Diviner's Prophecy

Diviner s Prophecy Maea is cursed A sorcerer took away her past leaving her with little than her name When she discovers that the sorcerer took her memories to cover up a plot that threatens her kingdom she realizes it

  • Title: Diviner's Prophecy
  • Author: Nicolette Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781482738896
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maea is cursed A sorcerer took away her past leaving her with little than her name When she discovers that the sorcerer took her memories to cover up a plot that threatens her kingdom, she realizes it is up to her to stop him But she has to break her curse first, and that means finding the sorcerer He never intended for her to remember, so she must rely on her abiMaea is cursed A sorcerer took away her past leaving her with little than her name When she discovers that the sorcerer took her memories to cover up a plot that threatens her kingdom, she realizes it is up to her to stop him But she has to break her curse first, and that means finding the sorcerer He never intended for her to remember, so she must rely on her ability to see into the future to guide her But it will not be an easy task, the spell weakened her powers and her visions are unclear The few clues she has, lead her to court where she is plunged into a world of royal intrigue Though many offer assistance, no help comes without a price There is no one she can trust, or so she thought Her visions bring her to Prince Adair His reputation as a rogue proceeds him and Maea fears he is just like the other courtiers But he may be the key to revealing the sorcerer s identity He offers to aid in her search and asks for nothing in return Maea doubts his motives but her visions do not lie She foresees a dire future if the sorcerer and his allies cannot be stopped As she unravels the mystery surrounding her curse, she finds the plot goes deeper than she could imagine and if she does not hurry, the sorcerer will unleash an ancient evil that will destroy her kingdom.

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      487 Nicolette Andrews
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    • Nicolette Andrews

      Nicolette Andrews is a born and raised San Diegan with a passion for fantasy, especially if it has a romance and some mystery and intrigue mixed it doesn t go amiss either Apart from writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, preferably somewhere outside enjoying the San Diego sunshine.

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    • Diviner's Prophesy is the story of Maea, the last diviner, a line of women who can into the past and future. The story starts with her having no memory and her powers weak. I didn't know what would happen and who was really on her side throughout most of the book, just like Maea. It is a good book, full of mystery and politics. Maea is a believable character who is only trying to sort through the maze of politics as her own fuzzy memories and visions. I recommend this book.

    • My biggest issue with this book is that the main character remained clueless throughout the entire book only because she didn't ask any questions! Why?? (See, I just asked a question's not that hard). She even had friends and while she confided in them, not once did she ask them what they knew. Even the ones she was supposedly asking help from. She told them her predicament but never asked them what they knew or what was going on. It just got frustrating after awhile. Other than that, I enjoyed [...]

    • I received this book from first reads.I must confess when I saw how small the font was to get more words on one page I was a little intimidated, but I did it anyway.At the beginning I was a little confused with what was going on, but I guess the character, Maea (I'm not sure how to say her name may-uh? My-uh?), was too. I did have to go back to the beginning where the cast of characters are and figure out who all these people were. It started getting good though with all the mystery. It's a litt [...]

    • Oftentimes it can be difficult to follow through on a grand secret with an equally grand reveal, but Andrews' book manages it quite well.This is an amnesia book, a novel where the reader and main character are left in the dark as the plot unfoldsthough the first half was maddeningly confusing it all more or less came together in the end.I enjoyed the story and the interesting plot twists which I never saw coming, but I would have liked to see a little more buildup, the major plot points were ove [...]

    • Entertaining start. I received a free copy of this book (and the entire trilogy) as part of a giveaway and didn't know what to expect. The first book, clearly to be continued, takes us on a journey where Maea, a 16 year old diviner, seeks to first figure out who took her memories then save everyone. I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging the plot was with twist and turns. I did, however, have a tough time with the use of "I" vs. "me" and several redundant sentences throughout the book. I th [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book once I got into it. I must admit that the first couple of chapters, I wasn't really into it because it took me a few mins to understand who was who and what excatly was happening, once I did get into it though, I really LOVED this book! It keeps you wanting more and wondering what's going to happen next! The way it turned out was also nothing like I was picturing or expecting which made it even better! I CANNOT wait to receive the 2nd book so I can find out what's goin [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book, but, MAN, was it frustrating! I am way too curious and nosey for my own good, so mysteries typically drive me nuts (in a good way). I will say that based on the beginning of the novel, the story did not progress as I thought it would, but that's not a bad thing. Perhaps I don't read enough stories on court intrigue, but this book seem very unique in all its dealings.Overall, the writing was excellent and the story kept me on the edge of my seat.Recommended?Definitely

    • Spell binding court intrigueMy memories have been removed. Who has removed them and why. This is number one in a series by an author worth watching. Court intrigue, murder, love and friendship with all the Secrets. Heads are really lost on this world. Well written fantasy with well-developed characterization. Adult readers.Would recommend getting all the books in series before starting. Think Robin Hobbs.

    • I really enjoyed this captivating fantasy romance. Nicolette has a beautiful and professional style, and I loved the well-rounded characters. She creates wonderful word-pictures and her writing is well crafted. I'm really looking forward to reading the next one in the series!

    • Diviner's Prophecy was an enthralling and engaging read. Nicolette Andrews created a brilliant world, full of mystery, politics, and intrigue at every turn, with her professional style of writing. I definitely recommend this novel and look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

    • Good readI really liked this story. I am loving Maea,she is very likeable and she went through a lot. I liked Johai from the start. You had to know that the prince was too good to be true. I feel sorry for his wife. I think I am going to like this series.

    • I received this book for free from First Reads.I loved everything about this fantasy book. The characters, the storyline, the intrigue, the romance.I was disappointed that the story was to be continued but happy that there will be more to come.

    • Diviner's Prophecy is a book that I truly wished to never set down. This novel is full of intrigue and has left me counting down the hours until the sequel is in my hands. This book takes you to a setting that comes alive with both magic and grace.

    • I didn't like this book much when I first started reading it. It begins rather abruptly and made me feel like I was dropped right into the middle of the story, in a bad kind of way. It was a little disorienting, and made it hard for me to connect with the main character, Maea. That being said, I grew to like the book better the more I read. Some of the characters kind of blur into each other, but the main ones are fairly distinct and interesting, and the story is decent for the most part. My big [...]

    • This book never seemed to get anywhere. It was such a slow opening. The main character travels with an older woman and a man who she hates, but she can't remember her past. She knows she is a Diviner, but no one will tell her anything (so beyond frustrating). I still managed to follow the story till she had a vision that a hostage princess was going to be murdered, stopped the murder then spent pages crying about how awful it was that the assassins were killed for their crimes. I couldn't take i [...]

    • My review is based on the Audiobook. This is book 1 in a trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. There are many questions left unanswered at the end of Book 1. At parts I found the story slow and the characters weak. The political intrigue however is good. The narrration overall was okay but monotone at parts. Overall I found it to be an ok read

    • 😍I really liked the setting of the book. I recommend you read it if you enjoy supernatural books. Also, if you like medieval times.

    • The writing was fairly nice to match the setting of the story and the plot was intriguing. However, I found the main character to be beyond annoying with her inconsistent attitudes that left me disappointed and enraged that such a creature would be chosen for the duties on her shoulders.The first half of the book, I despised her seemingly immature personality (guess there are two kinds of 16-year-olds) and sassy way she acted. What I also didn't care for was the way she meekly- and even obedient [...]

    • Enjoyable but in the end just didn’t work for meI listened to this book on a road trip, and for the most part I enjoyed it. But by the end, I was more frustrated than I had been at the beginning. (And not just because it ends with a big cliffhanger.)Due to her memory issues, I am not sure if we got to know the real Maea at all. I was intrigued by what little we learned about Johai, but it wasn’t enough. I really liked the princess, but again feel like there were layers to her that we never g [...]

    • Well well well, what can I say about this amazing story.I loved every second of it, the plots were frustrating however, I like to get my mind going and wondering who the bad guys are. Maae is an amazing Character, I just love her. Don't think I could be comfortable with her powers though lol. I get really attached to a story and if something happens that I don't like I get upset and start shouting at the book lol. I kept reading though and i honestly enjoyed every part of it.There is one thing, [...]

    • It was just ok, not sure I will read the next book in the series, but It was interesting enough to consider it.There are some grammar issues: missing and mispelled words which throw you out of the story. But I've seen worse.For my clean readers: Contains intimate/inappropriate scenes and language.

    • Couldn't keep my attentionIt was an okay read and had potential, but it took me forever to finish. I enjoyed the characters, but still got bored and had to keep coming back to finish it.

    • Cliffhanger!Liked the story, wish I would've known that there was no end. Otherwise I would've given it 4 stars. Now I'm hooked and don't want buy number 2 , for fear it also has no ending.

    • Very good read!!!Great book. The story draws you into it. Characters are great, murder, intrigue plus love. Everything that you need in the perfect book. Thank you Nicolette.

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