His to Dominate

His to Dominate Plus size secretary Mia James doesn t consider her resume s omission of the last two years of undergrad and her master s degree a lie It s like a failure to elaborate Too bad her billionaire boss disa

  • Title: His to Dominate
  • Author: Ava Joy Christa Wick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: ebook
  • Plus size secretary Mia James doesn t consider her resume s omission of the last two years of undergrad and her master s degree a lie It s like a failure to elaborate.Too bad her billionaire boss disagrees.Ex Army interrogator and Chief Executive Bad Ass of a private military company, Collin Stark needs to know his new junior secretary isn t spying on Stark InternatiPlus size secretary Mia James doesn t consider her resume s omission of the last two years of undergrad and her master s degree a lie It s like a failure to elaborate.Too bad her billionaire boss disagrees.Ex Army interrogator and Chief Executive Bad Ass of a private military company, Collin Stark needs to know his new junior secretary isn t spying on Stark International Trust the wrong woman with his heart and someone could wind up dead.To convince Collin she s only guilty of being overqualified and desperate, Mia must consent to a private interrogation in which he will deploy all his tricks, starting with his favorite game.Arousal Up.Inhibition Down.

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      Ava Joy Christa Wick Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the His to Dominate book, this is one of the most wanted Ava Joy Christa Wick author readers around the world.

    101 thoughts on “His to Dominate

    • 3 1/2 - 4 StarsShort story (only about 20 pages or so) to introduce the series it's told two parts first Mia's POV than Collin's POV.WOW is it steamy!! The story captured me and I'm looking forward to Book 2 His to Possess.

    • A short read that was a total fail due to the "plot" making me angry. I didn't care for the "I think you're lying to me, but I have little to no evidence except a far fetched story that makes no sense" or the "stand in the corner and let me sexually manipulate you because I'm your boss and you have to do what I say" or the "if you want to keep your job, you have to have sex with me" things. I also didn't like the envelope of money at the end. How was she supposed to think it wasn't cash for "ser [...]

    • hot interrogation pleasee! "I have to know I can trust you, have to bring you to a point where you're incapable of lying"But I'd love to have a better physical description of the male character.This is a really short and sexy story, a BBW who had to omitted something in her resume in order to get a job,that so desperately needed what she didn't take in consideration was that, given tha she was gonna work in a business dedicated to Defense her boss would take her omision as a lie and therefore, [...]

    • Sexual intimidation in the workplaceMia is a single women on her own and needs her job for survival. Mia's boss tells her to stand in the corner of his office. He threatens her with the loss of her job repeatedly as he demands that she accept a blindfold and remove her skirt How sexy (NOT!) And because she is aroused at the same time that she is frightened, that makes it ok. Too much of this anti-female tripe is out there.There has to be real consent for it to be submission. (view spoiler)[That [...]

    • This was short & left on a bit of a cliffhanger, but then had the same story from hero-POV. I wished the hero-POV was integrated into it from the beginning.

    • This review is for the whole series.I wanted to like this series, I really did. I have read other works by Ms. Wick that I did like, but I didn't like this one; however I couldn't stop reading it either, this was like looky looing at a accident - you really shouldn't look, you don't want to look, you try not to look, but you can't help yourself. First let me say that I don't mind me some yummy dominating alpha male, But BDSM is not my thing at all. I have, however, read enough to know that there [...]

    • Oh my goodness. What a hot and sexy novella! The author throws you into the story and it works here. The descriptive language Ms. Wick uses when Stark "interrogates" Mia (he employs a fantastic technique btw) REALLY makes you feel like you're there, that you're her (yes please???).Our heroine has been a bad girl and ommitted her secondary and post-graduate education. Not a huge deal you say? Weeeeeeell, apparently it is when you work as the junior secretary to the CEO of a large security company [...]

    • This was a quick, hot, and dirty read. I liked it a lot!Mia is a plus sized secretary at under the powerful Collin Stark. She is called into his office at the end of the day so that he can interrogate her about her resume; she omitted her higher education and he thinks she may be a corporate spy. In order to prove her innocence, she must do as he saysd she can start by getting naked.Collin was the perfect mix of restrained and passionate, and he and Mia had great chemistry together. The start to [...]

    • This review is for the whole series. I hated these books so much! They made me angry and feel uncomfortable for the heroine. While the hero's POV makes it clear he has feelings for her, he doesn't actually demonstrate it. I spent the entire series wanting the heroine to grow a spine and get the f*** out of that "relationship". Book three seems like it is written by a totally different author but I didn't enjoy it any better.

    • Very short, quick, hot read.Mia was desperate for a job, so desperate she omitted her masters degree from her resume, the only problem is her boss Colin Stark is an ex-army interrogator and the CEO of the private military company where she works, so he needs to trust his employees, can he trust Mia.This a a very, very short read but I have to say I enjoyed it, it clearly states it's 1 of 3 so we know beforehand that it's going to be continued.

    • Not for the faint of heart or innocent. Very naughty. Strangely addictive. Quick & easy fast read. A couple things (view spoiler)[the camera recorder & if Janice is really retiring or he fired her (hide spoiler)] make me want to keep reading, it was more of a plot development then I would have guessed.

    • WowI love this book!The characters were amazing and the plot was so, so good.This book was a awesome read.

    • I wouldn't call this a short story, more a teaser, because it's really only one scene told from the two protagonists POV. But it is smoking hot and will definitely hook you to buy more!

    • Funny that I chose to read this book a day after I finished Sexual Harassment Training at my office. Collin sure picked an interesting way to make sure she wasn't a corporate spy.

    • Pour la deuxième fois, je retrouve cette auteur particulièrement prolifique pour ce qui est des nouvelles érotiques, et c'est encore une fois avec grand plaisir que j'ai dévoré cette courte histoire.Contrairement à la précédente, Christa Wick nous plonge directement au cœur du problème, dès les premières lignes. Il y a peu de mise en scène (mais il n'y en a pas vraiment besoin), peu de description physique et des lieux, et l'attention est totalement focalisée sur le couple et sur l [...]

    • I'd actually give it 2.5 stars if I could and also add a trigger warning of rape.I'm not sure how I felt about this short story. It was a little too rape/blackmail rape for my liking. However I tried to look past that little bit of the story and focus on the whole, the characters, the writing, the style. The author definitely could have used some more vocabulary, especially when it comes to the bits about anatomy. Using the same descriptive word multiple time on one page or worse yet in one para [...]

    • QUICK READMia works for Stark industries as a junior secretary, summoned to Collin Stark's office she's to be disciplined, Mia had omitted to mention on her CV that she holds a degree. Collin Stark is an ex army interrogator and has somehow got the notion into his head that Mia by lying is working for some other company. But the discipline she receives is far from what she's expecting.While this is a quick read I wasn't too keen that it didn't go anywhere other than a sex scene. I assumed rightl [...]

    • Being plus-sized myself and into D/s, I was looking forward to reading this. Sadly, from the first scene, I knew I was courting disappointment and I was not wrong. Christa Wicks' writing is juvenile at best and she really needs to make use of the spell-checker and grammar-checker in her word processor. I found myself reading with an actual sneer in my mind for both Mia, an insecure, sniveling mass of nothing, and Colin, an arrogant jerk. For a security expert, seemingly aware of every potential [...]

    • Free download, well this was not what I expected. Most larger than life woman can probably understand how Mia feels. Unwanted as she doesn't conform to societies idea of skinny although having curves should be something most woman want. Collin demands control but has had feelings toward Mia since she began working for him and now he has an excuse to get her to submit to him. This story is told from Mia's point of view and then Collins. I really enjoyed this as you understand how both characters [...]

    • The story was too shortI know that the plot (sex in the office with the CEO) should be hot and all.BUT.I was scared by the thought that the heroine and the Hero's first encounter (view spoiler)[the boss (Hero) forced to have sex with her because she lied on her resume? REALLY? haaaaahh??!! it was sexual assault in every sense and it freaked me out (hide spoiler)] was not really "charming", "amusing" or whatever that they'd have a chemistry. (view spoiler)[Heck! Even Anna and Christian "Conversed [...]

    • “His to Dominate” wasn't as much a short story as a look through a keyhole at a BDSM scene. The plot line and character development are minimal and there isn't anything resembling an ending or resolution. However, for a single erotic, squirm in your seat, one-shot it was just right, as long as you don't mind dominance/submissive sex and are willing to overlook the fact that there is some questionable workplace manipulation involved. YMMV.

    • This wasn't so much a short story as a single protracted sex scene. There wasn't enough to qualify as actual plot and since it's the first in a series there isn't anything resembling an ending. But for a single erotic one-shot it was all right, as long as you don't mind dominance/submissive sex and are willing to overlook the fact that there is some questionable manipulation involved. I easily looked over such things and enjoyed it well enough. Nothing to rave or rant about.

    • This is a REALLY SHORT first installment of a D/s series. If you enjoy reading about D/s sexual play between employer and employee, you might like this book.If you're looking to get any good, meaningful back story on Mia or Stark, you won't get it in this installment. You get a hint of it, but there really wasn't enough here to not question everything you're reading. Hopefully the second installment is better.

    • Short and to the point, a secretary's lies are uncovered. This is a sexual harassment case waiting to explode, but from an erotic standpoint, mild and amusing. The author did write it well with a beginning and end. It was also well edited. It was okay but nothing to remember.

    • freebie read on amazon - Very short serial romance, which I’m not a fan of in general of that style of writing. The premise is somewhat intriguing but without the “bonus” part that gives insight into hero’s mind, it would have probably turned me off. Not sure if I’ll continue with the story.

    • I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    • I love a good erotic story but this was just a rewrite of the same scene from both perspectives. There was nothing to really grasp onto The story revolved around a brief encounter which had some nice heat to it

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