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  • Title: The Blasphemer
  • Author: JohnLing
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      John Ling is a Malaysian born writer based in Auckland, New Zealand His articles and stories have appeared in American and British publications, and he was a finalist at the AYA Dream Malaysia Awards, where he was recognised for his efforts in promoting child literacy.Little else is known about him.

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    • Freedom has a price, and it can be uglyOK #2 in Carmen-Downloads-20-Free-Ebooks-Onto-Her-Kindle-Day. More widely known as March 3rd, 2015.I feel like this is the author's whole message, but he could have done us a favor and just tweeted it or something, instead of writing this tedious book.Abraham Kahn has written a book. The book condemns radical Islam or mocks Muhammad or something. Details unclear. Then a terrorist named Samir breaks into Abraham's home in order to murder him and his wife in [...]

    • You don't really expect a fast-paced action thriller to take place in the sleepy antipodean nation of New Zealand, and yet John Ling, a Malaysian-born Kiwi, has made it work.In The Blasphemer, a Muslim author named Abraham Khan has written a very controversial book very much akin to Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. But Khan is no Rushdie. I won't tell you why (spoilers!) but even the author himself claims the main inspiration for the character is the feminist writer, Taslima Nasrin, who is a far [...]

    • John Ling delivers an exceptional story full of intrigue, danger and excitement.The Blasphemer is set in New Zealand, where you wouldn't normally associate such situations occuring, but from the first couple of pages, I was convinced. Mr. Ling expertly draws for the reader the seedier, darker belly of the country and the people from all walks of life who inhabit it. He focuses on the frightening aspects of racism and fanatical religious ideas that is harboured in a scarily large number of us. Af [...]

    • This was a different type of read for me since i usually don't read books based on political issues, but i have no regrets. I was captured from the very beginning all the way to the end. The author did a great job writing this book and i was able to vividly picture the scenes that played out. You can tell that the author did his research. While reading you couldn't help but look back on the things that have happened such as 9/11 and even the most recent like the Boston bombing. I was somewhat di [...]

    • Having read Fallen Angel and been very critical of it, the author John Ling wrote to me and offered me my money back. This was an amazing thing to do and showed what a class man he is. I refused so he sent me a copy of The Blasphemer instead which I really enjoyed. The difference between the books was the time available in the longer book to develop both the story and the characters. Less action but a far better and believable story. Although set in quiet New Zealand, a country I love, the story [...]

    • I got this as a e book for my laptop from the author in exchange for a honest review. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. It was full of action and adventure. It is my second book that I reviewed by this author. I hope to read and review more books written by him.

    • I must say, I don’t normally go for books themed around socio-political issues, but this one really captured my interest and imagination. Ling vividly depicts the tensions between Muslims and the Western world, as well as the infighting within Islam, making these very real and very current issues both accessible and intriguing. I particularly enjoy the parallels Ling drew between his fictional characters and real-life individuals, and the balanced, neutral manner in which he introduces the iss [...]

    • Samir Ziad Jarrah (37, mujahid, holy warrior, legal counselor) had plans to kill Abraham Khan (Muslim, writer) & Belinda Freeman-Khan (agnostic) (wife).The gun that he had bought did not work. The couple was saved.The police arrived & tazered him. Samir was taken away.Abraham Khan & Belinda Freeman-Khan are now in a safe-secure facility in Pacifica being protected 24/7 by Section 1 elite: Maya Raines & Noah Sanderson. Dashiell Kanawa & Arthur Cruden will meet the 2 there. Det [...]

    • This is not the usual genre of book that I enjoy, but having been recommended to me a number of times, I decided to give it a go. The story centres on Abraham Khan, a Muslim himself, and the author of a controversial eBook condemning radical Islam. He immediately becomes a high profile target and his protection is assigned to Maya Raines, a more than competent security operator, and Adam Larson, her former partner, recently fallen from grace, and forced to become a freelancer.I was hooked immedi [...]

    • Up front, the only complaint I've got about THE BLASPHEMER is that the ending came way too quickly. From the opening scenes, when an armed fanatic breaks into the house of, we discover, Abraham Khan and his wife, things just keep moving fast. Much like the cavalcade required to move Khan from one safe location to another. Much like the speed at which security operator Maya Raines has to move to keep the principal (Khan) safe.Set in New Zealand, there's never a moment when anything "really in New [...]

    • This book is an extremely enjoyable fast paced thriller. It reminds me on Tom Clancy (minus the 6 page descriptions) in the sense that it talks about current events which keeps me very interested because the problems are easy for me to relate to. But don't worry, if you don't follow current events, just read the authors notes at the end of the book and everything will make sense. The characters are each unique in their own right, and I will talk about my favorite, Maya. She does her job but she [...]

    • The Blasphemer is a very well crafted, Espionage/Political Thriller. The writing is good with an interesting storyline that the author, John Ling, calls "faction" in that it has so much based on facts from current events. He gives the connections in the Author's Notes and essays at the end of the book. These facts are were informative, and he worked them into the story efficiently and believably.I liked the characters. Maya, while exceptional at her defensive work, also has the empathy to unders [...]

    • FULL REVIEW: thetbrpile.weebly/1/post/2This is a fast-paced story with an intense and involving plot that quickly sweeps you up and refuses to let you go. For me, it was also interesting that this book was set entirely in New Zealand, as this was a country that before now I was not overly familiar with. One question I always ask myself when reviewing is “would I read more by this author?” and judging from this first novel, the answer is definitely yes! John Ling looks like an author with a l [...]

    • Worthwhile Read Even For Non-Fans of GenreThe plot is Complicated enough to keep me engaged without prompting me to mentally protest "Oh, come. Onnn." Enough character quirks to make them feel real. I am not a fan of "Muslim Terrorism" novels. This one is saved by a rather informative discussion of the relationships between sects, which serves to break the stereotype of "the monolithic Muslim World with a Unified Goal." It also suggests that anti-Muslim fears can be manipulated by utterly differ [...]

    • The Blasphemer by John Ling is an intense politically charged thriller that takes off on an adventure from the first page and leaves you in suspense all the way to the end. Fans of Steig Larsson, as the titles suggests, will find a great read and familiar writing styles and themes in The Blasphemer. It’s no wonder that this book is in the Top 100 list for Kindle ebooks on . John Ling does a fantastic job with developing his characters, Abraham Khan and Maya Raines especially. The ending will l [...]

    • Wonderfully written taut thriller with compelling characters and vivid action scenes. The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is the ending. It ended too abruptly for me, and I would like to see more resolution for the characters. I love Maya! What a dynamic heroine. John Ling has clearly done his research, and he portrays New Zealand so well. It's lovely to see a thriller set in New Zealand for once, because it's such a land of peace and plenty.

    • This was a well written book and it was especially appropriate to finish today, the day after the Boston Marathon bombings. Mr. Ling has definitely done his research into this book and he fully admits at the end that the characters are based on real people. The reader can also tell that the events in the book are highly possible.This is not a long read, but I would definitely recommend it to others.

    • Was an interesting read, didn't realise it was set in New Zealand until I started readingBeing from New Zealand I kept thinking that these things couldn't happen here but I suppose that was the premise behind the story, just because we think they won't happen here doesn't mean they can't or won't. I did find the confused use of kiwi and US terms a little distracting but overall wasn't a bad read.

    • I have to admit I was a little weary of this book before reading it. Anything involving the words Muslim and bombing in the same sentence makes me a little suspicious. I wondered if Ling would play the stereotype card to its heaviest. Granted, he has used a touchy and polemic issue, but he has also done it well.Read my full review here: bit/NX8jJV

    • This book got me.At first I must admit I was skeptical. But as I flipped the pages, the characters, their fears and adrenaline rushes became palpable.Their complexity became real - and then I couldn't stop reading.When I did stop, I found myself thinking to where the book's plot will take me next.Excellent read. Wholeheartedly looking forward to the sequel.

    • A tour de force! Fast-paced, intelligent, and beautifully structured, this elegant novel packs a whole lot of wallop into a small amount of space. John Ling is definitely an author to watch! I'd be shocked if this exciting thriller didn't make it to the screen.

    • Too closeto how the people of this Earth are reacting to all of the death and pain committed by activist of war. WE need to find a way to PEACE and understanding for all beliefs, whether in god, Nature, or whatever it is someone wants as their focus. I did NOT like it.

    • The Blasphemer was a quick, easy read. I thought this book had an excellant plot with a rapid pace and sudden plot twists. I really enjoyed it. I did, however, think the ending was a little too quick.

    • Great read. Reads like a Brad Thor faction book all around. Will be adding John Ling to my must read list

    • Fast paced and thrilling (it is a thriller, after all), this is definitely a page turner. The characters were strong, the plot engrossing and was extremely well written. Loved it!

    • Not one I would recommend.Found the plot Hard to follow. I Didn't enjoy the story because it was very disjointed. It jumped around too much.

    • Introduction to terrorGood story and insight to Islam. It's difficult to understand a religion where some supplicant espouse violence and death to their definition of an infidel.

    • I get itis was simply a teaser and it was free. however, I felt like I was left hanging. at the endd it was way too short!

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