The Risen: Dawning: A Zombie Apocalypse Story of Survival

The Risen Dawning A Zombie Apocalypse Story of Survival Critically Acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse Horror Author Marie F Crow Now On Kindle It has been one year since the beginning of this journey I am deeply honored by all of my fans who have embraced The R

  • Title: The Risen: Dawning: A Zombie Apocalypse Story of Survival
  • Author: Marie F. Crow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Critically Acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse Horror Author, Marie F Crow, Now On Kindle It has been one year since the beginning of this journey I am deeply honored by all of my fans who have embraced The Risen series You have expressed to me your favorite characters and the connections you find with them I feel this series is special in that it embraces the human e Critically Acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse Horror Author, Marie F Crow, Now On Kindle It has been one year since the beginning of this journey I am deeply honored by all of my fans who have embraced The Risen series You have expressed to me your favorite characters and the connections you find with them I feel this series is special in that it embraces the human element as well as the telling of classical horror.As a thank you to all my fans it is my pleasure to introduce The Risen Dawning, Anniversary Edition This book contains a variety of scenes and character depth not included in the original version.The Risen Dawning, Anniversary Edition, is the first zombie apocalypse novel in The Risen series by author Marie F Crow The author uses a descriptive writing style to paint the scenes and moods of the characters She feels this style enhances the content delivering the zombie apocalypse story in true regard to her creative concept Synopsis Helena Hawthorn has lived her entire life in the dark shadow of her perfect younger siblings, The Hawthorn Angels Now as the world awakens to a new horror, she will have to risk everything to keep them safe or forever be haunted by the failure to keep them alive Each day will bring a new victory, or a new scar, as Helena learns that the dawn waits for no one.With her newly bonded family, the local motorcycle club G.R.I.T they will discover the world now holds much deeper horrors for them than they could have ever imagined The Risen not only stalk the earth but stalk their nightmares as well Comments from fans about Marie F Crow s zombie apocalypse series FINALLY A zombie story that I LIKE Freakishly awesome From the beginning to the endTHIS is an amazing zombie apoc story I meanZombiesBikerse Paranormal YES PLEASE With zombie books, one of the greatest pleasures is to be able to get that chill up your spine as you embrace the apocalyptic chaos and atmosphere of death, destruction and despair That is exactly what Crow does here, she paints the sublime with her words and in doing so creates a lovely and violent story where you can feel each chapter viscerally through her deep descriptions The writing is so descriptive, you feel like you re directly involved in the scene, wanting to scream and run with no place to go but to close the book, but you can t It s a true page turner I so can t wait to see what this author has next for us in store Highly recommend this read Zombie novels are a dime a dozen, and it s almost comical how many there are We lost the innate fear that zombies have the power to create But not in this book this book harkens back to a George A Romero zombie movie, a classic Not in the plot, but as a real horror story, giving us chills, and sticking with us Filling our minds with the wonderfully created terror that oh so few authors have the ability to grasp She gives us the gore that so often has been ignored Zombie and gore go hand in hand, and I m glad to see an author who truly understands that.

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    • Marie F. Crow

      Marie F Crow believes that monsters should keep you up at night with the thoughts of what if stalking your mind She began writing horror after feeling the genre of zombie horror was getting too far away from actual horror, forgetting what a zombie is, and what that can mean to your world The recent advents of movies and literature have pushed the concept of the flesh eating undead too far into the realm of the mundane and cute There is a need to once rehash the genre with the proper respect to the psychological ramifications, and sheer horror, that the monsters deserve That sheer horror of possibly having to kill your friends, family, or anyone else for that matter before they become a shambling corpse willing, even driven, to consume the flesh of their own The psychological destruction to the minds of the living their deaths could cause to those around them With the release of The Risen series, she hopes to, once again, breathe fear back into the genre that has always been a favorite of hers Crafting her stories with honest emotions, and believable circumstances, she creates her world with an added twist to the classic monsters She believes nothing is sacred in the land of horror inviting the reader to explore the depth of that concept by luring them deeper into her realm with visual images and emotional drama wrapped with a sparkling, gore dripping bow With open arms, she welcomes them back into the world of horror hoping they enjoy the ride, but requests they do keep all their limbs inside the ride at all times The Risen are waiting, and they are hungry Sugar and Spice and Everything Dies Twice,Marie F Crow

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    • I love the cover, that's why I bought this book.The reviews are great so must be a great book.Not for me, it was boring.After reading about 105 pages I'd give up.I've read the end part also, but in the middle only short parts.It was all the same.Long and boring.It's just not for me.I think if the book was shorter it would be better

    • Article first published as eBook Review: ‘The Risen Dawning’ by Marie F. Crow on Blogcritics.Before I dove into The Risen Dawning by Marie F. Crow, I have to admit I went to to check out what others were saying. Of course, like many reviews posted out there, there was a mix of good and bad. I never set my own expectations based on what others say but I wanted to see what people were saying.Reviews come down to a matter of taste and writing style. Not everyone is professional when writing th [...]

    • First things first, The Risen:Dawning should nit be mistaken for just another blood and guts zombie novel! If you're looking for straight up action with a minor in characterization and major in gore you'll want to go find anorher novel. Here instead we find ourselves in the midst of what I can only refer to as a haunting one of spirit,regret, love and loss. All of itvery,very real.In Dawning we meet Helena (aka Hells) a woman long torn by family strife. Young and aloof she's had to maintain a sh [...]

    • I really liked this book. I read it for free using my prime membership but I plan to purchase it. I can't wait to read the next even though it looks to be more of a short story rather than a proper series book. I loved the characters and wanted to jump into the book just to help them out when things were bad. I also like the different twist to this story. Most of the zombie type books I have read will never find a true ending but the problems that these characters face gives you both the zombie [...]

    • As a major Walking Dead fan, I'm drawn to anything zombie related. The author sent me this for a review and the summary didn't tell much, so I didn't know what to expect. I believe that it was labeled for teens. I wouldn't necessarily let a YOUNG teen read it, as it is quite gruesome in parts, but I would let an older teen read it. I loved the gruesome, gross parts though! I mean, zombies are SUPPOSED to be scary! This was a great book that sincerely creeped me out in parts. I loved it and canno [...]

    • I wanted to like this. Loved the premise, the beginning had me on the edge of my seat and then just fizzled for me once they hit the bar and the rest of the characters were introduced. I kept reading in hopes it would grab me again; instead I began to hope a few of the main chapters would get caught by a zombie. Not a good sign. Others obviously liked it so maybe it just was not for me. (For the record: I am not a Twilight fan and don't watch TWD, just wanted a good zombie/apocalyptic thriller t [...]

    • Definitely want more Helena, Lawless and the whole G.R.I.T. MC! Can't wait to read the next book and find out what else is in store for their group. This is what a zombie book should be like. No one is safe and you never know what s behind the next door. Wow! Crow has made me fan for life with The Risen series.

    • While I am glad I read this novel, truth be told it was a too slow a pace for me. It is very well written; indeed, Ms Crow brings some true literary class, if you will, to the zombie apocalypse genre.

    • Grade: A+I reviewed this book on my blog, Sunshine & Mountains Book ReviewsI don’t often give A+’s for book reviews, because honestly, it takes a lot for me to think a book couldn't be a teeny, tiny bit better. A’s are wonderful, well written, interesting books, but A+ means, it has no fault in my eyes.The Risen: Dawning is an A+ book for me for numerous reasons.Marie F. Crow has an outstanding writing talent and a unique voice to her novel. The introverted thoughts, along with the fab [...]

    • If you are a zombie fan, then this book is for you! I gave this book 5 stars because it is wonderful. This book is well written and keeps you entertained. Once I started reading it, it was really hard to put down. You really get feel for what the characters are thinking and feeling. You can imagine what is going on down to what the characters facial expressions would look like if this book were real.I really felt sorry for the characters in this book, especially winter time. The days are so much [...]

    • The Risen: Dawning is the first book in Marie F. Crow’s Zombie Apocalypse series, and it is a great start to a new series. This book contains just about everything a fan of this genre could want—scary zombies, a likable cast of characters, action, and my favorite part—trying to find some semblance of a normal life against the backdrop of a world turned upside down. Crow is a very talented writer who loves to take her time using language to create the most descriptive scene possible. Her wr [...]

    • 'The Risen: Dawning' takes zombie books back to the way they were always meant to be; brutal and terrifying. Marie F Crow weaves a spine-chilling, detailed horror story of survival in a zombie Apocalypse. Enemies both living and dead are everywhere, and staying alive is a constant struggle that no one is spared from. There is a bit of a romance to be had in here as well, but like everything in this book, nothing is perfect and safe anymore.This is a great book for zombie enthusiasts to check out [...]

    • I have just spent the past 24-36 hours immersed in the world of Marie F. Crow and I am astonished! I love this series! I can honestly say that it is by far one of my favorite series in the zombie genre, and trust me I have read plenty. As soon as I finished the first book, I went and purchased the other 3, because I HAD to know what was going to happen! Completely hooks you and drags you in!I would recommend this series to anyone who is about the human side of things and not just the zombies!

    • The Risen:Dawningtalk about a cliffhanger!! Loved it. I don't generally read books about zombies but this one has a lot more than zombies to hold your attention. The author draws you into the story and makes you feel like you're a part of it. I found myself rooting for the heroine and the rest of the gang as they face horrific struggles in their everyday life. I am impatiently waiting for the next book in The Risen series.

    • From the first shiver to the last gasp, this book kept me mesmerized! The nightmare-inducing descriptions made me wish I could read with my hands over my eyes. The humor, love story and bits of mystery woven in made the characters seem so real. I fought along with them and was exhausted by the end, yet begging for more!P.S. This book is NOT for the squeamish!

    • Outstanding work. Even if this is not a genre you are into Marie Crow writes in such a way that you will be pulled emotionally into the story and soon find an alignment with the pulse of the story. Awesome work!

    • Worth readingToo much description, not enough action.The book reads fast but pay attention, you can get lost. Will probably read next book.

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