Sisters of Salt and Iron

Sisters of Salt and Iron Lark Noble is finally happy She s trying to move on and put the events of the past behind her the people who avoided her because she talked to the ghost of her dead twin sister the parents who couldn

  • Title: Sisters of Salt and Iron
  • Author: Kady Cross
  • ISBN: 9780373211760
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lark Noble is finally happy She s trying to move on and put the events of the past behind her the people who avoided her because she talked to the ghost of her dead twin sister, the parents who couldn t be around her any and even the attempt she made on her own life She finally has friends people who know her secrets and still care about her and she has Ben, the cutLark Noble is finally happy She s trying to move on and put the events of the past behind her the people who avoided her because she talked to the ghost of her dead twin sister, the parents who couldn t be around her any and even the attempt she made on her own life She finally has friends people who know her secrets and still care about her and she has Ben, the cute guy she never saw coming.Wren Noble is lonely Unable to interact with the living, she wants to be happy for her sister s newfound happiness, but she feels like she s losing her It doesn t help that Kevin, the very not dead guy she was starting to fall for, seems to be moving on.Then Wren meets Noah, the spirit of a young man who died a century ago Noah is cute, he s charming and he makes Wren feel something she s never felt before But Noah has a dark influence on Wren, and Lark s distrust of him drives the sisters apart for the first time in their lives As Halloween approaches and the veil between the worlds thins, bringing the dead closer to the world of the living, Lark must find a way to stop whatever deadly act Noah is planning, even if it means going through her sister to do so.

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    • Hm Ich bin ehrlich gesagt eher enttäuscht vom zweiten Band. Der erste war zwar schon nicht so gut wie die Steampunk Chronicles von der Autorin, aber hat mir doch wesentlich besser gefallen als dieser. Vielleicht bin ich wirklich zu alt für YA, aber die Probleme erschienen mir teilweise einfach zu übertrieben. Zum Schluss wurde ich zwar noch mit einigem versöhnt, aber der abschließende Band konnte mich auf keiner Seite wirklich mitreißen. Immer wieder wurde ich von anderen Sachen abgelenkt. [...]

    • Wow this blew me away!'Until the front door burst open and a group of noisy living people walked right into our house of the dead.'"What the hell had Noah done to my sister? 'You can't ground me,' she said, her tone dripping mockery. Oh, the look on our grandmother's face! She was a good and kind woman, and I loved her to death, but at that moment I'd rather go a hundred more rounds with Wren than be the recipient of that look."Wrenleigh Noble, as a child of my blood I bind you--"Nan put her fin [...]

    • An excellent sequel!This book picks up a little ways off from the ending of the first book. Life is better than normal for Lark: she now have a group of friends who know about her abilities to communicate with ghosts, and accept her. As a result, they accept Wren, even though they can't see her. For Wren, she's happy that Lark is happy, but at the same time, is a bit lonely because Lark is hanging out more and more with her living friends. Until she meets Noah, an intriguing and mysterious ghost [...]

    • "Readers who fell in love with the unique concept of Sisters of Blood and Spirit will love this sequel just as much. Told in two narratives, this is an engrossing, action-filled and entertaining read. Though the story moves at a quick pace with a host of secondary characters, many of whom are from the first story, the plot never feels overwhelmed or lacking in detail. In fact, there is a spectacular cohesiveness as Cross beautifully ties everything together. The bond between the sisters is excep [...]

    • I enjoyed the sequel to The Sisters of Blood and Spirit. I wish the first 3/4 of the book moved a bit faster, though. It was pretty slow. The author seems to enjoy waiting until the very end to reveal any sort of information at all. I think the story would be better served if parts were handed out throughout and then all come together at the end.I would have given this book 4 stars except the swearing was too much. And totally unneeded.

    • Wow! I was completely caught in this pair of books, reading them almost non-stop, except for a root canal and a few hours sleep, over the last 45 hours.The author has done a terrific job of producing a first-rate story for the YA supernatural genre. Her characters are well-developed, the description of settings tight and concise, and the plot restrained and readable. I quite enjoyed them!

    • Terrific! I read the two books, almost continuously, for most of two days, pausing only for a root canal and a few hours sleep.

    • I think I liked this book even more than the first!The sisters are back and their back to their old habits- hanging with their new friends and blasting vengeful ghosts. But things are different now. Lark is spending more time with Ben and the group, and Wren is getting lonely. Not only that, but the girls are getting stronger and developing more powers of their own. Blaming this on Halloween and pushing it to the backs of their minds, they try and focus on other things. For Wren, that means the [...]

    • This was a fantastic sequel! I enjoyed it so much, being with these characters again, and I wish we could have more time with this world, it's unlikely because Kady's Cross's next book wasn't a 3rd book in this series!

    • Lark Noble and her friends defeated the Big Bad Ghost at the abandoned asylum and now she’s finally settling in to a normal high school life. But her ghostly sister Wren feels left out since, even though the group accepts her, they can’t actually see her. So when she meets a charming ghost-boy, she’s quickly swept off her feet. The fact that Lark doesn’t trust him drives a wedge between the two sisters and hampers their efforts to stop a new ghostly threat.It’s almost Halloween, the ti [...]

    • 4 - 4.5 starsThe funny thing about these two books is that I've checked this one out from the library 3 times. The first time I never got around to reading it and I had to take it back. The second time I started to read it and is #2. Sent it back again.Finally this time was after I'd finished the first book, so that I grabbed this one again -- an ebook on the overdrive this time.It was a long journey to finally read this, and again I'm surprised by how much I liked it. It wasn't quii [...]

    • Sister of Salt and Iron by Kady Cross was a really good book that I really enjoyed. It was a really good book to read . This book was about 2 sisters that get along really well. Though there is a weird thing about the sisters and that is that one of the sisters in a ghost and the other one is real and alive and she can see ghost. They also have separate lives for example one of the sister has to live in the ghost world and the other has to live in the human world. Though they live in separate wo [...]

    • Lark and Wren are back again! Getting over Kevin has been hard for Wren, especially when Lark and Ben are so into each other, but maybe cute ghost Noah can help Wren with that. Noah has perfect Victorian manners and understands Wren, maybe better than Lark does. The twins vehemently disagree about Noah, the other spirits at the asylum, and about what to do to help Emily and Alys, who seem to be in deep trouble. Emily warns that Lark and Wren will have to work together to stop an impending evil f [...]

    • I won this book from a giveaway. Even though I have not read the first book in this series, I wanted to read Sisters of Salt and Iron because of its truly interesting premise. That being said, this book simply couldn't grab my attention for more than 10-15 pages at a time. I'm usually the type of reader who has to know and has to finish a story as soon as possible, but I wasn't drawn to this book. I will say that it was very readable - the author's writing flows to make this an easy read. I thi [...]

    • The cover art of Sisters of Salt and Iron is spectacular. I know my students will rush to this book the minute they see it. The sisters being tethered, one alive and the other in the spirit world, is intriguing and thought-provoking. Emotions run high and readers will not be disappointed.Thanks to for a copy of this book. I look forward to the next book by Kady Cross, and so do my students. She's a favorite.

    • The first one was probably a bit better (I really enjoyed the drama of Wren and Lark trying to fit in with this new group of friends and everyone bonding/learning about each other, etc. There just seemed like less friendship stuff in general, now that they've been 'accepted') but I still loved reading this one, and the plot had as high of stakes as the first. I am dying for a confrontation with their mother though. I hope more of their family dynamic is introduced in the 3rd.

    • Wren and Lark survived the dark threat in The Sisters of Blood and Spirit but now they find a new threat that may break their bond.This is fastly becoming one of my favorite stories. Cross does a great job of balancing the supernatural and horror aspects with the family issues. It's fast paced and will hook you from the beginning.

    • I might be a bit bias because the first book was absolutely one of my favourites, but this book was soooooo good! There were a few times when I thought it was a bit repetitive but overall, I loved the plot, the way the characters progressed and the new villain.Hoping there's a third one coming out!!!

    • Nooo it's over. I need more. Super predictable yet still enjoyable. It's part of a series but it could stand alone. Lark and Wren are bad ass. I would love to see the Melinoe portrayed in a movie. It sounds terrifyingly amazing.

    • I absolutely love this series. Twins, one born alive and one "deadborn" or stillborn, but their bond remains with one sister in the land of the living and the other in the afterlife but able to visit her living sister and even save her sisters life. The series just keeps getting better!

    • Won this ARC in a giveaway, which prompted me to read the first book. Very happy I got a chance to enjoy this series, excellent read for individuals who enjoy ghost stories and supernatural happenings.

    • Eh, wanted to like this sequel but there just really wasn't anything to it! Barely any supporting characters, and I knew exactly where the plot would go.

    • Fans of The Girl of Nightmares or Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series will enjoy this one

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