Hanukkah Bear

Hanukkah Bear Almost blind and deaf a woman known for her delicious latkes mistakes a visiting bear for her rabbi A retelling of The Chanukkah Guest Holiday House ochokengtitiktitikchokeng with new illus

  • Title: Hanukkah Bear
  • Author: Eric A. Kimmel Mike Wohnoutka
  • ISBN: 9780823428557
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Almost blind and deaf, a woman known for her delicious latkes mistakes a visiting bear for her rabbi A retelling of The Chanukkah Guest Holiday House, 1990, ochokengtitik

    titikchokeng with new illustrations.

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      202 Eric A. Kimmel Mike Wohnoutka
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    About “Eric A. Kimmel Mike Wohnoutka

    • Eric A. Kimmel Mike Wohnoutka

      Eric A Kimmel was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1946 He attended PS 193, Andries Hudde Junior High School, and Midwood High School Brooklyn College was across the street from his high school, so he didn t want to go there He headed west, to Easton, Pennsylvania where he graduated from Lafayette College in 1967 with a bachelor s degree in English literature Eric worked as an elementary school teacher at P.S 68 in Manhattan while working on his masters degree at New York University From there he went to the US Virgin Islands where he worked as a teacher and librarian He spent a lot of time lying on St Thomas beautiful beaches Returning to reality, he finished his Ph.D degree in Education at the University of Illinois in 1973 He taught courses in language arts, children s literature, and storytelling at Indiana University at South Bend in South Bend, Indiana from 1973 to 1978, and from 1978 to 1993 at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon Eric retired from college teaching in 1993 to become a full time writer He still holds the rank of Professor Emeritus of Education at Portland State Eric has wanted to be an author since he first discovered back in kindergarten that people called authors make books His first book came out in 1974 Since then he has published over fifty titles, many of which have won numerous state awards, appeared on school and library recommended lists, and won prestigious awards such as the Caldecott Honor Medal Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins and the Sydney Taylor Picture Book Award The Chanukkah Guest and Gershon s Monster Eric travels throughout the United States and the world visiting schools, talking about his books, and telling stories His first love is sharing stories from different countries and cultures During the last several years he and his wife Doris have visited China, Norway, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Canada, and Panama He is always looking out for ideas for new books Eric and Doris live in Portland, Oregon Eric has a dog named Tasha, a cat named Inky, and a tank full of tropical fish He has several hobbies He loves bluegrass music He keeps his banjo next to his desk so he can practice whenever he takes a break from writing.

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    • "Almost blind and deaf, a woman known for her delicious latkes mistakes a visiting bear for her rabbi. A retelling of The Chanukkah Guest (Holiday House, 1990, o.p.) with new illustrations."

    • Bubba Brayna is 97 years old and can’t see or hear very well, yet she is getting ready to have the rabbi and her friends over during Hanukkah. She makes the best potato latkes in town, unfortunately, she wakes up a bear from his slumber with her delectable smelling food. Bubba opens the door for the bear, mistaking him for the rabbi. As the story progresses the author has delicately woven in the traditions of the holiday for the reader to learn. The humor in the story will entertain K-2 grader [...]

    • There is a touch of Little Red Riding Hood to Eric Kimmel's "Hanukkah Bear." Bubba Brayna is 97 years-old(!) and doesn't see or hear as well as she once did, and as a result, mistakes Old Bear for the village rabbi on the first night of Hanukkah! Luckily, Old Bear is satisfied with latkes and jam, not the grandmother herself! A sweet tale for the holiday.

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    • This book is about a large bear named, Rabbi and a lady named, Bubba Brayna. This book takes place during Hanukkah. I hope you all take time to read this book.

    • I read this to a first grade class for our holiday program. Their teacher is Jewish, and he gave us a bit of info about how he celebrates the holiday, which was nice. The kids enjoyed the story, even though they didn't really know anything about Hanukkah to begin with.

    • It's Hanukkah and near-sighted Bubba Brayna is expecting company. When a bear comes by unexpectedly she thinks its the rabbi. His grunting and growling is interpreted by the old lady as conversation. Soon he's eaten up all her latkes and leaves wearing a scarf, giving Bubba Brayna a lick on the cheek. It's only when her REAL guests show up that the truth is revealed. Then a new batch of latkes must be made. In the end everyone has a happy Hanukkah. An author's note gives a little more informatio [...]

    • I found this book made me laugh so very much! Bubba Brayna is not as young as she once was. At 97 years old her sight and hearing are starting to go--but she still makes the best latkes in town and knows how to offer hospitality. Old Bear is awakened from his long winter sleep by the smell of something delicious. He follows the smell to Bubba Brayna's house. She mistakes Old Bear for her Rabbi and invites him in to celebrate Hannukah with her. This is a great story about mistaken identities, spr [...]

    • Hanukkah Bearis a lovely tale of a bear, hungry in the long winter, who smells Bubba Brayna's delicious latkes through the forest and comes to her house for a taste. Bubba Brayna is 97 years-old and cannot see or hear very well and mistakes the bear for the Rabbi. The bear eats all the latkes and when the Rabbi arrives, Bubba Brayna realizes her mistake. With the help of the Rabbi and the rest of her friends they make enough latkes for everyone and celebrate the start of Hanukkah. The story is f [...]

    • Hanukkah Bear by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka – I’ve never tired of reading Eric Kimmel’s adaptation, but I’ve read this book multiple times in the past under a different title, The Chanukkah Guest. Just love the story of Bubba Brayna who mistakes a bear for her local rabbi and treats him to a special meal and gives him a special gift as well. Hilarious and wonderful. I appreciate the new illustrations even though I have fond memories of the original.

    • Ninety-seven-year-old Bubba Brayna can't hear or see as well as she once could. After spending all day preparing potato latkes for the rabbi's Hanukkah visit, she ends up feeding them to a hungry old bear who she mistakes for the rabbi. The story is filled with humorous moments and acrylic illustrations that highlight the amusement caused by this case of mistaken identity. When Old Bear leaves for his den, he has surely had an enjoyable Hanukkah.

    • Personal Reaction: Really cute book that made me laugh. It has a great balance between words and pictures and is very heartwarming. Children would enjoy this book very much.Purpose:Children's enjoyment. Children will love the fact that Bubba Brayna mistakes the bear as the rabbi who she is suppose to cook potato latkes for. Introduces a different culture to children and also provides the recipe for latkes that children could try at home.

    • Bubba Brayna has problems hearing and seeing well. When a hungry bear arrives at her house on Hanukkah night she mistakes him for the rabbi and hilarious scenes unfold. Young readers will delight in the humorous scenes between Bubba and the bear and they can even try out the recipe for latkes included at the end of the book.

    • This book is great! I love the illustrations and the story is fun. The old Granny (Bubba Brayna) is pretty much blind and deaf so when the bear comes to the door she thinks it is the Rabbi. He has a beard like the Rabbi, and the growling (well she can't hear very well so she just smiles and nods) This is a cute little Hanukkah book!

    • 1. Why does a ninety-something year old lady, who can hardly hear or see, look 50 years younger and is illustrated jumping around? 2. It is tradition to eat latkes with applesauce or sour cream. Why is the bear eating it with jam? Even the recipe in the back of the book says eat with applesauce or sour cream. I like Eric A. Kimmel, but this was a bust.

    • This is the retelling of a tale first published in 1990 as The Chanukkah Guest. Bubba Brayna is 97 years old, and while her hearing and vision are not as good as they once were, she still makes the best latkes in the village. Hilarity ensues when she mistakes an old bear for the rabbi who she is expecting. I enjoyed this version as much as the first one.

    • Cute story about an old Jewish woman with poor eyesight who mistakes a bear for her bearded rabbi. The bear eats all her Latke's and she does not discover her mistake until the Rabbi actually does come by as expected. The illustrations are wonderful. Some Jewish words are included in the story and at the end of the book the author includes the Hanukkah story as well as a recipe for Latke.

    • Great remake of "The Hanukkah Bear." Nice, warm pictures & and entertaining tale. I liked the inclusion of a recipe for latkes and author's note about Hanukkah at the back. This will make a great addition to our holiday book collection.

    • My favorite five-year-old and I loved this book! It is warm-hearted, humorous, and has a great balance of words and pictures. It was a sweet introduction to Hanukkah and some of the social traditions around the holiday. This book should be in every library!

    • A story originally published in 1990, now re-done with Kimmel's warm funny illustrations. Sweet funny story and I love the new illustrations.

    • I've loved this story since it's first publication 25 years ago as THE CHANUKKAH GUEST. The illustrations have been updated, but the story is the same funny, sweet, and a yearly tradition!

    • One of the cuter Hanukkah stories I've read, this includes a recipe for potato latkes and has an end note explaining some of the meaning behind the symbols and practices of this Jewish holiday.

    • 97 year old Bubba Brayna is eager for the visit of Rabbi to celebrate the season. She doesn't realize that her hungry guest is a bear.

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