Dragon Badge

Dragon Badge Street cops face a crime trend no one saw coming Who could have predicted what a person would do to possess another soul Michael Prim is a cop s cop taking down drug dealers killers and all kinds o

  • Title: Dragon Badge
  • Author: Scott Moon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Street cops face a crime trend no one saw coming Who could have predicted what a person would do to possess another soul Michael Prim is a cop s cop, taking down drug dealers, killers, and all kinds of predators, until he realizes a sorcerer has a vendetta against him and is using hellhounds, demons, and soul slaves to exact revenge MICHAEL PRIM Michael Prim is a hard cStreet cops face a crime trend no one saw coming Who could have predicted what a person would do to possess another soul Michael Prim is a cop s cop, taking down drug dealers, killers, and all kinds of predators, until he realizes a sorcerer has a vendetta against him and is using hellhounds, demons, and soul slaves to exact revenge MICHAEL PRIM Michael Prim is a hard charging beat cop soon to be thrust into a world of dark magic He has always been a bit of a freak different, strange, and always needing to prove himself His last memories of his father were of bedtime stories the mercenary war, dragon slaying, and demon fighting variety He knows how to come down hard on wife beaters, pedophiles, and cop killing drug lords, but nothing has prepared him for the sorcerer who is coming for his soul KEITH MARIN Keith Marin takes a new prostitute under his wing and tries to protect her, because she continually winds up in the gutter raped, tortured, and clutching a strange jar with a preternatural magnetism He begins a dangerous dance with the sorcerer who has found his way to Blue Point, and discovers people from all walks of life who are slaves to the soul jars and little than zombies When two homeless layabouts who frequent his beat turn up driving a BMW, wearing tailored silk suits, and carrying serious firepower, Marin takes his investigation to the next levelCOLE SIMMONS Nicole Simmons has come out of hiding and reinvented herself as a rookie cop She begins to doubt her choice as soon as she is assigned to a training officer who is the archenemy of her kind She should kill him and disappear again, but she had hoped this time would be different DRAGON BADGE Michael Prim does what any good cop would do after discovering a soul reaving sorcerer is hunting on his beat, he goes to war, even as hellhounds and Rashfellen warriors come after him He gets a little help from his friends a tough as nails veteran and a zombie like prostitute who holds a soul trapped in a magical jar but when the apocalypse comes, there is only his most hated enemy, the gang member who murdered his partner, to stand against Travass Isegurad and his demons.

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    • Scott Moon

      Scott Moon loves audio books, especially the works of George R.R Martin, Patrick O Brian, and Michael Connelly He has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and urban fantasy thrillers most of his life and aims to read or listen to 100 books a year Currently, he is a commissioned police officer serving in a street level counter drug and gang unit Some of his most rewarding and heartbreaking work was as a detective in the Exploited Missing Child Unit His favorite assignment is SWAT, primarily for the eighty pounds of tactical gear he gets to wear in the blazing summer heat In 2005, he helped arrest a serial killer who had been at large for over thirty years.Follow Scott Moon on Twitter Scottmoonwriter or visit scottmoonwriter to view his author page.

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    • Dragon Badge (Lost Dragonslayer) by Scott Moon starts out just as a cop/detective type book but then it soon turns into something much more! I haven't been to the east coast but I don't think hellhounds, sorcerers, demons, soul snatchers, and other strange predators roam the streets there causing havoc. The book is very fast paced, tension filled, mysteries, magic, intrigue, action packed, and scary as all get out at times! Michael Prim, the man cop of the story, what he doesn't know is that he [...]

    • There was many characters presented in the book that although you came to appreciate them, they did not survive he story. Out of necessity of the story line the book does jump from one personal viewpoint to another. I would like to see a followup book that dealt with an interaction withe the Lawman and the other character who survived to the end. The final disposition of the many jars could be explained or enhanced. If you like magic, Wizards and the like and do not mind a fair amount of violenc [...]

    • 2.5, slightly spoilerishI really want to give this book more than two stars, because in some ways it was really interesting, but I just can't. Mechanically, it could have used a copy edit, but it was well written (word choice, sentence structure and such) but it was just all over the place, took about an eternity to get to the point, had a painful lack of realistic reactions to events and introduced numerous threads that were never tied into the story in any way. My biggest issue is with charact [...]

    • 3.5 Stars!Dragon Badge takes us on a journey through everyday street cops day to day lives, as they slowly discover that things are not as they always believed. People obsessed with seeming-less empty jars, strange red men, mysterious beatings and maniacal creatures are running a muck throughout the city and and they are all looking for one man, Michael Prim, one of the street cops that you get to follow throughout Dragon Badge. In the beginning of Dragon Badge Scott Moon gives you a really good [...]

    • Tough Guy cop Micheal Prim has had his fair share of incidents during his time with the force he has dealt with gang bangers, child molesters , domestic violence calls, witnessed his partners murder and was shot several times himself . Nothing has prepared him for the level of violence that is shaking Blue Point. Someone is stealing peoples souls, and using their bodies as walking zombies. The Blue Point police are dealing with serial sociopath that has magical powers. Just what the Hell is goin [...]

    • Michael Prim was not like other officers. No one could say exactly why but everyone knew it. To start with Michael had these strange purple eyes. They were intimidating to most who looked deep into them. Michael wasn't afraid to get in the thick of things either. Even situations where he knew he could end up in trouble, he charged head first. The Blue Point officers started seeing other strange things in the city too. People, zombie-like, carrying these jars in a cloth bag. No one knew what was [...]

    • I'm being a bit unfair I think, sacrificing justice for honesty.This book is VERY well written and an unusual mix of reality and fantasy. There was a little to much reality for me though. The fantasy is too rooted in the gritty world of the modern cop.Having said that. The story is quirky with a grim realism even to the fantasy elements, a very strong story, rounded characters and great dialogue.I have no complaints to make about the book at all and my only criticisms are wholly subjective. It's [...]

    • Written for Blue House Review (bluehousereview/). Dragon Badge by Scott Moon was one hell of a ride. I mean, one HELL of a ride. Pun definitely intended. This book left me feeling like I had been grabbed by the throat, tossed, spun, pummeled, knocked into a few walls, and, well . . . generally feeling the way its characters must have felt by the end—the ones that were left standing, that is. The plot is deceptively simple: a bad sorcerer named Travass busts in from another dimension (presumabl [...]

    • kindle unlimited, but got 1 and 2 and picked up 3 on ku to read back to back. Have read, and reviewed, quite a lot of his books, but not all yet, but 3 more off tbrreviewed list now. Always interesting but always trying to make sure no spoilers etc so read the blurb and look at the stars rating.Cops. Sorcerers. Demons.When forgotten people lose their souls to necromancers and demons attack victims with swords, Michael Prim charges into action with or without backup. Hell doesn't breakout on [...]

    • Other Worldly!!I enjoyed the book and want to read book 2!I just need to get past all the profanity.But, I did like the story line!

    • Unusually entertainingSeemed disjointed. But started coming together near the end.Build up to the rest of the series?Will try book 2 and see.

    • Had me wondering and guessing the whole time!Dragon Badge is the first installment of The Lost Dragonslayer Trilogy. Michael Prim is a police officer that has seen a lot of hard knocks. His ex-wife left him for someone else, he's no longer on the Street Tactical Team, he lost his partner when they were both gunned down, and he's been seriously hurt more than once, yet he keeps going. Most people think that there is something just plain odd about him with his purple eyes and other quirks, but he [...]

    • The author had great ideas and tried to pack far too many of them into a single book. After a while I wondered whether I was reading about people, demons or something elsed, of course, it was all about how the writer decided to rip the covers off reality and create a new world reality. My first criticism is that it is very uneven: one doesn't expect that it is anything but a cop thriller in the beginning and that would be fie except for the fact that it is not the fine writing that hides this fr [...]

    • I enjoyed this jaunt into Scott Moon's particular flavor of urban fantasy. It is well grounded in the details of the modern-day law enforcement officer, and that realism made the story interesting to me. The intrusion of hellish characters from another dimension into the city of Blue Point was the kind of mix I like in urban fantasy. Realistic, yet fantastical. I also liked that the local law enforcement badge design hinted that this city has more than an accidental connection with the otherworl [...]

    • Crime fighting plus demonsThere isn't a huge supernatural bent to this book until towards the end. Mostly it reads like a regular cop novel. The crime rate in Blue Point is soaring and no one can pinpoint why. We meet a slew of cops fighting gangs and crime and trying to keep the streets safe, even though they suffer casualties. People are found holding jars that they refuse to relinquish even though they seem to be suffering. Some even die upon losing them. No one knows what they contain as the [...]

    • It's pretty much a terrible time to be a cop in the city of Blue Point. Not only is a notorious cop-killing drug dealer back on the streets, but crime on the whole is on rise. To make matters worst, a new "drug", in the form of a glass jar that cannot be opened, is causing people to obsess over the jar to the point that they don't bother to eat and drink. However, when it becomes apparent that the figure behind all this is a soul-stealing, dimension hopping, demon summoning wizard, you know thin [...]

    • Jumped around a bit with some issues of continuity but the world created is one of the grittiest more realistic fantasy/modern hybrids. If fantastical things started happening it would be confusing and explained by madness and the police would likely be involved. Hence the story here. Definitely more where this starts.

    • There are so many things to like about this book!When the apocalypse hits, it's up to Micheal to stand against what comes after it. With zombies, sorcerers, and demons thrown into the mix, there are so many things to like about this book. I'm glad it's only the first in the series because I was left wanting more.

    • this was a strange book. it jumped perspectives so many times I lost track. I didn't café got the ending. it was too abrupt. I don't know If there is a sequel of not, but I probably wouldn't read it.

    • This was only a three star book because it seemed more like an introduction to the world than a self contained story. There were some interesting ideas, but none were developed sufficiently.The ideas and characters were good enough that cost will determine whether I read the next installment.

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