The Road Back to Us

The Road Back to Us Caroline Harrison has had enough After eight long years in an unhappy marriage she s ready to throw in the towel Her workaholic husband Bentley is done too choosing his career over his wife They ve

  • Title: The Road Back to Us
  • Author: K.Webster
  • ISBN: 9781511952651
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caroline Harrison has had enough After eight long years in an unhappy marriage, she s ready to throw in the towel Her workaholic husband, Bentley, is done too choosing his career over his wife They ve met with their lawyers and only need to get through the holidays until their divorce is finalized Bentley isn t ready to tell his family about the divorce, so he asks CarCaroline Harrison has had enough After eight long years in an unhappy marriage, she s ready to throw in the towel Her workaholic husband, Bentley, is done too choosing his career over his wife They ve met with their lawyers and only need to get through the holidays until their divorce is finalized Bentley isn t ready to tell his family about the divorce, so he asks Caroline to spend one Christmas at his mom s under the ruse they are still happily married Together, they set out on a seven hour car ride in the middle of the Canadian Caribou to put on one last happy show What could be an opportunity to rekindle their love and spend quality time together turns out to be a road trip from hell.When a surprise snow storm catches them off guard, Bentley and Caroline find themselves in an accident without any possibility of help in their near future At one point, their love was all they needed to survive But now, when all they have is each other against the frigid winter storm, will they find the love they lost before it s too late Or will this be the end in ways than one for Mr and Mrs Harrison The road back to us may be a turbulent path, but in the end, it s worth the chaos because it leads back home.

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    • 4.5 'Snow Love' Stars!Since I was not in the mood for dark romance but I have always been curious about K. Webster, I decided to check out this book and boy I loved it! I am glad Kristi write a bit of everything lolLoved this couple fighting for their marriage after their snowy car accident and their freaking awesome chemistry! This will definitely not be my last book by this author!

    • Safety:(view spoiler)[Heroine was only with H.Hero had few girls before h.No OM.OW - OW in work is trying to get H but he never even consider it. No cheating. (hide spoiler)]

    • Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewI have a confession to make as much as I love reading K. Webster’s dark erotic suspense romance stories, I am also a sucker for a sweet second chance love stories. And The Road Back To Us was definitely one HOT sweet read. Truly this book was brimming with a perfect combination of sweet and sexy. Well to be more exact, it was sinfully steamy!!!! Yes that's right only K. Webster can make being stranded in a remote outhouse sexy.I think Kri [...]

    • 3.5 stars! We have a book where the couple have been married many years and they have just grown apart. There taking one last trip to the hero's mother house for Christmas, when they get back the divorce will be final. On the way to the mother's house they get into an accident and they are stuck. While trying to fight to survive they realize that they love each other too much and want to make the marriage work. It was good, filled with sex like they are going at it every 5 mins! That is awesome [...]

    • I always like books where the H/h start off as a couple or are already married, too bad there's not many of them. This was a sweet novel about a couple who have been married for eight years and are on the verge of a divorce because they have just drifted apart and taken each other for granted. It takes a snowstorm and a crazy accident to get their heads on straight and realize that they have a lot to fight for. I enjoyed it for the most part but the h could've been a little stronger. She cried o [...]

    • This one is ok - I was hooked on the beginning. A marriage in trouble and/or on the verge of divorce is one of my favorite tropes. The problems resolved a little too easily and quickly for me and mostly through sex. It would have been better if the resolution of their issues had a little more depth. 2.5 stars.

    • I never thought K. Webster could make me love a book more than Broken. I was so, so wrong. The Road Back to Us has just jumped to the favorite among her novels. When I hit the last page, I literally went back to the beginning and started reading it again. This second chance romance is angst, love, and steamy romance. Not to mention the great cast of characters. Caroline and Bentley have drifted apart, become two different people, ones who cannot find a way to coexist. On the verge of divorce, t [...]

    • The concept was great but the story just didn't work for me. About 30-44% I wanted to do a mortal kombat kick to the characters!

    • “Care is my life. My heart. My goddamn soul. Everything else is just a backdrop to the love story that is us”The Road Back To Us is a beautiful second chance romance. This book follows the story of Caroline and Bentley. Caroline and Bentley had the perfect romance. They fell in love, got married and thought they’d live happily ever after. Somewhere along the lines, life had other plans. Bentley became so focused on his work that he lost sight of what was really important. And Caroline bega [...]

    • Really wanted to like this but it was rather underwhelming. The fighting for his wife happens almost immediately after starting the book. You don't get much build up and surprisingly I actually would have liked some angst (I know shocker) so that I could really feel how hard they worked to get back together.Their problems were resolved quickly and the rest of the book is just a bunch of scenes of them having no sex in the freezing wilderness. I meaney were living off pistachios and a can of soda [...]

    • Luego de estar juntos desde que eran bien jovencitos, los protagonistas ya tienen los papeles listos para divorciarse tras distanciarse, acusaciones de infidelidad y varias perdidas de embarazos.Ambos planean ir a visitar a la madre del héroe pero se ven atrapados en una tormenta. Primero sufren un accidente automovilístico que los deja padeciendo frío estando atascados dentro del pequeño auto que había cambiado Bentley para molestarla a Caroline. Así es que luego de unas horas deben salir [...]

    • This was such a beautiful story of two souls connecting again. This story touches so many aspects of a marriage and brings prospective back. Sometimes couples let everyday life consume them and they forget about the one standing beside them on their journey. It lets you know that communication and honesty are key in a working marriage. And never let the flame you have for one another burn out. Great read.

    • I was very hesitant to read this because I've always had this mentality that if your marriage broke down, you probably don't deserve a second chance. It's stupid honestly, but it stemmed from reading way too many alpha romance who knows what they want and would possibly never let go their other halves. As well as the idea that what I read should lead to perfect marriage. Anyhow, I finally found the strength to read this and I loved it. Sometimes, marriage just needs rekindling; remembering the g [...]

    • Caroline and Bentley are calling it quits. Bentley is married to his job and has abandoned his wife. Caroline has become a self-centered diva. She only cares about herself and is finally ready to leave the man she once loved. Bentley hasn’t told his family about the divorce, so Caroline agrees to one final holiday away with his family as a married couple before their divorce gets finalized. They haven’t touched each other in months, Caroline knows Bentley is banging his secretary since he no [...]

    • I love stories featuring second chances. There's always something real about them.I feel like love ebbs and flows in real life, and sometimes the story that focuses on that is the most authentic and real. In Caroline and Bentley's case, they've lost each other along the way. They're ready to end their marriage of 8 years and go their separate ways when fate, in a way, intervenes.I was horrified by the way Caroline and Bentley became stranded, especially since it could've been avoided completely. [...]

    • 5 Heartbreakingly Beautiful Stars!!!K Webster is without a doubt one of my favorite authors. The Road Back to Us is definitely way different than any of her other books I've read, but I was excited to read it……because it's K f*ckin Webster! She is an Author Rockstar in my eyes! She did not disappoint with this book! This is a story of a marriage drifted apart. It's a struggle. It's about finding each other again. Hope. Love. Second chances. Bentley and Caroline have been married for 8 years. [...]

    • This review is a repost.I really liked this book. The way that the past and the present was interwoven to give readers a glimpse of how and when the hero and the heroine met, fell in love, got married, and fell apart. I'm a sucker for second chance romance, and this book is definitely a touching second chance story.The author did a great job of writing characters who were very real. The heroine really sounded like a wife who's been so exhausted supporting her husband's career that she no longer [...]

    • What can I say but another Fantastic read by Kristi Webster. The Road Back To Us is definitely a book about second chances and taking the risks to see if everything you worked for is still worth it.First off this story is told in dual POV's which is fantastic you get to see the perspective of both characters and learning the way they feel just shows you how different life can be if you just communicate with one another heartache can eventually be avoided. We first meet Bentley & Caroline whi [...]

    • Given a copy for an honest review. K Webster put me into a second chance romance fog and I enjoyed every word. Caroline and Bentley are a couple that have a lot of history. They are ready to surrender and stop fighting. What happens when a snow storm and an accident makes you think about how you really feel? We get flashbacks into their relationship and begin to understand why they are ready to be done. You find yourself cheering for Bentley and Caroline because you know that they still love eac [...]

    • Can someone please hold my hair back while I puke? I haven't read a sickly-sweet novel in quite some time so it was bound to happen. For two people who were stuck in the middle of a major snow storm after crashing their car, who then found a run-down shack, and then ate some pistachios and a tin of beans trying to survive, these two went at it morning, noon, and night, and every minute in between. I have no idea where they got their energy. Maybe they found a Red Bull. Whatever. Surprisingly, no [...]

    • Loved it. I definitely should stop reading so many of those INSTA-LOVE romance and give a chance to books like this. Great writing style, interesting story (loved learning about the MC's past). Very well written. The only thing that got kinda old was the MC's jumping each other's bone all the time LOLother than that .ally good book.Definetely reading more from this author.

    • Another great book Kristi! I really felt for Bentley and Caroline and was quite emotional all the way through reading it!

    • I'm a sucker for the marriage-in-trouble trope and I can't find many often enough so I thought The Road Back to Us was a great find in that sense. However, the characters were just okay. I liked them well enough, but Caroline was a pouter and a crybaby (she cried and/or pouted at every little thing and I didn't find it cute) and Bentley was likable but nothing really stood out about him. These two were having sex at every other page though--like, they just got into a car accident and the next pa [...]

    • I loved this story of rekindling true love. Love isn’t always easy. The roads we travel are not always smooth and sometimes we lose our way. But sometimes fate has a way of reminding us just what is important, and sets us back in the right path. I became emotionally invested in this story from the very start. I felt for Caroline, and was rooting for her to escape from her marriage that obviously Bentley was no longer invested in. That is until I got to know Bentley. Then I was rooting even har [...]

    • I haven't read a whole bunch of second chance romance, and K Webster knocks this out of the park.Every couple has issues in their marriage and it takes a strong faith in love and the hand of fate to sometimes steer them in the right direction.Extremely hot scenes and very touching!!I received a copy of the authors work in exchange of an honest review.

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