...]

    • AMAZING book! I am definitely not the first to call it, but will echo many of the voices I have heard, which have said this is a Newbery contender.The story and the character development was so well done. You instantly fall in love, out of favor, and are so unsure what to make of characters in this novel. By the end, it all becomes clear to you, but not all emotion will be resolved for you (at least it hasn't yet for me). The story itself is so original and will have you literally devouring your [...]

    • 4.5 stars. This one was a nice surprise. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, because I never read the description, I just liked the cover. As it turns out, I enjoyed it very much. Probably even more so, because I went in clueless. I just read the description now, and I doubt I would've enjoyed the story as much, had I known all the spoily bit in it. There's something nostalgic about it, and it's so well-told. It's cruel too, and kinda gorgeous. I loved the setting, and the appalling villain ma [...]

    • This book made me very angry. Then it made me so, so sad. I cried. It is one of the best books I have ever read. 5 stars aren't enough.

    • Profound. I still don't know how a brand new book can feel like such a classic story. I have only one description for this book: To Kill a Mockingbird & Of Mice and Men meet Children's Literature.

    • I will not rate Lauren Wolk's Wolf Hollow, since I'm well outside its target market, but it tells a deep, profound story I am sure many intelligent middle school readers will benefit much from. The style is stark and easy to read, reminding me of Hemingway. It's set in Appalachian Pennsylvania in the 1940's, and includes elements that contemporary readers may find shocking. For instance, there were both cars and horses in use. And, despite FDR's push for rural electrification, having electricity [...]

    • This book was fantastic start to finish. The writing, the story, interesting, sympathetic or repugnant characters, good storytelling. Loved it. (The cover is beautiful too.) Read the 1-page prologue and you will be hooked! Top of my Newbery list at the moment.

    • A beautifully raw novel for all ages. One of those stories that whisks you away to another time and place, and makes you feel love, hate, and a rainbow of emotions in between. Splendid!

    • ARC from Baker and TaylorAnnabelle lives in a small, rural town in Pennsylvania in 1943. Her school is crowded, but she shares a desk with her friend Ruth, who is quiet and pleasant, much like Annabelle's life. When Betty Glengarry moves to town to be raised by her grandparents, that changes. Betty waits for Annabelle on her walk home, and demands money or things, and hits Annabelle when she stands up to her and refuses to give her anything. Betty also threatens Annabelle's younger brothers, and [...]

    • Wow, I came to Wolf Hollow with a fair amount of indifference, but it was stunning in so many ways! It affected me so much that I couldn't sleep because my heart was racing too fast. I haven't been so worked up about a novel sinceYaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, and just like in that book, the stakes are really high. Betty isn't a low-grade threat: the things she does are truly terrible, and the consequences are shocking. The author perfectly captures a child's reactions to such threats, ev [...]

    • WOLF HOLLOW by Lauren Wolk confronts the truths of bullying and injustice in this unforgettable work of historical fiction.Set between World Wars I and II in rural Pennsylvania, this powerful tale follows the quiet life of Annabelle whose life changes when a bully named Betty moves to town. When Betty targets a strange and solitary World War I veteran, Annabelle becomes his defender.Designed for both middle school and high school students, librarians will find this compelling story appeals to yo [...]

    • This is a book that will be talked about for a long time.Beautifully written. Multi-layered. Dimensional characters.Well done.

    • STUNNING!!!“If my life was to be just a single note in an endless symphony, how could I not sound it out for as long and as loudly as I could?”

    • Wow. One can't discuss the plot without spoilers, but I read this almost without stopping, and it's been a while since I've done that. It's also been a while since I've read any kidlit quite this real and deep. Even when I was a kid, I knew those books: Bridge to Terabithia, Goodbye, Chicken Little. Those ones where you realize the writer is showing you the real world and believing you can handle it. This one is ripe for support and discussion in a classroom. The sense of place is still with me. [...]

    • I almost couldn't read this book. The tension and conflict from the very beginning nearly did me in. But the language and the characters kept me going. I was not at all surprised to find that Lauren Wolk is a poet.Maybe this could be a read aloud in 5th grade. It's a hard story, but the stories on the news aren't much better. Perhaps it would give us a safe way to talk about the wolves out there, about honesty, about the choices we make, about how we can't control what happensbut we can try.Whew [...]

    • This book was fantastic. The characters and writing were so well-done. I was caught up in the story and I didn't want it to end. It reminded me a little of The Cove, but for kids. Definitely read it if you like junior fiction, or historical fiction, or a just a good book.

    • Wow, this is a dark book. It would have made me squirm if I had read it when I was 12. I'm not sure I enjoyed it now, at 24. I do like a dark story, but this had too many cruel moments and a bleak ending.

    • Set in the countryside of Pennsylvania during the second world war, Annabelle's life is turned upside down when Betty comes to town. Betty is a bully of the worse kind: everyone believes her and can't see past the façade.Annabelle is friends with enigmatic Toby - he is former soldier that is suffering from what can only be PTSD. Toby lives on the periphery of the town and so is automatically an outcast, but Annabelle's family always shows him kindness. The story goes in a direction that has the [...]

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