The Blonde

The Blonde The night before a big meeting Jack Eisley is sitting in an airport bar in Philadelphia chatting up a pretty young blonde Sure Jack has a wife and daughter at home but this is just a little harmle

  • Title: The Blonde
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski
  • ISBN: 9780312374594
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • The night before a big meeting, Jack Eisley is sitting in an airport bar in Philadelphia, chatting up a pretty young blonde Sure, Jack has a wife and daughter at home, but this is just a little harmless flirting Harmless, that is, until the blonde leans forward and says, I poisoned your drink She tells Jack that unless she can keep someone within ten feet of her at allThe night before a big meeting, Jack Eisley is sitting in an airport bar in Philadelphia, chatting up a pretty young blonde Sure, Jack has a wife and daughter at home, but this is just a little harmless flirting Harmless, that is, until the blonde leans forward and says, I poisoned your drink She tells Jack that unless she can keep someone within ten feet of her at all times, she ll die And if he wants the antidote, he ll have to take her back to his hotel room and promise to stay by her side.Jack thinks psycho But as the violent night wears on, and he encounters a relentless government assassin, a threatening voice on a cell phone, a deadly waitress, dirty cops, and shady cab drivers .He begins to believe her in Duane Swierczynski s thrilling The Blonde.

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    • Duane Swierczynski

      Duane Swierczynski is an American crime writer who has written a number of non fiction books, novels and also writes for comic books.

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    • *2.5 Stars*"I poisoned your drink.""Excuse me?""You heard me.""Um, I don't think I did."The blonde lifted her cosmopolitan. "Cheers."And thus starts Duane Swierczynski's bizarre thriller where Jack Eisley is poisoned by a sexy crazy woman in a bar who claims that she has something in her blood that will make her head explode if she doesn't have anyone within ten feet of her at all times, and essentially takes him hostage in exchange for the antidote.It's a set-up that forces you to pick the book [...]

    • There's no two ways about it Blondes have more fun. Yeah I couldn't resist that.At least if you think exploding heads, pulp fiction references and a race against time not to mention multiple interested parties who don't have being concerned about your well being at the top of their to-do list is more fun they do.Meet Jack, a loser in an airport bar drinking to get the courage to go sleep in a motel room alone and wake up to meet his wifes divorce lawyer. Meet Kelly, a devastating blonde so despe [...]

    • While sitting in an airport lounge, Jack Eisley is told by an attractive blonde that she had poisoned his drink. Assuming she is merely flirting and not believing any part of her threats, Jack leaves but eventually suffers unimaginable pain and sickness. Upon meeting back up with her, Jack slowly realizes just how true her threats areSwierczynski had stated he wanted to write a sequel to The Wheelman, I suppose this was his idea. While technically linked to the previous book in the sense that a [...]

    • So, last night I went to bed feeling excellent in all respects. I turned on my lamp above the bed and grabbed Duane's The Blonde which I had to rescue from the local library because friggin' 's Kindle store had it on their "sorry folks, but due to formatting errors, we are reviewing this book with publisher" list for over a year now with no progress apparent from either the publisher or . I called and told them: "either remove the damned book from the Kindle store, or fix the thing already!" Wh [...]

    • The most outrageous thriller I've ever read. The action is set at a blistering pace as confusion reigns in a story that defies all reason. Jack Eisley is sat in an airport bar when Kelly White (an attractive blonde seated next to him who's actually a scientist called Vanessa) tells him she's poisoned his drink. Kelly explains to Jack that unless there is someone within 10 feet of her at all times, she'll die. So, if Eisley wants the antidote, he'll have to stick by her. There follows a night of [...]

    • I love the ‘The Blonde’ – there is a reason this is a pop culture classic. It has everything a pulp addict could possibly want; basement crazies, dangerous broads, chivalrous men, and hard hitting action. The bonus novella ‘The Redhead’ follows on from the events that transpired in the novel with a more thriller feel than the full length predecessor and closed off the story ark nicely. One has got to wonder if this story has enough legs to warrant a sequel? Fans of Swierczynski, I’m [...]

    • Jack is on his way to Philadelphia to meet his wife's divorce attorney, so he was pretty sure that his life couldn't get much worse. Turns out, it can. He meets a blonde at the airport bar and they're chatting. He thinks it's going pretty well until she tells him that she poisoned him. He's like, "Yeah, sure, hahaha," but turns out she really did. So now he has to find her again. And when he does, the story she tells him? Well, it gets even weirder from there.This is my fourth of his books (and [...]

    • I'm starting to think that nobody knows how to get pages turning in a crime novel quite like Duane Swierczynski. Need a hook? Need a ticking clock? Need a conflict?Page one,line one, "I poisoned your drink." This is surely enough to get a story moving, but while most writers would allow that premise to coast, Swierczynski just uses it as a jump start before flooring it. Sequence by sequence, scene by scene, the conflicts get boosted, jacked, and blasted. The characters are continually cornered a [...]

    • I should read this again. It really blew my socks off when I read it. I'd never heard of the author back in 2006. Think this was his second novel. It's so fast paced it's nuts. You'll want to read it in one go. Totally love this speed-freak of a non-stop thriller. One of the best page turners that I can recall.

    • Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a wild ride of Homeland Security assassins, clean-up men, a beautiful blonde who has to be within ten feet of someone or horrible death ensues, an evil man called “The Operator” (what else), nanotechnology creatures called “Mary Kates,” a Sybian Club, and a normal guy who gets caught in something way over his head.Fun. Perfect for a cross-country plane ride or waiting for the doctor to be finished with the cute drug salesperson (ever notice how they [...]

    • Awesome book! This was like reading a book on speed. I'd never read anything by DS before but now I definitely will need to again. Terrific concept, great characters and while the storyline required significant abandonment of reality, it grabbed me from the first page and held me through the last, even through the extra "sequel short story" at the end of the copy I bought. This could be a Tarantino movie. Suspend your belief at the door and pick this up!

    • The novel begins with an instant hook which quotes “I poisoned your drink.” It’s an opener that has any reader caught in the story already. It foreshadows exactly what this novel is like which is violent, action-packed and comical. It’s about a journalist, Jack, stopping by a bar for a drink, just to meet with a flirtatious blonde mentioned in the title. She is controlled to kill and be killed if not within 6 feet of another human being. Unfortunately, that is what happened when she pois [...]

    • Cela se lit d'une traite. Parce qu'on a envie de connaitre la suite, terriblement. Et c'est à la fois drôle, n'importe quoi, cocasse et certainement flippant pour les protagonistes. Du coup on se laisse prendre dans l'histoire rocambolesque, l'écriture est fluide et la fin est à mon sens un peu trop rapide et pas si géniale que cela mais c'est toute l'ambiance du livre qui vaut le coup.

    • The Blonde is a quick read, a fast-paced, farcical, nutty and ultimately irreverent tale written in the crime noir style of pulp fiction. You won't come away from the story hoping for a sequel to experience these characters again, but you'll enjoy the madcap thrill ride while it lasts. The comedic story at times requires a good dose of "suspension of disbelief" although it does have one of the best opening lines I've ever read that is sure to hook readers: "I poisoned your drink." The plot takes [...]

    • Duane Swierczynski has quite an imagination. His books are unusual, and unpredictable. Such was the case with “The Blonde” (2007).I previously read two of his other books, “The Wheelman” from 2006 and “Severance Package” from 2008.” “The Blonde” would be in the same league as “Severance Package,” both of them dealing an ordinary guy caught up in the machinations of a super-secret government agency which specializes in assassinations. But whereas “Severance Package” take [...]

    • “The Blonde” by Duane Swierczynski has the best first line ever “I poisoned your drink.” From there, it just gets better and more complicated. It is a fast-paced thriller that keeps the reader guessing page after page. It is full of puzzles, conspiracies on every level, and tragedy after tragedy. Page after page, the reader is challenged to fit these pieces together in a frantic race against time, and just when things seem to be coming together, here comes another complication.If you wan [...]

    • Really good thrill ride. Reminds me of Victor Gischler, Warren Ellis or Chuck Palahniuk. Improbable fun with zany characters- but not silly or immature. The "heroes" are an innocent traveler and a quasi-govt assassin. The "heroine" is a blonde who has caused the death of many men. A lot of fun - I will be reading more of Duane Swierczynski's books.

    • An anxious read! For those who enjoy that type of experience, this is for you. Fast paced, funny, dangerous! Good summer type read. The 'Redhead' novella should have just been included in the first novel, especially considering how short 'The Blonde' was. In the right setting for the right audience, this book is a kick!

    • Really lucked out in reading this and the wheelman in the right order. Made the first one more satisfying. The same amount of tension and some really funny moments mixed with an even crazier premise and lots of action movie violence. I'm in love.

    • Swierczynski’s The Blonde is a fun-filled, action-packed night in Philadelphia that encompasses two narratives. First, there is the narrative of a soon-to-be divorced man flying in to meet with his wife’s ball-crunching divorce attorney, but who stops in the airport bar, where he meets an intoxicating blonde bombshell who promptly informs him that she has poisoned his drink and that only she has the antidote, meaning he has to stick to her like glue or die within a few hours. But, that’s o [...]

    • You are gonna need sweat bands to read this book!The Blonde swirls with violence, humor, politics and just plain craziness. Duane Swerve, uh, Swycz, oh hell, let's just call him Duane S shall we? OK, so it's Swierczynski. I don't want to make him angry, after all, god knows he's capable of some serious revenge. Anyway, he has created an instant classic, a book that SCREAMS (literally and loudly) for Tarentino, Rodriguez, or even Frank Miller to adapt and film.Swierczynski, at the book's outset, [...]

    • Warning: Do Not Open This Bookunless you've no plans for the rest of the day.Trust me - this is about as good as modern pulp crime fiction gets - a frantic, dark, and cynical half day romp through a Philadelphia night that combines the lean, no nonsense tough guy style of the classic masters of crime with a neat pop science fiction twist. This is the bizarre offspring of Raymond Chandler, were he writing for the iPod generation, and Michael Crichton, without the tedious baggage of scientific sup [...]

    • I can't decide how much I like this novel. It's been a strange ride. I'm in an odd period for which I have many unfinished books I've started going all the way back to a year ago. This was one I stopped reading with only 26 pages left, which I didn't realize because there is a short story at the end of the book. More on that later. So I finished the last 26 pages and thought, "this ended better than I'd expected." I also felt the urge to flip back and read some of the beginning after which I tho [...]

    • Following on the heels of THE WHEELMAN, Duane Swierczynski spins the literary equivalent of cotton candy, if such a confection were made with acid. THE BLONDE is a non-stop thrill ride. The kind of reading that goes down so easy the reader will gobble page after page. A story so wild and over-the-top, it feels like a guilty pleasure.From the opening line – "I poisoned your drink" – the reader hangs on every word. The line is spoken by the titular woman to Jack Eisley, a man hanging out at an [...]

    • The Blonde, an apparent attempt to transcend the tropes of the hard-boiled crime novel by indulging in the clichés of the genre is at the same time so bold it borders on satire and too timid to be satirical.The femme fatale's motivations were only somewhat non-standard because of the existence of nano-bots, otherwise she's just another lusty sex kitten using her body to further her aims. I.e. just another femme fatale. The list of familiar crime elements is extensive, including jurisdictional f [...]

    • This "futurized" hard-boiled cat-and-mouse thriller is definitely on point. Any story that makes a direct reference to the TV show "Alias", I'm automatically going to like, let's get that out of the way. But Swierczynski hasn't just written a Dashiel Hammet-style novel in a modern setting - he has taken things like nanotechnology and violent hitmen to make his own place within the same genre.The way "The Blonde" unfolds, it's almost like peeling back layers to reveal a something new. I don't thi [...]

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