Magnolia Gods

Magnolia Gods Alternate cover edition for ASIN B E LQA traitor in our midst On July Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union The top secre

  • Title: Magnolia Gods
  • Author: Thomas Hollyday
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition for ASIN B006E904LQA traitor in our midst On July 4, 1946, Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union The top secret plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean before he could succeed with his traitorous action His body, and the wreck of the plane, were lost at sea.Mike Howard runs a small avAlternate cover edition for ASIN B006E904LQA traitor in our midst On July 4, 1946, Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union The top secret plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean before he could succeed with his traitorous action His body, and the wreck of the plane, were lost at sea.Mike Howard runs a small aviation museum, and, several decades later, his war hero family still feels the sting of Lawson s unpatriotic actions When Mike is pressured by Lawson s grandson, Jesse, to mount a search for the traitor s corpse, his first instinct is to vehemently refuse However, his scholarly instincts quickly get drawn into the hunt, and he soon realizes that there is much to the story As Mike s corporate sponsors passionately lobby for him to stop stirring up old issues, it is made clear to him just how tangled the web of espionage has become Soon bodies are dropping like flies and Mike is forced on the run He desperately unravels the threads of deceit, scrambling for the truth before his own life and the lives of those he loves are brutally added to the list of sacrificed men of conscience.The River Sunday series are standalone stories which can be read in any order Part of the proceeds from the sale of Thomas Hollyday fiction and non fiction goes to support drinking water resources for wildlife.

    Magnolia Gods River Sunday Romance Mysteries Book Mar , Magnolia Gods is the second book of the acclaimed River Sunday Romance Mystery series by Thomas Hollyday The author s unique Chesapeake voice once again gives us an exciting read about the people, their beliefs and legends, and the grasping mud and black water wetlands of this mysterious American region. Magnolia Gods Hollyday Mar , MAGNOLIA GODS A River Sunday Romance Mystery, Book Thomas Hollyday Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author The undercurrent of this fast paced novel is the romance of two aircraft pilots, Mike and Robin. Magnolia Gods River Sunday by Thomas Hollyday Dec , Magnolia Gods is an exciting, fast paced, action packed mystery that will keep you turning the pages The characters are well developed, Thomas makes them come alive through his descriptive writing Mike, one of the main players, the successful Magnolia Gods by Thomas Hollyday, Paperback Barnes Noble Magnolia Gods is a fast and easy read, for people of all ages, men and women If you like action movies, then this is a fantastic book to add to your reading list s_gallegos Magnolia Gods by Thomas Hollyday OverDrive Rakuten Magnolia Gods by Thomas Hollyday OverDrive Rakuten OverDrive eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries On July , , Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union The top secret plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean before he could succeed with his traitorous action. magnolia Seeing Creation Gabriela Mistral said something similar she said beauty is the shadow of God on the universe In the magnolia blossom it is easy to see God s handwriting, not difficult at all to sense the shadow of God Long ago Confucius noted Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it I suspect he is right. Interesting Meaning and Symbolism of a Magnolia Flower The magnolia flower meaning is attached with the symbols of nobility, perseverance, and love of nature Soft and subtle in color yet strong in appearance, the flower is representative of the beauty encompassing femininity and gentleness Often men prefer to gift their female partner the magnolia flowers, as an appreciation of their beauty. Home Magnolia COGOP Welcome to the Magnolia Region Church of God of Prophecy We invite you to explore our site, take advantage of any resources available, and access our online application for Magnolia Church Home Assembly of God Our goal is simple We want you to realize that God and church can be a real part of your life in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere When you attend Magnolia Church, come comfortable We are much concerned about your real life needs than what you are wearing. Magnolia Inspiration for Life and Home Chip Joanna Experience Magnolia s unique home decor online market, lifestyle journal, design blog, Silos, and reality properties, all owned and operated by Chip and Joanna Gaines Find all new Magnolia

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      Thomas Hollyday 1942 present was born in Easton, Maryland His father was an acclaimed photographer and his mother a brilliant teacher.His father s family were active in the history of Maryland since its settlement while his mother s family were prominent in Democratic Party politics His grandmother s family descended from a well known German industrial family of Balti He grew up in the southern atmosphere of the Eastern Shore with its maritime and military heritage He studied writing with Elliott Coleman at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and with C.Michael Curtis of the Atlantic Monthly He served with distinction in Vietnam and became a successful international businessman.He also drew illustrations for national magazines and published maritime and Civil War history He currently edits popular video blogs on you tube for animal water rights and for book reviews He draws the popular humorous Animal Viewpoint Cartoons for newspapers He continues to please his fans with new novels in his River Sunday Romance Mysteries collection In his fiction he describes his recurring theme that human settlers since prehistoric times in the Chesapeake region have left a mist of legend and history that permeates its modern stories with a certain compelling truth At the same time he incorporates the stories of machines with those of their human owners Each novel, located in the small town of River Sunday, Maryland, also records the continuing beautiful nature of the area His writing portrays today s problems, conflicts, and memorable local characters with their loves and their combat with evil.

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    • "Magnolia Gods" by Thomas Hollyday is an excellent 'historical' mystery read set in the world of an aviation museum. The setting alone and the information contained about how museums run and find their funding was fascinating enouugh.In this case we have a WW2 old accusation about an alleged traitor that haunts the son of said person and which impacts the funding of the museum.In order to settle the dispute and possibly clear the father's name the two museum employees Mike and Jesse go on a miss [...]

    • Good MysteryOverall a good read. While Books 1 and 2 easily stand on their own, if you read Book 1 then went into Book 2, the story seems VERY similar. Yes the people and objects are different, but the story and structure feel much the same.

    • I am definitely enjoying this author's books. Unlike other series, the only connecting factor in the River Sunday series is the location. This made the second novel unique, but it was just as detailed and well-researched as the first. I highly recommend these mysteries.

    • Better than the firstAs the first one the storyline is good, but still too much information and though it didn't ramble like the first one there were parts that were boring.

    • ExcitingLots of action and suspense. Really great characters. Enjoyed the present connecting to the past. Always enjoy recognition of past wars and conflicts.

    • Review and Giveaway - Magnolia Gods by Thomas Hollyday Book Readers ReviewMagnolia Gods is another great book by Thomas Hollyday. This is the second book in the series River Sunday Romance Mysteries. The theme of the novel is about an experimental seaplane and the mystery surrounding its disappearance July 4th, 1946. Mike Howard who runs a small aviation museum, becomes involved in the intrigue several decades later. According to the legend handed down through time, Navy Captain Edward Lawson at [...]

    • This authors writing and story telling gets stronger with each novel he compiles. His knowledge and historic research shines through expertly. The strong point of this book is the honesty and integrity that the author conveys to the reader.The novel revolves around the apparent treachery of Captain Lawson and the missing plane we was flying. On investigation the truth starts to unfold with far reaching consequences. When a big corporation want to hide or keep secrets it is amazing to what length [...]

    • This is a really good mystery with a dash of romance thrown in! This is the same author who wrote China Jewel and it was also sent in River Sunday, although the characters are totally different and this has nothing to do with a sailing boat. This is about a seaplane that disappeared right after WWII and right from the start, I figured that this poor doctor had been falsely accused of being a traitor.Mike is hired to figure out what happened and even though there is some killing in the book, it d [...]

    • This short book is quick to grab your attention. A story about Mike Howard who runs a small aviation museum. Mike is asked to find the body of Navy Captian Edward. Captian Edward, a distant relative of Mike's, was attempting to fly a top-secret seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union in 1946. He failed at his attempt and crashed at sea.Mike decides to try soon sees that not everything is as it seems. He becomes entangled in a mess of espionage. As people start dying around him, Mike has to g [...]

    • The main character, Mike, reminds me of a pilot-version of Jack Bauer. He loves deeply and fiercely, willing to sacrifice anything for his family. The relationships in the story are tied together in a beautiful way, not feeling awkward or forced. The government conspiracy in the background just adds to the excitement. The story is based in and around the Chesapeake, where I've never visited. I loved reading about the geography and isolated places of the area. It's also got romance without being [...]

    • Wow, talk about a small book that packs a punch! The book was roller coaster fun from the opening chapter! The author starts you out with a simple condronum for his main character and within 2 chapters a riveting thriller has emerged, leading the reader through a maze of lies and deceit, where sudden transitions mean more truths and half-truths to add to the muddle. Add in a good dose of aviation and military history and you've got a book, that appeals to men and women! You'll find yourself root [...]

    • There is nothing like reading a story that could very well be inspired by true events. This story really gets you realize that not everything is what it seams on the surface and once the truth is sought out, your impressions of a person can really change. I was not fond of the whole espionage angel the story took only because I feel that those details are usually really far fetched. However, in this case, I did find the facts to be somewhat truthful and could really make you wonder. Thomas did a [...]

    • I thought this was a very interesting book. After the first few chapters the book starts to get very exciting. In the beginning you will learn that Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane. There was a wreck with the plane and his body and the plane remained missing. Mike Howard is the main character in the story and he runs a museum. Mike becomes pressured by someone named Jesse to search for the missing corpse and plane. Soon Mike will become on the run because he realizes that [...]

    • Entertainment & informativeA little far imagination, but compelling story. Need further editing (woman had on shorts and in next paragraph, adjusted skirt).

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