Itty Bitty Hellboy

Itty Bitty Hellboy Witness the awesomeness that is Hellboy The characters that sprung from Mike Mignola s imagination with an AW YEAH Art Baltazar and Franco twist This book has ALL the FUN adventure and AW YEAHNESS

  • Title: Itty Bitty Hellboy
  • Author: Art Baltazar Franco
  • ISBN: 9781616554149
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Witness the awesomeness that is Hellboy The characters that sprung from Mike Mignola s imagination, with an AW YEAH Art Baltazar and Franco twist This book has ALL the FUN, adventure, and AW YEAHNESS in one itty bitty package That s a true story right there Collects Itty Bitty Hellboy 1 5.

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      Art Baltazar Franco Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Itty Bitty Hellboy book, this is one of the most wanted Art Baltazar Franco author readers around the world.

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    • This one makes perfect sense. Marvel have been doing their Skottie Young-drawn Marvel baby variant covers to enormous success and I’d go so far as say Young’s AVX parody, A-Babies Vs X-Babies, was better than the real thing. Maybe this is a Japanese influenced move? I don’t know. Either way, having a baby-fied version of Hellboy seems like an obvious move for Dark Horse who looked at the market and said “me too!”. Being a huge Hellboy fan, I’ve been wanting to read this one for a whi [...]

    • If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy Marvel with some of the younger readers in your life, Itty Bitty Hellboy is right up your alley. Aimed as a kid friendly version of everyone’s favorite red demon, Itty Bitty Hellboy features Hellboy and his friends building box forts, camping and generally getting up to all kinds of mischief. And it’s Hellboy so of course they visit Hell at one point in the story.Itty Bitty Hellboy is co-written by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, a pair which has also crea [...]

    • Not aimed at me and I didn't care for it. The art is decent and I can see how kids could get a kick out of it but not gonna recommend it to mine.

    • this didn't work for me. my 6yo found it boring as well.I might have enjoyed it more if I'd read more Hellboy, but that still doesn't help kids approach the characters.

    • ARC provided by NetGalley I’ve been a fan of Hellboy for a few years now and I’m always up for the opportunity to read new adventures with the characters. Although I haven’t read a lot of the itty, bitty series before, I’m familiar with the style and type of storytelling they bring to the characters and it’s fun. So what could possibly go wrong by combining the two together? Wella bit actually.I’ll start with the good. The good is that the artwork is pretty good. The images are brigh [...]

    • (ARC supplied by Netgalley)I loved Itty Bitty Titans, from the same artist, and that prompted me to immediately request this book. Unlike the Teen Titans, I knew Hellboy fairly well, having read a few of the GNs and having LOVED the 2nd Movie (the first was meh). And if I had loved the Titans Itty Bitty version, I was going to absolutely adore Itty Bitty Hellboy, right?Unfortunately, not so. I suspect it's because Hellboy, for all of its smart stories and setting, just is not given to comedy. Te [...]

    • 'Itty Bitty Hellboy' is an odd thing. It's a graphic novel aimed at kids based on characters and situations that are definitely not aimed at kids, in my opinion. I love the Hellboy series, but the series and movies are quite dark.The characters are all quite young. There are good guys and bad guys that are familiar to those who know the Hellboy universe. Abe, Liz, Lobster Johnson and, of course, Hellboy, are all here along with others. All the stories are a few pages long and the humor is square [...]

    • As a fan of Art Balthazar from as far back as my early teens, and someone who's gotten to follow his Itty Bitty Works & meet him in person, I would have leapt buildings in a single bound for the chance to read this book. I have seen a lot of the other reviews of this graphic novel from people who don't seem to be very acquainted with the Itty Bitty universe at all, and I want to set the record straight on saying this merges in perfectly with it. Sure, it's a different universe than Tiny Tita [...]

    • This book is so gersh darn adorable, you just want to pinch its cheeks and throw it against the wall. But seriously, folks. This book really is adorable and funny, and teaches decent morals (obvious without being heavy-handed). I just have to wonder one itty-bitty (heh) thing: If you've never read Hellboy, or watched the movies, which I imagine is true for this book's expected target audience, then there really isn't any context or back story for the characters and their relationships. The stori [...]

    • What if Hellboy and his friends were a group of youngsters having adventures in their backyard like kids always do? That's the premise of this book. The drawings are cute and most stories are two to four page long, often ending in a joke. It reads like a cross between Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes. I found the book mildly entertaining--it seems aimed at a much younger audience than me. Though I think the age the book is aimed at is probably (and properly) completely unfamiliar with Hellboy and [...]

    • I'm glad I picked this up. I actually wasn't terribly impressed with the first issue on it's own. I've read plenty of Hellboy and BPRD, so I get all the inside jokes, but this takes a little time for an adult reader to get into. It's cute and sweet and very one dimensional until you get into later content where a storyline and recurring jokes occur (the pancake and Sasquatch jokes are great). (Obviously, kids will accept all this from the get-go.)So, if you can appreciate your dark, brooding, wo [...]

    • Although it probably would have made more sense if I was familiar with the original, for-adults series, this was still a quick, cute read and I don't see kids caring if they get all the references adults who are familiar with the series would get. I especially liked how each issue/chapter could be taken as an individual story but put together made one continuous arc; this is great for children reading this who may need to read it in pieces and is a great way to introduce children to the format o [...]

    • I don’t understand who Itty Bitty Hellboy is for.I found this Eisner winner funny and charming, but I’ve also read regular, grown up, R-rated Hellboy. I know the characters and their relationships. I can understand why seeing them depicted in such a lighthearted and cutesy manner is extra funny. Would the book still be as funny if I didn’t have that background?So while I enjoyed it, and it was funny and competently done-I have no idea who it’s for. Eight-year-olds should not be familiar [...]

    • More like 2.5 Stars, but its something I shouldn't have read. I think you have to be no older than 8 or 9 to enjoy the humor of this one. It was funny to see the villains as itty-bittys, but not worth 130 pages of my time. Overall, I recommend it for children for sure and maybe as a page-through for hardcore Hellboy fans and fans of the Itty-Bitty series of comicRDICT: 2.5/5 Stars*I received this book from Diamond Book Distributors, on NetGalley. No favors or money were exchanged for this review [...]

    • I love the Itty Bitty series because it takes popular, made for adults and older teens, characters and put it where its understandable to younger kids. It also cleans up the characteristics that could be bad influences and gives you a darling version of dare devil may care superheroes. While his name is still Hellboy, gone are the suggestive undertones, bad language, and overly bad ass bravado. Staying are the looks, devil may care attitude, and funny side of this popular red faced beast.

    • It might seem like an odd combination, Hellboy getting the cutesy 'Itty Bitty' treatment, but if you enjoy HB and want to get your younger ones in early, this is a good way. The bright, simple shapes are indeed cute, reminding me a bit of the Powerpuff Girls. Art Baltazar and Franco do a solid job with the art and stories, most of which are a few pages long and have simple kid-friendly jokes (Johann sneezes himself out of his suit, jokes about Roger's underwear, and so on).

    • All I can say is this was too freaking cute. All the major characters are in the book and most of the stories are done in 2-3 pages. There are some story arcs but nothing too detailed. I would gladly hand this over to some young fan of the Hellboy movies to read and not worry about them tripping over anything hard to understand that would be in the regular Hellboy stories. Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley

    • Let's take one of the darkest comic series out there and turn it into a saturday morning cartoon!An idea that should not work ends up being a fun read.Some of the characters don't work as cute cartoons, but Hellboys pancake obsession and evil nazis building cardboard box forts make this a cute, fluffy read.Art and Franco are todays champions of 'comics need to be for kids' and anything they do is worth a read.

    • So, this is cute. It's my first exposure to Art Baltazar and Franco, though I've heard good things and was not misled. Definitely an odd one, with Hellboy characters run through a weird all-ages comic strip filter, but it works surprisingly well.

    • not quite the whacked-out crazy fun of say an Avengers babies vs X-babies. but recreates the adventures of hellboy and friends (and enemies) as pre-school box-based adventures. very good fun for long-time fans.

    • it does prove you can put Funny Animal Comics Tropes through most any kind of fandom and get something coherent & identifiable. It is interesting in execution, even if the content fails to engage Readers Of A Certain Age.

    • soy fan de Baltazar y Franco pero creo que esta versión de Hellboy estâ muy lejos de su Tiny Titans. No supieron aprovechar el rico universo creado por Mike Mignola y optaron por una fórmula que ya está un poco gastada.

    • I got this because my little ones want to read Hellboy. I don't think they will find it as funny as I did. Especially since they don't know the characters or their backgrounds. It was funny, not great but funny.

    • 4/8/14 Just a shade under 3, tbph, but I'm sure that were I more familiar with the Hellboy universe, it would have earned that solid 3. Review tk.4/29/14 iwantmytwodollars/2014

    • This combines two of my favorite things: Hellboy and Art Baltazar and Franco comics.My only complaint is that there isn't more.

    • My nearly six year old loves the adventures of Itty Bitty Hellboy. He has me be Liz and he's Hellboy, and we go to Eve's birthday party. Cute illustrations. I do hope there will be more of this!

    • It's cute, but very, very childish. It's not the type of childish that has hidden mature themes that adults can connect with too. It's just straight up for kids.

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