Tender is the Knight

Tender is the Knight A D After a vicious battle with old adversaries that sees his father killed Sir Dennis d Vant finds himself the head of the House of d Vant A house descended from the kings of Cornwall they are

  • Title: Tender is the Knight
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1228 A.D After a vicious battle with old adversaries that sees his father killed, Sir Dennis d Vant finds himself the head of the House of d Vant A house descended from the kings of Cornwall, they are a proud but warring people Their most hated enemy is their neighbor to the north, the rich and cunning Earl of Cornwall Dennis, however, is not like his forefathers a g1228 A.D.After a vicious battle with old adversaries that sees his father killed, Sir Dennis d Vant finds himself the head of the House of d Vant A house descended from the kings of Cornwall, they are a proud but warring people Their most hated enemy is their neighbor to the north, the rich and cunning Earl of Cornwall Dennis, however, is not like his forefathers a giant of a man and a skilled warrior, he is also quiet and gentle He does not possess the same fiery instincts of his family and for that, he is often looked upon as weak.But Dennis is anything but weak he is brilliant and introspective He knows what it takes to achieve real peace When his father is killed, he sends an offer of marriage to the Cornwall to cement a peaceful alliance between the two warring neighbors Dennis is trustworthy the earl is not Little does Dennis realize that his offer to marry a woman of the earl s choosing will change his life drastically than he could ever imagine, and put the House of d Vant in danger of being wiped from the face of the earth.The Lady Ryan de Bretagne is the daughter of the earl s captain Having no daughters himself, the earl chooses Ryan to marry into the hated House of d Vant Ryan is a feisty, head strong woman and wants no part of the marriage, but is forced to wed the giant knight with the mysterious gray eyes When he takes her back to St Austell Castle, she is introduced to a shocking new world of women who dress and fight as knights, of filthy keeps and filthy men, and of a people who want to hate her simply because she is related to the Earl of Cornwall As Ryan struggles to become acclimated to her strange and frightening new world, the Earl of Cornwall works in secret to destroy the treaty he has agreed to fulfill, thereby eliminating the House of d Vant once and for all so he can confiscate their lands At the heart of all of the earl s animosity is a terrible secret that binds Cornwall to the House of d Vant, something so awful that it cannot be spoken of But those who know the secret know how very shameful it is to both sides.Join Dennis and Ryan as they face one crisis after another, from pirates that lay siege to St Austell Castle, of dark family secrets, and to wars in Wales when Dennis is forced to fight for the king in order to save his beloved castle But no obstacles are too much for Dennis and Ryan to overcome because beneath the hatred and deceit, murder and lies, a love stronger than life itself binds them together even as their two worlds try to tear them apart.

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      USA TODAY Bestselling Author All Star Author 1 multi published Bestselling Author 1 ranked English Medieval Romance Author on Le Veque writes winning epics Publisher s Weekly Kathryn Le Veque is a force of nature Her stories are epic, with timeless themes and heroes to die for Tanya Anne Crosby, New York Times Bestselling Author The epic Medieval Romance is back thanks to Kathryn Le Veque Claire Delacroix, NYT Bestselling author This author genius Ind Tale MagazineKATHRYN LE VEQUE is a USA TODAY Bestselling author, an All Star author, and a 1 bestselling, award winning, multi published author in Medieval Historical Romance and Historical Fiction She has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and on USA TODAY s HEA blog In March 2015, Kathryn was the featured cover story for the March issue of InD Tale Magazine, the premier Indie author magazine She is also quintuple nominee a record for the prestigious RONE awards for 2016 Kathryn s Medieval Romance novels have been called detailed , highly romantic , and character rich She crafts great adventures of love, battles, passion, and romance in the High Middle Ages More than that, she writes for both women AND men an unusual crossover for a romance author and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure On October 29, 2015, launched Kathryn s Kindle Worlds Fan Fiction site WORLD OF DE WOLFE PACK Please visit Kindle Worlds for Kathryn Le Veque s World of de Wolfe Pack and find many action packed adventures written by some of the top authors in their genre using Kathryn s characters from the de Wolfe Pack series As Kindle World s FIRST Historical Romance fan fiction world, Kathryn Le Veque s World of de Wolfe Pack will contain all of the great story telling you have come to expect.Kathryn loves to hear from her readers Please find Kathryn on Facebook at Kathryn Le Veque, Author, or join her on Twitter kathrynleveque, and don t forget to visit her website at kathrynleveque.

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    • This is a re-read and I have adjusted my original rating by lowering 1 star.The reason for my downgrade is that I felt the romance was a bit lacking. Instead of showing the MC's how they fell in love, I felt it was more told to us. In any event, I still liked it and by the end of the book I felt the passion and tenderness between the two.This is a tale about a marriage alliance to keep the peace between two family's that have been fighting for years. When Dennis D'Vant meets his soon to be bride [...]

    • I was excited to try a historical romance book. Not my usual genre, but the plot caught my interest. The book was very engaging at the start. Throughout the book, the hero Dennis was very honorable and with a surprising sweet spot, the secondary characters were great company, and the plot moved along nicely. Dennis was the main reason I kept trying to finish this book and he doesn't disappoint as the hero. Unfortunately, with about 15 pages to go, there is >Nothing< I like about the heroin [...]

    • Re-reading. It was offered this past week as a freebie and I realized it has been quite a while since I first read it. It was time for another Kathryn Le Veque novel. ;) Oh yeah! This is great! I just LOVE our hero, Dennis D'Vant. I forgot how many twists and unexpected turns this book takes. Edge of your seat stuff. Now I've done it. I'm in the "gotta read another Kathryn Le Veque book now" mode. Once you get one of these in your hands, you are doomed. LOL! Oh, that pesky, ever vexing choice. T [...]

    • Tender is the Knight by Kathryn Lee Veque is a captivating Medieval Historical Romance. "The D'Vant Bloodlines". A Medical Romance set against an English backdrop. Fast paced, intense, emotional tale of a fierce, ruthless knight with a tender heart, and an endearing soul and a 17 year young lady bargained for a peace treaty between the D'Vant family( St. Austell Castle), and the Earl of Cornwall, set in 1229A.D Lord Corwall is powerful, cunning, dangerous and the King's brother. Sir Dennis D'Van [...]

    • A Hero with a Heart of a Lion & the Soul of a LambThis a story that is a whirlwind of emotions. The people you find your self hating in the beginningmight just earn your loyalty towards the end. I really do think it takes a bold talented author that takes hateful villains and molds them into something you can care about. I felt this way about one character in particular one point I literally just wanted the character killed off.The shining star in this story is with out doubt the hero Sir De [...]

    • Please Kathryn, get a decent editor The typos and misused words get worse with each book. They are starting to get in the way of my enjoyment of the books. I have read almost everything of yours but I am starting to skim because I'm tired of an error on every page.The characters were not well defined. They seemed to react rather than act. Dennis was starting to look like a pussy-whipped husband and Ryan a spoiled brat. Real love does what is best for the beloved - not what their knee-jerk respon [...]

    • Another exciting Medieval romance from Kathryn Le Veque. It pulled me in right from the start with enticing characters and lots of action. I am a huge fan of Le Veque's and have yet to read a novel of hers that I didn't enjoy. However, I have come to the conclusion that there is one similarity in many of her novels that bothers mee heroine of the story always does something stupid and harebrained that gets her into untold trouble and the hero has to come and save her. Other than that, this is an [...]

    • A great way to spend an evening.This story has it all. It's got war, arranged marriages, a pet bab lamb, numerous esapes an evil uncle, many knights, and a King, just to name a few. With all this happening love grows in the strangest places. The landscape is painted beautifully. The history was fascinating. There was a new twist or turn often enough to keep the reader from wanting to put it down.

    • A beautiful love and victory story Even though Ryan fought hard against her fate, marriage to Dennis d’Vant she succumbed to his love. Through battles, snow storms, rage of an old uncle/father there was an alliance formed through her stubborn determination.A wonderful book for all young and old toEnjoy!

    • Another page turnerOnce again Le Veque brings us an amazing story of war and love. From the first page you are drawn into historical Cornwall and strong captivating characters. I am always amazed that she continues to add something unusual to laugh and cry about an a few unexpected twists. This is a must read.

    • GrippingI borrowed this book as a Kindle Unlimited member but I didn't read it right away. I was browsing through my library when I found this and opened it; it's a good thing I had nothing else that needed to be done because I read this in about half a day. I am definitely interested in this author's other works.

    • Worth the readDe Veque never disappoints. Her novel's are always detailed, descriptive and intriguing. She bring characters to live. Her men are passionate and the women are headstrong and hard to control. Always such fun!

    • Nice new srartVery familiar feeling but enjoyable to read anyway. Some change in hero type might be intreresting. Good for a lazy fun read

    • LoveableI loved every word. Its fantasy that is believable .each of us wants a man who is tenderGiving and caring

    • Audiobook Review: The hope of peace came with the death of Dennis’s father. He proposed marriage to a woman from Cornwall to breach the rift long-standing between the clans, beginning a healing process.His vision, far beyond his father’s, his knights’ and sister’s, was the only solution he thought might work to stop the bloodshed and endless repair to his beloved castle, where his family and knights wanted only revenge for the death of all the knights in the last skirmish and the death o [...]

    • I read this as part of the Medieval Master Warriors collection. 4.5 starsI'm not sure why I do not read more books by Kathryn Le Veque. She is a gifted author who makes history come alive while plotting a wonderful romance. This isn't my favorite book of hers but a solid, entertaining read well worth the books price. Tender is the Knight is set in England near Cornwall in 1228 AD during King Henry III's reign. This is a time of constantly shifting alliances and intrigues, of fighting amongst the [...]

    • In the reign of King Henry IIIThe story of Ryan de Bretagne and Dennis d'Vant opens with yet another battle between the Earl of Cornwall and the d'Vants, the latest in a long-standing feud. Rodrick d'Vant is killed, leaving his son Dennis as Lord of St. Austell Castle.Tired of the destruction and death, Dennis proposes a peace treaty between St. Austell and Launceston, to be sealed by his marriage. The Earl has no daughters, so he offers Ryan to be his bride. Ryan is not receptive to the news an [...]

    • Loved this!!!I just loved this book. It was truly sweet and funny. There were moments that had me with tears in my eyes. Others where I was laughing out loud. Kathryn Le Veque, even in her early days, of writing was great as we can tell with Tender Is The Knight. Her work is like a fine wine. With age, it just gets better and better. Now I am off to read her latest.

    • i absolutlry loved this novel kathryn writes novels that deliver what a reader wants Lagy Ryan must marry into the dvants house sworn enemy of her family as time goes by she begins to see a side of her husband and learns that love can conquer all i highly recommend this book to any whom love midievil romance you wont be disapponted

    • Loved It!There is nothing like an action packed love story of Lords and Ladies and Knights and Kings to take the mind on a journey back to the Middle Ages. The plot was good with enough twists and turns to make the reader unsure of what would happen next thereby making Tender is the Knight very hard to put down.

    • Kathryn is an amazing story teller! This book kept me flipping pages from beginning to end. The characters were well rounded and likable. The plot was also solid. I rooted for Ryan and Dennis all the way through and also became very fond of his sister. The early interactions between Ryan and Dennis's sister were very humorous. I highly recommend this book.

    • Wonderful story!What a great story! I loved the characters Ryan and Dennis they are a perfect fit! Definitely recommend this book. As usual Kathryn Le Veque once again drew me in with her story. I think Dennis will hold a special place for me as that is my husbands name!

    • A painful read. The actions of the heroine caused me to abandon the book close to the end. Whilst I think that Kathryn Le Veque is a brilliant author who weaves her tales with imagination and alot of emotion, I find the drawn out storylines depressing and emotionally draining.

    • Great thanks to K.LeVequeI love to read about medieval life and how they lived, with all the wounds, spilt head's, and child berth. The day to day life and of course romance mixed in, makes great reading.

    • Another Great Read!!!!As usual Kathryn Le Veque delivers another book that is hard to put down. I love the strong female characters in her books that bring the biggest, toughest men to their knees. Keep it up, Kathryn. On to her next one.

    • What the heck!!!!Every other page is missing!!! Some out of order!!! Did anyone proofread or even glance at this book before they put it out there for us to read??? I love Kathryn Le Veque and she should be really upset about this!!! So disappointed!

    • Love! Love! Love!!I found the Ryan's penchant for getting in trouble both annoying and endearing!! Let Veque is a talented and entertaining author, among my favorites!!

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