Her Two different women two different worlds On the face of it Emma and Nina have very little in common Isolated and exhausted by early motherhood Emma finds her confidence is fading fast Nina is sophis

  • Title: Her
  • Author: Harriet Lane
  • ISBN: 9780297865056
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two different women two different worlds On the face of it, Emma and Nina have very little in common Isolated and exhausted by early motherhood, Emma finds her confidence is fading fast Nina is sophisticated and assured, a successful artist who seems to have it all under control, yet when the two women meet, they are irresistibly drawn to each other As the friendshipTwo different women two different worlds On the face of it, Emma and Nina have very little in common Isolated and exhausted by early motherhood, Emma finds her confidence is fading fast Nina is sophisticated and assured, a successful artist who seems to have it all under control, yet when the two women meet, they are irresistibly drawn to each other As the friendship develops, as Emma gratefully invites Nina into her life, it emerges that someone is playing games and the stakes could not be higher.What, exactly, does Nina see in Emma What does she want And how far will she go in pursuit of it

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      Harriet Lane has worked as an editor and staff writer at TATLER and the OBSERVER She has also written for the GUARDIAN, the TELEGRAPH and VOGUE She lives in north London.

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    • I was comfortably poised to give this psychological thriller five stars. I loved the beautiful prose, the gradually increasing sense of menace and tension, the examination of how a woman's identity and sense of self can be utterly subsumed by motherhood. Then I finished it.I believe the words that came out of my mouth were something approximating the phrase ARE YOU XXXXING KIDDING ME????!!!Seriously, seriously, the most ridiculous motive and the most 'ran out of ideas' ending I have had the misf [...]

    • It’s not a long book but it drags drags drags drags drags drags drags drags drags, it drags more than Priscilla Queen of the Desert multiplied by Some Like it Hot, because not only does nothing much happen (a dinner party, a bit of babysitting, a family holiday, it’s not Die Hard, that is for sure) each time something mild does happen you have to go through it twice, because everything is narrated by Emma and then by Nina or Nina and then by Emma, two versions of everything. We've come acros [...]

    • Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/^^^That's me . . . well, you know, only less deliciously humpable. WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. THERE WILL ALSO BE FS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, SO DON'TCHA DARE COME HERE BITCHING ABOUT ME USING "VIDEO CLIPS" IN MY PERSONAL REVIEW SPACE!What can I even say about Her? Maybe I should just let one of the MCs speak for me . . . "I don't think I like these characters."The problem is I didn't actively dislike them either. They were so "meh" I couldn't muster u [...]

    • I don't remember where I first heard about this book - maybe a People magazine blurb? - but it sounded intriguing so I ordered it from the library. I was excited when it came in, but I made the mistake of looking at the reviews before I started it. Wow. A 2.9???? I don't think I have ever read a book rated that low on . I was disappointed and put it aside for a while, but curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up again and gave it a shot - and am I glad I did! I loved it!This was a clev [...]

    • Got this as a Giveaway. Here's my honest review. I was loving this book until the 2 last chapters came along. They ruined the whole experience for me. The second to last chapter we finally discovered how Nina knew Emma. How come Emma doesn't remember Nina? and Nina's motive is just plain ridiculous. She didn't seem crazy in any other aspect of her life, so why is she so mad at Emma??? I just didn't get it. And the last chapter What can I say I hated the ending. And I usually like when the endin [...]

    • Buggering Book-selling BlurbsMost of the Novel Moves Like a Mini through Mississippi Mud BottomI fell for laudatory plugs for this novel from other authors, words I casually glanced over in the bookstore. This novel is the perfect exemplary of why I now distrust as patently biased nearly all flattery by other authors.Until the last eighth of this short novel, the story moves like a Mini through a Mississippi mud bottom. No doubt, this story is chilling, about a pair of friends, the first of whom [...]

    • Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.(Warning: because I wanted to discuss this book in detail, my review below contains more spoilers than usual. Not with regards to specific plot points, just general developments, but you may want to avoid reading it in full if you are planning to read the book and want to be surprised.)Her is the second novel from Harriet Lane, author of the wonderful Alys, Always. It is the tale of two women, Nina and Emma, who tell their own stories in alternati [...]

    • I have never been one who has to have a tidy ending. Am all for leaving it out there for the reader to use his or her imagination as to how things shake out. However, this one slammed me with an "ending" that seems completely beyond the pale - to the point of not even belonging to the same story I just read. On the other hand, the writing was good. 'handwriting that turns into spiders', a restless cat 'compelled by his own mysterious affairs'. Mind pictures of an exhausted mother, everyone pawin [...]

    • *I won a copy of this book through first reads.What starts off as too mysterious to put down, but with characters too dull to care much about what happens to them quickly proves to want to be more mysterious than actually being mysterious. I'm sorry, but you can't just have one of your two narrators make vague references to something she knows, you don't, and the other narrator may or may not and expect that to count as making the entire plot a mystery. Even so, my rating was going to be a pret [...]

    • This intriguing and well-constructed thriller starts when Nina recognises Emma on a street near her London home more than twenty years since she last saw her. As the reader you can’t help but wonder why Nina is so obsessed with Emma especially as Emma doesn’t appear to recognise her at all when they first meet. What connects these two women and why Nina wants to insert herself into her life is the crux of the whole book.We have Nina and her poised life as an artist, mother of the teenage Sop [...]

    • I definitely didn't love it It had me on edge the whole time and when I finally reached the last page it did not compensate for all the time I spent reading the book. I was hoping for more but the plot was so vague. Don't want to spoil the book for anyone but I just felt like telling Nina GET OVER IT!!! Definitely something is wrong in both these women's heads.

    • Wheee, my first giveaway win in forever!I didn't enjoy Her as much as Harriet Lane's previous novel, Alys Always, but it's clear after reading both in a short span of time that she is becoming the master of very quiet thrillers that creep up on you. In fact, I'm hesitant to even officially call either of them thrillers due to their subtlety, but Her especially has such an underlying feel of menace that it just has to fall into the category.Instead of the marriage dramas that have been popping u [...]

    • Hmmm.This book was beautifully written and masterfully creepy. Quietly terrifying -- it reminds me a lot of Rebecca in that respect. Gorgeous prose. A strong premise. A swift read.I have to give it a full three stars for all of that.The ending, however, was a huge disappointment to me. It's not just the ambiguity, though I'm human enough to be annoyed by that aspect of it. It's the abruptness. It felt rushed. It also felt utterly unrelated to the rest of the story. What I could understand I just [...]

    • An absolutely brilliant psychological thriller this one – and also an INCREDIBLY difficult review to write without spoilers. Which in itself should tell you just how good it is.When Nina catches a glimpse of Emma on the street, she is overwhelmed by memories – of what and when we are not sure. As she insinuates herself into Emma’s life, Emma has no clue who she is…but Nina wants something from Emma…but even Nina herself is unsure of what that might be.This is possibly one of the most i [...]

    • this reads as revenge noir. it has moments of brilliance (oh, but the apprehension!) but then is followed by tedious blah, blah, blah. and suddenly it is chilling and sinister. and then more blah, blah, blah. the parts about being a new mom and the adjustment one goes through are spot-on. overall though this was an unsatisfying read. the ending will make most want to scream. so consider yourself warned.

    • Harriet Lane’s second novel “Her” is a horribly cruel, creepy little novel that leaves one with a sour aftertaste and a heart full of hatred and disgust for humanity. It is, nevertheless, an edge-of-the-seat page-turner and a sharp examination of the almost-invisible and subtle---yet vicious---misogyny that some women exhibit toward other women.My wife calls it “Girl Code”. She acknowledges that most, if not all, men have no clue about its existence, and those that do are mentally inca [...]

    • This one requires some thought before ratingUpdate: Her was a haunting story of obsession. The story is based on the two main characters, Nina and Emma, having an encounter in which Nina recalls an incident from the past and “befriends” Emma, in deceitful and disturbing ways. All the while Emma is clueless of their past together Some fans of psychological thrillers and dark character studies may love this. I loved the writing, loved how creepy it was with the subtle details, and how slowly t [...]

    • ‘Her’ is depicted as a psychological thriller about two very different women and revenge. We get perspectives from both Emma and Nina, throughout the novel. Very early on, we start to understand that something links these two women, artist and mother from the past. Nina wants revenge and slowly she starts to disrupt Emma’s world.I found this book incredibly hard to get through and extremely dull. I actually gave up reading at 60%. Getting the same scene narrated by both characters just rei [...]

    • *3.5 starsI think reviewing this book is hard to put into words. I haven't read Harriet Lane before so I had no expectations going into reading this. It's a psychological suspense between two women that kept me turning the pages. I liked how it was written: told by two alternating pov's by Emma and Nina. I liked "seeing" how both sides of the story were told. Yes, because of this most points of the story were re-hashed but it made you see their story differently. I can definitely see why a lot o [...]

    • Hated this book. It was well-written, but the plot was just ridiculous. Nina harbors a secret, obsessive hatred for Emma and when she meets her again after many years she begins a plot of subtle revenge. We don't find out until late in the book WHY Nina hates Emma. It is then obvious why Emma does not even remember Nina. There is absolutely no reason Nina would hate Emma and no reason to suspect that Nina is actually crazy, which she would have to be to blow up this non-event into a reason for a [...]

    • What if the accidents of everyday life as a mother of young children aren't just accidents?As soon as Nina spies Emma, you know something happened between these two very different women sometime in the distant past, but what was it? Nina knows, but isn't telling. Emma doesn't even recognize Nina. In alternating, overlapping chapters that relate different events from each woman's perspective, you watch as the two form a tenuous and unexpected relationship though it is absolutely clear that while [...]

    • Harriet Lane’s second novel – like her first – is clever, subtle, cool and compelling tells the story of Emma and Nina, two women of the same age who are near-neighbours in north London. Nina is a successful artist, and she lives with her older husband and with Sophie, the 17-year-old daughter of an early, failed marriage. She is independent – her husband’s successful career as an architect means that he is often away – she is poised, and she enjoys the fruits of her success.Emma is [...]

    • Do not read this book.If you started to read this book, then do not finish it. You might think you should finish it because the writing is sometimes lovely, if slow. You might assume that all that slowness will build up to something, that somebody with such nice prose would never attempt to write a thriller that seems to only address the minutiae of everyday life. You might also assume that since the author made the choice to show us nearly every scene twice (same dialogue, often the same detail [...]

    • Spoilers, spoilers everywhere I very much enjoyed Harriet Lane's previous novel, Alys, Always, and was expecting to enjoy this one. The promised theme of a toxic friendship between two women seemed likely to suit her very subtle style of storytelling, and to have all the makings of an excellent psychological thriller. The alternating first person narrators worked well, up to a point. Although there was a lot of overlap, there was far more than that - and seeing the same scene from different poin [...]

    • Holy crap, what a perfect ending! I really loved this book. The glimpse into Emma's claustrophobic motherhood was like seeing a foreign (and terrifying!) world. (I always think of myself more aligned with the maternal instincts of Carol from the Walking Dead.) And Nina was a perfect creepy balance. She reminded me of everything awful about being a teenage girl. Highly recommended!

    • This is one of those books where you can’t talk about the plot without ruining the book, so I’ll talk about other stuff.I’ve noticed that many reviews on have been hot and cold; this held true for our book club (which received a box full of free copies –thanks to Little, Brown and Co.). I found the book to be engrossing, and as another member said, when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. Lane does a great job of creating atmosphere with sensory details – I especially felt [...]

    • I quite loved the characters & the settings of Her. Nina & Emma are the kind of late 30-somethings who live in north London & shop @ Waitrose & work in the ‘creative’ or ‘cultural sector’ - tho’ Emma has been forced to abandon TV to become a full-time mum. Nina is a painter with a 2nd husband who’s an architect who designs the kind of buildings you see in magazines. She has a 17 y/o daughter Sophie by an ex now in America as well as a mother who lives in the country & [...]

    • WOW! That was all I could say when I finished this book.The story of Nina and Emma is told in their voices in alternating chapters. Sometime there is overlap in in their stories, but the different perceptions of events are interesting. As you read, you know something seemingly awful happened in the past and there is a foreboding that something will happen in the future. Harriet Lane takes her time building the story, the back story and her two leading ladies. This book is a slow burn, one you re [...]

    • Three- or four-star book till the empty "payoff." What a letdown! My complaints are only with the plot. Beautiful writing, amazing evocations of the drudgery of motherhood, drag of the everyday, dreadful psychic drain of your own body barely being your own (when you've got two little kids depending on you for absolutely everything). I read the whole thing despite having been warned that the ending was a disappointment, ande ending was a total disappointment. It felt like the author had this whol [...]

    • This lady can really write. This book is beautifully written, and I am sure it will be an award winner. It is cleverly constructed, and the tale of deep felt revenge is developed, without the reader knowing why. However for me this is where the good stuff ends. When we find out the reason for Nina's hatred, it seems insufficient to fuel her actions, and whilst I understand that the end is suposed to leave us hanging, I think it leaves us without any conclusion at all, and I found it disappointin [...]

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