Armageddon Alternate cover edition can be found here Five years have passed since Myla Lewis last fought gladiator style in Purgatory s Arena Now she s fighting again only this time in Hell And the stakes have

  • Title: Armageddon
  • Author: Christina Bauer
  • ISBN: 9780996086400
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • Alternate cover edition can be found here Five years have passed since Myla Lewis last fought gladiator style in Purgatory s Arena Now, she s fighting again, only this time in Hell And the stakes have never been higher The demon King of Hell, Armageddon, has kidnapped Myla and Lincoln s young son, Maxon.In the wake of Maxon s abduction, all the after realms calling forAlternate cover edition can be found here Five years have passed since Myla Lewis last fought gladiator style in Purgatory s Arena Now, she s fighting again, only this time in Hell And the stakes have never been higher The demon King of Hell, Armageddon, has kidnapped Myla and Lincoln s young son, Maxon.In the wake of Maxon s abduction, all the after realms calling for war, and no one shouts louder than Lincoln Myla knows that a war against Hell will cost millions of lives, so she devises her own plan, involving a small attack team and a secret entrance to Hell Will Myla save Maxon, or will her child and all the after realms fall to Armageddon

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      Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick ass women In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory s Arena and falls in love with a part angel prince Across the lifetime of her series, Christina has driven than 500,000 ebook orders and 9,000 reviews on and retailers Bauer has also told the story of the Women s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter Her pre event press release the only one sent out on a major wire service resulted in than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press Christina graduated from Syracuse University s Newhouse School with BA s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi insane golden retriever, Ruby monsterhousebooks

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    • I have to be honest. I almost DNF'd this book at around 23%. I didn't like Myla anymore and it seemed like the whole firing of the night nanny thing was just wtfuckery. I loved the first book in this series Angelbound and enjoyed the second one Scala so I didn't want to give up these characters without a fight. It seemed like Myla was raising a spoiled brat and that being queen had gone to her head. After the rough beginning the book did get better. Myla and Lincoln break into hell to save Maxon [...]

    • Armageddon is book three in the Angelbound series by Christina Bauer. First, I just want to say that I am so very glad I stayed with this series. Each book has gotten better and better and this one is my favorite of all three. I loved it! It was fast paced and I totally loved all of the characters. Well, not the bad guys.Myla and Lincoln couldn’t be happier. Time has passed, they are now married and have a three year old son, Maxon. Maxon, though, is both physically and mentally way above his [...]

    • Age Rating: Older YA due to one make out session, and swearing. Warning: Skip the summary if you haven’t read Angelbound!My Summary: It’s been five years since the events of Angelbound. Myla and Lincoln are now married with a three year old little boy, Maxom.The king of hell, Armegeddeon (No the subtitle isn’t referring to the end of the world) has been plotting his revenge against Myla since she sent him back to hell. And what better way to get back at her than by threatening her son?My R [...]

    • Angelbound is one of those series I discovered completely by accident and talked about it to anyone willing to listen. What I loved about it above all else is that it was completely free of the usual YA tropes, new, 100% fresh and often bold in the way it approached things. This applied to romance more than anything else, of course, and Myla and Lincoln quickly became my favorite couple in YA fiction.Armageddon brings some significant changes to the series. Five years have passed between books, [...]

    • I received an ARC through NetGalley.Armageddon was certainly not the finale I was expecting. It's a few years into the future. Myla and Lincoln are married, have inherited the Thrax throne from his parents, and have a three year old son, Maxon. All seems peaceful in Purgatory and Antrum, at least until Maxon is kidnapped and taken to hell by Armageddon. Now, Myla and Lincoln have to break into Hell, get their son back, and kill the king of Hell once and for all.It's no secret that I don't like p [...]

    • Myla & Lincoln: Myla & Lincoln are now the King and Queen of the Thrax. I loved the chemistry between them as always just on a different level this time around. We see a completely different side to Myla who is no longer the feisty young quasi but now a protective Mother and Queen who would do anything and go to any lengths to save her son. They have both grown up quite a bit and I enjoyed seeing the tender side of Lincoln. They are still a kickass team, especially when they venture into [...]

    • I wasn't really sure I would enjoy ARMAGEDDON seeing as so much time has passed since the ending of SCALA and they're now parents. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get into the new setting. I was wrong. I was instantly able to reconnect with both Myla and Lincoln and fell in love with their little man, MaxonMAGEDDON felt a lot shorter than the previous 2 books. There was a lot of action, but the pages really flew by. The major happenings involved Maxon, their son, getting kidnapped by The Kin [...]

    • ARC by Netgalley.Lincoln takes my hand in his. “We can do this,” he says in a low voice.The cool resolve in his mismatched eyes thrums through me. My spine straightens; my heart rate slows. My wrath demon unfurls inside my soul, heating my blood with rage.Fuck Armageddon. We’re getting our kid back.Well, I shouldn't have worried about the five year jump this book made, because it was awesome.Myla is no longer a sassy teenager. She is a Queen, a mother of an adorable three year old. And her [...]

    • Some books can be imperfect and their issues can hinder your enjoyment of the experience, they can have you finding yourself annoyed or irritated by the glaring problems or lack of continuity, but with some books, those things don't matter. The Angelbound is the perfectly example. Is each instalment without faults? No, at least, it doesn't feel to me like it's faultless, but this has never been an issue for me. I never expect perfection, nor a story written with lyrical prose and deep, intense e [...]

    • functioninginsanity.c Today I’m reviewing the other book to release yesterday for Ink Monster, and that is Armageddon the 3rd book in the Angelbound series written by Christina Bauer. I received this as an ARC from NetGalley and Ink Monster for my honest review. There will be spoilers for the first 2 books in her and again, if you haven’t started the series yet I highly recommend it. If you want to check out my reviews of Angelbound or Scala check out my blog. Also, the first book in the ser [...]

    • 4.5*sReview posted hereokpassionforlifeArmageddon is the third book in the ‘Angelbound’ series and it was just as fab as the rest.Five years have passed and we find out that Myla and Lincoln are now married, King & Queen of the Thrax and parents to 3yr old Maxon – who is already showing power and is the Scala Heir. As the title suggests, Armageddon is back and he wants revenge, he will accomplish this by kidnapping Maxon, knowing that he will start a war but hoping to wipe out the enti [...]

    • I really wish I could give this 5 stars like I did the previous books but it just didn't work quite as well for me like the other two books did.From the very beginning of Armageddon I felt almost as if I had accidentally skipped one or two books, so much had changed between this book and the last that it really hindered my ability to make a strong connection with the story.There were a few things that I really missed in this book and they were - I missed the Myla and Lincoln chemistry and fun th [...]

    • I've loved the previous books in this series as they were quite a breathe of fresh air into the supernatural/paranormal scene, so I was really looking forward to reading the third instalment on the series!I was a bit thrown when I started reading cause quite some time has passed between the previous book and this one. I think a lil over 3 years already, so it was a bit shocking to find that they had been married and ruling over Thrax and Purgatory and that they have a 3 year old son!We don't rea [...]

    • I finished this book quite a (long) while ago (like months, or a year?) and I just realised that I haven't posted any review of it. It might have slipped in my mind somewhere, (deeply deeply! sorry about that) I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. This book started far after the last instalment ends. Our favourite protagonists Myla and Lincoln is now happily married with a third year old son Maxon! as a super fan of the series since the beginning, I was a little worried [...]

    • Wow! What a rush! I couldn't put this one down for even a second. It was one of those stay up all night and read `one more chapter' until there are none left.There's an intensity to this book that you feel throughout the novel. Christina Bauer story is well laid out and intricately put together making everything completely and vividly real. This is Sci fi yet extremely exciting story. Everything comes together in such a magnificent manner to create a world that is very believable and the lives o [...]

    • Although you have in the beginning the feeling you have missed a piece in the story line it picks up very quick. Each book has gotten better and better and this one is my favorite of all three. It was great seeing how Myla has grown, but also seeing how she managed to stay herself at the same time. The writing was a little different than the first books. Less fillings but more world-building. That in combination with the romance and paranormal elements a amazing new installment for this series. [...]

    • Full review can be found here.Unlike both Angelbound and Scala, I hadn't read this book. In fact, I remember wanting to read it, and life got in the way. I'm just so glad that this series brought me back to it, especially since I got to read all three books consecutively. In the epic conclusion of the Angelbound Origin series, Myla goes on yet another action packed adventure, just, this time, in Hell. I knew at some point that she would end up there, but what I didn't expect is the amount of yea [...]

    • This was one of the best in the angelbound series. It was great to have Myla-la back and I absolutely love Lincoln. They have son now little Maxon who sounds just as mischievous as his mother.The book is well written and the story take you on ride that is truly awesome. Christine Bauer tells the story so well I just couldn't stop reading. I finished this book in just 2 days and the only reason that happened was because i needed to sleep. The action and characters were amazing, its a book that ma [...]

    • *I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*Ok, I've read this book twice already. I can't stress how much I love this series. Myla's transition from young woman to mommy is flawless. Her relationship with Lincoln is hot as ever. Cant wait to read book #4.

    • Great ending There were only 3 books in the series when I purchased it some time ago. I finally decide to read it, and after book 2, I notice my book 3 has changed to book 5. What? There are 2 new books listed for the middle of the series. I did read the new book 3 because it's released. (I loved it) Book 4 comes out September 2017. As much as I enjoyed this series, I just read the ending. No desire to go backward.I truly enjoyed this story. I had so much fun reading each book. Armageddon did ha [...]

    • I liked it but wanted more. This one felt like it was missing some special ingredient. I loved that time had passed and Myla and Lincoln were now married with a child. I found it interesting that this child was the obsession of Hell. The wanted this child and to get him back Myla was willing to burn it down. She was not so willing to sacrifice millions of lives. I respected her for that. It seemed like with age, wisdom, and time Myla has grown in some ways and in other stayed that young woman th [...]

    • Barley any romance which I what I usually read for and was pretty short! The beginning is a bit long winded but I still liked it :)

    • 4 stars for creativity and plot, but the same issue came up here (hence the wanting to give it 2 stars, then splitting the difference at 3), as it did with the first two books. The dialogue/writing was stilted and awkward. As a result, minor characters were gypped in their storylines. I honestly read this book for Myla. I love that girl, and I liked watching her do the whole mommy/warrior thing.This is the last book in the trilogy Angelbound, and it begins with a married Lincoln and Myla (yay!), [...]

    • a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: Armageddon Series: Angelbound Origins (#3) Author: Christina Bauer From: Genre: Fantasy Release Date: 14th October 2014Challenges: 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points) Links: - *May contain spoilers for previous books in the series*Years have passed since Myla banished Armageddon back to Hell, and life has been going pretty smoothly since then. Now married, Myla and Lincoln are King and Queen of Antrum, as well as Myla being the Great Scala and be [...]

    • Sadly I found this story a bit of a disjointed mess. It takes place 5 years after the events of Scala, yet to me it didn't seem like the characters had changed or grown at all in that time. This was especially noticeable in the case of Myla who still acted and sounded like the teenager we first met in Angelbound, even though she was now in her mid-20s, had become the Great Scala, the Queen of Antrum, and mother to a 3 year old son. Those are some pretty hefty, perception changing responsibilitie [...]

    • Certainly not my favorite installment in this series, but it's still a worthy entry.Myla is still the Great Scala and being married to Prince Lincoln, this now puts her in line for the Thrax throne alongside her husband. Now married with a highly precocious three year old named Maxon, Myla and Lincoln divide their time between Antrum and Purgatory; each one still has duties that need tending to in both areas, more so Myla as the Great Scala. Myla has begun to have nightmares involving the igni. [...]

    • After a very rough start I came to enjoy this book and I was quite glad about that since I already liked Scala and Angelbound a lot. I consider myself a fan of Bauer's writing and I'm glad she's continuing with this series next year.Myla and Lincoln seem to be living the "happily ever after". They have an adorable little son who seems to be full with superpowers and a great leader-to-be. But all is not as perfect as it seems, because Connor, Lincoln's father, is once again up to no good. And thi [...]

    • Armageddon (Angelbound Origins #3)Armageddon is the last book of the series (although there is a separate Offspring series : ), and again it did not disappoint. This story takes place about 5 years since the start of the first book, and we find Myla and Lincoln as King and Queen, with the ultimate supernatural son – Maxon. When everything seems to be looking all sunshine and rainbows, a sinister plot against Maxon is revealed involving Armageddon, old enemies, and surprisingly the former King [...]

    • Woohoo! I love this book! It made me so emotional and sucked me right into the story. I feel like I'm on a winning streak, considering the past five books I have read have all been great, which is not normal at all for me and my bad luck. In Armageddon, the third installment of the Angle bound series, the king of hell wants war, and he is going to do everything in his power to get it.In a classic Hellen of Troy move, Armageddon kidnaps the much loved toddler of Myla and Lincoln, Maxon. This book [...]

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