Gutshot Straight with Bonus Excerpt

Gutshot Straight with Bonus Excerpt Gutshot Straight with Bonus Excerpt by Lou Berney has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher

  • Title: Gutshot Straight with Bonus Excerpt
  • Author: Lou Berney
  • ISBN: 9780062213228
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • Gutshot Straight with Bonus Excerpt by Lou Berney has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.

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    • Lou Berney

      Lou Berney is the two time Edgar nominated author of The Long and Faraway Gone 2015 , Whiplash River 2012 , and Gutshot Straight 2010 His short fiction has appeared in publications such as The New Yorker, Ploughshares, the New England Review, and the Pushcart Prize anthology He has written feature screenplays and created TV pilots for, among others, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Focus Features, ABC, and Fox.

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    • When Charles "Shake" Bouchon walks out of prison a free man, he's determined to walk the straight and narrow. He dreams of opening a small restaurant, but no sooner does he hit L.A. than his old boss and former lover, Alexandra Llandryan, asks him for a small favor. Alexandra is the head of the Armenian mob in L.A and she'd like Shake to drive a car to Vegas and leave it with an obnoxious and obese strip club owner named Dick Moby. Not surprisingly, Moby is known as "The Whale."Alexandra offers [...]

    • I owe a great debt of gratitude to James for calling my attention to this book. (If you love crime novels old and new, definitely follow James' reviews.)Every now and again, I love finding a good crime novel. And while I love reading books by my favorite mainstays—Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, Steve Hamilton, Barry Eisler, etc.—I love discovering a new author writing their first book, or stumbling upon an author I've never heard of before and being wowed by them. So I was tremendously ple [...]

    • Whoa, I really, really loved this. I wasn’t expecting to love it half so much! I was keeping my expectations low, figuring I’d get a few eyerolls out of the deal but still enjoy myself— both courtesy of the comparisons to Elmore Leonard. The whole time, though, there was a ridiculous grin on my face, wider with every page. I’ve decided that’s how I’m judging books right now. How many words they waste— this book, none— how many eyerolls I give— again, none (not even for the coup [...]

    • I read a lot of dark depressive things, so I look for books just like this for light hearted relief. I can enthusiastically recommend Lou Berney's novels to anyone needing a pleasurable departure. Action packed, full of criminals and soured deals, and populated with the most charming characters, this is exactly what I am searching for. Berney is to me the next great hope, carrying on the tradition of Elmore Leonard, Chester Himes, and John D. McDonald hopefully far into the future. I am absolute [...]

    • Just your typical "excon Armenian mob boss dirtbag club owner stripper grand theft auto double triple quadruple cross crime thriller", to put it mildly.What a fun read. This was a free offering from Nook's "Free Friday" deal, and how happy I am I picked it up. I do always struggle with books where I find myself sympathizing or rooting for one of the bad guys (because, after all, they did something to earn that status, remember?), and I found myself doing that here, but it varied just whose team [...]

    • This one is a page burner, a rip roaring entertainer of pure hi'jinkery. Damn I miss these characters already. Let's hope Jasper gets the girl, Vader gets his road-runner back and Marvin begins to live up to his real potential, he really did fool Gina after all. Bring on Whiplash River!4.5 stars

    • Thoroughly enjoyed this mad romp!If this was an Elmore Leonard novel (which it closely resembles) it would rate among his best.Two-time loser car thief/get-away-driver comes out of prison and immediately immerses himself into another affair and bad company.Amusing page turner.Highly recommended.

    • Thanks for the recommendation to read this James Thane!Lou Berney writes memorable characters, and takes the time to develop even the minor ones. Add that to intense plotting and you've got a fine, fun time.

    • A cardinal rule of poker is drawing to a “gutshot straight” (needing one card to fill a run of 5) is a poor bet. One has only, at best, a 1 in 12 chance of being dealt the needed card. Such odds do not offer sufficient likelihood of winning to wager anything. This humorous, violent, of-no-redeeming-value-beyond-being-an-enjoyable read, debut novel could not have had a better title to tell of what awaits the reader when she/he begins reading it. The story opens with Charles Samuel “Shake [...]

    • RATING: 4.0There are some guys who couldn’t play it straight even if you put them in a harness and led them down an iron track. Certainly that’s true for Charles “Shake” Bouchon, who has just gotten out of prison after serving three years for grand theft auto. The prison gate has barely clanged shut behind him when he agrees to do a favor for his former boss, Alexandra Ilandryan, head of the Armenian mob in Los Angeles. All Shake has to do is deliver a package to Las Vegas and pick up a [...]

    • 4.5 Stars I really enjoyed this book! It is a fast, easy, thoroughly enjoyable read. There is a bit of slapsick comedy in it. Charles "Shake" Bouchon is just released from prison, set on opening a restaurant and going straight. However, he gets asked to do one last job which of course isn't as simple as it sounds. This book has a great cast of characters and fabulous humor. Highly recommended!

    • A book that defies easy categorization since really its about crooks and more crooks, this caper novel is fun to read.Shake is a recently released felon who takes a job from the head of the Armenian Mob, a woman named Alexandra Levy, to drive to Vegas, drop off a car, pick up a package from the Whale, a nasty mobster in Vegas, and return. On the way, Shake finds out that a woman named Gina is in the trunk of the town car. Gina, who of course is blond and hot, spins a load of shine of Shake and s [...]

    • BlurbProfessional wheel man Charles "Shake" Bouchon is too nice a guy for the life he's led and not nice enough for any other. Fresh out of prison, he's supposed to deliver a package to Vegas strip-club owner Dick "the Whale" Moby and pick up a briefcase for Shake's former boss and lover, Alexandra Ilandryan, pakhan of L.A.'s Armenian mob. But when the "package" turns out to be Gina, a wholesome young housewife, Shake decides to set her free—a move as noble as it is boneheaded. Now Shake and G [...]

    • This was a funny, clever, engaging crime novel. The characters were unique and memorable, while the character interactions were smart and witty. I especially loved the repartee between the main characters, Gina and Shake. But, the ancillary repartee was equally smart. Yet it was the "in-between dialog" comments that I found most amazing: Memorable passage - (After a confusing interplay of death-threats between several characters) "Shake gave Jasper a few seconds to get the oars in the water, the [...]

    • I rarely give 5 stars for any book, but this one deserved it. The story kept me engaged throughout the book. I looked forward to each opportunity that I had to sit down and continue reading and even when the book ended, I continued on to read the next few chapters in the next book that were previewed. The only issue that I had with this book was when the author took the story from the present day to a time in the past, but did not give any sort of warning. It left me confused and thinking that I [...]

    • Based on the latest book by Lou Berney “The Long and Faraway Gone”, I was expecting a little more depth and detail. Not that I wasn’t entertained, I was - but nothing more. Shake is without a doubt a charismatic and good-natured character. A small-time criminal, mostly the getaway guy, who has decided to start a fresh life, wanting to open a restaurant. Shake is 42 and has a passion for simple and delicious food and that little restaurant is his ultimate dream. The story starts with Shake [...]

    • When I began reading this novel, I said "What?? Do I really want to continue?" I'm very glad I did as it turned out to be the best tongue-in-cheek crime novel I've ever read. It's filled with sociopaths and near-sociopaths with maybe one regular guy as a minor character. The premise is based on an obscure religious obsession, you won't believe what it turns out to be. My favorite scene is where all these characters are in a room together with guns pointing at each other. Someone says something ( [...]

    • Lou Berney, a new-to-me author, was recommended to me, and this book did not disappoint! It's not your typical good guy vs. bad guy crime fiction; more like bad guys vs. worse guys but with characters, both major and minor, you can root for. It has smart writing, witty dialogue and a fast moving plot. Reading this book (or in my case, listening to it) is like going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. You never know when it's going to take an unexpected turn. Looking forward to reading/listening to the next [...]

    • An excellent caper book with a decent plot, likable characters & a great sense of humour. Highly recommend it - a perfect summer read.

    • I admit, I wasn't expecting very much from "Gutshot Straight" when I started. I also admit, that the more I read, the more I found myself enjoying the novels main character, "Shake" Bouchon. (even though I really hate that nickname) As the story opens, Shake is a few days away from getting out of prison. Of course, it was for a crime he didn't commit. Even better, Shake took the fall to protect a former, not exactly love interest, who was the head of the LA branch of the Armenian mob. She's goin [...]

    • The opening of Gutshot Straight worried me. An ex-con just released from prison picks up a job driving a car from LA to Vegas, only to find that there's a sexy young lady in the trunk of his car. This worried me because I am always worried by novels that steal their plot from The Transporter. Even the combined genius of a Dicken-Joyce-Nabokov hybrid couldn't craft prose capable of competing the action-packed adrenaline rush that is The Transporter.Fortunately, Gutshot Straight doesn't make the f [...]

    • Lou BerneyGutshot Straight (William Morrow 2010) is the story of 42-year-old Shake Bouchon, a professional wheelman who walks out of prison after a three-year sentence for grand theft auto determined to change his life and become a chef. Then Alexandra “Lexy” Ilandryan, a powerful Armenian mob boss in Los Angeles, offers him a simple errand, driving a car to Las Vegas and flying back with a briefcase, and a hefty stake toward opening his restaurant. Shake can’t resist and all goes well unt [...]

    • As stated on the book jacket, this debut novel owes a lot to the work of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen. If you enjoy those writers, you'll like this. A cast of likeable criminals with no law enforcement anywhere to be found run from Vegas to Panama. Shake Bouchon is wheelman just released from an LA prison and quickly takes an job from Lexy, his Armenian crime boss and one time lover. All he has to do is go to Vegas and make a swap, but soon finds a surprise package in the trunk, that being Gi [...]

    • This book was a total indulgence & guilty pleasure. I was sucked in to it, and even though I knew it was marginally bad for me, I had to keep reading & find out what happened. Thank goodness it was fast-paced, as it made for a quick read with a slow reader.Gutshot Straight tells the story of Shake, a 40-something getaway driver, who is freshly out of the Big House and is approached right away to do a straight-forward job: drive a car to Las Vegas, then take a plane back with a suitcase h [...]

    • Got this as a free eBook from B&N and during some travelling got a chance to read it. The first couple of chapters seemed rather predictable. Much like getting a present that is wrapped in such a way that you already know what is inside, but the author does through some curve balls along the way. Much like the present analogy, as the reader begins unwrapping the present, they discover something much different than what they had anticipated. The story starts out with a con who has decided tha [...]

    • Finally! A new voice in crime fiction worth reading! Berney has already been compared to both Hiaasen and Leonard, but for once the comparisons seem fair. I haven’t been able to get this excited in a new writer in a long time.Shake Bouchon isn’t a bad guy; he just always manages to find himself in the wrong circumstances. He’s just been released from prison, doing time for his part as the wheelman in a robbery, and not 48 hours later finds himself in hot water again. Armenian mob boss Alex [...]

    • Charles made some mistakes in like. One of those mistakes, stealing a car, lands him in prison for three years. When he is finally released, he is looking forward to life on the outside. Alexandra used to be his boss in and out of the bedroom. She has just asked him to make a delivery and he has accepted the job.He finds out a little too late that the package actually a person. Wrestling with the moral dilemma isn't easy but in the end he decides to let the prisoner go. Now they are on the run a [...]

    • I wavered between 4 and 5 stars so much that I nudged in the extra star, just because. This was a fun read, pretty much totally off the wall and impossible to put down. I mean, really, who doesn't want to see an ex-con succeed? Or at least get through his first 24-hours of freedom without being arrested again.I found the titles of these two books, Gutshot Straight and Whiplash River: A Novel, to be confusing and puzzling, then I read on the author's web site that those are both poker terms. Ah. [...]

    • Shake's been out of prison a few hours and he's already in trouble again. His ex-girlfriend (an Armenian gang boss) has sent him on an errand to Las Vegas. Shake knows it's a bad idea, knows it in his gut, but Lexy (rhymes with Sexy) is offering him $20,000 for the gig and well, he needs the money.The errand sounds so simple but then, don't they always? Watching Shake's life unravel is a lot of fun as he encounters kidnapped Mormon housewives, eccentric dealers in religious relics--wait until yo [...]

    • Glad to have found this new author. He is a professor at OCU in OKC. One of the peripheral characters works for the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. This reminded me an Elmore Leonard caper. There are many likable characters, all of whom are a little or a lot shady, not to mention the ones who are really bad. Snappy dialogue, plenty of action. Reads like a movie script fact, I googled the movie, made in 2014. Glad to find Lou Berney, his next book is even set in OKC.

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