Fear the Dark

Fear the Dark Fear grips a town in Colorado as a murderer targets entire families in their own homes As police and the FBI struggle to contain the situation they bring in forensic investigator and serial killer ex

  • Title: Fear the Dark
  • Author: Chris Mooney
  • ISBN: 9780718197919
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fear grips a town in Colorado as a murderer targets entire families in their own homes As police and the FBI struggle to contain the situation, they bring in forensic investigator and serial killer expert Darby McCormick.What she finds is a brutal and elusive predator who stays one step ahead of their investigation.As Darby navigates the blood ties and broken promises thaFear grips a town in Colorado as a murderer targets entire families in their own homes As police and the FBI struggle to contain the situation, they bring in forensic investigator and serial killer expert Darby McCormick.What she finds is a brutal and elusive predator who stays one step ahead of their investigation.As Darby navigates the blood ties and broken promises that divide the locals, she knows that all the while the killer is watching, waiting and circling his next target her.She must not only meet evil and somehow survive but also be prepared to face this small town s dark heart

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    • Chris Mooney

      Chris Mooney is the critically acclaimed author of Deviant Ways, World Without End, and Remembering Sarah, which was nominated for the Barry Award and the Edgar Award for Best Novel He lives in Boston with his wife and son Series Darby McCormick

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    • This is the 5th book in a series highlighting Darby McCormick, forensic investigator and an expert on serial killers. Although this is a series, this book is fine as a stand-alone. There are mentions made of some things that happened in prior books, but nothing that is not explained.Darby is called to a small town in Colorado where someone is killing families. This is an intelligent killer, leaving no clues whatsoever. But Darby is in her element. As she gets closer to solving the case, the kill [...]

    • FEAR THE DARK ByChris MooneyWorking in the bookselling industry for 30 one tends to get to meet and in some cases know and become friends with a few bestselling authors. I have been so blessed; sometimes it is more than an embarrassment of riches. Over ten years ago I met Chris Mooney he had just published the Edgar Nominated REMEMBERING SARAH. To this day it is in my all time top ten picks as best thrillers/mysteries ‘ever’ written.After collecting and reading all of Mr. Mooney’s backlist [...]

    • This is the first Chris Mooney book I've read, and i picked it up when i saw Lee Child's endorsement on the front cover. Anything endorsed by Lee Child has to be great. And this was great. Fast-paced, packed with suspense and plenty of twists and a gripping story that held up pretty much all the way through to the end. Some of the writing is a little bogged down with an overuse of similes and metaphors, but as a while the writing is sharp. Overall a great crime thriller. I'll definitely be readi [...]

    • When I brought this book, I was unaware of it being a series, so of course I started it only to find out I was reading the 5th Darby McCormick book. That put me off slightly, as I prefer to read series from the very beginning. I changed my mind however and decided to continue a few months after I'd started. So, the books starts out without a chapter name, I'm thinking 'Okay, a prologue'. It's clear that this is the POV of the "bad guy" then, after that, the page that says "Day One." I continue a [...]

    • Well, Chris Mooney, perhaps all is forgiven, and if not all, most. I am not even gonna lie and say I was not crushed by all that THE SOUL COLLECTORS could have been. There was so much potential in that story line that I seriously get angry every time I think about it. THE SOUL COLLECTORS is a series-ender, not something to throw into the middle of a series. All of that being said, I did want more Darby McCormick (I still want to write Darby Shaw no matter how many times I know that's the wrong c [...]

    • You know when was the last time you came across a book which had a serial killer, who was abused in childhood and is now killing because of it and is using the same method to abuse his victims?When was the last time you came across a cop who was dirty? When was the last time the lead was a women and she was pretty but extremely tough?When was the last time a women cop(lead), was targeted by a sexual predator for being a thorn in his plans and had almost assaulted her before she killed him?Ans : [...]

    • I loved the action. It was intense, exicting, thrilling and had a twist that I did not see coming. The only issues I have with it is one of the twists I did get before it was revealed and the reason for the killings - because the families wouldn't sell their properties. Lame. But overall, I loved it and cannot wait read more Chris Mooney books

    • Darby gets called in to being a consultant in a bizarre series of killings in a small town in Colorado. She soon finds herself in the center of the storm. Plenty of paranoia and distrust to go around in this one. Jurisdictional conflicts abound amongst the different law enforcement agencies.

    • As I was reading this book, I kind of figured someone from the police department was involved. This is my first time reading book by this author and I would definitely check out his other works.

    • Started of well and sections of the story are engaging and certainly action packed. However some aspects of the way the book is written, particularly the repeated use of several phrases, started to irritate me. "Walked like gingerly stepping on ice" a woman/man "with the intelligence of a balloon/cucumber". On a personal note, I also not a fan of heroes (or heroins) who end up stepping outside the law justifying violent and criminal actions because they have a badge or some other authority relat [...]

    • A small town in Colorado in left reeling by the serial killer in their midst - one who targets whole families in their own homes and leaves behind no trace. As police and the FBI struggle to crack down on this killer before more families are targeted, they call in expert Darby McCormick.As Darby begins her own investigation, new evidence and suspicions spring to light, suspicions she must get to the bottom of before she herself becomes a target.An excellent latest edition by Chris Mooney, great [...]

    • I loved this book and devoured it! Darby is a tough, no nonsense character, and I look forward to reading more about her. I bought 3 more of Chris Mooney's books after I finished this one. If you like to read mystery/suspense, this is the book for you. This killer kills entire families, parents and children. Just when you think the story is over, you get a little surprise. I won't say any more, because I want you to read this book. LOVED it!

    • You will not want to put it down. I came across the Darby McCormick series quite by accident and I am glad that I did. Chris Mooney has created a character that is impossible not to root for. This book is as good as a stand alone as it is in the series. That's how well written Darby's character is. A definite recommendation for lovers of fast paced novels and strong protagonists.

    • Watch Out!!What a great book. This book had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to the end. Every time I was calming down and ready to move on as you usually do while reading "BAMM!!!!" Another ___ spoiler alert smacks you right in the face! I loved it! Great book, well written, and Liska and Novak are back. How can you lose????

    • I loved this book. I found it extremely exhilarating all the way through, and the plot twists really took me by surprise.The only problem I found was a few grammatical mistakes and the few ending pages.Closure isn't always a good thing.

    • OK, Darby is tough to the extend that one can say she is not real. But this doesn't mean that the book is not a very good one. Things and clues seem sometimes to be appearing out of thin air but it all makes sense at the end. I could see the first twist coming, but the second one was surprising.

    • Fear The Dark by Chris Mooney Title - Fear The DarkAuthor - Chris Mooney First Published - Jan 15 Publisher - Penguin Pages - 496Price on - Paperback - £6.99 Kindle - £2.99ISBN - 0718197917This is the fifth book in the Darby McCormick series by Chris Mooney. Darby is back and hunting another serial killer. This one is known as the Red Hill Ripper. He takes families, ties them up and then kills them. Darby and Coop are called in to help process the evidence and help catch the killer. It's not [...]

    • What a ride! Fast paced, scary, super-cool strong female cop; now I need to go back and start at the beginning of the Darby McCormick series.

    • I remember vividly reading Chris Mooney’s ‘The Soul Collectors’ on holiday four years ago and turning the last page, realising I’d have to wait to find out what happened to Darby McCormick and her colleague, Jackson Cooper. And it’s been a long wait - four years I’ve been waiting in anticipation of a follow-up novel. I’d just about given up checking Mooney’s website (which I’ve admittedly done a fair bit), so I was over the moon to hear a fortnight ago that ‘Fear the Dark’, [...]

    • This is the 5th book featuring Darby McCormick but the first one I have read. I don’t think that mattered in this case. While it did allude to some previous events the book worked well as a stand alone.I really wasn’t sure about it to start. Maybe if I had read the first four books I’d have more understanding and liked the central characters a bit more but they did grow on me as the book progressed. One thing I didn’t quite understand is what Darby actually does? Mostly she disobeyed ord [...]

    • This was the first time I read something by Chris Mooney. At first I found this book very promising, but it was too easy to guess who the killer was and who all his victims were. His misdirections were too transparent as well. I'll probably try some of his other books, but as far as thrillers go, it's not in my Top 10 of favorites.

    • Wow what can I say? Chris Mooney has done it again. He really does set the bar very high & there are few authors who come even close to him. With all the twists & turns in this book & the attention to detail, this book will keep you gripped from beginning to end. Question is, When is the next one out?!

    • Not that thrilled. A bit too Deaver-esque and not all in a good way. Like some of Deavers later books I felt on occasion too much like I was being instructed and not entertained. The snippets of real life cases were an intrusion. I want escapism not reality.

    • If you are looking for a female Jack Reacher, Darby McCormack is the one for you Me? I enjoyed the early books in this series but have now given up. FBI and small town USA police politics are not interest to me. Give me a who dunnit every time.

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