The Executioner's Heart

The Executioner s Heart A serial killer is loose on the streets of London murdering apparently random members of the gentry with violent abandon The corpses are each found with their chest cavities cracked open and their he

  • Title: The Executioner's Heart
  • Author: George Mann
  • ISBN: 9781781160053
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • A serial killer is loose on the streets of London, murdering apparently random members of the gentry with violent abandon The corpses are each found with their chest cavities cracked open and their hearts removed Charles Bainbridge, Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, suspects an occult significance to the crimes and brings Newbury and Veronica in to investigate.

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      George Mann is an author and editor, primarily in genre fiction He was born in Darlington, County Durham in 1978.A former editor of Outland, Mann is the author of The Human Abstract, and recently The Affinity Bridge and The Osiris Ritual in his Newbury and Hobbes detective series, set in an alternate Britain, and Ghosts of Manhattan, set in the same universe some decades later.He wrote the Time Hunter novella The Severed Man , and co wrote the series finale, Child of Time.He has also written numerous short stories, plus Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes audiobooks for Big Finish Productions He has edited a number of anthologies including The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, The Solaris Book of New Fantasy and a retrospective collection of Sexton Blake stories, Sexton Blake, Detective, with an introduction by Michael Moorcock.

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    • This review was first published by the Historical Novel Society. I received a free copy of the book.This novel is the fourth in a series of fantasy/steampunk adventures featuring detectives Sir Maurice Newbury and Veronica Hobbes. For the purposes of this review it is considered on its individual merits, but it draws heavily on events and world-building from the previous novels in the series, and the final chapter sets up the action for the next installment.Overall I found this novel to be fast- [...]

    • Do you know those books you love so much you cannot help but give a 5* rating, even though they have their flaws? This is one of those books for meWe once again find ourselves in the company of Sir Newbury and Miss Hobbes, as well as their friend inspector Bainbridge in a steampunk, Victorian London. Mann has done a very good job in the previous books in the series to naturally build the relationship between these three characters, making it very enjoyable to read about their adventures and bant [...]

    • Following hot on the heels of the events in 'The Immorality Engine', George Mann brings us the fourth installment in his highly entertaining Newbury & Hobbes series of novels.Thrusting us right back into a steampunk London of machines, monsters and madmen, we once again find ourselves in the company of Queen's Agents Sir Maurice Newbury, his assistant Miss Veronica Hobbes and Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, Sir Charles Bainbridge as they investigate a series of brutal murders. The victims [...]

    • Though the main story ends, this book has the worst possible cliffhanger ever. So I suggest you wait for The Revenant Express before you start reading this book. You're welcome. I am so mad. I hate cliffhangers!Short summary: Newbury and Hobbes are helping Charles Bainbridge with a serial killer case. The victims are all left without heart. That's the main story. There is a threat of conspiracy among the agents of the Crown and nobody knows who or what the murderer is.And, as if that weren't eno [...]

    • Newbury and Hobbes embark on a fourth investigation in this novel. They are called upon when a series of bodies start being found with the chest cavities ripped open and the hearts removed. What's more, they are all agents of the Queen. Who is behind the gruesome murders and does it have anything to do with the Kaiser, as the Prince believes?This book starts with the end if that makes sense. The first chapter sees Veronica exploring a building and being attacked and then we go back to the start [...]

    • Newbury has been sinking further into the mire his friends had hoped to extricate him from. His days are made up of dark arts and drugs. Yet little do they know he is doing it for them. His and Amelia's visions of a darkness to come brought by the sinister Executioner need to be studied so that it can perhaps be avoided. Though with bodies turning up with their hearts ripped out, perhaps the darkness is nearer at hand then they had hoped. With motives being questioned and no one knowing who to t [...]

    • First of all I did not like this book, then I thought maybe to many distractions, so I started again.This is the kind of book like a hot drink you are offered, you hope it's a nice cup of tea only to find it's coffee and later someone takes it away and gives that nice cup of assam you truly wanted.The first half is a Sherlock Holmes derivative, but every now and then there is a moment that shines that moment when you stop reading and you start to see the story. And then "sigh" he gets nervous an [...]

    • Newbury & Hobbes are into another mystery in this popular Steampunk series from George Mann. This is the fourth book in the “A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation” series with the other three books being “The Affinity Bridge” , “The Osiris Ritual”, and “The Immorality Engine” ALL ARE RECOMMENDEDIn this book we run into Newbury & Hobbes’s being asked to investigate the murder of three apparently unrelated individuals. What is perplexing the police is that the murderer is [...]

    • I do like the Newbery & Hobbes tales: steampunk is a favourite genre of mine.This is the 4th in the series of Novels featuring Sir Maurice Newbery & his assistant, Miss Veronica Hobbes- (somewhat reluctant) agents of a Queen Victoria who's lifespan has been artificially extended by cybernetics. Newbery is a specialist in the occult & the arcane, who is called in to assist chief inspector Bainbridge in solving a series of particularly gruesome murders.The background of the titular Exe [...]

    • Didn't realise this was coming out til I found it by chance, I'd enjoyed the first three and like the mix of steampunk, crime and the almost gothic aspect of Newbury and Hobbs.It's best to read them in order, and there's short stories on Mann's website for free to keep you going in between.Newbury and Hobbs begin to grow as partners, though they still seem to keep secrets from each other. Bainbridge also puts in an appearance,as they delve into the investigation into a series of murders. Each of [...]

    • To my mind, this is a perfect example of this type of novel. It's inventive, the characters are engaging, the writing is punchy, the plot is full of twists and turns, there's a healthy dose of the macabre and the supernatural, and the whole thing grabs you by the collar and doesn't let up from page one. Any issues you might've had with the series will be far-gone by the time you finish this book, I can assure you, readers - just give it the time and let the world be built before you. Then you ca [...]

    • Outstanding. as the pace of the storyline increases, you will find it difficult to stop until the last word is read. Alas, a huge cliff hanger awaits you at that point. Possibly the best installment in the series.

    • At the start of this book Newbury has been locked away in his home in a opiod stupor. I at first I was disappointed that we were going through this again, finding it to be to repetitive. But as I read on it made sense. Newbury is aware of the dangers but still he needs to keep doing this. The drug opens up his mind to things that he would not be able to comprehend otherwise. So he needs to walk this dangerous edge to safe the life of the sister of the woman he loves. I was disappointed to see th [...]

    • I've been a fan of George Mann's Newbury & Hobbes series for some years now. The stories are often fast-paced and exciting, with a lot more going on in the series' steampunk universe than intricate clockwork automata and chuffing great engines. The central duo of Sir Maurice Newbury and Veronica Hobbes are often engaging and great fun (even if their mutual lusty restraint doesn't exactly chime). The books are blessed with a well-drawn cast of supporting characters, from Newbury's chum on the [...]

    • This series just keeps getting better!! This one ends with a monumental cliffhanger, leading into the next book, which isn't due out for 3 months, as of this writing. Oh, the torture of desperately waiting for the next book, before it's published. My first experience with Mann was his "Ghost" series, which is also kind of "Steampunk", but set in the 1920's, in New York. That series is pure pulp fiction, stripped down, no frills writing, yet also a very good read. Newbury and Hobbes has more subs [...]

    • I thought this was another fun adventure, although the ending certainly wasn't very fun. This is another book where I felt like I've missed something though, and looking back there are several short stories that take place between books 2-4 so maybe I need to read some of those to figure out everything that is going on. I also definitely figured out who the bad guy was before Newbury, although he came to the answer not long after I did. I'm still a little confused about the Secret Service but ma [...]

    • I almost abandoned this book, but I'm very glad I didn't. While it took me quite a while to get into it, once I did it provided to be George Mann at his best: imaginative, action-packed, and original. After the ending, I'm waiting on tenterhooks for the next installment.One thing I'm curious about: are there any short stories that I should read before reading this? I've read all four books, but there were repeated mentions of groups and events that it sounded as if the reader should no about.

    • It's getting more complicated Continuing from the Immortality Engine, this is a well rounded, satisfying episode in the adventures of Newbury & Hobbes. I really enjoyed the twists in this book and even though there was a foreshadowing like in the previous book, this one had a different conclusion. The relationship between Maurice and Veronica is still lacking something, but the dangers are accumulating and my investment in the story has increased.

    • Another excellent piece from George Mann as we follow hot on the heels of an assassin who is targeting Victorian London's gentry and ripping their hearts out. Newbury and Hobbes still dealing with the fall out of betrayel from those they most trusted, must now get to the bottom of this before its too late. This is the fourth novel in the steampunk series about an eccentric opium addled detective and his smart assistant. Lots of steampunk familiars in this as well as a dose of the occult. it's al [...]

    • This is probably my favorite of the series so far. Trance visions coming to life, a female assassin who is over 100 years old and has a mechanical heart, strange hybrid creatures who roam the nightere's a lot of creepy fun in this one. Good cliffhanger, too. A series which continues to intrigue--looking forward to the next one being published.

    • This review is also on my blog andthenireadabook.The Executioner's Heart is part of the Newbury and Hobbes series, but I wouldn't let that be a barrier to diving right in. I've not read any of the others, as yet, and I had a mighty fine time.It’s 1903. Queen Victoria is still on the throne, a malevolent, semi-human presence powered by a clockwork heart and obsessed with control and power. But a more immediate danger stalks the streets with murderous intent and no concept of mercy. Sir Maurice [...]

    • Well played sir, well played. I don't throw around five star ratings and God knows I was worried about the early books in the series. But it has finally hit its stride. Even though you know from the beginning that the book won't end well (for Veronica anyway) you can't help but keep reading, even as you see Veronica drift further and further away from the truth. Becoming more and more distrustful of Bainbridge and Angelchrist.Sir Maurice and Veronica love each other. Veronica's reaction when she [...]

    • From my blog: readingrealms/2013/08/Though the fourth novel in Mann's Newbury & Hobbes series, a new reader would have no trouble picking up this book and diving in. Being the first I've read of the series, I had little trouble following the story or characters as any references to past events were explained sufficiently. The only issue I had following the story was the lack of prologue use. It wasn't a huge issue andreally my own fault. I realize some authors dislike the use of prologues, b [...]

    • What can I say about this book? It's the fourth in a series the Newbury and Hobbes Investigations, based in a turn of the century Britain in a steampunk past where zombies are commonplace and mad science is very much in vogue. Queen Victoria is a monster, magic is real and there are worrying portents about the future. Our protagonists, Sir Maurice Newbury, and Veronica Hobbes are secret agents, reporting directly to the Queen, and working closely with the head of Scotland Yard, Sir Charles Bainb [...]

    • Getting better, but still digging itself out of the trench. I enjoy Mann’s writing, it’s well written and fun to read. What I don’t like is the poor pacing, sloppy characterizations and development, and half assed semi clichéd characters (Newbury is a brain dead Holmes). That being said, the last two books in the entry have gotten much better due to well…less Newbury being Newbury in formers books:World: The world is an interesting one. The one reason why I still choose to read this boo [...]

    • Newberry and Hobbes’ fourth adventure finds them on the trail of a merciless killer seemingly targeting random victims and as part of their killing, removing their heart. It seems a perplexing case of a serial killer in a book that continues the shift in the series’ narrative arc away from its original focus on the occult and supernatural towards a more dominant theme centred on the affairs of state and twisting complexities and conspiracies of power. It is as if the steampunk that this seri [...]

    • It seems like a very long time between the release of The Immorality Engine,# 3 in the Newbury and Hobbes Series and #4, The Executioner's Heart. In my opinion, Newbury and Hobbes is one of the best steampunk series out there, but I was vaguely disappointed. I don't know whether it was the long wait, but many of the events described as happening in the past seemed unfamiliar to me. In The Executioner's Heart a hired killer has surfaced in London; a woman, beautiful, heavily tattooed and showing [...]

    • The Executioner's Heart is the fourth in this fun, steampunk mystery from George Mann. A bit steampunk, a bit Sherlock Holmes with a dash of international intrigue all wrapped up in one cohesive story. This time the detectives are up against the most frightening villainess England has yet seen; known only as The Executioner. Chief Inspector Charles Bainbridge knows that the murderer on the lose is stealing his victim's hearts after they have been stabbed. With no other leads he sends for superna [...]

    • The 4th novel in the Newbury and Hobbes series, and the first stumble. Closer to a 3.5 or 3.75 so it gets a 4. This wasn't a bad book, it just didn't seem to fit and was more of a placeholder or transitional story. This series is at its best when Newbury and Hobbes are working together. The beginning of this book was missing that, focusing mainly on minor characters and the villain, which just didn't work, I applaud the author for trying to do different things but this just felt flat. The middle [...]

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