The Alpine Yeoman

The Alpine Yeoman An ill wind blows through Alpine but Advocate publisher Emma Lord and Sheriff Milo Dodge seem immune to the prevailing angst The newlyweds domestic idyll is most definitely over when a dead man is di

  • Title: The Alpine Yeoman
  • Author: Mary Daheim
  • ISBN: 9780345535337
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An ill wind blows through Alpine, but Advocate publisher Emma Lord and Sheriff Milo Dodge seem immune to the prevailing angst The newlyweds domestic idyll is most definitely over when a dead man is discovered near the fish hatchery and nobody has a clue as to his identity Vida Runkel may have insight, but Emma s redoubtable House Home editor is mad at the world anAn ill wind blows through Alpine, but Advocate publisher Emma Lord and Sheriff Milo Dodge seem immune to the prevailing angst The newlyweds domestic idyll is most definitely over when a dead man is discovered near the fish hatchery and nobody has a clue as to his identity Vida Runkel may have insight, but Emma s redoubtable House Home editor is mad at the world and saying little Moreover, whispers of scandal travel through the quaint streets when some high school girls mysteriously take a walk on the wild side And then Milo s dedicated deputy, Sam Heppner, a true yeoman, suddenly goes AWOL What s happening in Alpine If Milo knows, he s not telling Emma And Emma s again headed for trouble when she starts snooping The situation grows even fraught when a shocking link is revealed between the mystery corpse and one of Alpine s own, unearthing a long buried dark secret Tongues are wagging on Front Street and the gossip contains an air of menace.

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    About “Mary Daheim

    • Mary Daheim

      Seattle native Mary Richardson Daheim has been fascinated by story telling since early childhood She first listened, then read, and finally began to write her own fiction when she was ten A journalism major at the University of Washington, she was the first female editor of The Daily where she attracted national attention with her editorial stance against bigotry After getting her B.A she worked in newspapers and public relations, but in her spare time she tried her hand at novels In 1983, Daheim s first historical romance was published, followed by a half dozen before she switched genres to her original fictional love, mysteries Just Desserts and Fowl Prey, the first books of thirty in the Bed and Breakfast series were released in 1991 A year later, the Emma Lord series made its debut with The Alpine Advocate Daheim has also written several short stories for mystery anthologies and magazines Married to professor emeritus and playwright David Daheim, the couple lives in Seattle and has three grown daughters She has been an Agatha Award nominee, winner of the 2000 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Achievement Award, and her mysteries regularly make the USA Today bestseller list and the New York Times top thirty.

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    • This series continues as newlyweds Emma Lord and Milo Dodge are remodeling and adding on to her log cabin to make room for both of them. Emma is the publisher of the Alpine Advocate and Milo is the town Sheriff. When a dead body is found is found near the local fish hatchery they each need to get back to work and do their jobs even if it means irritating the other one. Emma has deadlines to meet and wants information. Milo has a killer to catch and has to hold things back from her. But together [...]

    • The Alpine Yeoman: An Emma Lord Mystery by Mary Daheim is a 2015 Ballantine publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. As the twenty-fifth installment of this series opens, we find Alpine going through an unsettling and uneasy period. Emma and Milo are adjusting to married life, with some push/pull and a few awkward moments, Vida is in a bad mood, Mitch's wife is still very fragile, Leo is thinking of leaving the paper, and th [...]

    • I solved it! Okay, okay. *I* didn't solve the mystery, but I did finish narrating it, so I felt super smart. Course, that was just the characters speaking through me. A fun mystery. Love the developing relationships.

    • The Alpine Yeoman book #25 in the series Emma Lord Mystery by: Mary Daheim was a great read that pits police department against newspaper owner ( and married to the Chief of Police ). A good book that was well writing and a plot that was clean. What I really liked is how the Characters fit together through out the book. But what really was good was how Emma and Milo worked to have separate lives from work. I recommend you read this book.

    • I have been with this series from the beginning. Books started with the title using the letter "A" and now we are down to "Y". I was disappointed in parts of the story. The author kept going on about Milo and Emma being recently married and always seemed to have too much dialog with them preparing dinner or another meal everyday. Anyone who reads this series knows that Milo and Emma have been together on and off for years so their marriage came as no surprise.The mystery part was good and maybe [...]

    • This series appears to be gearing down for a final installment which one assumes will be with the next book, the 26th. I like the series and I liked how in this book, Milo and Emma's prickly relationship has translated into a semi prickly marriage. There was a lot of talk about dinner, yes, but hey, married people do talk about dinner. The mystery was ok not the best in the series, it was kind of convoluted, but it was alright. Also, I thought the twist with Roger and Vida was supposed to be the [...]

    • I liked Emma and how the newspaper ran in the small town. And I liked how Emma and her husband the sheriff worked together. I do wish I knew who was the killer in the story though. When a mystery ends and I don't know who the killer was I am very disappointed. There were too many characters to keep track of for me. I did like the small town setting.

    • Finding The Truth.First time reading Mary Daheim's Emma Lord Mystery. 800 gold stars. The Alpine Yeoman book #25 in this series will keep on on your set until the last page is done. You have a murder then a very bad accident were people are hurt bad, then you have High School Girls missing and if that's not bad your house is being rebuilt for the outside in. And when the braking news comes out not only is their two more killed but a family will be torn apart probably for good. An a very good dep [...]

    • This is the first book I have read in this series. It was tough to get into - too much useless information to start, too many discussions about dinner. But eventually I got into it and enjoyed the book. But I don't think it ever satisfactorily solved the murders.

    • Honestly, this mystery was so confusing and had so many loose ends that barely tied up at the end, I was confused even AFTER I finished it. But I loved seeing how the characters' lives are evolving, and how the town of Alpine is still changing.

    • Title: The Alpine Yeoman - Emma Lord Series Book 25 Author: Mary Daheim Published: 3-25-2016 Publisher: Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine Books Pages: 370 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Women Sleuths; Cozy Mystery; Crime Fiction ISBN: 13: 9780345535337 ASIN: B00FIMZ08C Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 4.5 Stars I received a copy of The Alpine Yeoman from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Descrip [...]

    • When I requested a review copy of The Alpine Yeoman (for my honest review), I was vaguely familiar with the series. I had read several many years ago. The fact that I hadn't kept up with the series should have told me something. Since it had been so long, I will consider myself a new reader of the series. I was able to follow along despite several references to events which occurred in previous books.Just a quick mention of the mystery story line: a man is killed in a hit and run vehicle acciden [...]

    • Alpine Advocate newspaper publisher Emma Lord is still feeling her way into married life to Sherriff Milo Dodge, trying to strike a balance between the adversarial nature of their official dealings with a brand new marriage. A dead man with no identity is found at the fish hatchery, bringing their domestic idyll to a sharp halt. Vida Runkel, Emma’s House and Home Section editor, may have a clue about the dead guy, but she’s mad at everyone and is, for the first time ever, not saying much of [...]

    • I love this series and have been following it for several years. Emma Lord owns and manages a small, local newspaper in Alpine, Washington. She is now married to her previously on-again, off-again boyfriend Sheriff Milo Dodge. I’ve always rooted for Emma and Milo as a couple because they bring out the best in each other. They make a great team personally and when working together on an investigation. Although I’m happy to see the couple happily married, Milo now acts like a love-sick teenage [...]

    • I received this book from Netgalley courtesy of the publisher. This is an early review. I tried not to spoil.I have read this series from the beginning and enjoyed them. This is one of my favorites of the series. It had some nice twists from previous books.The first thing is Milo and Emma's relationship took more of a front stage in this story. They are a little crazy but it works. I liked having this more personal view of them. Some of the other characters, and there are many "characters" in th [...]

    • The old adage for reading most book series is: start at the beginning. Get a feel for the characters and their comings and goings. Which is the case with Mary Daheim's Emma Lord Alpine series.Newcomers will be miffed as to what is really going on in Daheim's The Alpine Yeoman, the twenty-fifth novel in the popular ongoing series. Trying to keep track of who's who will be boggle most readers minds if you are venturing into Alpine territory for the first time.Drug ring, prostitution and middle-age [...]

    • Emma and Milo got married in the last book. In THE ALPINE YEOMAN we find them adjusting to married life rather slowly. They're both still as grouchy as ever. Their moods aren't helped by the fact that Milo has decided that they need to remodel Emma's cabin. So, there's a lot of disruption of her personal routine which she finds rather challenging.The bulk of the book revolves around their evolving relationship and Emma trying to run the paper with not nearly as many stories as she wants. The pri [...]

    • I would imagine it is hard to keep a long-running mystery series like this fresh and interesting but Daheim manages to do it in this 25th book in the Alpine series. A body is found near the fish hatchery, an out-of-towner, and suddenly Deputy Sheriff Heffner starts acting strangely and wants to claim the body from the mortuary. What gives? And there's more trouble at the high school. First drugs, now dropouts.Emma's marriage to Sheriff Milo Dodge is still hot but as quirky as usual and she is ge [...]

    • I received this as an early read via NetGalley. I’ve been reading this series for a long, long time and was so tickled to see a new installment! It was good to catch up with everyone and despite normally not enjoying cozy mysteries, for some reason this series continues to appeal to me. Could be the setting, WA State is one of my favorite places, or it could be the edge of reality in the problems faced by the characters and their relatable daily routines. Emma and Milo have a less realistic re [...]

    • Nice cozy mystery that after 24 previous novels in the series seems to be getting followers of Emma Lord and The Alpine Advocate staff prepared for a wrap up with the release of book 26 "Z" something next year.Finally Emma and Milo are able to get on with married life and are learning to function as a newly married middle aged couple. Surviving through a major house renovation provides some funny scenes.This novel was great in how it gave more depth to the secondary characters.A body found near [...]

    • What can I say after 25 books? Emma is Emma and 'big guy'/my husband, Milo is Milo. Yes, Emma is still calling him 'big guy' about Milo? I can't tell if Ms. Daheim is shutting this series down or not. I guess I will find out in 'Z'. Also, there were several chapters that Ms. Daheim decided to put a teaser to get me to the end of the book. i.e. end of Chapter 5: 'As the days ahead proved there was a lot more missing than the Sheriff's lunch'. I didn't need the teaser. I was going to make it to th [...]

    • I have read all of the Alpine mysteries and have liked each one. This was no exception. I did feel the winding down of the series in this book and will read Alpine Zen soon. It is somewhat sad to see the series ending but I feel the characters have now evolved to a place where the end is inevitable.One of the things about these mysteries as that the main character Emma Lord owns a small weekly newspaper and her involvement in "crime solving" works much better with the plot than many other myster [...]

    • Emma Lord Dodge has another mystery to solve. She and husband, Sheriff Milo Dodge, are dealing will renovations to their house, one of the deputies has gone missing, and the challenging personalities at the Alpine Advocate. There was an accident outside of town and someone was killed. However, the deeper Emma and Milo dig into this, the more questions arise. Loved this mystery and now am looking forward to the last in the Alpine alphabet, The Alpine Zen. Hopefully, Mary Daheim will just start ov [...]

    • I've been with Emma Lord from the beginning, and I'm curious to see how this series ends. Yeoman takes us into the mid-2000s, and we see how the changing world is making its way into Alpine.Emma and Milo are finally married, the paper is plugging along - even in a bad newspaper economy - and everybody at The Advocate is doing their jobs. It's almost too quiet in town, until three separate "accidents" that are seemingly unconnected shed unflattering lights in some of the town's primary families. [...]

    • Emma Lord has married Milo Dodge after years of avoiding marriage. They each have specific jobs that cause them to interact - she is editor if the paper while he is Sheriff. They are learning to deal with this situation. But in the meantime, girls are missing from Alpine, a dead body is found and a major accident occurred outside of Alpine. In addition, Sam Heppner one of Milos officers has gone misding leaving him overworked and short handed. This was a goid book as it dealt with marriage and a [...]

    • I liked Emma and Milo and most of the secondary characters. I also thought the mystery was well done and interesting. However, this book had a LOT going on that didn't really have much to do with the actual plot and sometimes the mystery would get a little lost. There were a lot of anger and details about people that I really didn't need. If you've read the series for awhile I definitely think you'd enjoy this one. If you haven't you may want to give an earlier book a try before every character [...]

    • I've read this series from the beginning and we're now up to #25. I always wonder what will happen to the alphabetical mysteries (Kinsey Milhone!) when they use up the letters.This book does require some familiarity with the series. The author finally tied up Emma's relationship with Milo, which was a long time coming. The secondary characters have been developed all along, so the relationships would be confusing if you haven't been following. I wish she'd spent a little more time on the mysteri [...]

    • Married Life Agrees A visit to the mountain village of Alpine. We find that Emma Lord and Sheriff Dodd are settling in as newlyweds. Emma's log cabin is being remodel and she never knows which rooms are next. An unidentified body is found near the near fishery ponds. Teenage girls are missing. Vida still is not speaking to Sheriff Dodd. This is a favorite series of mine and have read them. Mary Daheim brings the Stevens Pass alive.Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from a Netgalley honest r [...]

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