The Time Traveller's Almanac

The Time Traveller s Almanac You are about to embark on a journey that will take you from the beginning of time to its very end Reality will be warped wormholes and rifts will pull you into strange and terrifying futures maroon

  • Title: The Time Traveller's Almanac
  • Author: Ann VanderMeer Jeff VanderMeer
  • ISBN: 9781781853900
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You are about to embark on a journey that will take you from the beginning of time to its very end Reality will be warped, wormholes and rifts will pull you into strange and terrifying futures, maroon you in distant, hostile pasts and threaten beware the Butterfly Effect to transform the era from whence you came forever.The Time Traveller s Almanac is the largest, moYou are about to embark on a journey that will take you from the beginning of time to its very end Reality will be warped, wormholes and rifts will pull you into strange and terrifying futures, maroon you in distant, hostile pasts and threaten beware the Butterfly Effect to transform the era from whence you came forever.The Time Traveller s Almanac is the largest, most definitive collection of time travel stories ever assembled Gathered into one volume by intrepid chrononauts and world renowned anthologists Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, here is over a century s worth of literary travels into both past and future.Including stories from Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, George R.R Martin, Ursula K Le Guin, Michael Moorcock and, of course, H.G Wells, here are beloved classics and cutting edge contemporary examples of the genre.Because, the truth is, fiction is the most effective time travel machine in the universe and always has been.

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    • Ann VanderMeer Jeff VanderMeer

      Ann VanderMeer is an American publisher and editor, and the second female editor of the horror magazine Weird Tales She is the founder of Buzzcity Press.Her work as Fiction Editor of Weird Tales won a Hugo Award Work from her press and related periodicals has won the British Fantasy Award, the International Rhysling Award, and appeared in several year s best anthologies Ann was also the founder of The Silver Web magazine, a periodical devoted to experimental and avant garde fantasy literature.In 2009 Weird Tales edited by Ann VanderMeer and Stephen H Segal won a Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine Though some of its individual contributors have been honored with Hugos, Nebula Awards, and even one Pulitzer Prize, the magazine itself had never before even been nominated for a Hugo It was also nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2009.

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    • I'm doing a group read with a few time travel fans. One story each Thursday, starting September 3. Hop in any time: timothycward/the-time- or follow using #TimeTravelThursdaySept. 3 – Richard Matheson/ Death Ship (review)4/5 stars for a terrifying hook that only gets better in the last lines.Sept. 10 - Geoffrey A. Landis/ Ripples in the Dirac Sea (review)4/5 stars for a great use of time travel to illustrate the energy and importance of every breath we get.Sept. 24 – Ursula K. Le Guin/ Anoth [...]

    • As we approach the end of the year, we get another behemoth collection from the Vandermeers and Head of Zeus. After 2011′s The Weird, which deservedly won awards, and last year’s Zombies! in 2013 we get The Time Traveller’s Almanac. (Or at least we do here in the UK: US readers will have to travel a little further in time until March 2014 for their copies.)There are many collections of time travel stories out there. This one is claimed to be the biggest, and, as I’m sure many reviews wil [...]

    • Reviews coming every Thursday as part ofThe Time Traveler's Almanac group read and will be posted first atMyLifeMyBooksMyEscapeFollow along with #TimeTravelThursdayDeath Ship by Richard Matheson - 3.5/5 Rating Great start to the anthology! (My Review) Ripples in A Dirac Sea by Geoffrey A. Landis - 4/5 RatingThis is how you science a time-travel story! (My Review) Needle in A Timestack by Robert Silverberg - 3/5 RatingThe butterfly effect! (My Review)Another Story or A Fisherman of the Inland Sea [...]

    • OKyou’re not going to believe this.It was only my second outing but I skipped down to the basement and flipped the relevant gears into action, sending the Time Machine, with myself on board, back in time just a couple of years.The Vandermeers were discussing the possible topics for their next anthology, when I landed right smack bang in the middle of their dining table, cutlery and food flying everywhere.Of course it had the desired effect that I was seeking: it totally disrupted their current [...]

    • It was really hit and miss on the stories that grabbed my attention. However that is true of all anthologies as they are the results of a single persons' interpretation of what is good. Still a reasonable value for the price

    • Stories:Death Ship (Matheson) -- 3 stars -- two for the story, one for the fact that it is Richard MathesonRipples in the Dirac Sea (Landis) -- 5 stars -- Wow, this was great.Needle in a Timestack(Silverberg) -- 3 stars -- Anticlimactic. Started off cool.Another Story (Le Guin)-- 1 star -- Too complicated and boring. I enjoy other Le Guin but could not get into this.Hwang's Billion Brilliant Daughters (Sola Kim) -- 4 stars -- Not sure exactly about the "whys" of this one, but it was still pretty [...]

    • oh this started so well and then lost me. In the first two sections I was completely hooked. All the stories gripped me but then in the remainder I found fewer and fewer that caught my imagination. So the ones I liked were the experiments and investigators, the paradoxes and communicators didn't grab me. Maybe this is my sci-fi heritage just showing itself. The later sections seemed largely to feature newer works whereas the early pieces were more 60s and 70s items; the era of my introduction to [...]

    • The biggest and best collection of short stories about time travel ever. While not every single one of them was a winner, there were enough good ones, and some downright excellent ones, to make this a worthy read. There is even a playlist of songs recorded over the years about time travel in the middle of the book. Some day I will find the time to listen to all of them.

    • collection of short stories on this theme of time travel. Some are very clever and interesting; others, less so. Also, since the stories come from various time periods, some feel modern, others are quite dated.

    • As with all anthologies featuring multiple authors, the quality of this book was highly variable. There were some stories I couldn't get into in the slightest and others that I adored. All in all though, it seemed to be a nice collection involving a variety of authors, writing styles, and time periods. I may look into some of the authors a bit more, I have meant to try more short stories by Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury in particular. I honestly haven't read much sci-fi, so my list of favourites [...]

    • Originally published at"The Nameless Zine". Check it out for more reviews.If you are enthralled by the beauty and passion of 18th Century Scotland in Outlander or long to journey through time and space with The Doctor, award-winning anthologists Jeff and Ann VanderMeer have assembled the perfect guidebook for you.The Time Traveler’s Almanac is the definitive compilation of time-travel related stories, including 70 fiction and non-fiction works – from the earliest published story about a time [...]

    • "When we’re talking about whether or not a story’s 'time travel logic' makes sense, it is important to remember that every story builds its own framework for its own logic."--from the intro to The Time Traveler's AlmanacThough I am still reading The Time Travler's Almanac, I just have to go ahead and write something about how wonderful the collection is so farI especially love the amazing short story by Robert Silverberg called "Needle In A Timestack."It's part love story, part self-discover [...]

    • The Time Traveler's Almanac is collection of time travel fiction and features authors that range from Ursula K. Le Guin to H G Wells (who wrote one of the most well known pieces of time travel fiction, The Time Machine) to newer, not-so-well-known writers like Tony Pi.The Weird is one of my favorite--if not my most favorite--anthologies of all time so I really didn't expect to like Almanac as much but I have to say that it comes pretty darn close. For one, I felt like the stories in Almanac were [...]

    • Charles Yu dá-nos preciosas dicas para bem sucedidas viagens no tempo no divertido Top Ten Tips for Time Travellers. Death Ship de Richard Matheson ressoa com a iconografia da FC clássica. Exploradores do espaço deparam-se num planeta com os destroços de uma nave espacial e os cadáveres dos seus tripulantes. Investigam e apercebem-se que a nave é a sua e os cadáveres os seus. Vendo-se presos num paradoxo temporal, ao tentar a fuga despoletam os eventos que os levarão à morte. Ripples in [...]

    • ‘The Time Traveler’s Almanac’ purports to be “the largest and most definitive collection of time travel stories ever assembled,” and I was unable to find anything capable of disputing this claim. The editors have compiled 72 pieces by luminaries of the genre like H.G. Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R.R. Martin, Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov. Highly recommended for all sci-fi and time travel buffs.Read my full review at Pop Mythology.Matt HlinakAuthor of DoG

    • I would like to be honest. I have failed to complete this book despite sticking to/at it for months (ages?), and yet I am so sick of finding it grinning at me like a hideous laughing Buddha statue whenever I check-in at , that I decided to mark it as read. However, I have a justification handy. This tome is like OED, and that book, as everyone would agree, can't be COMPLETED, despite being full of riveting as well as important stuff. Therefore, using that analogy, I am stuffing the tome to the s [...]

    • This is the most comprehensive and best anthology of Time Travel stories possible. It functions as a collection of many great stories, a historical account of the topic and an artifact of history in its own right. Additionally, this is an introduction to many writers I may never have come across. it is also an opportunity to revisit familiar masters of the short story (regardless of genre). Overall this is an excellent collection on several levels.

    • This is a massive volume of short stories all relating to time travel. Some are quite good, and some are awful, so it is really a mixed bag. I would not recommend reading many of them in one sitting as they will begin to blur together but to read them slowly over time to properly contemplate each, as some are profound and will stick with you. Highlights include Thirty Seconds From Now by John Chu, Time Gypsy by Ellen Klages, and Palindromic by Peter Crowther among others.

    • I'm a sucker for most anything on time travel. But I think among my time travel anthologies, this one is the heaviest (yes--literally, and figuratively, I guess), with the most eclectic collection. So eclectic it doesn't just cover time travel via scientific invention, which is my least attractive conveyance for time travel, because it's always going to be a variation on H.G. Wells's The Time Machine (this book has stories featuring a laptop, a suit, even a bicycle as a time machine). Showcasing [...]

    • (Given the book's massive length, I was very tempted to do some sort of labored joke about how reading it was like time travelling into the distant future. I've (mostly) spared you from that; you're welcome.) The Time Traveller's Almanac is an anthology of science-fiction stories about time travel. And really, the first thing that will strike you about the book is how vast an anthology it is, with 71 different short stories--maybe 70, depending on how you count Harry Turtledove's two part contri [...]

    • What an interminable trudge desperately hoping to find rubies in the copious dust. By the time I'd finished this I was desperate for an actual time machine so I could go back and warn myself not to bother.

    • This was excellent.This tome has a great number of styles and voices, and every single story was lovely.

    • I'm doing a group read with a few time travel fans. One story each Thursday. I'm starting in late, so I'll post the ratings for the ones I've already read and then will update weekly from there.05 Nov 2015 - Death Ship by Richard Matheson 3/5A very interesting short story. I loved the reference to The Flying Dutchman. I do query the notion that this is actually time travel, however.06 Nov 2015 - Ripples in the Dirac Sea by Geoffrey A. Landis 4/5An entertaining and thought-provoking short. 07 Nov [...]

    • Zbirka zgodb na temo časovnega potovanja in tko kot pr vseh zbirkah so ene zgodbe bolše kt druge, me je pa zlo motlo k ene kr niso ble cele oz. so se prehitro končale Najbl všeč so mi ble sevede tiste z dinozavri, fajn ideja greš nazaj v preteklost pričakuješ da bo polno dinozavrov pa nikjer nobenga, mogoče zagledajo kakšnega plahega zlo od daleč čist za sekundo :) super ideja. Pa luknja v času skoz katero pobegne trop triceratopsov in jih potem majo na rančih in jih ljudje hodjo g [...]

    • Mr Sherman and Peabody introduced me to the time machine. They entered the WABAC machine to immerse themselves in moments of history where their presence altered the unfolding events to the correct version of the story we know in the history books. It was all great fun at the time for a kid, spread over ninety-one cartoon segments involving Cleopatra, Gutenberg, Florence Nightingale, James McNeil Whistler and so on. timetravelreviews/tv_r The Twilight Zone, "2001: A Space Odyssey," Woody Allen's [...]

    • If you’re any sort of fan of time travel, whether it’s Back to the Future, H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine, or even Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure; or perhaps you enjoy discussing, debating and at times lambasting the possibility and impossibility of time paradoxes; then you need to get yourself a copy of The Time Traveler’s Almanac.Well-known editors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer do a magnificent job of grouping the many time travel stories together into categories, and breaking them up w [...]

    • So, a very large collection of time travel short stories. Like all such collections, some were better than others. There were a couple I didn't care for (not surprising given the shear quantity of material presented), many that I was more or less ambivalent about (not bad, but didn't really catch me) and a few that were quiet good. I've listed these last few below. Another Story of A Fisherman of the Inland Sea - Le GuinDidn't necessarily realize this was Le Guin until I went to make this list. [...]

    • The Time Traveler's Almanac, edited by Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer, is very likely the only anthology that you'll ever need if you're interested in reading science fiction stories and novellas about time travel. Divided into sections, including Experiments, Reactionaries and Revolutionaries, Mazes and Traps, and Communiques, the volume ranges from an excerpt of H.G. Wells' immortal The Time Machine right up to works by contemporary authors such as Michael Swanwick, George R.R. Martin and [...]

    • A collection of short stories about time travel? Heaven. This book collates old and new from across the genres to pull together an epic book stacked full of time travel goodness. I love the concept of time travel so this was right up my street. As with any collection of short stories, there are some that appeal and some that don't, but there were far more hits than misses.The double-sided story of a man visiting his younger self, the romantic look at what ifs, the colonisers arriving on a half s [...]

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