Ikuisuusvuonon profeetat

Ikuisuusvuonon profeetat Hurja matka valon ja pimeyden Gr nlantiinIkuisuusvuonon profeetat on henke salpaava kasvutarina valistuksesta ja sielun pimeydest vallasta ja vapaasta tahdosta siirtomaavallan Gr nlannissa Morten Fa

  • Title: Ikuisuusvuonon profeetat
  • Author: Kim Leine Katriina Huttunen
  • ISBN: 9789513177508
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hurja matka valon ja pimeyden Gr nlantiinIkuisuusvuonon profeetat on henke salpaava kasvutarina valistuksesta ja sielun pimeydest , vallasta ja vapaasta tahdosta siirtomaavallan Gr nlannissa.Morten Falck opiskelee papiksi 1700 luvun Tanskassa Kun porvarillinen el m alkaa ahdistaa, h n l htee levitt m n valistusta ja herran sanaa Gr nlantiin Mutta todellisuus siirtomaasHurja matka valon ja pimeyden Gr nlantiinIkuisuusvuonon profeetat on henke salpaava kasvutarina valistuksesta ja sielun pimeydest , vallasta ja vapaasta tahdosta siirtomaavallan Gr nlannissa.Morten Falck opiskelee papiksi 1700 luvun Tanskassa Kun porvarillinen el m alkaa ahdistaa, h n l htee levitt m n valistusta ja herran sanaa Gr nlantiin Mutta todellisuus siirtomaassa ei ole valoa ja autuutta Ikuisuusvuonon perukoilla el kapinallisia profeettoja, pyhyys on papeista kaukana, ja paikalliset eiv t hevin sivisty Mortenin on yh vaikeampi pit kiinni ihanteistaan, kun kohtalo heitt eteen kiusauksia ja kirkon tahto ei n yt k yv n yksiin gr nlantilaisten parhaan kanssa.

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      397 Kim Leine Katriina Huttunen
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      Kim Leine Katriina Huttunen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ikuisuusvuonon profeetat book, this is one of the most wanted Kim Leine Katriina Huttunen author readers around the world.

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    • ‘’And then He is gone. She stands alone, high up above the settlement, which is enshrouded by fog. It is the middle of the night, yet light. A pair of ravens rumble in the air and caw.’’This novel was an absolute impulse buy. I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t aware of its existence, I don’t know how this came to be.So, while I was browsing in the bookshop, I noticed the word ‘’fjord’’. I took the beautiful paperback in my hands and after reading the words ‘’Greenland [...]

    • An epic novel about an unconventional priest, set in late-eighteenth-century Denmark and Greenland. This struck me as a cross between Carsten Jensen’s We, the Drowned, another historical saga from Denmark and one of my favorite novels of all time, and Michel Faber’s The Crimson Petal and the White. Like the former, it features perilous sea voyages and ambivalent father–son relationships; like the latter, it’s edgy and sexualized, full of lechery and bodily fluids. No airbrushing the more [...]

    • You can say Greenland is Denmark’s Africa. It’s our colonial bad conscienceKim Leine Kim Leine interview19th Century painting by Kristoffer Kreutzmann of the 18th Century prophet Habukuk cleansing the sins of his female followers (source: tidsskriftetgronland/ar)Winner of the prestigious Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2015, whose past winners include books by Per Petterson, Sjón, Lars Saabye Christensen, Jan Kjærstad, Dag Solstad, Per Olov Enquist, Kim Leine's The Prophets of Eternal F [...]

    • It is an interesting novel, quite singular. Whether it is a good novel, I do not know, though certainly it is thought-provoking. It is about freedom, of which we have just spoken.Rousseau’s statement that Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains forms a repeating motif through this book:Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains! These two main clauses continue to affect him deeply, the recognition of an and rather than a but to join them together. The two statements are in no way [...]

    • Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuCartea lui Leine mi-a adus aminte de Războiul sfârșitului lumii. Personajele, narațiunea, scriitura profundă, absolut totul mi-a adus aminte de senzațiile pe care le-am trăit când am citit romanul scriitorului peruan. Lein are o forță de exprimare pe care greu o găsești. Descrierile sunt mai mult decât tablouri vivante, sunt adevărate trăiri adunate în cuvinte care se revarsă peste sufletul cititorului. Steve Himmer spune [...]

    • Täyteläinen ja vaikuttava romaani 1700-luvun lopun Tanskasta ja Grönlannista. Tämä tarinaa tulee aidosti liki: päänahkaa kutittaa luteista, ihon likakerros kasvaa, juoppohulluus hyökkää päälle, ruoskanjäljet tuntuvat selässä. Tyyliltään toteava, mukaansatempaava, taidolla rakennettu. Täysosuma.

    • Il fiordo dell'eternità è un romanzo ambientato tra la Danimarca e la Groenlandia nella seconda metà del Settecento. Il protagonista è Morten Falck, un ragazzo norvegese che, obbligato dal padre, va a studiare teologia a Copenhagen. Morten è uno spirito libero ed è ossessionato dalla massima di Rousseau “l’uomo è nato libero ed è in catene”, a cui vorrebbe ispirarsi. Poco dopo il suo arrivo a Copenaghen, città brulicante di topi e prostitute, si perde nel sesso sperimentato in tut [...]

    • Rating 3* out of 5. I'm giving it a bonus star for the interesting historical perspective and the novelty of Greenland. Otherwise I'm sorry to say I did not enjoy this much. Morten Falck is studying theology, a study paid for by his father. That Morten would rather study medicine is of no relevance. Soon after completing his studies he receives a job in Greenland and heads off into misery. There are lots of descriptions of lice and misbehaving bowels and other all too human factors I'd rather no [...]

    • Denne bog er som er god rødvin. Den skal nydes og gerne i små mundfulde, så sanserne bliver stimuleret. Der findes så meget fylde på hver side, at du bliver beruset med det samme. Vi følger præsten Morten Falck i slutningen af det 18. århundrede i hans vandring fra Norge til Danmark, hvor han tager hans magistergrad og videre til Grønland. Lidt af et mesterværk, der er både råt og brutalt og konstant pirrer læseren og tvinger denne til at fortsætte. Bogen er skrevet i et flydende o [...]

    • Greenland is the night that separated the evening when I retired to sleep, cheerful and young, from the morn when I awoke a palsied old manThe book is set in the last two decades of the 18th Century, mainly in Denmark and its then colony Greenland. The main character of the book (told in a series of lengthy point of view chapters written from in the third person and present tense) is Morten Falck, the son of a Norwegian schoolmaster and newly ordained as a priest. After five years in Copenhagen [...]

    • A remarkable, engrossing novel. Read it in three days, despite it's formidable length, finding myself clearing my schedule to keep reading.It's a grim story - mostly the story of a weak, conflicted man struggling against himself and his impulses. It is set against the backdrop of the harsh Danish exploitation of the Greenlandic people and the colonialism which the main character participates in and in his best moments struggles against. The central development of the book, the rise of an indigen [...]

    • "Il fiordo dell'eternità" è un romanzo in cui il protagonista, Morten Falck, affronta un lungo viaggio, un viaggio che non è solo fisico ma è soprattutto un viaggio interiore, un viaggio verso la ricerca della libertà perchè "L'uomo nasce libero e ovunque è in catene".Palasi (prete) per forza, interessato piuttosto a fare l'anatomo patologo, curioso come è del mondo delle viscere, del fisico, degli istinti primordiali, non si sa bene per quale oscura ragione si trova a fare il missionari [...]

    • One of the books that was nominated for the Dublin International Prize and a few years ago had won the Norwegian Council's literary prize, which meant that there were several prerequisites to seek and travel with it to the cold northern seas. The latter I do not say it because of some poetic mood, I say it because the element that won me is the author's ability to travel me to the north, to the icy landscapes of Greenland to make me feel like I'm experiencing this wild environment and seeing the [...]

    • Læste for nylig Leines Valdemarsdag, som jeg overhovedet ikke var vild med. Havde derfor slet ikke planlagt at læse mere af ham. Men min søde og meget litterære nabo insisterede på, at denne er så væsensforskellig fra Valdemarsdag, at jeg var nødt til at give den en chance. Men hun havde selv lånt bogen af en anden, så jeg kunne kun have den i en uge. Og hvilken uge - fantastisk undskyldning for at sidde i solen/skyggen og læse i timevisJeg har en svaghed for historiske romaner, men d [...]

    • Ikuisuusvuonon profeetat oii erinomainen kirja. Enemmän kuin 4 tähtä - 4 ja 1/2 tai peräti 5-.Olen jostain syystä heikkona pohjoisen kuvauksiin. Alaska tai Grönlanti, kuten Ikuisuusvuonojen profeetoissa, kumpikin käy. Maisemat, karut olosuhteet, vuodenkierron raakuus - runollisen kaunista ja fyysisesti koskettavaa.Kim Leinessä on samantapaista satiirikkoa kuin toisessa tanskalaisesa Peter Hoegissä, mutta paremmassa paketissa. Ikuisuusvuonon renttupappi on oikeasti symppis ja hyväsydäm [...]

    • If you’re at all disgusted by bodily fluids, don’t even think about reading this book. If you’re not, prepare yourself for a firework of a novel by a master storyteller set in a part of the world which I’m willing to bet you’ve never read anything about before. Kim Leine’s novel The Prophets of Eternal Fjord, set in Greenland during Danish colonial rule, won the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2013 and is finally out in English.It’s 1782 and innocent, small town boy Morten Falck [...]

    • Pro mě naprostá lahůdka. Příběh leckdy tmavý, upocený a živočišný jako vnitřek přeplněného iglú, jindy úsečně zmiňující kritické okamžiky života protagonistů, jež nám jsou předkládány v časových skocích, bez uvozovek. Postavy jako chameleoni měnící barvu kůže v různých podmínkách, a naopak jedinci změny zcela neschopní, kteří přijedou do Grónska se svými korzety, parukami a oslavami šíleného krále. Fascinující bizarní vyprávění o blouz [...]

    • În sfârşit, o carte complexă, bine scrisă care să mă ţină în priză timp de 500 de pagini.

    • Ero seduta fra Liv Ullmann e Roald Amundsen mentre Thor esaminava il mio caso: 'Dici tanto che ti piace il Nord, ma qui risulta un solo misero viaggio di lavoro in Svezia, dichiarazioni di odio per il formato Iperborea e l'ultimo ascolto di Grieg risale a quattro anni fa.' 'Non hai mai nemmeno provato una volta a farti bionda' rincarò Brunilde con un colpo basso gratuito, alla faccia della sorellanza. 'Beh, però ho visto tutto Pippi Calzelunghe, The Kingdom uno e due e certi Bergman da tagliar [...]

    • To už se spíš dají sčítat jabka s hruškama, než ohodnotit na škále 1-5 knížku, z které máte tak rozporuplné pocity. Týden se ve mně prala všechna má já a ty tři hvězdičky nejsou aritmetickým průměrem, ale kompromisem, který mě, přiznám se, nijak netěší. Literárně mi to dílo přijde hodně dobré a kompozici druhé části (11 přikázání) považuji za dokonalou. Podrobný, a když píšu podrobný, myslím opravdu podrobný popis jistých scén (záměrně n [...]

    • For a while I thought I was reading a 19th century novel. Then the descriptions of bodily fluids and functions followed by sexual encounters made me remember this was a modern novel of the late 1700s Denmark and Greenland. Other than that confusion I thought this book was brilliant.Morten Falck is first meet in assisting in medical dissections of corpses he helps to drag out of Copenhagen's canals. He reluctantly becomes a minister and decides to go to Greenland as a missionary priest.He leaves [...]

    • Jeg plejer ellers at knus-elske historiske romaner, og havde virkelig glædet mig til, at forsvinde ind i Leines univers. Men allerede fra de første sider faldt jeg af, og har ikke kunne finde interessen for bogen. Det er en meget interessant periode med de danske kolonier i Grønland, men romanen syntes at være længere end den egentlig er. Sproget er sansemættende og fyldt med intertekstuelle referencer og har meget på hjerte - dog bare ikke lige noget for mig.

    • Too much to say about this book for a review. You have to have a chat over tea or coffee with me if you want my opinion. But if you've read it also, I'd certainly love to hear your thoughts!!

    • A remarkable work of historical fiction that follows the life and agonizing times of a Danish priest sent to Greenland to minister to the colonists and natives. Very interesting structure and masterful command of language. Not for the faint of heart but oh, the humanity.

    • Overall, a good book. It bogged down in several places, but on the whole I enjoyed the time period and atmosphere.

    • An epic tale about a Norwegian missionary sent to Greenland in the 1790s. It is not an easy read and probably not one for the faint hearted - the times were incredibly harsh and lives short and brutal and there are plenty of graphic references to the violence, squalor and illness that resulted from this. However, as well as being an absorbing account of a time and place that I had little previous knowledge of, the book explores some huge themes - among them faith, the barbarity of colonialism an [...]

    • So much good writing, fascinating settings and tons of historical detail! I don't know why the author felt it was necessary to toy with the reader by jumping back and forth in time, revealing events in a disordered and confusing way. It just didn't seem necessary to me. But no regrets. Warning: Do not read this book if bodily functions dismay you!

    • Pentru mine, „Profeții din Fiordul Veșniciei” de Kim Leine a fost un roman extraordinar, care mi-a trezit o adevărată foame de lectură: am citit până târziu în noapte, luptându-mă cu pleoapele care se închideau, pentru a mai da gata o pagină și încă una. Cartea are sute de pagini cu litere mărunte, dar, cu toate acestea, nu le-am simțit ca pe o povară. Mă întreb acum în ce constă oare farmecul acestui roman, care nu se remarcă prin fraze și idei încâlcite, nici pri [...]

    • Det er jo fabelagtigt! Især er sproget sanseligt. Men karaktererne er også gode, spændende og ret troværdige. Og historien har jo det hele. indtil den taber næsten alt ved at blive for gentagende og fabulerende.Svært at sige, om Morten er lidt anakronistisk. Hans tro på gud er så udvendig og overfladisk, at den passer fint til nutiden. Men er det mon troværdigt for en præst i 1780erne? Hans indsigt i lægekundskab er måske anakronistisk. Tvivler på at man viste, at pus skulle fjernes [...]

    • Une magnifique expérience littéraire entre naturalisme (la description des conditions de vie au Groenland à la fin du XVIIIe siècle) et réalisme magique (view spoiler)[(la présence des morts parmi les vivants) (hide spoiler)], sans oublier le roman historique, puisqu'il s'agit de faits réels. Il s'agit de la vie d'un homme, Morten Falck, de sa naissance à sa mort (view spoiler)[(et même au-delà) (hide spoiler)], qui dans son désir éperdu de liberté s'expose à la solitude et à la p [...]

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