Woman's Best Friend: Women Writers on the Dogs in Their Lives

Woman s Best Friend Women Writers on the Dogs in Their Lives They may be known as man s best friend but as the writers in this poignant funny and dramatic collection know there s no gender divide when it comes to canines Whether walking down the street gat

  • Title: Woman's Best Friend: Women Writers on the Dogs in Their Lives
  • Author: Megan McMorris Pam Houston
  • ISBN: 9781580051637
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • They may be known as man s best friend, but as the writers in this poignant, funny, and dramatic collection know, there s no gender divide when it comes to canines Whether walking down the street, gathering at the dog park, hitting the open road, or spending one too many nights together on the couch in front of the TV, a woman and her dog are an enduring pair And there aThey may be known as man s best friend, but as the writers in this poignant, funny, and dramatic collection know, there s no gender divide when it comes to canines Whether walking down the street, gathering at the dog park, hitting the open road, or spending one too many nights together on the couch in front of the TV, a woman and her dog are an enduring pair And there are many who consider their dogs to be members of their family and themselves to be full fledged dog moms, even if they re single.From the family dog who takes on the anxiety of a family as the writer s sister battles breast cancer, to the compelling tale of a woman searching for her furry friend in the aftermath of September 11th, to the blind and deaf dog who teaches everyone about keeping on truckin no matter what predicaments she gets into, the essays in this anthology get at the heart of love and yes, sometimes love hate relationships women have with the dogs in their lives.

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      I m the editor of three anthologies, most recently P.S What I Didn t Say Unsent Letters to Our Female Friends Seal Press, October 1 I created a website for the book, where you can find excerpts and send in your own letter to your female friendanthology.wordpress

    932 thoughts on “Woman's Best Friend: Women Writers on the Dogs in Their Lives

    • As a dog lover (I don't have one of my own YET), I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed hearing stories from different women of different ages from different walks of life talking about their dogs, the different relationships they have with them.There were a couple different stories that had me reaching for tissues, but for the most part I thought this was a very well written book and it did have quite a bit of humor in it.I would read other books written by the women who put these collections to [...]

    • Must read for all dog lovers. This beautiful compilation of women's stories about the dogs of their lives sits close to my heart, not just because they are all relatable tales but because this book belonged to my grandma. This book fully embodies my grandma's love of dogs and I am sure she must have loved this book just as much as I do. I do not tend to reread books but this is a book that I think I will find myself flipping back to from time to time. I have to dedicate this to the two who I tho [...]

    • A mixed bag memoirs by women writers about their dogs. I loved the variety of emotions brought up as I read through the collection. And the little photos were a perfect addition. Pam Houston and her Irish Wolfhounds have a special spot in my heart.

    • Good story that any dog lover can relate to many. Warning: this book provokes many emotions smiles happy and sad tears.

    • A collection of short epistles on dogs, by women. Some I liked pretty much, like Running With Trout by Sarah Corbett, on Dog as running partner, motivator and role model. Leaving our Chains by Susan T. Lennon is a story of how she adopted a dog, left a corporate, high-stress job and learned that just as the dog didn't need collars and chains to be a loyal and happy companion, neither did she.But in general, I think I'll steer clear of short collections by varied authors in the future. I can't be [...]

    • A delightful collections of dog tales by writers as diverse as Rebecca Skloot, Susan Cheever and Caroline Knapp. Some are serious, like Skloot's report on an aggressive pack of dogs roaming New York sidewalks that the city refuses to deal with; some are hilarious, like Kathryn Renner's about the family dachshund, Murphy Brown, who took up residence in the family's '99 Mercedes 320E, after discovering its luxurious charms when she was kept in the car during a house remodeling project. The noise, [...]

    • Picked this older book (2006) up at a second hand book sale and really enjoyed most of the short stories that focus on the lives of women and the dogs they have loved. Some make you laugh, others cry, and all are very unique yet familiar to any dog owner. I really appreciated the women-oriented perspective (i.e dogs are not just "man's best friend"). Some stories were a bit hard to take for those who are still grieving the loss of a pet, but you can skip ahead of those until ready to read them. [...]

    • Ah, when life starts to dictate your reading habits. I just got a dog, so I'm on the hunt (sometimes quite unconsciously) for dog-related material to read. I grabbed this after about two seconds of thought in the Pet section of the library. Overall, I really enjoyed this collection of real-life short stories about different female writers and the dogs that influenced them. There were some that were fairly inane (hey, we can't all have amazingly interesting lives) and some that were humorous. Oth [...]

    • This is a terrific collection of essay of women writers about woman's best friend. I laughed and cried. Pam Houston's foreword has made me cry multiple times as I've read it to friends. She is a stunning writer. I also particularly liked Julia Fulton's "Sage the Hollywood Dog," about her rescued dog becoming the Chuckwagon dog, and Caroline Knapp's "Surrogate Dog." Then I read the bio section and sobbed when I learned Knapp died in 2002 at the age of 42. Sobbed! There is also a story about a wom [...]

    • This is a book of short pieces from a variety of female writers (mostly journalists), all about dogs. I've been slowly reading it for several weeks now, and just finished it the other night.A few of the women featured in the book are ones I've read before, most notably Pam Houston and (the late) Caroline Knapp, both of whom have other work I much admire. The dogs featured are a motley bunch, from Pam Houston's herd of Irish Wolfhounds (how I envy that!) to a couple of dauschunds. They are person [...]

    • Like collections of short stories, collections of personal essays can do their contents a disservice -- I, at least, often wind up reading too many at one sitting, and then their flaws or similiarities show too clearly. But read at longer intervals, in the odd little moments of extra time -- 5 minutes here or there -- these kinds of collections can be enjoyable. This is a book of short personal essays about women and the dogs in their lives -- most are love stories of one flavor or another, but [...]

    • If you love dogs and are a woman, then this book is for you! It's a compilation of stories written by women who have been touched by the life (or lives) of a dog(s). I am a dog lover of course and try to help stray dogs find homes and am currently fostering a blue pit who needs lots of love and redirection so I was really touched by this book and was glad someone, a woman, had the great idea to get this together.

    • This is an uneven collection of essays on the dogs in women's lives. From corrupted cat-lovers, to life-long dog owners, these writers write about everything from neurotic dogs, to sanity-saving companions, from the role that dogs can play in opening one's social life, to the desire to just hang with your dog who will always (well, almost) be less complicated than human relationships. Not a must read, but it can be digested an essay or two at a time before bed.

    • If I could have given this book more than 5 stars I would have! I loved that it was a compilation of short stories. I think that is what made it so easy to read. I cried, I laughed and I got angry (especially at one story in particular). One story, about a dog named Bonnie, stuck with me mainly because I am interested to see how she is doing and to see if her owner got anywhere with the police. If you have this book or see it, read it! You will be glad you did :-)

    • One of my best friends, Brendan, gave me this for Christmas - I've finally gotten to read it now - and it was great. There was one story that I really disliked - a woman put to sleep a dog that she'd rescued - and I'm not sure I needed the article at the end of the book, but overall it was great and I really enjoyed it. An easy read - great for feeling good and not stressing yourself or taxing your reader's mind. :)

    • A fun set of short stories about women and their dogs. At first I felt very resistant to the topic and thought it would all be stories about dead pets, but it covered all sorts of areas that I've thought about, like how I might like my dog better than my cat and how much fun it can be to meet other women who have dogs. Plus Pam Houston wrote the intro, so how can it be bad?

    • I'm not a big short story fan, but I enjoyed the stories in this book. My favorite quote from Marion Winik's Seven Reasons Not to Get a Dog, "They live just one year for every seven of ours, and that is the best-case scenario. Perhaps this is why you will love your dog seven times as much as a human being."

    • Currently reading this one in spurts along with the Elizabeth George. Had my co-worker, a fellow dog lover, read a couple of the chapters. It is a lovely book!Finished this one now. It was fantastic! Any dog lover would enjoy this book. I could totally relate to the story entitled "On-Line Dogging".

    • As with any anthology, some stories I liked more than others. Some made me cry, some made me laugh, and some were a chore to get through. I guess you could say the same thing about dogs. :DOverall, I liked reading about other women's experiences with dogs and heartwarming stories of dogs that had a special place in their lives.

    • #NCOwn in paperback.FS: "We were put on Earth to be educated. I'm convinced of it."LS: "She represents a choice, a style of living and loving that may not be conventional but that is valid in its own right, if only because it's my own."

    • Some wonderful, charming stories from women writers about their relationships with their dogs. Not all are warm and fuzzy, and a few made me misty. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets all ooey-gooey about my dog!

    • While I found the stories somewhat interesting - some more, some less - the typos were annoying. I read this on my Kindle and the women's names were often misspelled, as were at least two of the dogs' names. Shouldn't editing have caught up with ebooks by now?

    • Sweet and some bittersweet true stories about the bonds that women develop with their canine friends, complete with little photo shots of each dog. Not schmaltzy at all and full of many different perspectives on puppy love.

    • I love this book and consider it a must read for any dog moms! It made me laugh a lot and cry a little, and it definitely warmed my heart and I could identify with a lot of the stories, being a dog mom myself. I want everyone to read this book who loves their dog(s)!

    • Nice collection, great read for dog lovers, some funny, others sad. Be forewarned, there are stories of loss, with heartfelt expressions of love; have a tissue or two handy.

    • A touching compilation of women writers' relationships with their dogs. I would recommend this book to any dog lover, or anyone who shares a strong bond with any kind animal.

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