Goodbye Sweetheart

Goodbye Sweetheart A successful lawyer bon vivant loving husband and father has a heart attack and dies while swimming in the local pool A man apparently happily married yet with two divorces behind him and three p

  • Title: Goodbye Sweetheart
  • Author: Marion Halligan
  • ISBN: 9781760111298
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • A successful lawyer, bon vivant, loving husband and father, has a heart attack and dies while swimming in the local pool A man apparently happily married, yet, with two divorces behind him and three puzzled children In death it seems that he is not the person everyone thought.As his extended family gathers to mourn, secrets and lies unfold uncomfortably around them ThosA successful lawyer, bon vivant, loving husband and father, has a heart attack and dies while swimming in the local pool A man apparently happily married, yet, with two divorces behind him and three puzzled children In death it seems that he is not the person everyone thought.As his extended family gathers to mourn, secrets and lies unfold uncomfortably around them Those pornographic images on his laptop An unexpected lover is he still philandering But somewhere in the turmoil of mourning each of them has to find an answer to the question who was this man really What mysteries has he taken to the grave with him Goodbye Sweetheart is a powerful novel of love, the desire for understanding, and the inevitable messiness of life.

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    • Marion Halligan

      Marion Halligan AM is an Australian writer and novelist Born and educated in Newcastle, New South Wales, she worked as a school teacher and journalist prior to turning to full time writing.A long time resident of Canberra, she was a member of a group of women writers based in Canberra known as the Canberra Seven or Seven Writers 1980 1997 She has won and been shortlisted for numerous significant awards, notably for The Point, Lovers Knots, Spider Cup and The Golden Dress In 2006 Halligan was made a Member in the Order of Australia AM , General Division, for services to literature and for her work in promoting Australian literature.

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    • I loved this book (it kept me reading til the early hours to finish it, always a good sign). Marion Halligan is one of my favourite writers, in part because she sets many of her books in Canberra, where I lived for 35 years, and the beautiful far south coast of NSW which is also one of my much loved places. I also relish the way she writes - completely accessible but clever too, with delicious wit and literary allusions. Her theme is not an uncommon one: after a death, a family gathers. Memories [...]

    • Since her earliest work, Marion Halligan has always been very good at writing about journeys of the self. In her latest novel, Goodbye Sweetheart, there are multiple characters struggling with shifts in their self-perception after the death of William Cecil, a thrice-married lawyer who has a heart-attack in a swimming pool, and drowns.This man’s extended family comprises the three wives and their one child each; a brother; and an aunt. It turns out that there was a lover too, and a taste for o [...]

    • For a novel largely about death, Marion Halligan’s Goodbye Sweetheart is a surprisingly light and delicious read.It tells the tale of William Cecil, a well-to-do lawyer in his early sixties, who succumbs to a heart attack and drowns in the swimming pool of his local gym. His unexpected death has repercussions on those who loved him best: his wife, two ex-wives, an adult son, an adult daughter and a teenage daughter, a mistress and an older brother.To read the rest of my review, please visit my [...]

    • Marion Halligan’s latest novel, Goodbye Sweetheart, introduces us to William. Like a crime show on TV kicking off with the death of the victim, William is present but briefly although remains the central character as those left behind come to terms with his sudden death.After meeting William we’re introduced (one by one) to those who knew and loved him. Their stories are shared separately, but like some vignette-inspired Woody Allen movie, their lives all intersect—through William and his [...]

    • It would be easy to say that Goodbye Sweetheart doesn’t live up to its promise. Anyone lured by the blurb on the back cover might reasonably expect drama, conflict, the sort of revelations likely to occur when “a man, apparently happily married”, with two ex-wives, a mistress and three children dies suddenly in the local pool. The blurb promises secrets and lies unfolding, and mysteries taken to the grave. But there are no big dramas in this book. The uncomfortable revelations unfold slowl [...]

    • This novel is in the form of a set of character studies. No, that's wrong. It's a set of character studies joined together in a novel. William has a heart attack while at the swimming pool, and so we meet his widow and his two earlier wives, we meet his children (one to each of the wives), we meet his brother (as different to him as chalk to cheese), and his mistress, and we are let into their lives as they discover things about William that they hadn't known. There's nothing extraordinary to fi [...]

    • A very enjoyable read. The relationships in Goodbye Sweetheart are fascinating and the characters are fully realised, intricate and intimate.A story that looks at love and death and how it is always hardest for those left behind.

    • Won this Through First Read.Really didn't enjoy this one. I just couldn't get invested in any of the characters. It just didn't flow for me.

    • I won this book from a giveaway by the publisher on Facebook.The book was amazing and one of those that (while I hated putting it down between readings) had me wondering what the characters were getting up to while I wasn't following them!I loved the way all the characters were intertwined around the main character, who was deceased by the end of the first chapter. If you had tried to sell me that as a premise I would not have brought the book, but having had the chance to read part of the first [...]

    • Goodbye Sweetheart by Marion Halligan is a beautiful, lyrical novel about death, deceit and the true nature of love. My only issue with it is that the characters were not very likeable, so I was not invested in their transformations - and I also did not find these life changing moments believable. I would have liked more of an explanation on what it took and exactly what triggered the turnaround. There is enough of a sense of mystery in this book as it is without puzzling about that as well. Nev [...]

    • I wanted to like this book more than I did. I warmed to it by the end but it took me until about half way through to finally figure out who all the characters were and how they were related. Maybe I'm a bit slow off the mark or missed clues? It didn't help that the character whose death underpins the story is referred to as William, Bill and Cecil. Nonetheless I love the warmth of Ms Halligan's writing and completely related to Lynette's 'journey'. It's a tale that leaves you thinking about the [...]

    • Firstly, I won this book through good reads first reads. I wanted to like this book, it was well written; however I found it difficult to connect with the characters. So many secrets and characters are found within this story and I understand why the author felt the need to explain the importance of each character. The problem with this is that the characters lacked depth. The story revolves around the sudden death of William, husband, father, brother and lover; and the relationships which he ha [...]

    • I won this book through the giveaway program.Honestly this book was too disjointed for me to really enjoy. We have a chapter or 2 on several characters that all in some way whether it is very closely or only a quite distant thing connect with our guy that died of a heart attack. The book is well written but the format of it isn't really my kind of thing. There would be many people though that would enjoy this book so I wouldn't say to totally discount the thing.

    • William is dead and too many people affected by his sudden death. He was not a very nice person to many of them - his 3 wives, his children, mistresses, brother. They discover him after his death, they learn to love, hate and remember him differently. They go on with their lives and realise that he was not much for them when he was around.

    • I wanted to like this book more than I did - some characters felt a little under developed, the story has a sense of enjoyable chaos, charm and wasn't maudlin - it held my attention but wasn't something that I felt I was immersed in.

    • Another beautifully written book by Marian Halligan. Interesting characters, though none particularly likeable. I did especially like Halligan's wonderful subtle digs at middle class middle aged Australian society. She totally nailed it.

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