Dinosaurs from Head to Tail

Dinosaurs from Head to Tail From one dinosaur s head to another s tail this informational picture book challenges readers to guess which prehistoric creature each of eight different body parts belongs to For example What dinos

  • Title: Dinosaurs from Head to Tail
  • Author: Stacey Roderick
  • ISBN: 9781771380447
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From one dinosaur s head to another s tail, this informational picture book challenges readers to guess which prehistoric creature each of eight different body parts belongs to For example, What dinosaur had claws like this For each question, the answer is given on the following spread, with an overview that includes the name of the dinosaur, an illustration of the eFrom one dinosaur s head to another s tail, this informational picture book challenges readers to guess which prehistoric creature each of eight different body parts belongs to For example, What dinosaur had claws like this For each question, the answer is given on the following spread, with an overview that includes the name of the dinosaur, an illustration of the entire animal in its habitat and facts about the featured body part, such as why it looked the way it did and how scientists believe it was used The colorful and eye catching collage illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya offer a unique and friendly approach to the ever popular subject of dinosaurs The creatures are a mix of the popular Tyrannosaurus and the lesser known Therizinosaurus and allow children the satisfaction of guessing some correctly while learning about others A pronunciation guide accompanies the first mention of each dinosaur s name There is also a bonus spread at the end of the book containing a quick look at seven intriguing dinosaurs Balancing a captivating picture book experience with just the right level of information, it is an ideal bridge between a basic concept book and a detailed encyclopedic book It would work perfectly in a group lesson on prehistoric creatures or on animal bodies, with the highly engaging, interactive guessing game component providing a way of enlivening the classroom discussion It could also be used individually by higher level readers as an interesting nonfiction choice or a reference book

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      Stacey Roderick Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dinosaurs from Head to Tail book, this is one of the most wanted Stacey Roderick author readers around the world.

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    • Ooooh, this book is amazingly wonderful! My kids loved this one. The pictures are so vivid and bright. The information on the dinosaurs is superb and interesting. My kids had a great time guessing what dinos were next. Definitely a great book for elementary kiddos. Keeps them entertained and fascinated. **ARC graciously provided by Kids Can Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

    • Non-fiction picture books (often called "informational picture books) are great for preschoolers and for elementary age kids alike when they're done well, and this one is an example of how well they can be done. Each sequence opens with a question, showing just part of a dinosaur, as in "What dinosaur had legs like these?" Turn the page and you get a 2 page spread with a full picture of the dinosaur, and information about it, including the important pronunciation guide for grown up readers. The [...]

    • 3.5 starsDinosaurs! Most kids love dinosaurs, their size, their variety, their ferociouness whether real or imagined. When I requested this for review, one of my preschool classes had just finished up a month long exploration of dinosaurs so I had dinosaurs on the brain.I liked the book and my class of 4 and 5 year olds did too. They didn't love it but they had fun looking at it, trying to guess the dinosaur from the body part shown. Having spent a month studying dinosaurs, they did well with th [...]

    • Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I simply love dinosaurs. There, I said it. So every time I come across a dinosaur book, I just have to read it. And this one was lovely for young children. I believe this will really encourage them to become little palaeontologists and love dinosaurs as much as I do. With colourful drawings and some facts about each dinosaur. Would recommend.Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest [...]

    • ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers when you're a 3.5yo boy, a book about dinosaurs can only be topped by a book about trucks & diggers!we had to read this multiple times before moving onto the next one!the illustrations are fun, and the descriptions about each dinosaur are perfect for young kids.

    • I received this book through a giveaway.Such a fun book!! Colorful illustrations this interactive book prompts kids to guess the dinosaurd includes help so kids and adults can learn the correct pronunciation of the dinosaurs.

    • delightful cut paper style illustrations (digitally created) and dinosaur facts - young dinosaur fans will love this one!

    • Kids loved it. I loved it. It was a great book about dinosaurs that functions both as a nonfiction piece and as a read-aloud. And it recognized that flying reptiles weren't dinosaurs, which is awesome! The illustrations were great, and the kids really did try to guess the correct dinosaur. The biggest selling point, though, was the fact that the book never referenced fossil age or did anything to affirm or dispute evolution, making this an excellent choice for any curriculum. I found it to be an [...]

    • I do so enjoy a good collage illustration.There's not enough info for even an elementary research paper but just for fun non-fic browsing? Pick this one up!

    • This is a really cute book. The first two pages give you a close up of a body part asking you what dinosaur it belongs to, the next two give you the answer along with a few facts about it. This format is followed through the book until the very end. The last two pages list a number of other dinosaurs and give a paragraph of information about them.My kids love asking the question, waiting for me or a sibling to give the answer, the turning the page and shouting out the answer again. It's cute, fu [...]

    • Beautiful illustrations. But the mix of short sentences with big font and then paragraphs in tiny font is weird

    • Genre: Informational Audience: PrimaryI chose the book "If the Dinosaurs came back" as the twin text for this book because you can learn about the types of dinosaurs that are in the fiction book. "Dinosaurs Head to Tail" have the illustrations of the dinosaurs which will meet the children's interests but also have facts and the names of the dinosaurs so the children can try to guess what dinosaur is what in "If the Dinosaurs Came Back".

    • Loved, loved, loved this book! Even though most children's books are hard not to give full ratings to, there have been some for me that fell short. I have a certain criteria for children's books. (1) They must be engaging and easy to read. (2) They must have educational or moralistic value to some degree. (3) They must have illustrations that inspire imagination. This book had it all. I loved the descriptions of the dinosaurs, they were short, to the point and interesting. The illustrations were [...]

    • We received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.K loves dinosaurs so I knew he would love reading this one. You get to guess as to what dinosaur is being shown. You get a tail then a leg or shoulder and other body parts and if you haven't guess by those clues then you get to find out what dinosaur. K had a blast guessing and was so excited when he got them right. When the dinosaur is revealed you get a little bit of information about the dinosaur and you get to learn how to pronounc [...]

    • This colourful, vibrant book contains 8 close-ups of different parts of a dinosaur's body leaving you to guess which one it is? When you turn the page you find the answer and even some fun facts about that particular dinosaur.The cut-paper collages are done in primary colours so they will certainly capture the attention of young readers. A crested head? Long, curved claws? A bony, ball-tipped tail? All these teasers will certainly peak interest and demand answers. Two final pages feature seven m [...]

    • Given an image of a dinosaur body part, can you identify the dinosaur to which it belongs? This book is full of challenges like this, with details about each of the eight dinosaurs given in a child friendly manner that will help encourage a love of these magnificent prehistoric creatures in future generations. The illustrations are chunky, clear and help enhance the descriptions and facts given. Further brief information on another seven dinosaurs conclude the book which will prove delightful fo [...]

    • I received a copy of this book via the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in any way.I have an 8-year-old boy, so of course we had to pick up the book about dinosaurs. This one was a unique non-fiction work because the art was more like a fiction book. It was bright and fun and made the book stand out.We loved trying to 'guess' the dinosaur. One thing about 'fact' books is there is usually an overwhelming amount of information. This one was just enough to [...]

    • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator illustrations feature various parts of different dinosaurs so that readers can identity what type of dinosaur is being presented. For instance, the head of a Parasaurolophus is displayed before the turn of the page reveals the entire dinosaur and some basic text about the dinosaur. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy examining the features--a head, jaws, neck, back, wings, claws, legs, and tail--of some of their favorite prehistoric creatures. This is a good introduction t [...]

    • Informational Nonfiction Copyright: 2015Appeal: Lower grade levelsI chose this book because it gives many facts about dinosaurs, which is a very popular topic with young readers. The book has colorful pictures and is easy for young readers to understand.Twin Text: Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs by Nate Evans (fiction)This silly book has colorful pictures of dinosaurs. It has rhyming text and is also an alphabet book. It combines many popular elements for young readers.

    • This is a great non-fiction book picture book on dinosaurs. Kids guess which prehistoric creature is portrayed in a closeup of part of the body. The answer, with information on characteristics and habitat, comes on the next page. Expressive eyes and distinctive teeth makes this very user friendly for preschoolers. Colorful mixed media/Photoshop illustrations. This book has appeal for dinosaur lovers at home or as a read-aloud at story time.

    • Great illustrations, and a fun book about dinosaurs. Great for a younger kid who knows dinosaurs because it shows a small part of a dinosaur (ie. a claw or tail) and asks them if they can identify the dinosaur. The following page has information about the dinosaur. It would be neat to share a few of these pages during a storytime.

    • I won this book in a first reads free giveaway on Good Reads. This book is so colorful and informative. It explains the different dinosaurs that a young child can easily understand. It is a very enjoyable book and I can't wait to give it to my granddaughter. She will love it. Thanks for my copy of the book.

    • Readers are asked to identify a piece of dinosaur anatomy with a reveal and facts on the following pages. Bright collage illustrations and a pronunciation key will provide young dinosaur lovers from ages 3 to 7 a fun start to learning. Often youngsters have older siblings who cannot get enough dino info. This is a great introduction for them to follow in their footsteps.

    • The drawings in this one are a little odd, but it is a nice dinosaur picture book. My only question - how come kids are better at saying the dinosaur names than adults? I had to struggle to sound out a couple of the dinosaurs and Kathryn is repeating them no problem on our second time through the book.

    • Highlights eight dinosaurs in a guessing game style: Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon (not actually a dinosaur, so the book says), Therizinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Ankylosaurus. Also provides a little bit of info on each Triceratops, Corythosaurus, Edmontonia, Spinosaurus, Iguanodon, Compsognathus, and Allosaurus.Originally published in Canada.

    • 3.75 starsA very nicely done non-fiction narrative! I love the collage paper with all the textures. The information is new to me and done in a different way (not the same old information we have heard over and over!! Great for the dinosaur fanatic in your life!!

    • This book shows a series of dinosaur parts and asks the reader to guess which dinosaur they belong to. It then gives basic information about the dinosaur in question. The paper cut-out illustrations are a very interesting take on the subject. I enjoyed it.Recommended for ages 5-8.

    • Some of the most well-known dinosaurs are shown here and identified by their most obvious characteristics. The illustrations were fun and not too detailed for little ones. Young kids love learning the names of popular dinosaurs and this book is a great beginner dinosaur book.

    • With engaging illustrations, this book asks the reader to identify different dinosaurs by their distinctive features. I actually got really into guessing and then finding out about different kinds of dinosaurs. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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