Blind Allegiance

Blind Allegiance She ll always fight for what she believes in Betrayed by a brother she hardly trusted before the bloodthirsty Viking Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson attacks her home Noelle Sinclair is conveniently barter

  • Title: Blind Allegiance
  • Author: Violetta Rand
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She ll always fight for what she believes in Betrayed by a brother she hardly trusted before the bloodthirsty Viking, Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson, attacks her home, Noelle Sinclair is conveniently bartered as a means to save her cowardly sibling s skin Forced to leave her homeland and accompany the petulant Viking to the untamed wilderness of central Norway, Noelle is ever aShe ll always fight for what she believes in Betrayed by a brother she hardly trusted before the bloodthirsty Viking, Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson, attacks her home, Noelle Sinclair is conveniently bartered as a means to save her cowardly sibling s skin Forced to leave her homeland and accompany the petulant Viking to the untamed wilderness of central Norway, Noelle is ever aware of the burgeoning dangers around her including her weakening resolve to resist Randvior.Should Noelle surrender to his resplendent charms and seduction, or fight with every ounce of strength she possesses to get home

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      Raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Violetta Rand spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska where she studied environmental science Violetta spent a decade working as a scientist before quitting her day job to pursue her dream as a full time writer.Violetta still lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and spends her days writing evocative contemporary and historical romance When she s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends.

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    • 4 and 1/2 stars - Absorbing Viking Tale!Book 1 in the Blind series, this is also the author’s debut novel and it’s a great first book.Set in the early 11th Century, near the end of the Viking era, this is the story of Randvior Sigurdsson, a jarl from Norway, who has a dream when he is in the Orkney Islands (off the coast of Scotland) of a honey-haired woman. Months later, he and his men attack the castle of Noelle Sinclair’s father in Durham (northeast England today) and he claims the tawn [...]

    • I did and din't liked this book.The main complaint is that the heroine, Noelle, changes her mind in a matter of seconds. One moment she's swooning at the hero's, Rand, attentions and the next she's furious with him. I understand that she's forced, that she's almost a prisoner and therefore she rebels, but her actions and reaction were too abrupt and almost without reason.On the other side, I did like the overall feel of the novel. I could immagine the situations and the country.Also, I couldn't [...]

    • This is Violetta Rand's debut book and, although I did have some issues with the story, the interesting characters, the passionate romance and the intriguing plot make this a very enjoyable read.I like how Ms Rand develops the romance between Randvior and Noelle. From their first meeting, it is obvious sparks will fly between the powerful, strong, stubborn Viking Jarl and the intelligent, strong-willed and equally stubborn, Saxon lady. There is just the right amount of sexual tension and passion [...]

    • I did and didn't like this book. I liked the idea of this story, it was written quite well, but there is just something that is slightly off about it all. And that's the characters.**Just to let you know, I have forgotten the lead males name. Actually every time I saw it, I just skipped over it cause it was difficult to pronounce.First with the male character, I didn't feel like he was represented as a Viking properly. He just came off as an English romantic gentleman. Not a big tough guy Viking [...]

    • Very good story and characters. I would have given this a 5 star rating but the Norwegian language that kept coming into it was annoying and kept getting in the way of the story flow. I wouldn't think many people could read it so couldn't understand why it was put in throughout the book. However because it was very good otherwise I will carry on with this series.

    • Violetta Rand’s debut novel Blind Allegiance will keep you guessing as she weaves you smoothly through the twists and turns of her Viking story. The feisty Lady Noelle is a perfect match for Viking war lord, Randvior and they battle betrayal and differing cultures to find their happily ever after.

    • This is more bodice-ripper than historical, with the protagonists practically taking about three-fourths of the book to qualify their lust love for one another. I can only hope book 2 isn’t a letdown.

    • When I find a book with Viking's I have this desire to kidnap the author and have them write me hundreds of books with Viking heroes. A hero that is tall, barbarian, willing to take what he wants and to hell with the rest. Sometimes I come across a book that is just blah would not be put back on my TBR shelf, and then I come across a book that Oh, Wow! Where has this author been hiding?Well, I came across an author recently that wrote such book that I could kidnap. Sadly the author is about 5000 [...]

    • Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews!Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews!Violetta Rand debuts with Blind Allegiance, The Blind Series Book 1, that will delight lovers of historical romance. Rand’s vivid imagery captures the era of the Viking raids effectively, pulling the reader into this story.Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson, a Viking, travels to Durham, England to raid a castle, based on a vision from father Odin. During the ensuing battle, he sees Lady Noelle Sinclair, [...]

    • Rand is a visually descriptive author who lays this old world out before her readers in a vivid yet natural manner. I appreciate how she avoids the use of modern slang without making her writing forced and overly formal. There is a very approachable flow to the story that allows you to immerse yourself in the tale being told and travel back in time with the characters. Rand keeps her story firmly placed in the past while keeping readers enthralled in the present. She also weaves Norse mythology [...]

    • This is author Violetta Rand's debut novel, the first in a series featuring Viking warriors and the fascinating Norse culture.I loved the portrayal of the hero Randvior as a fierce Viking raider with a conscience. Rather than raping and pillaging at random, he was surprisingly deliberate, thoughtful, and merciful. I found him to be a very strong and appealing hero. The developing romance and sexual tension between the Viking and his captive English bride was also very well done.Although there we [...]

    • A very good plot that kept the action and drama intense. The one major complaint I have about this romance pertains to the hero himself. He is consistently portrayed as a sexy, charismatic, dangerous, intelligent and compassionate leader. However, the way in which the character's dialogue and actions are presented fail to elicit real lingering emotion for the reader. So, the hero ultimately is very dull and unbelievable in his passion and seductiveness. I think maybe his language or speech patte [...]

    • Blind Allegiance combines a brutal, sexy, Viking warrior with a shy, but sassy, daughter of an English Lord. Violetta Rand captures readers attention by creating realistic feelings of an impossible love. Threads of religion, lore, architecture, and tradition are carefully woven, enabling the reader to learn about the characters and time period without deterring from the plot and love story. Many twists and turns keep the pages turning late into the night. Looking forward to Randvoir and Noelle's [...]

    • The story opens up in the middle of the Viking world, full of the wonder and mystery that world brings – and the blood. As much fun as the books romance is – and it is fun, watching Jarl and Noelle slowly dancing into each others’ arms – there’s a darker side to it, to give a thrilling chill as you read. As English woman and Viking man come together, there’s a sense of beautiful eventuality to its tender kiss.3.5/5

    • First, I would like to thank the author Violetta Rand for giving me this book for an honest review. I really enjoyed this story. The characters were well developed. I love historical romances, vikings right up there with Scotsmen for me. I am looking forward to more from this author and more of this series.

    • Loved this book!It was hard to put down and ended to quickly. I will definitely buy the other books in this series. I loved the main characters.

    • Viking romance with hunky, blond hero named Randviorally, his name should have been "Randy" because his blood was always running hot!

    • Blind AllegianceThis is a true Viking story. Rand was everything I thought of for a viking. Big, strong and faithful. Loved by his family and friends. Can't wait to read more.

    • The author's mechanics of good writing were excellent. The storyline had more sex scenes than I needed to read, but the love and devotion between the protagonists was probably developed better through a few wonderful sexual encounters than through any other method. Set in the mid 15th or 16th century, Christianity had spread throughout northern England, but Odin remained the god of the North. Somehow, the author had to show the need of tolerance of each other and their different religions. Just [...]

    • Actual rating 2.5I wasn't all that thrilled with this. When I see Viking, Eric Northman pops into my head. Randvior is no Eric Northman. I wanted sexy time with a Viking but the sex scenes if you want to call them that were lack luster. Very lack luster. There was hardly any blood and guts. Plus there was a lot of mercy. It was understandable with Randvior's mother but he could have killed more people and it could have been explained better. At least to me it could have.This one wasn't for me. M [...]

    • Blind Allegiance is Violetta Rand’s debut novel from Soul Mate Publishing. This is the first in a series which brings to life the age of the Vikings during the beginning of the end of their tumultuous grip on Europe and surrounding lands. In Blind Allegiance, Rand introduces Randvior, a Viking ruler raised with an atypical English education. His rearing is at odds with the brutality his culture thrives upon, but he tries to find a happy medium in which his people can thrive. His relationship w [...]

    • Awesome read!!Fast paced tale of "Viking Romance", danger, suspense, passion and romance. You will find no fault in this intriguing, well written tale. "Blind Allegiance", is a powerful, emotional tale, that is filled with complexity and emotions. The H/H must make many decisions about faith, family and clan mercy, while, maintaining a blossoming love story, and keeping the heroine safe from a dangerous foe. Simply, awesome! I can't wait to read the next "Viking Romance". Well written with power [...]

    • Really badThe hardest thing for me to admit is the fact I continued reading this book to the end. It's downright silly and a bit boring. From the outset I knew it was historically inaccurate, but kept reading in hopes it may get betterbut it got increasingly worse. The heroine can't decide what she wants and changes her mind every chapter. The hero is a big dummy viking jarl. Half the time I spent trying to figure out what was going one disjointed story is so poorly laid out it makes no sense. T [...]

    • Surprisingl delightI downloaded this book because it was free and didn't sound too bad. This isn't exactly my preferred genre. I like paranormal romance. Or newer romance stuff. I'm not too much into the historical romance because I get a headache trying to understand the old English language and their dialogue. I'm not even into Vikings and can't speak Norwegian. But even with all that, this book was pretty good. Given all the things I didn't like about this book, the connection between the cha [...]

    • Blind Allegiance grabbed me straight away. I love that when I become so involved in reading that the stress of life melts away! Noelle is a fabulous character; confident, intelligent and tough. Rand’s artfully and skillfully creates a wonderful chemistry between Noelle and Rand, a typical romantic hero, but an endearing one.The story was well crafted and fast paced keeping me turning the pages and eager for the next. I thought that developing the imagery would be difficult but Rand again surpr [...]

    • A light read for a weekend to relax on. Saxon lady is taken prisoner of war by a Viking and taken with him to Norway. As usually in this kind of books they fall in love with each other in a short time. She however is totally not accepted by his mother nor his household.Often I wondered if things were historicly correct like cabins on vikingships, or multistory strongholds in Norway in those days and the heroin certainly thinks too modern in my opinion. Also the story has moments you want to hurr [...]

    • FantasticFantastic Start to this Viking Series. It has been too long since I have read a Viking story this good. Noelle and Randjovr were exceptional characters. You cannot help but fall in love with their plight. Their were several parts where my heart ached for several of the characters. There were parts that were so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. I had never read anything from this author and as I said before it has been too long for a fantastic Viking story. This is the book 1 of th [...]

    • Being an avid fan of historical romance, Blind Allegiance, was a welcome addition to my must read list. I wasn't disappointed. An exciting, gripping plot, attention to historical detail, memorable characters, and the intense sexual tension between Randvior, the dashing, Viking hero and Noelle, the feisty English heroine, provide an entertaing read from start to finish, and leaves the reader wanting more. Ms. Rand's tallent as an author shines through in the first book of what promises to be a gr [...]

    • Awesome Romance and AdventureI really loved both the heroine and hero in this story. They were both courageous and loving at the same time. The author was able to show a real difference between male and female thought processes, that seemed to be historically accurate for the two different cultures represented. I would recommend this to anybody, who, like me, needs some escape time

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