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Clutter Free If you ve ever wished you could clear out your clutter simplify your space and take back your life Kathi Lipp s new book has just the solutions you need Building off the success of her The Get Your

  • Title: Clutter Free
  • Author: Kathi Lipp
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  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you ve ever wished you could clear out your clutter, simplify your space, and take back your life, Kathi Lipp s new book has just the solutions you need Building off the success of her The Get Yourself Organized Project, this book will provide even ideas for getting your life and your stuff under control.Do any of these descriptions apply to you You bought a boxIf you ve ever wished you could clear out your clutter, simplify your space, and take back your life, Kathi Lipp s new book has just the solutions you need Building off the success of her The Get Yourself Organized Project, this book will provide even ideas for getting your life and your stuff under control.Do any of these descriptions apply to you You bought a box of cereal at the store, and then discovered you have several boxes at home that are already past the best by date You bought a book and put it on your nightstand right on top of ten others you ve bought recently , but you have yet to open it You keep hundreds of DVDs around even though you watch everything online now and aren t really sure where the remote for the DVD player is You spend valuable time moving your piles around the house, but you can never find that piece of paper when you need it Your house makes you depressed the moment you step into it.

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      Kathi Lipp helps women renovate their life with projects for the soul She is a national speaker and author who inspires thousands each year to take beneficial action steps in their personal, marital, and spiritual lives Her wit and wisdom will give you new ways to Avoid settling for less than God s loving plan for your life Develop new levels of warmth and tenderness with your spouse Return fun and flirting to your marriage Boost your confidence to follow God given dreams and goals Create an environment of encouragement in your friendshipsKathi is the author of The Husband Project 21 Days to Loving Your Man on Purpose and with a Plan and The Marriage Project 21 Days to Bring Back the Love, Bring Back the Laughter, Bring Back the Lingerie coming December 2009 with two books under contract In addition, her articles have appeared in Today s Christian Woman, Bay Area Parent, Focus on the Family, Discipleship Journal, and Christian Parenting Today Church leaders and women s ministry directors rely on Kathi to help women move from living out of obligation to enjoying godly passion Kathi and her husband, Roger, are parents of four kids and live in San Jose, California They are members of Church on the Hill where Roger is the programming director of the worship arts ministry.

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    • I read housekeeping books when I'm stressed. I'm not entirely sure why. I think I like self-appointed homemaking experts to boss me around and then I just like to ignore everything they say because I know better than them. Perhaps they just make me feel more strong and capable about my own homemaking. Perhaps it is some deep-rooted mother/daughter relationship thing. Who knows. I got this housekeeping book because I loved that velvet purple couch on the white background for the cover. That is ex [...]

    • At one point in this book Kathi Lipp looks at the remote controls and asks herself if they are or are not clutter before deciding to put them in the end table drawer. This is my people. My attitude is that everything is clutter unless it can prove itself otherwise. You are not innocent until proven guilty in my house if you are stuff, and Kathi Lipp seems to share my mind frame. She gives us a list of 50 things to throw out RIGHT NOW and it's a great list. Not everything in this book applies to [...]

    • I've been reading books (and later, blogs) on simplicity, downsizing, and decluttering since the early 1980s, even though I know they all really say the same thing -- if you (you, modern Western person) want a simpler life, then get rid of a whole bunch of stuff; the care and feeding of unnecessary stuff eats up our time, money, and energy. Time and again I read the same tips about three boxes, or getting rid of a certain number of things, or "keep only what you know to be useful or believe to b [...]

    • Best tip- own less stuff! This is a book I need to study closely! When your house is clutter free you have more time for everything else. Another way to ease you into a clutter free mind is to imagine packing it all up to move house.Another is to consider the time element of buying things- how long it took you to earn that money, time spent shopping, time spent hunting for it when you need it etc. Every item that comes into the house costs you time and space.I'll be rereading this and trying to [...]

    • Probably the worst time to read a decluttering book is the middle of December, and the worst place to do it is in your living room or wherever you put the majority of your Christmas decorations. Christmas, even if we don't buy lots of Stuff, is still, often, about Stuff. For our family, Stuff is the vintage collectibles that are part of our daily life, and the extra helping of them that we bring out at the holidays. Stuff is the extra Crockpot that we picked up at a yard sale in the summer, that [...]

    • So! Whew this was amazing and horrible all at the same time! 21 days came and went and I still have a few areas which are just a MESS! I have been able to teach my hubby a bit more about clutter though and he has been such a great sport this entire time! The guy went from being a hoarder (borderline obsessive) to helping me clean out stuff we just do not need! AND throwing out computer parts that are now worthless! Amazing!The book itself is very easy to follow and ready through. Kathi Lipp has [...]

    • Overall, I'd say this book is a worthwhile read for anyone who struggles to deal with clutter in his/her home. After reading the book, I'd say that I don't struggle with clutter as much as the author does/did, but I have areas of my life where clutter tends to build up and I think this book was helpful.Here's why this book works:- offers simple, practical steps that you can implement the moment you put down the book- gives suggestions for dealing with the clutter you have AND reducing the amount [...]

    • Join Kathi on a journey through WHY we allow Clutter to enter our homes. Learn WHAT constitutes clutter. Then find out HOW to deal with the mess. Do not expect the usually slew of do this, do that recommendations found in other clutter or organizing books. Kathi approaches this topic as a trusted friend who shares openly about her own struggles and those of others she knows. With so many different reasons for clutter and the types of clutter that form Kathi has provide a guideline that will fit [...]

    • Clutter Free is a must read for anyone who has ever battled the dreaded clutter monster. In her book The Get Yourself Organized project Kathi details the nitty gritty of what to do with all the stuff in our house, but this book deals with so much more. Before addressing all the stuff we have, Kathi addresses the How and the Why of our clutter. Finally understanding why we buy things and how those thing become clutter has been very freeing. She defines clutter as " anything that hasn't earned the [...]

    • I love this candid, practical guide to eliminating clutter, though this how-to handbook sometimes hit a bit closer to home than I'd like (this from a self-proclaimed "collector of things"). Lipp certainly is not afraid to touch all the necessary nerves. At the same time, she offers some realistic steps to not only simplify your space, but ways to be mindful of habits that contribute to further clutter. Her advice is always informative and insightful.I was finishing this book during a car trip, r [...]

    • Loved this book!It's less of a "here's how to get rid of your clutter" book and instead a "here's how to diagnose and solve your clutter problem." Most of us don't need a system to get rid of clutter--there are enough of those. We need to understand why we collect so much stuff in the first place--and we need to give ourselves permission to get rid of it.My favourite quotes: "At its heart, clutter is a lack of peace." And "if every possession is special, then nothing is." So true! I went on a cl [...]

    • A well written and practical guide to eliminating clutter. I'll definitely be rereading it. *This arc was kindly provided by Harvest House Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

    • There are some tips that I will definitely use and some that are just plain laughable to me.Admittedly, the author and I are in very different places in our lives (her having adult children, down-sizing for semi-retirement, and moving out her adult children's things while having what seems to be an upper-middle class budget/incone to support her shopping habits. As I am currently engaged, lower middle-class, no children, and don't really have anything to spend on shopping except for the things I [...]

    • I’m pretty organized but I guess it also means I have quite a handful of things to organize. I realized this when I moved out of my mother’s house to my husband’s house, and when I moved abroad where I had to bring only 2 pieces of luggage and leave everything else behind (!!!). The author gives practical advice and honestly, she had me thinking about my own tendencies to buy/keep things “just in case”.Bottom line: it’s easiest to rein things at point of sale rather than at home. So [...]

    • Practical, doable advice After having helped my mother in law downsize, I found myself considering how I could live with less stuff. But, how to start? This book was an easy read, and filled with very practical advice on decluttering. All the reasons that I have for not getting rid of things I don't love are addressed by Kathi in this book. It doesn't matter if I paid a lot for something that I don't use - I can totally help someone else by donating it. I recommend this to anyone who wants to ef [...]

    • Clutter books usually either tell you how to get rid of stuff or ask the deeper question about why you have clutter.  This is mostly the latter, so it makes one think about stuff.  This is both good and bad.  It's good to think through decluttering before doing it.  But, it's completely possible to think it through and never do.This author's perspective is a little different in that it's a Christian clutter book.  Brave!  And, she stands proudly by her views. For a summary of the book, se [...]

    • I loved this book! It helped me deal with my clutter problems and tendencies. It didn't just tell me how to declutter, but it explained why people have clutter. I was very impressed with how much I could relate with the examples in this book. It's like the author, Kathi Lipp, was talking to me personally and helping me work through my individual clutter problems.

    • Awesome book to both read and listen to! Kathy Lipp is so compassionate and understanding regarding the battle with stuff! I found myself laughing and nodding as I read. and then pondering her words, as I went about my days. I highly recommend this book!

    • Lots of great tips. Liked her approach and that I can keep some treasures and do not have to learn to love bare walls. Thankful for the many ideas. Helpful book with a great positive approach. Helpful ideas about what to keep and what you probably do not need.

    • Great adviceI loved this book! Lots of great suggestions about how to clear clutter, Kathi is matter of fact which is helpful. Looking forward to reading her new book "Overwhelmed" and I love her podcast, Clutter Free Academy!

    • I like this author, but can't say I found this particular book to be life-changing. It's mostly the same ol' advice that most organizing books offer. I found How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House's Dirty Little Secrets to be a much more practical book for me (who truly does have clutter paralysis), and I liked the "get your head and heart in the game" approach found in Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional LivingThankful I was able to [...]

    • Really enjoyed Kathi's humorAlthough I've read many of these same principles in "Sink Reflections" by Marla Cilley, I really enjoyed Kathi's sense of humor and been there done that mentality.

    • Love this book! Lots of practical advice that can be easily implemented in stages. I normally don't read this type of book cover to cover but I highly recommend doing so!


    • I love a good de-cluttering book and this was a good one. Went through some reasons for why we hold on to excess stuff and why we don't need it all. Sometimes I need someone to tell me it's ok to get rid of things I've had for years, especially sentimental things. I appreciated this, especially as we prepped for a garage sale! Perfect timing!

    • This book describes myself because this is what I have been trying to do with all my ‘stuff’ right now. I bought a micro-shredder and started shredding papers, and boy, do I have a LOT of papers to shred! So I think I’m off to a good start. When I saw this book at NetGalley by Harvest House Publishers, I requested this book because I REALLY need this book! As I was reading this book, and in my quiet time reflecting on what I read in this book, I really started thinking about this book and [...]

    • About the Book:If you’ve ever wished you could clear out your clutter, simplify your space, and take back your life, Kathi Lipp’s new book has just the solutions you need. Building off the success of her The Get Yourself Organized Project, this book will provide even more ideas for getting your life and your stuff under control.About the Author:Kathi Lipp is a busy conference and retreat speaker and the author of several books, including The Husband Project, The Cure for the "Perfect" Life, [...]

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