On a marché sur la Lune

On a march sur la Lune Le r cit se poursuit au point ou il tait laiss dans Objectif Lune Apr s quelques minutes de peur au lancement tout semble bien se passer et la fus e se dirige vers la Lune Cependant il y a une surpr

  • Title: On a marché sur la Lune
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9782203001169
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Le r cit se poursuit au point ou il tait laiss dans Objectif Lune Apr s quelques minutes de peur au lancement, tout semble bien se passer et la fus e se dirige vers la Lune Cependant, il y a une surprise de taille les Dupond et Dupont se sont tromp s dans l heure de lancement, ils ont confondus 1h34 et 13h34 et se sont donc retrouver dans la fus e au moment du lancemenLe r cit se poursuit au point ou il tait laiss dans Objectif Lune Apr s quelques minutes de peur au lancement, tout semble bien se passer et la fus e se dirige vers la Lune Cependant, il y a une surprise de taille les Dupond et Dupont se sont tromp s dans l heure de lancement, ils ont confondus 1h34 et 13h34 et se sont donc retrouver dans la fus e au moment du lancement Ils ont donc pris place bord, ce qui force Tournesol r duire la dur e du voyage Les voil donc parti pour la lune, mais d j un premier incident ce produit lorsque Dupont coupe par m garde le moteur principal, supprimant ainsi toute pesanteur Tous les membres de l quipage se mettent donc voler travers la fus e

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      Georges Prosper Remi 22 May 1907 3 March 1983 , better known by the pen name Herg , was a Belgian comics writer and artist.His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983, leaving the twenty fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph Art unfinished His work remains a strong influence on comics, particularly in Europe He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2003.Series on The Adventures of Tintin Quick Flupke The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko

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    • This science fictional comic , written in 1954 , 14 years before the first actual moon landing , fails to disappoint , after the precedent set by its prequel , 'Destination Moon'.This adventure sees Tintin and friends successfully go to the moon and back , defeating such problems as a rapidly depleting oxygen source and villains who have followed them into space .I read it when I was ten and it led me to become interested in space.I remember sitting on top of the roof of my home , reading it , a [...]

    • I've decided to try Tintin as a way of exploring more into the world of comics But why start at No. 17, you ask?Because I saw a doggy spacesuit, and I could not resist.

    • On a marché sur la Lune=Explorers on the Moon (Tintin #17), Hergéعنوان: روی ماه قدم گذاشتیم؛ نویسنده: هرژه؛ مترجم: خسرو سمیعی؛ تهران، یونیورسال، 1352، در 62 ص، موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی از نویسندگان بلژیکی قرن 20 م

    • در ادامه جلد قبلی، تن‌تن، ناخدا هادوک و کلکولس به ماه سفر می‌کنند.

    • Wow this was a surprisingly sophisticated science-fiction thriller! I was surprised how science-driven it was, and educational considering the time it was written. Hergé clearly cared about accuracy when writing his story (though his zero-g physics were a little loop). The primary plot was about oxygen supply. There are some really dramatic, character-defining moments for the characters, and the best part-- Calculus has a hearing aid so we actually get him to be a character as opposed to a walk [...]

    • Tintin reaches the moon20 February 2012 Herge really did his research into this comic, but I suspect that the knowledge regarding space travel at this time had powered ahead. I believe that the Russians had already launched objects into space, however despite that it is very clear from this comic that Herge knew what he was talking about. The reason I say this is because of a number of events in the book: the effect of G-forces when the rocket enters and leaves the Earth; the knowledge that grav [...]

    • This was the first book in the series I ever read. The books in the series just really seemed to stand out on the shelf in my public library so I decided to look through them and read the one with the coolest cover. EXPLORERS ON THE MOON caught my attention because it seemed like science fiction. I started reading it and when I was done I loved it. That was about nine years ago. I think that it might have been two or three years later but at some time, I was in a bookstore in India and I just ha [...]

    • I pity the child who doesn't get to experience the Asterix the Gaul or Tintin graphic novels. It would be almost as bad as a childhood devoid of Lego in my opinion. In all seriousness though I do believe that Tintin is the perfect example of a book all children should have the opportunity to read. I know that at the school libraries I've visited that children love them still here in Australia. I read many books in my childhood (many of them trashy unforgettable child stories that I look back and [...]

    • کاپیتان هادوک:تن تن از کاپیتان هادوکفشارصفر پله های متحرکدر جای خود قرار گرفتهدقت درب خروجی راباز میکنمتن تن:لحظه باشکوهی است دربخروجی به آرامی روی لولا دورمیزنهکنترل اسپروز:خدایا!تن تن:آه ! عجب منظره خیال آوری !چطور براتون توصیف کنم؟منظره ای از کابوس،مرگ، وحشت و اضطراب نه [...]

    • "Destination Moon" & "Explorers on the Moon" these duo are first science fictions in the Tintin series. Originally published in 1953-54, long before any mission to the moon, Herge has been able to provide convincing and accurate scientific details in most parts. The beautiful illustrations of the moon, earth and space travel are so realistic in terms of surface texture and contrast. I loved the illustrations of night sky, shades of darkness, pale blue earth from the space and the glowing moo [...]

    • This was one of my favorite episodes of the series!!It has a lot of dramatic twists in the plot!! If any one wud like to make a film - I would suggest this and its prequel for filming!!There is a scope for few scientific facts and children can grasp easier than learning in a class!! I appreciate the author for providing space for those also in this part!!

    • Very good! This second part of Tintin's adventure on the Moon is hilarious with the proverbial Captain Haddock always grumbling about one thing or another and Tournesol still quite to the point as a scientist In fact, for the first in these two books he is listening to what people tell him, he is using an ear device!Maria Carmo,Lisbon 18 January 2015.

    • Another great Tintin book, exciting and often suspenseful :-) And the rocket and method of space travel were very detailed.

    • لذتی که تو کمیک های هیجان انگیز تن تن هست توی هیچ چیزی نیست به نظرم ولی این یکی خیلییی دوز ماجرا جویی هاش کم بود واسم و اونجوري که باید و شاید بهم نچسبید. شاید هم من تو مود نبودم. نميدونم والا:((

    • هر دو كتاب سفر به كره ماه و گشت و گذار در ماه رو پشت سر هم خوندم و دو تا از بهترين هاى تن تن بودن قطعاً.

    • Favourite moment: Tintin letting Haddock have it when he gets drunk on stowaway whisky and endangers the mission to the moon by leaving the spaceship to "go home to Marlinspike" - and almost becoming a satellite of the Adonis asteroid. Tintin rarely gets angry, so that was a surprise upon rereading. Amazing visuals in this one, the starkness of the moonscape, the vast inky blackness stretching between earth and the moon, and the fun effect of less gravity. I remember reading the ending as a kid [...]

    • What a lovely treat to receive this as a Birthday gift!Tintin and friends are on their way to the moon, years ahead of Neil Armstrong in an iconic red spaceship. The scrapes and japes are a'plenty and the artwork is wonderfule small details of the originals clearly showing through from the animated Tintin that I have previously enjoyed. I won't go into the plot, but will say that I shall enjoy reading many more! So many versions of this book, so just for the record I read the 1965 reprint of the [...]

    • I don't think Herge's adventures of Tintin ever topped the two-parter of Destination Moon and Explorers on the moon. Told in a breathless cliffhanger style, with constant uproarious slapstick (every fifth frame shows someone seeing stars), it does in truth find the series resting on its laurels (one cannot think of a more improbable crew for an expedition to the moon than series mainstays Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and stow-away detectives Thompson and Thomson. A pity Nestor couldn't ha [...]

    • The Tintin stories for anyone who has read them and understands their history can't be viewed as anything other than groundbreaking. The beginnings of these stories have been around as long as the Lord of the Rings, the illustration and environments in the Tintin books are accurate and extremely detailed. Anyone who has spent even a little time exploring Herge (Georges Remi) can see the painstaking research and adversity he worked through to compose the world around Tintin. His ideas were ahead [...]

    • Ce tome est aussi bon que Objectif Lune. Si le premier était très comique, celui-ci est plus en suspense. Il doivent faire face à Jorgen qui veut voler la fusée et ils doivent faire face au manque d'oxygène. Le côté comique est toujours là avec Haddock et les Dupondt. Comme je le disait pour Objectif Lune, Hergé a vraiment été visionnaire lorsqu'il a fait ces deux aventures de Tintin. Plusieurs faits de cet album se sont avérés vrais lorsque les USA sont eux-même allés sur la lune [...]

    • Not my favorite Tintin book, but, as always with Herge's comics, it's amazing - funny and adventurous. The idea of being stuck in space scares me, which is probably why I didn't enjoy it so much. ;)~Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews

    • For a 1950s comic, as with Herge's prequel Objectif Lune, Destination Lune is surprisingly scientific. To hear about weightlessness, G-forces, oxygen turning to carbon dioxide in their ship, must've all come as something of an eye-opener to children of the time. Tintin and Captain Haddock also perform the world's first space walk and when they both finally set foot on the moon, Tintin's speech is rather moving and not unlike Neil Armstrong's some years later. The return to Earth was even quite s [...]

    • Really great tintin book, it's visually appealing and as a child brought me into contact with the concepts of space travel and science such as weightlessness and gravity. One of my favorite scenes in all the books whilst growing up appears here when Captain Haddock gets drunk on whisky and can't get his magnetic books on in time which leaves him floating about with Snowy and a ball of floating whiskey. When the gravity is turned back on he falls flat on his back with a face full of whiskey. This [...]

    • The illustrations of the moon and earth of this issue are beautiful and the story very good with several twists! Maybe these two #16 and #17 are my favorite!I love Snowy in the spacesuit but in this issue its leg is broken!!! Poor Snowy!While reading, I had to remind myself that this is written 15 years previous the actual moon landing!Excellent issue!!!

    • This book is full of excitement from starting to the end! But lacks action! The little action introduced could be extended a little more. Nonetheless, never got bored of reading and that's all that matters!

    • Tintin #16 (Destination Moon) and Tintin #17 (Explorers On The Moon) are my favorites of the series so far. Love the rocket design!

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