So I'm a Double Threat

So I m a Double Threat Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover for ISBN ISBN In this fun filled fast moving young adult novel sassy fourteen year old Megan Miller and her close knit fr

  • Title: So I'm a Double Threat
  • Author: Julie Prestsater
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover for ISBN 10 1452863067, ISBN 13 978 1452863061In this fun filled, fast moving young adult novel, sassy fourteen year old Megan Miller, and her close knit friends, begin their four year high school journey Expectations and hopes are high for their Freshman year Meggie wants nothing than to experience all high school hasLibrarian s Note This is an alternate cover for ISBN 10 1452863067, ISBN 13 978 1452863061In this fun filled, fast moving young adult novel, sassy fourteen year old Megan Miller, and her close knit friends, begin their four year high school journey Expectations and hopes are high for their Freshman year Meggie wants nothing than to experience all high school has to offer growing freedom, hot boys, parties, make out sessions, and did I mention hot boys Enter Alex Aguilar At seventeen, he is Carver High s sports superstar and dreamy superstud Yet, despite the hype, Alex is undeniably sweet, and Meggie is beyond smitten But, of course, he is a SENIOR So, ought to be completely off limits for a ninth grader, right Age doesn t always dictate whom you will love, though So I m A Double Threat is the start of their journey Will young love survive the challenges presented them or is friendship all they can only really hope for Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broken, tears will be shed But, despite this, Meggie s strong willed determination, loyalty, and zest for fun, will ensure the ride is a memorable one This book has mature content intended for older young adult audiences.

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    • Looking for a good YA read? Then you need to read this!Spoiler Free Review Author to look-out for!!!3.5 to 4 STARSGenre: YA RomanceSeries: Book #1 in Double Threat SeriesFriendships are tested when Sex, drugs, Boys and Betrayal try to drive a wedge in between four freshmen High School females in So I'm a Double ThreatMy typical teen romance revolves around a teenager who has struggled with a traumatic life experience or has been faced with impossible odds this book however is more of an 'How to [...]

    • Megan Miller is super excited to start her freshman year with her friends at Carver High School, but she’s even more excited to snag the guy of her dreams, Alex Aguilar. As she gears up for the new school year, Megan and her friends can’t help want to have a little fun. No one suspects this group of girls to be more than innocent because they all have good grades and they’re all enrolled into the honor classes. Megan thought freshman year of high school would be a breeze, but it’s nothin [...]

    • First off, I've got to say: I would never have read past the first chapter if this wasn't written by a friend of my husband. High school drama - including vernacular and behaviors - doesn't interest me. I hated high school, and have little desire to relive it. That said, once I completed it, it took me awhile to decide if I even liked it. I had to completely set aside my own high school experience, and try to appreciate what she did here. Prestsater wrote a book, that I think, accurately portray [...]

    • Now I will be the big bad trash-talking reviewer, but I really don't know how this book got 4.04 for average rating. REALLY. WHY PEOPLE GAVE THIS BOOK FIVE & FOUR STARS? WHY??? It was SO full of teenage clichés. ( SPOILER ALERT! ) So, the main character here is Megan. Megan is the typical high school popular (with mostly boys) girl: she has the looks, the brains, always "funny" (according to the boys in the book. I didn't find any humour in the things she does or says.) and not afraid to ea [...]

    • I loved this. Sometimes it dragged and got a bit slow but Overall I really enjoyed and it was just so DAMN funny! It was book about growing up, facing new challenges, undergoing new experiences and finding love. It was very realistic and real. Easily relatable and a good read. I couldn't believe Megan, Amy, Keesha and Steph were fourteen/fifteen they seemed way older. I was glad someone recommended this book to me. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise and I really liked this book. It had lot [...]

    • I'm not sure why I didn't like So I'm a Double Threat. Possibly because it reminded me of the very worst parts of high school. Possibly because none of the characters were likable. Really. None of them. Not one person in this book is someone I would like to hang out with, especially not if I were in high school. Alex gets an "almost likable", but that's pretty much it. I feel like I must have missed something because this book got such great reviews on , but I'm not going to reread to see what i [...]

    • When I found out there was going to be a tour for this, I read the synopsis and was immediately hooked and signed up for it like that. This really starts with Meg and her friends at the first party as "almost-freshman." From really early on, you can tell that Meg's in that "exclusive" group of people that are invited to all the senior parties. That's where it started for me. Meg never gave any clue that she was in that popular group, so why was it just her and her friends being invited to all th [...]

    • What I Loved:As pathetic as it sounds, I loved how a main character named Megan got the lovable nickname Meggie. So adorable!It also must be said that Julie Prestsater writes so incredibly transparently that oftentimes I was reminded of my own journal I kept on and off through high school. I really felt like I was in Megan's head, and I could just feel her emotions so viscerally while reading her story.What I Didn't Like:Quite frankly, the "transparent" writing that I referred to aboveseemed a l [...]

    • Okay, let me preface this review by saying that this book was written by a friend of mine and that no matter how it turned out I was prepared to give it a positive review and recommendation. Then the book arrived and I learned that the premise of the story is about a girl's high school experience of her freshman year. I'm a 35 year old guy who grew up as the oldest of 4 boys. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. I read and hated the Twilight books and readily admit to having NO understanding of the fem [...]

    • My Summary:Megan is starting her freshman year off with a bang. She smart, popular, and knows how to fun. When she and her friends get invited to a Senior party, she meets Alex. Meg thinks she's found the guy of her dreams. The problem is, Alex wants Meg's friend Amy. As Meg's freshman years goes on, she learns the tough reality of what life is like when you get to high school. Friendships change, there is more pressure from boys, and peer pressure becomes more difficult to avoid. Does Meg learn [...]

    • What to say about this book?!?! I mean really, what can I say about a book that makes me smile months after reading it! I loved it, just completely loved it.I had had my NOOK for only a few months when I started to get into reading YA books. Anyway I was scanning the books available when I came across So I'm a Double Threat. The subject seemed interesting enough and the price couldn't be beat so I got it. Well THANK GOODNESS I DID! This book was seriously awesome! It has everything a good YA boo [...]

    • So I thought this book was just alright. I was enjoying it well enough until about halfway through it started turning into an after school special for kids. First up drugs - Oh noes! The one girl smoked some pot!! Well obviously she is one step away from being strung out on the streets! What should the girls do? Well let's all discuss how bad drugs are and what we should do if we learn a friend is doing drugs. And just say no! Okay thank youyou could have had this come across as way less after s [...]

    • Ok, so I downloaded this book because it looked like a quick, easy, junk-food for the brain kind of read. I’m far from a teenager, but I still enjoy some good YA drama. I didn’t care for the title and really didn’t think I would care for the book, but I wound up loving it. Or I think it might be more accurate to say that I became so involved with the many unique characters that I fell in love with them. Even though this book stands on its own and it’s not necessary to read the others in [...]

    • This book starts out as a typical coming of age story. The real difference is that main character manages to do this without becoming suicidal, being turned into a vampire, shifter, or other paranormal creature. It seems that most of the coming of age stories I have read lately end up being about paranormal stuff. This book is not that. This is the real deal, a real teen with real issues. There is however, the requisite love triangle, or more of a three dimensional hexagon. I quickly came to car [...]

    • Picked up this book on my kindle app for free. In hindsight, would've paid full price! This is a well-written story that grabs you at the first party. I love the friendship of the four girls and watching it change as they meet boys and discover more abut themselves in high school. Sure, there are unrealistic parts, but if you're looking for realism, go grab a non-fiction book. I read this straight through, start to finish in one day, then went and bought the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, then [...]

    • I absolutely adored this story! It came highly recommended to me from a good friend and she has never led me astray when it comes to recommending books and her track record is still intact!While this story is about a group of freshman girls and how they adapt not only to high school, but to boys, both being friends with boys & crushing on them, it also deals with the pitfalls that all teens deal with as they grow older, drugs, sex, relationships and making good decisions. It's light-hearted, [...]

    • I am very happy with how this book ended. I was going to be mad if they all forgived Amy again. What an awful friend. Who cares if Alex did not want to date Megan or not she liked him all summer and Amy should have said no thanks. Then she starts having sex with Eric when Megan is dating him. NO way!!!!! I love Jon he seems so sweet. Ben was a jerk. Not sure I really like Alex yet. How he can like another girl and talk to her more then his supposed girlfriend is kinda sleazy.

    • This book was cute, and brought back so many of my own memories. In this book, a young girl falls in love with an older boy. The only issue is, at their age, age does matter. However, it doesn't keep them from being best friends. This book takes you on a journey of teen love, hate, drinking, laughter and crying. I thought I would read this book to pass time, and I couldn't stop! I love how Prestsater kept my interest the entire time. And the plot, WOW, amazing!

    • I actually found this book on my kindle for free, and I thought, you know, why not read it? After I read it, I was blown away! I can't wait until I get my claws on the second, third and fourth book!It's an excellent book for teens to read; it's about teens and their search for identity, and the beginnings for how life works.

    • i really think this is goning to be a great book.One of the reasons i think it's going to be a amazing Book os because shes the GREATEST Teacher That ever Lived<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    • Oh boy, the chemistry between Megan and Alex was sizzling, I just wished they would have gotten together sooner. And don't even get me started on Amy and Eric, I have a serious bone to pick with them grrr Can't wait until the next one! (Megan and Alex are right for each other darn it).P.S. I loved the yearbook comments

    • I really enjoyed this read! The author does a good job utilizing humor to illustrate the day-to-day reality of a teenager. As I was reading it I couldn't help but laugh and remember what it was like back in high school. The storyline and it's characters grabbed my attention and I had to read it to the end. I can't wait for a sequel. I just gotta know what happens to Meg and her friends!!!

    • I love when a book makes you feel like you are watching it happen in person!! It brought back so many memories for me as well! It was so funny that I couldn't help laughing out loud! It was a great read

    • It soooooooooooooooooo good. i feel kinda sorry for her friend though, but first of all she knew Megan loved Alex so even if he was into her she should have said no. but i rate her for stepping up For friend when she was doing drugs

    • I loved this book. I loved the story line and the way the characters were developed. I had to keep reading to find out what happened with these students. She totally got the high school experience nailed down.

    • I really like this book. Reminded me so much of me when I was in hs except I was good at soccer and all the boys liked me as a friend. but all the feelings Meg went through about boys and her friends I did too.

    • I LOVED this book. This book followed the life of Megan a freshman in high school, who plans to make waves. There is plenty of betrayl, love and break-ups. This book show how high school life really is. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a light read that anyone would enjoy.

    • I enjoyed this series. It was cute and reminded me of high school. Oh to be able to go back and do it all again. So many things. Drugs, sex, love, lust, homework Can we get do-overs? Anywho this was a great YA read. Something I will save for re-reading later.

    • Wow. This is true-to-life high school. I really enjoyed this book. Please, please tell me there will be a spin-off for Alex and Meg. I would love to read about "someday" happening.UPDATE: So I discovered it's a seriesyay. Getting ready to start on book 2, DOUBLE THREAT MY BLEEP.

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