The Brimstone Key

The Brimstone Key This is the ARC edition not the published paperback edition

  • Title: The Brimstone Key
  • Author: Derek Benz
  • ISBN: 9780316163323
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • This is the ARC edition, not the published paperback edition.

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    • Derek Benz

      Born in the wrong place, and unquestionably the wrong time, Derek Benz spent most of his early years trying to figure out where he was and why he was different than everyone else By the age of five, he had stumbled upon the answer the rest of humanity was really nothing than an elaborate hoax of cleverly disguised robots, and he was the only real human among them Having overcome that mystery, he set out with other young members of the Grey Griffins a super secret club to protect the world from darkness and bring about a better world through friendship, wit, and superbly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.He s climbed volcanoes in the Ring of Fire, fished for sharks in the North Atlantic, scandalized the Cathedral of Barcelona, been mauled by an angry kitten off the coast of Turkey, narrowly avoided being blown up outside Belfast, learned the meaning of defenestration in France, and even jumped off a few cliffs in Greece His interests spanned a wide spectrum archaeology, linguistics, mythology, cosmology, conspiracy theory, religion and a host of others At the same time, he managed to catapult himself to the top of his game in a Fortune 100 company doing what some idly speculated to be nothing less than international computer espionage.But there was always the desire to change the world around him And since the age of fifteen, he had become obsessed with writing as a means to this end Year after year, he labored to prefect his craft, until he felt the time was right In 2000, he teamed up with J.S Lewis and with an eye to the stars, they launched The Revenge of the Shadow King.Benz met and married his lovely wife and son in sunny Arizona, where they enjoy researching ancient civilizations and studying theology.

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    • I just couldn't do it. I was skimming by the midpoint of chapter 1. I found the writing barebones, to the extent on one page characters find themselves in three dire circumstances in a row and I was still going, "Wait. Who are these kids and why in the world do I care if they survive or not??? And wait a minute, ANOTHER thing just got thrown at thembut I'm still trying to process that the authors just threw two other things at them in lackluster style with no supsense or buildup or Hold on. How [...]

    • Like most fantasy titles nowadays, this novel is the first in a trilogy. However, this trilogy is not the first in the overall series dealing with the Grey Griffins. I mention this because, IMHO, this novel does not stand well on its own. As you may have guessed, I have not read the first trilogy (composed of The Revenge of the Shadow King, The Rise of the Black Wolf and The Fall of the Templar) and I found The Brimstone Key somewhat lacking in several fundamental aspects. Most of all, I felt th [...]

    • This book lacked a clear story arc. Just when you thought the tension would build, it fell --- and it did that repeatedly. And, since it's the first in a series, it didn't tie up anything. Sooooere's that. Still, it had enjoyable characters and an imaginative world. So I'll probably give the second in the series a try.

    • REVIEWSteampunk meets the modern world in Minnesota. It may sound weird, but IT WORKS. I was drawn into an amazing world of supernatural beings (fairies, unicorns, changelings) and wild clockworks (robots with a reason for being). The descriptions were spot on and made this crazy world come to life.The main characters, Max, Natalia, Ernie, and Harley, were typical kids in a world that was anything but typical. I liked that they got along and worked together so well. My favorite character was Nat [...]

    • The book had an interesting story plot and characters, the mix of mythical creatures, magic, hystorical scociety (templars) and things was an new touch (felt some of it was strange) but I felt that the book was long in spots so I lost some interests. It did have good action scenes but sometimes it felt like something was missing in the description to give me the full image because I would sometimes go, "how did that happen," or "how did we get here?" The protagonist are determined to do the righ [...]

    • I'm sorry, but I couldn't finish this one. I couldn't get past the writing style and the confusion of 'what on earth is going on and who are these kids the book expects me know?', and proper arcs.Turns out, The Brimstone Key (BOOK ONE) is actually a spin off to another series No wonder I was confused. I'm not sure why the publisher thought it was a good idea to confuse newcomers to the series by listing THIS book as '1#', when clearly you'd have to know all the characters and world prior to havi [...]

    • The first book in The Clockwork Chronicles series, which is a follow-up series to The Grey Griffins series. The Grey Griffins are now enrolled in Iron Bridge Academy, where "special" students learn to fight the forces of evil. Things, of course, are not as they seem and the Griffins must risk their lives to protect each other and the other students who are in danger from the dreaded Clockwork King. Fans of the first series will enjoy this one as well.

    • Though it was easy to understand without reading some of the previous books, and the concept seemed cool, the book itself was dry and the characters were either flat or just flat-out annoying. *coughcoughcoughERNIEcoughcoughcough* Meh.

    • The Brimstone KeyWritten by Derek Benz The Grey Griffins are on the case. Max, Natalia, and Harley and Ernie, four twelve year old monster-hunting sleuths, have another case to solve. Max had a dream. He was in this old, abandoned workshop, which was empty except, Max could tell that he was being followed. He found a door, and walked into a room. There was a chair with straps attached to it, and a strange boy, who reminded Max of Ernie, his best friend. What was so terrifying about the boy, was [...]

    • The Brimstone Key is a great start to what looks like it will be a promising new direction in the Grey Griffins stories. As someone who has never picked up a Grey Griffins book before, I found this story easy to understand and catch up with. I may go back and read other Grey Griffins books now, while I wait for the next book, but I won't be going back to read them because I felt I was missing something here. That said, I probably did miss some things that devoted Grey Griffin fans will squee abo [...]

    • The Brimstone Key is a fabulous book where mythological creatures meet the modern day world. This awesome "steampunk for kids" is set in Avalon, MN, but also in area that exists between the human world and in a world where changelings, fairies, werwolves (just to name a few) and a whole lot more live. Let me just say, I would go visit Iron Bridge Academy in a heart beat.This elite academy is now the school where the legendary Grey Griffins will be attending. Max, Natalia, Harley and Ernie are no [...]

    • The Brimstone Key is a fabulous book where mythological creatures meet the modern day world. This awesome "steampunk for kids" is set in Avalon, MN, but also in area that exists between the human world and in a world where changelings, fairies, werwolves (just to name a few) and a whole lot more live. Let me just say, I would go visit Iron Bridge Academy in a heart beat.This elite academy is now the school where the legendary Grey Griffins will be attending. Max, Natalia, Harley and Ernie are no [...]

    • This is the first steampunk genre book that I've read and I must say it was a brilliant choice. I truly find the clockworks (or robots) in the book quite fascinating as this is the first book that I have read where robots are villains. I find the idea of steampunk really intriguing because I have never thought of high-end technology being combined with 19 century design.As an avid fantasy reader, this was a good change from mythical monsters to totally different ways on how the protagonists plot [...]

    • This book is a mixture of several different genres: fantasy, steampunk, adventure. It's the beginning of a second trilogy featuring the Grey Griffins, and if you have not read the first trilogy, I am sure that you will be very confused. It definitely cannot stand on its own. Lots of things developed in the first trilogy are featured, some as key components, others as just background development.Altogether, I did not really enjoy this book much. Even though I have read the first trilogy, I felt s [...]

    • This was an ARC Don brought home, so I thought I'd give it a go before it comes out in June. This particular ARC was more unfinished and full of typos than some I've read, but hopefully they'll all get caught before the book actually prints. That said, there was one I found particularly amusing. On page 74, one teacher says, "However, Robert's schedule puts him under my car." Heh.Anyway, the book itself wasn't bad. I have not read any of the original Grey Griffins series, so I'm sure there were [...]

    • Lots of really frustrating allusions to previous books about the Grey Griffins, and a plot that jumps all over the place, leaving me behind and struggling. Would have benefited from strong editing, in my opinion.

    • hmmmm struggled so hard to finished this.i knew that this series is second set of Grey Griffins story, but come on all you guys need to make a proper introduction for the characters other than the name and explanation about who they are (at the first page). it's 2 years from the last volume of the first set, and for people like me who have just start read from this series, it gave me headache.The story itself, it's for kids isn't it? so it'll be wiser if the choice of words/ vocabulary is simpli [...]

    • I was so excited to receive a copy of The Brimstone Key for review from the authors! I mean, just look at that cover! And I love to read books for this age with my two younger kids, and this book seemed to be right up all of our alleys! I mean, Steampunk, changelings, and Clockwork creaturesr kids? What's not to love?This book continues the adventures of Max, Ernie, Natalia, and Harley, the group of young kids called The Grey Griffins, but I didn't feel lost having not read the earlier books. Th [...]

    • The Grey Griffins are many things - monster hunters, associates of the Templar knights, legends in their own right - but they are also children. School aged children. The first book in the Clockword Chronicles takes them to the Iron Bridge Academy.And that was about as far as I got. I wanted to give it ye olde college try. I have a soft spot for steampunk, have had it since that time in my life where I watched my VHS cassette of The Rocketeer over and over and over again. And as a middle-school [...]

    • The Brimstone Key was a pretty good book. i recommend it to all young adults.if you like magic and mystery then you will most likely enjoy this bookthough if you do not read the books in the previous series then allot of stuff will not be understoodr example max gave his father,Lord Sumner, Ragnorock the spear of ultimate power that could destroy the world and almost Dstroyed the Templars. because of that many Templars were mad at the Grey Griffins.Ernie was almost killed and would have died if [...]

    • The Brimstone Key is about a boy named Max who discovered a year ago that evil fairies, monsters, dragons, and unicorns exist. They came from the cards him and his friends played called Round Table. Him and his friends have formed a secret group called the grey griffins which was a secret team that fought for the Templar knights and they are needed again because an old Templar enemy returns with a devastating plan.One of the writing styles I really liked that the author used was show not tell be [...]

    • The Brimstone Key by Derek Benz and JS Lewis, is the first book in the The Clockwork Chronicles (the overall series is known as the Grey Griffins). This book is a great! I loved the detail and description especially about Steampunk. This book continues to follow Max, Natalia, Ernie and Harley as they as they begin a new adventure attending Iron Bridge Academy. The characters were incredibly relatable and realistic. I think giving characters, even in a fantasy setting, very real qualities allows [...]

    • This book was amazing. It is a mix of steam punk, science fiction, gamer and gold old mystery all rolled up in one. It was a very addictive read. I found more than once, that I did not want to put my eReader down. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next. The story is fast-paced, as we follow the young adventurers, the Grey Griffins as they begin a new adventure and begin formal training in school at Iron Bride Academy, an aviate military school run by the Knights Templar to fight evil [...]

    • This story is a young adult novel with steampunk elements in it.I didn't feel it wasn't true steampunk since the environment the Griffins actually lived in was current and 'normal'. The kids are now in a new school where the current student body dress up in Victorian era fashion and where goggles. Their mission is to defeat the 'Clockwork' King and his minions of automatons.I need to remember when I read a young adult novel that it's not geared towards my age. Consequently some things, especiall [...]

    • Let me start off by saying this: I read this book a LOOOONG time ago. I remember my mom randomly picked it up for me at the library a couple years ago. I have tried VERY HARD ever since then to remember what the book was called. I wracked my brain for long periods of time. As you can imagine, when I recognized the cover on my recomendations, I literally jumped out of my chair screaming. From what I can remember, (quite vividly, I might add) it was remarkably confusing. I remember checking the co [...]

    • Classification: FantasyOverall Evaluation: ExcellentGrade Level: Upper Elementary, Junior HighAnnotation: Friends calling themselves the Grey Griffins enroll at a new school, discover new alliances and enemies, and embark on a quest to thwart an evil scientist and his Clockwork creations, long-thought dead.Evaluation: Percy Jackson fans looking for something to tide them over until the release of The Lost Hero will not be disappointed. Max, Harley, Natalia and Ernie, the members of the Grey Grif [...]

    • The Brimstone Key is a very mediocre book mostly because it rushes everything and takes no time to develop anything as well as it could.The ideas here and the world that the authors build are interesting enough to be compelling. A reality with a secret society of warriors designed to protect the world from the Shadowlands and the creatures that are hiding in the world. Changelings, or humans inflicted with fairy blood, that are granted special powers at the expense that each use of said powers t [...]

    • The Brimstone Key by Derek Benz is about an ordinary boy named Max who is introduced to magic and goes to a school with not very ordinary things. In the Brimstone Key it has vivid detail. The Gray Griffins where in a dim room with metal walls with a door with weird symbols and in the room it smelled like the sewer. Also it has suspense in the book to. Will the Gray Griffins have good luck on there battle at there new school read the book to find out. Personification brings many creatures and ani [...]

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