The Personality Code

The Personality Code A revolutionary approach to success and fulfillment already being used by hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations now available for the first time in an accessible practical book The P

  • Title: The Personality Code
  • Author: Travis Bradberry
  • ISBN: 9780399154119
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A revolutionary approach to success and fulfillment already being used by hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations now available for the first time in an accessible, practical book The Personality Code clearly and persuasively demonstrates how personality determines why we do what we do and how we can maximize our strengths, work smarter with others, and proA revolutionary approach to success and fulfillment already being used by hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations now available for the first time in an accessible, practical book The Personality Code clearly and persuasively demonstrates how personality determines why we do what we do and how we can maximize our strengths, work smarter with others, and profit from better relationships in our careers Based on the IDISC tm Personality Profile an updated and rigorously validated proprietary version of DISC, the world s most popular form of personality testing the book provides insights and strategies for individuals and organizations that promote self awareness and foster excellence Readers will have free access to the online IDISC tm Personality Profile each book will include a unique code number , which will reveal their own profiles from among the fourteen personality types that have been refined and defined through the author s decade long international study involving than five hundred thousand participants Travis Bradberry shows readers how to discern the fixed characteristics that explain three quarters of human behavior Most important, they will learn how to leverage these traits in order to capitalize on their strengths and sidestep weaknesses in themselves as well as in other people.

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      226 Travis Bradberry
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    • Travis Bradberry

      Dr Travis Bradberry is the award winning author of the 1 best selling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, and the cofounder of TalentSmart a consultancy that serves than 75% of Fortune 500 companies and is the world s leading provider of emotional intelligence tests and training.His bestselling books have been translated into 25 languages and are available in than 150 countries Dr Bradberry has written for, or been covered by, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Harvard Business Review.Dr Bradberry is a world renowned expert in emotional intelligence who speaks regularly in corporate and public settings Example engagements include Intel, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Fortune Brands, Boston Scientific, the Fortune Growth Summit, The Conference Board Learning from Legends, the American Society for Training and Development, the Society for Human Resource Management, and Excellence in Government.

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    • I liked this book, and the accompanying online quiz. It confirmed what I already knew - that I'm a diplomat who tries to people please, doesn't like change and doesn't stand up for herself. Oh, well. At least I'm generally liked. That's something, right?

    • Very interesting book that gave me a lot to think about. I really like this idea of learning about your strengths and learning how to build on those strengths. I was first exposed to this concept and the DISC profile from Manager Tools They offer many excellent ways to put this knowledge into practice, and I've always been curious to learn what foundation they built these recommendations on. I did listen to the book from a cd, and I think there was some important imnformation I missed simply due [...]

    • Robust methodology but not as in depth or intuitive as other systems/books of its type. Full disclosure, my copy of the book had a code that had already been used so I couldn't take the quiz. I have a good idea of my type I think, but I might have felt differently if I'd had the full experience.

    • The personality code started out pretty interesting, giving the example of the identical twins who had the same personality and though raised in different environments, both not only had the same mannerisms but also became body builders and owners of fitness clubs, pretty much the entirety of their life went along the exact same tract. The author pretty much claimed personality will determine ones life and after childhood and personality can't be altered, however, through self-awareness, one can [...]

    • Good but disappointing that the only way you can get the results it to either buy the book new or to pay for the test (which works out to be alot more expensive than just buying the book). I would have no problem paying for the test separately but I dislike the fact that second hand or library books become useless because of a desire to re-coup maximum profits. It may be a very good way to understand other people but really think they've missed the mark by not allowing for a more reasonable cost [...]

    • Might be good if you want to start understanding yourself (or others) better. However, personality isn't as fixed as the the book portrays. One might as well start with Myers-Briggs personality test (which isn't fixed either) and go on from there.Not a worthless read by any means, but it needs to be heavily supplemented with other reading as well.

    • The Personality Code (2007), Travis BradberryThe last book in the Quick Start portion of the Personal MBA program is The Personality Code by Travis Bradberry. Bradberry uses a simple formula similar to those found in Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham andby Tom Rath. First, a case is made for understanding your personality as categorized by the iDISC, which is an improvement to DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) derived from William Marstons original resear [...]

    • The most disappointing part of the book is you have to own a brand new book to be able to take the personality test for yourself online. Without a code you really miss being able to apply the majority of the book. I do plan on buying this book though, it was such a great breakdown of different personality types. There are 14 types and they pair them into hard to work together types. In each description of a type they offer the strengths, challenges of each and ways to work with other types and a [...]

    • oversimplified 14 types. Self-awareness is the highest soft skill surprises me. I'm of type "enterprenur"?the important, with ranking from top: 1. self-awareness2. relationship-management3. courage4. self-management5. communication6. planning7. acumen.8. vision9. risk-taking10. rehearsal11. flexibility12. values differences13. research14. decision-making15. teamwork16. results-focus17. mobilizing others18. lifelong learningnot that important, continued:19. social awareness20. integrity21. rules2 [...]

    • Great work. It examines the study of 500,000 people from 94 counties (large sample size), their 123,000 personality combinations and the resulted 14 distinct human personalities. The advice that appealed to me the most was to become aware of what my personality traits are and focus on using them to my advantage. This idea contrasts sharply with the traditional self-help books where one is encouraged to change to resemble someone he/she will never become.The book investigates the reasons behind h [...]

    • This was actually pretty interesting, but it was hard to follow as an audiobook once they started talking about the different personality types. Still, I think it would have been cumbersome to read at that point, because they went into the types so quickly without examples. There is a quiz you can take online, which I would have liked to do. However, the code to do that wasn't with the library CD.

    • Much like StrengthsFinder 2.0 this book is really aimed for someone who has not found themselves yet. The book does offer some interesting insights and tips on dealing with other people. This book is also just a delivery vehicle for an access code on the publishers website, where you take the test.

    • I enjoy books like this because it makes you aware of the kind of person you are. This is especially useful in the work environment. For example, I learned that I don't like it when I can't control my work environment (i.e. hate one of my coworkers and want him fired). As a result, I get stressed about not getting the results I want.

    • This book is based on the IDISC test and basically just goes over the different personality types, how they interact with others, and how we got to the DISC test. It was interesting, and would be great for reference (very direct and well-organized), but nothing new.

    • Not at all enlightening and the "free" personality profile is bullshit. You have to pay to get the full profile. Of course, being cheap, I wasn't going to do that since I'd gotten nothing of value so far out of the book or test.

    • This is a fascinating book that shows you how your personality controls most of what you do and say each day. It was helpful for me to learn my type because I now better understand my strengths and weaknesses. It also helps me to understand my coworkers better.

    • I always like personality books and therefore found this one to be quite interesting, but only because I was quite familiar with the research it was based on called IDISC. Otherwise it may not be as interesting to others.

    • It was fine; it is helpful if your in a leadership position or if your having difficulities with a co-worker. Helps you to identify people's personality type and best ways to dea.

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