High Tide

High Tide Told or less in reverse chronological order High Tide is the story of Ieva her dead lover her imprisoned husband and the way their youthful decisions dramatically impacted the rest of their lives

  • Title: High Tide
  • Author: Inga Ābele Kaija Straumanis
  • ISBN: 9781934824801
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Told or less in reverse chronological order, High Tide is the story of Ieva, her dead lover, her imprisoned husband, and the way their youthful decisions dramatically impacted the rest of their lives Taking place over three decades, High Tide functions as a sort of psychological mystery, with the full scope of Ieva s personal situation and the relationship between thTold or less in reverse chronological order, High Tide is the story of Ieva, her dead lover, her imprisoned husband, and the way their youthful decisions dramatically impacted the rest of their lives Taking place over three decades, High Tide functions as a sort of psychological mystery, with the full scope of Ieva s personal situation and the relationship between the three main characters only becoming clear at the end of the novel One of Latvia s most notable young writers, bele is a fresh voice in European fiction her prose is direct, evocative, and exceptionally beautiful The combination of strikingly lush descriptive writing with the precision with which she depicts the minds of her characters elevates this novel from a simple story of a love triangle into a fascinating, philosophical, haunting book.

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      418 Inga Ābele Kaija Straumanis
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    • Inga Ābele Kaija Straumanis

      Prozai e, dramatur e, dzejniece Dzimusi 1972 gad R g S kusi stud t biolo iju LU, tad aizbrauca no R gas, dz voja laukos, str d ja par zirgu treneri Beigusi Latvijas Kult ras akad mijas Te tra un TV dramatur ijas noda u 2001.Savos st stos un lug s dramatiski un ekspres vi att lojusi lauku un pils tas vidi un cilv kus Luga Tum ie brie i 2001 gad vienlaikus iestud ta divos Latvijas profesion lajos te tros Jaunaj R gas te tr un Valmieras te tr , 2002 gad t izr d ta V cij tutgartes Valsts te tr , savuk rt 2008 gad tapis Tum o brie u iestud jums Grie ij 2006 gad luga Tum ie brie i Viestura Kairi a re ij ekraniz ta Luga Dzelsz le iestud ta Latvij , D nij un ar Somij Nacion laj te tr 2008 gad Viesturs Kairi s iestud jis Ingas beles lugu Skola Savuk rt 2009 gad Jaunaj R gas te tr M ra imele uzvedusi Ingas beles lugu Sala 2003 gad Ingas beles st sts M lest bas gadi iek auts It lij izdotaj st stu kr jum Noveles bez robe m jaunie rakstnieki jaunai Eiropai Racconti Senza Dogana Giovani scrittori per la nuova Europa , kur apkopotas 25 Eiropas valstu jauno rakstnieku noveles ori in lvalod un it u tulkojum.2008 gad izdots rom ns Paisums , kas p c gada public ts ar Zviedrij 2010 gad n cis klaj st stu kr jums Kamenes un skudras , kura titulst sts ar t du pa u nosaukumu iek auts antolo ij Best European Fiction 2010.2003 gad Inga bele sa musi Literat ras gada balvu par dramatur iju un 2004 gad Literat ras gada balvu par sprozas kr jumu Sniega laika piez mes 2008 gada Prozas las jumu laure te Gada balva literat r prozas kategorij par rom nu Paisums 2008 2009 gad par rom nu Paisums ieguvusi Baltijas Asamblejas balvu literat r Sa musi atzin bas balvu festiv l Prozas las jumi 2009.Latvian author Inga bele was born in 5th October, 1972, in the capital city of Latvia, in Riga She has finished Latvian Culture academy in year 2001 Her most popular books are Tum ie brie i Dark deers , and it was presented on stage in Germany and Greece Some of her works has been translated in several languages.Her short stories were included in Best European fiction 2010

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    • I totally forgot I hadn't written a review of this. And I didn't make any notes. And I've read eight books since I finished it and now I'm really struggling to come up with anything that might resemble a passable review. Aargh! I suppose the important thing is that I loved it. Translated beautifully from the original Latvian, the story charts the life of a woman named Ieva, and is told in reverse chronological order (loosely; it jumps around a bit). It isn't a plot-led story, more a backwards jo [...]

    • This is a pretty spectacular book. It relates--in reveres--the life-story of Ieva, tracing backwards from her present state of uncertainty and depression through the death of her lover, birth of her daughter, her trip abroad, etc. On a line-by-line level, the writing is incredible: sensitive, evocative, and sharp. And although it doesn't have the annoying "figure it out" sort of gamesmanship of a Memento or Irreversible, it's interesting to hit the point where everything from the beginning of th [...]

    • High Tide is told in an interesting reverse chronological time frame that I really enjoyed. There were a number of things that were quite confusing but I basically had to tell myself to not worry about it too much because I would get the answers farther in. There was one thing that really puzzled me and I'm hoping that my group discussion can help me.The book primarily follows a Latvian woman named Ieva through a series of regressive steps through her life. It also brings in her husband as a POV [...]

    • Read and edited this intense book over the summer while working for Open Letter. A beautiful backwards-flowing narrative that weaves the stories of one woman's loves in and around life with all its complexities, the different faces, the different types of love, the love that is sad, the love that kills, the love that overflows, the sexual love, the pure love. A remarkable book, can't wait to see it in print, fully edited. And, to wit, the first Latvian book I ever read, and I'm curious to read m [...]

    • 3.5 zvaigzņotās zvaigznes ''Katram,kurš klātienē vērojis cilvēku dzimstam vai mirstam, kļūst skaidrs, ka dzīve nebūt nav joks. To var un vajag uztvert kā labu, izdevušos joku, bet pēc būtības tas nav joks. Ja tevi sasniedzis gaismas kūlis, izrāvis no tumsas, tas ir nopietni.'' Tā kā pēc ļoti ilgiem laikiem biju nolēmusi, ka vajadzētu pārmaiņas pēc izlasīt arī kaut ko dzimtajā valodā, un pie reizes biju sagadījusies bibliotēkā un nebija nekas no I.Žoludes (kas b [...]

    • A lyrcial book.The language in this book is quite lovely. You can feel the city move. the frigid air the emptiness Yet I felt it slightly overwhelming.The first part of the book titled, the the beginning, was almost the end. Abele tries so hard to convey a feeling and instead felt so completely isolated by this chapter. It's like one constant metaphor sentence after sentence, until the words mean nothing. I stopped mid-chapter and about a month later decided to just skipped the last few pages an [...]

    • The author has produced a very different book. It is bleak, atmospheric, a feeling of hopelessness.It is also structurally presented in an almost reverse order as Ieva, her husband and lover's story is revealed.

    • I reviewed the translation of Inga Abele’s High Tide as an expert reader for ALTA and found it to be full of egregious mistakes and style problems. Words are mistranslated or ‘interpreted’ with words or phrases that have a similar meaning but are off for the context. Paragraph breaks do not follow the original, but are arbitrarily made – a sentence or two lopped off at the end – and if this is being done, why aren’t the voluminous blocks of copy broken up to be more readable? Dialogu [...]

    • According to , Latvia ranks second, after Switzerland, based on the environmental performance of the country's policies.Now to the book. Gloomy. Bleak. Depressing.I read this as part of my book club that "traveled" to Latvia. When I started reading this book last month, I was confused by what was happening and the thoughts of the narrator were so depressing that I put it down and read "A Prayer for Owen Meany" instead!4 weeks later, I finished "A Prayer for Owen Meany," and return to the "High T [...]

    • I'm clearly entirely biased about this book, but it is one of the books I fall more and more in love with the more I read it. Definitely not a "simple" narrative style, it requires the reader's dedication to see what comes next in the story—and what comes next just builds and builds on the payoff you receive for moving forward with the text.HIGH TIDE has always been a difficult book for me to describe because that is the nature of the book itself (which is one of my favorite things about it). [...]

    • My first giveaway book! Originally written in Latvian, High Tide follows Ieva in a reversed time line, or is time actually moving backwards? The story begins with a dream, but maybe it wasn't really a dream. Overall, it was definitely an interesting story and not a narrative structure I'm used to. The writing was excellent, but in places maybe a little too dense/poetic to properly grasp, especially the first section. But everything after page 24 was much easier to get through, even though not n [...]

    • Wow. Just loved reading this book. It's written in reverse chronology, which was confusing at first, but I quickly got used to it and then I was totally drawn in to the story. Her writing style is wonderful, she writes in an almost spare, realist style, but it has a simple beauty and poetry even though she is writing about many serious and even depressing circumstances. Incredible translation from Latvian, it never felt forced or awkward at all. I loved how she told the story in reverse. I was o [...]

    • As a reader, you want to know what has happened between Andrejs, Ieva and Aksels and this drives you through the book. The reverse chronological order structure gives you the motivation but unfortunately, by the end of it, not much surprising happens. When it is all said and done, the character of Ieva comes across awfully, with the opinions shown through the POV chapters of Andrejs and Monta being more accurate than those put across from the author throughout the rest of book. She comes across [...]

    • "High Tide" was not an easy read at first: Abele writes the story in reverse, and the initial chapters left me wanting some kind of purchase, be it a character or an idea. Then I got to the lengthy part devoted to Andrejs' story, which drew me in with its deep sadness and anger. As I read on, I fell further into Abele's story, until I read it as a thriller: with full attention and all possible speed towards the conclusion. I feel like Abele cast a spell and captured me with mystical guile in the [...]

    • Would it be fair of me to simply call Inga Abele’s High Tide, and Kaija Straumanis’ translation of it, fantastic and leave it at that? No dearest internets, I supposed you’d never let me get off so easily. You always want more. Fine.High Tide is a novel told in mostly reverse chronological order. If the first thought that pops into your head is Christopher Nolan’s Memento (bonus points to you if the first thought you had was Christopher Nolan’s Following) then you’ve sort of got the [...]

    • A future Open Letter release, translated title to be "High Tide," a great book, the cycle of life told in reverse chronology. Equal parts melancholy and joyful, but all the while beautifully written and wholly poignant. And I love this quote:"It becomes clear to anyone who has been present for the birth or death of another person that life is no laughing matter. It can and must be treated as a good, successful joke, but in essence it’s not a joke.If you’ve been touched by a ray of light, if [...]

    • Existence asks too much of a person, too much of this complicated structure, this ball of nerves with a heart, brain, and eyes—how can it forget? It’s an endless struggle, a whirlwind of activity, tendencies, thoughts, instincts, responsibilities—and if not those, then at least the slightest inkling of them now and then.[]How does that first crack in the structure of a person’s life form? Is it the moment when assumed moral obligation is replaced by reality?When the clouds start to paint [...]

    • Really gorgeous, lyrical prose. Structurally in retrograde, which I loved--you start with shattered shells of human beings and work backwards to the simpler times and breaking points. Given the soupcon of knowledge I have of Latvian history, I could probably argue that this is a nice allegorical parallel of Latvia as it made its way out of the Soviet Union.I'm told this is the first Latvian novel to exist in English translation. That's both awesome and scary. More please!

    • "High Tide is a challenging novel. It is not easy to read—the action jumps from present to past, then from past to present. And indeed, as the reader reaches the final page, she realizes that she could have begun on page 310 and read backward. It might have been easier." - Janet Mary Livesey, University of OklahomaThis book was reviewed in the March 2014 issue of World Literature Today. Visit our site for the full review: bit/1fWHlOT

    • DISCLAIMER: I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it. So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.

    • Pirmais Ābeles romāns, kuru izlasot nejūtos tā it kā es labprātīgi atļāvu sev salauzt dvēseli. Nelaimīgās pirmās 50 lappuses - labākās. Īstajā mirklī pseidointelektuālie vārdu virknējumi, parafrāzējot kādu prominentu latviešu literatūrzinātnieci.

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