The Years

The Years The Years is about the passage of time from youth to middle age to the winter of life Forty years after their intense but doomed college romance Lawrence and Hermia meet again on a Mediterranean crui

  • Title: The Years
  • Author: Nicholas Delbanco
  • ISBN: 9781477827321
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Years is about the passage of time from youth to middle age to the winter of life Forty years after their intense but doomed college romance, Lawrence and Hermia meet again on a Mediterranean cruise They fall in love even deeply, but being in their sixties, with plenty of baggage, they wonder if marriage is the right move When Lawrence visits Hermia s home onThe Years is about the passage of time from youth to middle age to the winter of life Forty years after their intense but doomed college romance, Lawrence and Hermia meet again on a Mediterranean cruise They fall in love even deeply, but being in their sixties, with plenty of baggage, they wonder if marriage is the right move When Lawrence visits Hermia s home on Cape Cod, she has one request Please stay What happens when he does fills the rest of this wise and unforgettable novel.With enormous sympathy and keen insight, Nicholas Delbanco follows Hermia and Lawrence through their years together and apart, in Los Angeles and New York, Michigan and Massachusetts, in frailness and in health Old scores are settled old wounds healed A stunning, wise book about first and final love, The Years addresses the irrevocable end of life and what ultimately endures.

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      Nicholas Delbanco is the Robert Frost Distinguished University Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan and Chair of the Hopwood Committee He has published twenty five books of fiction and non fiction His most recent novels are The Count of Concord and Spring and Fall his most recent works of non fiction are The Countess of Stanlein Restored and The Lost Suitcase Reflections on the Literary Life As editor he has compiled the work of, among others, John Gardner and Bernard Malamud The long term Director of the MFA Program as well as the Hopwood Awards Program at the University of Michigan, he has served as Chair of the Fiction Panel for the National Book Awards, received a Guggenheim Fellowship and, twice, a National Endowment for the Arts Writing Fellowship Professor Delbanco has just completed a teaching text for McGraw Hill entitled Literature Craft and Voice, a three volume Introduction to Literature of which he is the co editor with Alan Cheuse in 2004 he published The Sincerest Form Writiing Fiction by Imitation His new non fiction book, Lastingness The Art of Old Age will be published by Grand Central Publishing in 2011.Full BiographyNOTE The following biography was composed in 2000 by Jon Manchip White and reflects information only up to and including that year.Nationality American Born London, England, 1942 Education Harvard University, B.A 1963 Columbia University, M.A 1966 Career Member of Department of Language and Literature, Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, 1966 84, writing workshop director, 1977 84 professor of English, Skid College, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1984 85 Robert Frost Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1985 Awards National Endowment for the Arts creative writing award, 1973, 1982 National Endowment of Composers and Librettists fellowship, 1976 Guggenheim fellowship, 1980 Woodrow Wilson fellowship Edward John Noble fellowship New York State CAPS Award Vermont Council of the Arts Award Michigan Council of the Arts Award Agent Brandt Brandt Literary Agents, Inc 1501 Broadway, New York, New York 10036, U.S.A.As a novelist, Nicholas Delbanco can be considered doubly fortunate in that he has always been able to draw inspiration and sustenance from two continents and two cultures.Of Italian and German descent, he was born in London at the height of the German Blitz, and his family did not depart for America until he was six, and he was not naturalized as an American citizen until he was eleven It is not surprising that, though later he would anchor himself firmly in New England and particularly in Vermont, and recently in Michigan as the Robert Frost Professor of English Language and Literature, the influence of his European origins would play a consistent part in his fiction and non fiction alike.The cultural ambivalence, if such it may be called, manifested itself early At Harvard, his B.A thesis was devoted to a joint study of Rilke and Heredia, two noteworthy wanderers, and the subject of his M.A thesis was that tragic outcast, Malcolm Lowry Examining the numerous novels Delbanco has published to date, one finds that only five are set exclusively in the United States and that the majority are set, either in whole or part, in Provence, Tuscany, Greece, Switzerland, or as far afield as Barbados and Mexico Several of his non fiction books are concerned with Europe, one of them a study of that remarkable group of literary exiles, including Conrad, Crane, and James, who lived and worked together in a small corner of England at the turn of the last century Indeed, one of the courses Delbanco has taught over the years is specifically entitled Exiles, and is devoted to Becket, Conrad, and Nabokov, while other courses have featured a gallery of roving and displaced novelists such as Joyce, Lawrence, Forster, Ford, Mann, Fitzgerald, and He

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    • Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were able to reconnect with a former love, now that you're both older and wiser? "The Years" explores this concept. Lawrence and Hermia met in college and were instantly attracted to each other. Their romance moved forward, quickly and intensely, but did not last. Each moved on with his or her life, married,enjoyed careers, and divorced. Following his doctor's orders to take a vacation and rest after a medical scare, Lawrence goes on a cruise, and [...]

    • I know that Nicholas Delbanco is a distinguished professor and authorybe I'm too much of a lowbrow. I wanted so much to like this book, but I didn't.The basic story tells of how two people meet on a Mediterranean cruise forty years after their college romance and know that they want to spend the rest of their lives togetherd how THAT turns out. The first chapter captured my interest, but all the discourse following that seemed interminable. There was so much about wealthy people, foreign ports, [...]

    • The author, Nicholas Delbanco, is an award-winning literature professor, and has very good credentials, so I really wanted to like this novel. The blurb promises something that suits my taste: college sweethearts finding each other again by chance after more than forty years. Even with nothing else said, that short phrase alone caught my attention. Butdisappointment.domese were what I felt and experienced while struggling to finish this book. What I thought would be a book of feelings of warmth [...]

    • Novel as poetryThis book touched me and reminded me why I read: to be fully entertained,to learn, to discover great writers. I want everyone to read this book and comprehend how important events change us and unimportant people can dismantle us, and then it's time for our babies to make our decisions. This is the best book I've read in years.

    • I received this as a Book Giveaway and thank them for the opportunity to read it. I was disappointed in this book. The preview of the book sounded light and interesting. When college sweethearts meet by chance on a cruise, they try to rekindle their love. It seemed that there was a lot of hesitations, a lot of misgivings and trying too hard to make it work. It sounded like the ruminations of a lonely widow neighbor. When he gets the chance to tell his story, he delves into minutiae and leaves o [...]

    • Long, verbose read. Underlying story somewhat depressing. Lots of background, tedious information that unless you are knowledgeable in art and art history, is pointless to the story. Makes for boring reading and skipped pages. Would not recommend.

    • The Years By: Nicholas Delbanco January 13, 2015Published By: Little A Pages. 384Copy Courtesy of First ReadsReviewed By: tkA breathtaking journey of the deepest love possible.Lawrence and Hermia meet in college. Their romance was ended when Lawrence graduated, leaving Hermia in her senior year to continue without him. For the next forty years they continue their separate lives, yet never once forgetting the other. They will carry each other in their hearts until a chance encounter on a cruise [...]

    • The premise of this book intrigued me. Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to reconnect with a first love after many years( in the characters ' situation - 40 years!) of being apart? Would we still feel that same attraction or would we have become two completely different people? I enjoyed the basic love story of Hermia and Lawrence rediscovering their relationship. Great writing moved this novel along in places where it could have been plodding. The other familial relationships are explor [...]

    • The Years is a beautiful tale of a love that was lost and then found. Imagine meeting the love of your life in college and losing them. Then forty years later after failed marriages, children, career, you find them again, and it's all or more than you ever dreamed it could be. What next? Hermia and Lawrence are granted a new lease on life, another chance to fulfill the love that fate stole from them. The sands of time may be running out, but it's what they do with the time left to them that real [...]

    • Omg I go to write my review and apparently I hated this book. Thank goodness for memory loss as totally don't remember and I really enjoyed this time around. Go figure. A couple fall madly in love their senior year in college. He unexpectedly ends it and they go their separate ways. Fast forward 42 years and they are on the same Mediterranean cruise. They reconnect. Every other chapter is what transpired during the past 42 years. I found this book a very honest telling of growing old. I would re [...]

    • BoringStory did not move along well. Too much on various types of architecture not only when main make character was travelling in Europe after college but again years later we get dragged through that again. Just a plodding book, in my opinion, and wordy but story does not seem to move forward.

    • Lawrence and Hermia meet again on a cruise in their latter years. While they have both lived full lives, they find themselves drawn to spend their last years together. Very touching book, but somewhat depressing to see the main characters age and become ever more frail.

    • I made it to page 202 and had to give up. Maybe if you were an architect this would be more engaging, or if you like (exceedingly long) descriptions of foreign places.

    • Very goodI really enjoyed this book very much, I recommend to all adults to read, this was very moving and emotional

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