The Forever Stone

The Forever Stone Paralyzing memories of abuse A beautiful glass paperweight Escape to the wilderness Don t bury yourself in that wilderness her relatives say Even though you re a widow you re still young No matter

  • Title: The Forever Stone
  • Author: Gloria Repp
  • ISBN: 9781482022339
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paralyzing memories of abuse .A beautiful glass paperweight .Escape to the wilderness Don t bury yourself in that wilderness her relatives say Even though you re a widow, you re still young No matter what they think, Madeleine decides to go She ll help her aunt restore the old house she ll sign up for an online baking course and she ll bury yes, bury thParalyzing memories of abuse .A beautiful glass paperweight .Escape to the wilderness Don t bury yourself in that wilderness her relatives say Even though you re a widow, you re still young No matter what they think, Madeleine decides to go She ll help her aunt restore the old house she ll sign up for an online baking course and she ll bury yes, bury those terrible memories From now on, she tells herself, I m going to be strong and independent Her plan seems to be working, except for the panic attacks, until she has to deflect the attentions of two men.The doctor, who has a fire scarred past, is not upset by her panic attacks and knows he can help her to heal The writer, who conceals than one secret, admires her spirit and is certain that she needs him.God uses both men and her father s gift of a floral paperweight to remind her of His enduring forever love, and as she yields to Him, she finds the courage to take a new and challenging path.

    The Forever Stone The Dumont Chronicles Book Kindle The Forever Stone is a beautiful suspense tale of evil overcome by love, of people with a strong morality who live what they believe It is so refreshing to read a story about a couple whose first reaction to meeting each other is not jumping in bed together. The Forever Stone Gloria Repp The Forever Stone is a beautiful suspense tale of evil overcome by love, of people with a strong morality who live what they believe It is so refreshing to read a story about a couple whose first reaction to meeting each other is not jumping in bed together. The Forever Stone Kids Answers It s like saying His Word is set in stone Look She pointed to a large rock in the garden There were words carved right into it Cool What does it say asked Jessie They all knelt down around the rock as Jessie s mom pointed to the words, It says, Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. The Forever Stone by Gloria Repp The Forever Stone is the first book in the Dumont women chronicles This is the story of Madeline or Mollie who wants to forget her traumatic past and abusive dead husband and start new in the quiet and away from big city life. The Forever Stone artIFact Obsidian Portal Jul , The Forever Stone is a roughly spherical chunk of opal escent white stone with an astral diamond core It feels lighter than it looks and attracts metal to it like a weak magnet Within its shiny surface, the holder can see reflected images of past trials and triumphs. Unveiling The Forever Stone a lasting tribute North The Forever Stone is a symbol of eternal gratitude to people who leave a gift to the hospice in their will Cut from local slate at nearby Hearson Quarry, with an iconic hole cut by Diamond Drilling, and installed by Loose Builders, it stands in the hospice gardens as a reminder of the generosity of individuals whose gifts will help ensure the care provided will continue forever. Forever Stone, Inc Granite, Marble, Quartz Counter Tops Forever Stone, Inc Jacksonville, is a professional granite,marble , and quartz counter top fabrication and installation company.Granite countertops Stone Forever Directed by Richard Kuipers With Sandy Harbutt, David Hannay, Hugh Keays Byrne, Rebecca Gilling Documentary about the cult classic s Australian biker movie Stone. Forever Stone Natural Granite Fire Pits Pavers Forever Stone is the area s leading provider of all natural, % reclaimed granite products, saving , lbs of stone from landfills each year The average granite fabricator discards over tons per week, than tons a year Across the country, Forever Stone Forever Stone Design is owned by Mimmo and Maria Rondinone and has been in business for than years We have than reviews on Homestars and What Makes Us

    • Free Read [Poetry Book] ✓ The Forever Stone - by Gloria Repp ✓
      357 Gloria Repp
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      Bedtime Story time Gloria Repp s earliest memories center on the stories her father told at bedtime What kind of story would you like tonight he d ask, taking her onto his lap.She always had an answer, different every time About a princess And a lion And maybe a horse a brave, kind horse After she learned to read, Gloria found stories on her own, but the ones she told herself seemed the most satisfying Her mother died, her father remarried, she was sent away to school, and on many nights she treated herself to another imaginary adventure.She became an omnivorous reader as the years passed, and finally she recognized what she d always wanted to do write down her stories for children to read She studied the craft of writing juvenile fiction and then began Her three children seemed to like her stories, so she took the long road to publication and found that others liked them too Since then, she has taught creative writing, worked as an editor, and written books for children, teens, and adults.Many of Gloria s books reflect her love for wilderness, and she says that the oceans, mountains, and forests of her childhood in Hawaii and Canada provide an inspiration she has never outgrown Recently, she has been exploring the New Jersey Pine Barrens, an incomparable wilderness of woods and rivers, bogs and ruins One memorable spring evening, she listened to its frogs and found them irresistible Before long, the hours of tramping through abandoned cranberry bogs bore fruit, and she began to dream of stories about a tiny Pine Barrens Treefrog named Pibbin Pibbin s adventures have taken shape, young readers enjoy them, and each year she goes back to the Pine Barrens for The Tales of Friendship Bog continue.

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    • A Touching Story of Brokenness, Healing and Love This book centers around a young widow named Madeleine, known as "Mollie". She leaves home to go and help her aunt restore an old home in an attempt to escape her grief and painful past. However, instead she finds healing, hope and love. Not only does she find romantic love, but also a "forever love" in God.I enjoyed reading this book - I enjoyed the story and the deeper meaning behind it. It was a good reminder to me of God's "forever love" - eve [...]

    • The thing I loved most about this book was its writing style. It hooked me to keep reading to the end.Yes, there were a lot of religious references, but even as a non-believer, I found it a quiet and loving belief - though I suppose Mollie should have been given credit for her strength, I suppose it was the author's way of giving it to her.It's a great story, I loved the characters. There was suspense, mystery and romance, all superbly written.I don't give spoilers but will recommend this story [...]

    • “The Forever Stone” by Gloria Repp is the story of a girl named Madeleine who goes to visit her aunt in a remote, small town in New Jersey. Her aunt just inherited a manor that is filled with antiques, and Madeleine has agreed to help her sell the items and clean out the house.The book was promoted as a sweet romance, but it’s not. There are several unwritten rules about writing a romance that the author doesn’t follow. As a result, the book is twice as long as it needs to be. It needs t [...]

    • April 10, 2013Review of THE FOREVER STONE by Gloria ReppI could hardly put this book downTHE FOREVER STONE is a story about Madeline Burke, a young widow, in need of time and space (and independence from her overbearing mother) to sort through her life experiences, and to decide "where to go from here."Madeline suffered through the shooting death of her adoring father, a police officer. She then regretfully jumped into a marriage with a doctor who was controlling and abusive toward her. When the [...]

    • This book was amazing from the start, though it begins as a slow pace and towards the middle is where the real action occurs between the characters. In this book there is a young divorced lady named Madeline and she moves with her Aunt. In her new place she meets new people and there is a lot of mystery going on between the people, the mystery is what makes this books so good. Apart from mystery, there is romance in this novel, she meets a guy named Nathan, and he tries to help her believe in lo [...]

    • ***A tale with an important message about new beginnings"Forever Stone, Gloria Repp’s new mystery-romance is set in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens well-known for “sugar-sand roads, tumbled ruins, and gleaming dark rivers.” There readers meet Madeline, a young widow better known as “Mollie.” A year has passed since her abusive husband was killed in an automobile accident, yet her feelings of grief still reflect relief that he can’t hurt her ever again. It’s the relief she feels guilt o [...]

    • Mystery mixed with pathos and braveryThis evocative story explores the growth of its heroine from a victim to a victor. She forces herself to face her demons, strike out on a new path, and face fear. It's evocative and spiritual. I knew Gloria Repp was a talented writer, having really enjoyed her children’s stories, and she proves she can write a compelling adult novel with this story. This suspenseful novel is grown up but it doesn’t smack the writer with explicit scenes or gratuitous viole [...]

    • This is a story about Madeline, who moves in with her aunt to start a fresh life away from her past. Aunt Lin bought an old Victorian mansion and the two of them take on the task of cleaning it out and redoing it.While Madeline seeks her independence, and new life, she meets some of the towns' people and befriends a few them. She even starts to attend church with Jude, a teen, who was hired to help with the renovations to the mansion. There are a lot of characters in this book but the author des [...]

    • The Forever Stone by Gloria Repp is a wonderful story of forgiveness, hope, restoration, healing, and love, both between a man and a woman and the forever love of God. I was hooked from the first page and had trouble putting the book down to do other things that needed to be done. In fact when I was about two chapters from the end I just kept reading even though I should have been working on a quilting project that has a time limit. The book started out great and just got better and better.Madel [...]

    • I truly enjoyed The Forever Stone, and for several good reasons. One of the biggest, though, is that it was set in an area that has been special to me for most of my life, the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey; the story worked well in that unique setting. Author Gloria Repp "gets" the Pines.The story itself was engaging, and the major characters likable. Protagonist Madeleine (Mollie) is going through tough times, dealing with grief for her father, who died about two years before the story be [...]

    • REVIEW-The author, Ms. Repp wrote about Madeline (Molly)who is broken and not able to trust anyone, wants to make a new life away from her past. She flees from her dysfunctional past that she has had with her mother. She wants to be independent and have her new life. Her Aunt Linn had bought a Victorian mansion and Madeline moved in with her. The two of them get busy cleaning and fixing it up. A teenager, Jude, has made friends with Molly and is hired to help with the mansion. Molly and Jude hav [...]

    • The Forever Stone was so good that I hated to put it down. I was compelled to pick it up and read it every chance I got. Gloria knows how to draw a reader in and cause them to lose all track of reality. From the beginning, you are compelled to become involved with the story and make opinions and assumptions about the characters. I know I did. I found myself rooting for Madeleine as she stood up to her mother and left to help out her aunt and wanting to help in other situations. Madeleine wanted [...]

    • I enjoyed reading Gloria Repp's novel, The Forever Stone, which is a story with an important message. From beginning to end, it was a good reminder to me that God's love is everlasting and forever even during the middle of difficult situations. Her storytelling clearly shows an understanding of life's hurts, trials and triumphs and the need for God's intervention and healing touch. She reminds us that God's plans for us are better than the ones we've made for ourselves.What I liked most was Glor [...]

    • The author sent me a complimentary copy of her book in exchange for her book review.What neither of us realized is that I had already downloaded her e-book to read.I was curious about this book and I am not disappointed after reading it.This is a story about a woman who had been in a abusive marriage . Now,after the death of her husband, has an opportunity to flee the annoying life with her mother to create a new life for herself.She moves to a small town where she aids her aunt's endeavors of c [...]

    • The forever stone is an amazing story of forgiveness and the power of friendship. I Loved this book, it a perfect amount of drama and suspense to keep the story going and the characters are well balanced and they all show their different characteristics thru out the book, in the way they acted, talked, and how they felt on different subjects. Also how they treated the different kinds of people showed their personality and their souls. The book was well balanced and not to fast paced or to slow p [...]

    • I loved The Forever Stone. The protagonist drew me in instantly with her emotional scars, struggles and determination. Madeleine has been through her share of heartache and hardship but she isn't one to just roll over and take it. She's a strong female lead that the average person can relate with. She has weaknesses that she knows and acknowledges and fights to overcome, but she also is willing to lean on those around her for support and help. Religion plays a large role in the story, helping va [...]

    • The Forever Stone is a beautifully written book that deals with deep emotional issues. I truly enjoyed this story from start to finish. The author did such a good job developing her characters.Madeleine is a woman with some seriously traumatic issues from her past. It is not until about halfway through the book that those issues really became clear. I loved learning more and more about this character as I read the book.There are many characters in the book and they are all important in their spe [...]

    • Madeleine needs a change in her life and opportunity just came knocking. When her aunt inherits a huge house that needs a lot cleaning and redecorating, Madeleine jumps at the chance. She packs her bags and moves away from all the bad memories in Virginia to make new memories in Pennsylvania. She wanted a change, but little does she know how much change is about to take place. She not only takes on the house, she takes on a baking course, some ruffian children (just like her dad would have), and [...]

    • Madeleine's life hasn't been easy, her father has died as has her abusive husband so when her aunt asks her to visit and help sort out an old property she is only too keen to start again.Along the way she is forced to think about where God is in her life as she meets several people along her path.Unlike many Christian books this one actually feels more realistic than many as Madeleine wrestles with her faith in a desperate attempt to make sense of her life rather than a simplistic unrealistic fa [...]

    • Wow!! This was a great book. It is a real mystery page turner. I would love to have lived in a place like this gal lives in. Sounds wonderful. A small town where everyone knows everyone else. I grew up in a place similar. Not the house of course but the town folks were really nice and you could leave your doors unlocked or open on hot nichts. Walk down the street and say hi to several people. I would love to live in a big mansion and find all kinds of thiings. The people in the story were really [...]

    • Sometimes I like a nice, easy read that isn't a "page turner". This book filled that bill for me. The reader can guess the solution to "whodunit", but getting to the final conclusion is an enjoyable trip. The only thing that didn't set well with me was that the main character, Madeleine, didn't have much faith at the beginning of the book. To me, it seemed she all of a sudden acquired a very strong faith. I'm not saying that isn't possible, I'm just saying that most people come to a very strong [...]

    • The Forever Stone by Gloria ReppA great new to me author, I loved this well written book. I was drawn in by how she was able to intertwine her faith into the characters. Madeleine or Mollie as she is lovingly referred to is the main characters that has faced many of life’s trials. As we follow along she overcomes many challenges as her faith and confidence grow. The Forever Stone has it all, a little intrigue and mystery, some romance. This book is full of fun characters that form a sense of c [...]

    • This book a mystery with threads of a love story, a story of healing and a story of coming out on the other side weaved through it. The mystery is played out so well, you don't know who the "bad guy" really is for sure until toward the end. Each part of the mystery is like a puzzle that is picked up and thoroughly examined before it is placed. Very well written in a way that keeps you wondering how this mystery is going to be solved all the way to the end. Recommended for late teens through adul [...]

    • The Perfect Blend!This book has the perfect blend of mystery, romance, drama with a Christian influence that will captivate the reader from beginning to end. I think what I enjoyed most while reading this was the fact there was no vulgarity anywhere in the story, and that in itself is refreshing! Thank you, Gloria for sharing this story with the world and I look forward to reading the sequel, Deep Focus. I've already given this book to a friend at work, and Ramona has told me already how much sh [...]

    • Thoroughly enjoyed this read. The protagonist is a sympathetic character whose past is both haunting and horrifying. A reminder that abuse is prevalent among us even where we least expect it friends, family and even teachers. The tension and suspense built in the revelation of the protagonist's past are well scripted and sculpted into a climax that resonates with the themes in the novel. The resolution may have been a little too clean for such a horrific pattern of trauma in my humble opinion bu [...]

    • Interesting read about the rural mountain area of New Jersey. it is a mystery, the heroine healing from an abusive relationship and the death of her father,a renovation of an old run down manor, a love story and the confusion of young teens growing up with an alcoholic mother. Many subplots, almost confusing with so many topics at times. Left the reader wondering what came next. good for a summer or a weekend read.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by Gloria Repp. Mollie, the main character, is dealing with the scars of an abusive marriage and the pain of her father's death. She struggles with her faith but keeps strong, calling on the Lord to help her through trials and bad situations. Great story of faith and learning to trust and love again. Highly recommend this to all readers.

    • The only problem I had with this book was the main character's dwelling so long on her problem that could have ruined her life. She claimed to be a Christian following the Word of God, but could not let go of her fears. However, not having gone through something like that myself, it may be an unfair judgement. Did like some of the characters and wish they were more fully developed.

    • Good book slightly juvenileThis was a nice story. I love stories of faith. I liked Tim's character but would have liked to know more about his background.

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