The Trouble with Twins

The Trouble with Twins Kate DiCamillo meets Lemony Snicket in this darkly comic novel about two sisters who learn they are each others most important friend Imagine two twin sisters Arabella and Henrietta nearly identical

  • Title: The Trouble with Twins
  • Author: Kathryn Siebel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
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  • Kate DiCamillo meets Lemony Snicket in this darkly comic novel about two sisters who learn they are each others most important friend.Imagine two twin sisters, Arabella and Henrietta nearly identical yet with nothing in common They re the best of friends until one day they aren t Plain and quiet Henrietta has a secret plan to settle the score, and she does somethiKate DiCamillo meets Lemony Snicket in this darkly comic novel about two sisters who learn they are each others most important friend.Imagine two twin sisters, Arabella and Henrietta nearly identical yet with nothing in common They re the best of friends until one day they aren t Plain and quiet Henrietta has a secret plan to settle the score, and she does something outrageous and she can t take it back.When the deed is discovered, Henrietta is quickly banished sent to live with her eccentric great aunt Priscilla on Chillington Lane, where black cats roam the dark rooms and tonight s menu is fish head stew Suddenly life with pretty, popular Arabella doesn t seem so awful.And, though she s been grievously wronged, Arabella longs for her sister, too So she hatches a plan of her own and embarks on an unexpected journey to reunite with her other half.The Trouble with Twins is an adventure and a comedy a tale of the power of unlikely friendships, the bond between sisters and the way a bit of mischief sometimes sets everything right.

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      Kathryn Siebel Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Trouble with Twins book, this is one of the most wanted Kathryn Siebel author readers around the world.

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    • Two twin sisters, Henrietta and Arabella have always been best friends. But, for some unknown reason, Arabella has always been prettier. With her smile, laugh, perfectly combed blond hair, and spotless clothing, everyone seemed to like her more. On the other hand, Henrietta was quiet, serious, had crumbs on her clothes, and her hair was always so messy. And that was where the trouble beganArabella always had nice friends and attended nice little birthday parties, while Henrietta stood silently o [...]

    • I received an ARC from the publisher via work, with no obligation to leave a personal review.This book took me by surprise--I discovered it out of the blue, having come from darker reads like A Torch Against the Night and Gathering Darkness, wanting something more "me"--light and happy and full of heart. And this was definitely one of those!I fear that the comparisons used in the publisher copy may come across as hyperbole, but having read it, I see why they're making them. Similar to The Prince [...]

    • Copy recieved from the publisherA young girl's mother tells her the story of twins: Arabella Osgood, who was very pretty, and Henrietta, who was less attractive and also boring. Jealous of her sister because of the preferential treatment she recieves from their parents, Henrietta cuts Arabella's hair when she is sleeping and is send away to Great-Aunt Priscilla's as punishment. And punishment it is, since Priscilla feeds her fish head soul and there is nothing more exciting to do than to name th [...]

    • The Trouble With Twins is the story of two twin girls named, Arabella and Henrietta who are identical but different in so many ways. Henrietta does something bad to Arabella while she is sleeping that gets her sent away to live with an Great-Aunt that nobody cares about anymore. As Arabella realizes what life is like without her other half, she sets out to go find her and discovers what it truly means to have a twin in a heart-warming ending that will bring everyone back together once again.I fo [...]

    • Book #65 Read in 2016The Trouble with Twins by Kathryn SiebelThis is a cute read, perfect for upper elementary students. Arabella and Henrietta are twins. Arabella is smart and popular. Henrietta is friendless and not as academically gifted. As the two begin to move away from each other, Henrietta, in a jealous fit, cuts Arabella's bangs while she is sleeping. Their parents sent Henrietta to live with Aunt Priscilla, who is a scary lady. Will the sisters ever be brought back together? This would [...]

    • This humorous fairy tale for grades 3-6 is a lesson in getting along and getting through bad times caused by bad decisions. It's a perfect book for read-aloud time -- especially for siblings who might not always get along. The accompanying discussions between a mother and her daughter were spot on and hilarious!

    • I actually really enjoyed this. It's a nice throwback to older fashioned kid's books with a nice whimsy to the whole story. It's, as most people have pointed out, like a cross between Lemony Snicket and Ms. Pigglewiggle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Review based on an uncorrected advanced reader's copy I was provided through my work.

    • Haven't read this yet (since it hasn't come out yet!) but I'm super excited. It sounds really good, and, funny thing is, I'll be getting a personally signed copy from the author! Why? Because her brother and wife are good family friends. What a small world :) And congrats to you, Kathryn Siebel!

    • This is one of the best MG novels I've read in a long time! I am shocked that this was Siebel's debut book, and cannot wait for more from her.The Trouble with Twins is one of those books that takes your hand and leads you through the story easily yet lovingly. The characters, even the flawed ones, win you over. The descriptions are simple, yet effective in their simplicity. Even the humor is just right, over and over again I laughed out loud. The narration style of switching between the story an [...]

    • Twin sisters Arabella and Henrietta Osgood are very much alike, but also very different. For some reason, the girls' parents have always liked Arabella more than Henrietta. So has their nanny and all the teachers at school and all the kids. For the most part Henrietta doesn't mind that everyone prefers Arabella over her, because she has Arabella. But when the girls start to drift apart after an argument one day, Henrietta realizes she's tired of always being in Arabella's shadow. She decides t [...]

    • The story of two young girls, twins, but nothing alike. One twin, well liked,popular and doted on at home, the other awkward, quiet and disgruntled. I found that the treatment of the awkward twin was very annoying and I just wanted to slap the author. No one in the household cared about the second daughter which I found very sad. I did not think that the end resolved that issue for the reader. I did find that the way the book was written, by a mother telling a story to her daughter, was a cute w [...]

    • This was cute! Arabella and Henrietta are identical twins, although they have very different personalities. Arabella is much more vivacious and popular and gets all the attention, and Henrietta has always been in her shadow. This resentment finally boils over one day and Henrietta reacts by cutting her sister's bangs off in the middle of the night. Her horrified parents ship her off to eccentric Great Aunt Priscilla's house. Separated for the first time the girls quickly begin to miss one anothe [...]

    • The description on the case of this book did not do justice to what a funny delightful tale this was. The readers were terrific and I think I may have enjoyed this more as an audio than I would have reading it!

    • This was a nice read. Not something I enjoyed too much, but I did like it. The plot was a little bit meh at times, and it really took a while for me to get into the book. I put it down many times, but I am glad that I decided to give it another chance.

    • Two girls one perfect and beloved (Arabella) and the other one (Henrietta) unnoticed. Henrietta decides to change things by cut Arabella's bangs, and the parents send her away! Arabella misses her sister and decides to go find her. Each girl begins a journey or trial of change and redemption. This book is unique and quirky, and we really enjoyed reading it.

    • I liked this book. I would recommend it to people who like mysteries. This book was about two twin sisters that would always play together after school. These two sisters, Arebella and Henreatta are very different one does not really have any friends and just sits in the corner all alone at school and the other one Arebella has so many friends and she is at parties and with her friends a lot. One day Henrietta gets upset that her sister is going to all these parties and is not home to play with [...]

    • The story of two identical twins with nothing in common but their love for one another. One twin is favored by the family, while the other twin is left in the cold. Finally, the scapegoat of the family can take no longer -- and the events that ensue add up to create an adventurous story.

    • Twin sisters Arabella and Henrietta are exceptionally close to one another, but as they grow up, Arabella takes all of their parents' attention with Henrietta being almost ignored. Arabella is more physically attractive and finds it easier to make friends while Henrietta is plainer and socially awkward. Slowly, resentment starts to build in Henrietta, and she is hurt as her sister becomes increasingly popular and neglects her. When Arabella hurts her feelings with an unkind word, she plots reven [...]

    • Since my Sweet Valley days, any title that suggests a story about twins, I am immediately drawn to it. And this fun book is a chapter book for younger readers, but one that I think will appeal to the parents of younger readers as well. There are some limited illustrations but this story of Arabella and Henrietta told within another little girl's bedtime story adds to the fun and I think will make this a fun choice for reading aloud to young listeners at bedtime, too!. It's really a surprisingly [...]

    • A mother narrates a tale to her young daughter of two twin sisters named Arabella and Henrietta Osgood. From birth, Arabella has always been more beautiful and bubbly compared to her serious and quiet sister Henrietta. Despite their differences, and the fact that their parents favor Arabella to an extreme, the twins are best friends. That lasts until the day that Henrietta decides to pull a stunt that gets her banished away. Unexpected adventures and a comedy of errors ensues as the twin girls a [...]

    • This is a delightful story of twin sisters, Henrietta and Arabella. While they are twins they are very different people. Arabella is the 'golden child' whom everyone loves and has all the friends. Henrietta is mostly ignored, so when she acts out her parents do not hesitate to send he off to a strange spinster aunt. When Arabella begins to have disturbing dreams about her sister she decides to runaway to find her and sets of a calamitous series of events. The main story in interspersed with that [...]

    • A mother narrates the story of two twin daughters, Arabella and Henrietta, to her own daughter. Although they are similar in appearance, they have very different personalities, Arabella is neat and happy with many friends, and Henrietta is quiet and messy and friendless. The girls get along until the day when Henrietta cuts her sister's bangs and she is sent away to her Aunt Priscilla's home. Arabella eventually sets out to find Henrietta and the adventures begin. This tale has a Lemony Snicket [...]

    • Ummm Okay. So, the writing is definitely nice and kind of reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events or The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. But, I didn't think the story was quite as complex and engaging as those. Also, all throughout the book, there were interruptions of conversation between a mother and daughter. It was set up like the mother was reading or telling the story to her daughter and the daughter would occasionally ask questions or assert opinions or make predictions. I don [...]

    • It has been the longest time since I had read a children’s book before. After reading Le Morte D’Arthur for school, I wanted to get back into reading books regularly that was just for my pleasure. Seeing this book at the library, I thought it would be the perfect short read that I need to get out of my reading slump and it did. Read this book in just two days and it was fantastic. I loved the writing style and how it kept me intrigued on what would happen next. Even though Arabella and Henri [...]

    • A quirky read for fans of Ronald Dahl and Lemony Snicket, this is a story about twin sisters who have a fight and the "plainer" sister, Henrietta, gets sent off to live with a strange aunt. Arabella misses her sister and sets off to get her back. Dark humor, adventure and a bit of magic make this a good read for upper elementary age children.

    • One twin is wonderful and one twin is banished. Who are these parents? Not good enough -- unfortunately for kids I think many times parents have screws loose!! This book is a fun frolik through story land with resourceful kids, a few good people, some eccentrics and some unlikely events. All fun though.

    • I've labeled this book as "realistic fiction" even though it's a bit quirky. Reading the book jacket made me think it was going to be funny but the constant interjections by the storyteller and her daughter became annoying.

    • Sampled the audio, had trouble with the strident, stylized narration that starts it off--is it Katherine Kellgren or Cassandra Campbell? (Both listed as voice actors.) Not sure. :( Might try to find this as a print book sometime.

    • This is a very silly little book. It's trying to be Lemony Snicket and the Princess Bride and basically all the books all at once but it's slight and fine. Just fine.

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