Killing Casanova

Killing Casanova In the small ranch community of Lindley Nevada Jake Caswell has the reputation and skills of the infamous womanizer Casanova that is until he meets Cassie Taylor a blind woman who is oblivious to

  • Title: Killing Casanova
  • Author: Traci McDonald
  • ISBN: 9781440552427
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada, Jake Caswell has the reputation and skills of the infamous womanizer Casanova that is, until he meets Cassie Taylor, a blind woman who is oblivious to his normally irresistible charms As Jake attempts to add Cassie to his list of conquests, he unintentionally pulls her into a world of violence, tragic old wounds, and enemieIn the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada, Jake Caswell has the reputation and skills of the infamous womanizer Casanova that is, until he meets Cassie Taylor, a blind woman who is oblivious to his normally irresistible charms As Jake attempts to add Cassie to his list of conquests, he unintentionally pulls her into a world of violence, tragic old wounds, and enemies out for revenge Soon, Cassie fears the truth about Jake will leave her heart as the next victim of Casanova s flawed perceptions Will Cassie be able to uncover the man behind the mask amidst the threat of peril And is there truly hope for love in a tangled web of danger and blind distrust Sensuality Level Behind Closed Doors

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    • Traci McDonald

      Traci McDonald Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Killing Casanova book, this is one of the most wanted Traci McDonald author readers around the world.

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    • I loved this book. Jake is the leading man in Killing Casanova. Handsome, intelligent, talented, popular and self involved. Always out for a good time, not interested in anything else. He likes the attention girls give him until they are hooked and then he can't get away from them fast enough. That is until Cassie comes into his life and for some reason she can see through the charm and good looks and doesn't really like what she thinks he is. Is she right about what she sees and feels about him [...]

    • A romantic story that makes you take a second "look" at how you perceive those around you - and how ridiculous it is that we put so much stock in outward appearances, instead of the qualities that really make a person who they are.And a great insight into the world of a heroine I couldn't imagine being even though I agreed with everything she said :-)ps - Surprisingly, I'm a Jake fan - I thought his character was very well written. How else would I find myself liking a self-proclaimed "Casanova" [...]

    • Jake, aka Cassanova, is a player, but really this is just one of the many masks Jake wears to keep his heart safe from any more pain. That is until he meets Cassie. A woman who isn't bowled over by his good looks and charm. Cassie may be blind but she can still see right through all of the facades Jake puts up. This is a terrific read. Well worded and quite descriptive. You can feel the hot sun, hear the horses hooves and see the love grow between two great characters.

    • This is a romantic suspense novel with a twist. Let's just say that our handsome hero's movie star looks have made him the center of attention for most women and the envy of men. One woman "sees" beyond his outward appearance and into the recesses of his soul and this is new for him and intriguing. This woman, Cassie, discovers more about herself in the process. This is a unique novel and one worth experiencing.

    • Traci McDonald's debut novel, Killing Casanova, is a healthy mix of horses, cowboys and the visually impaired. Doesn't sound like it would go together, but she manages to stir it up into a niftily concocted novel that holds a bit of suspense, a bit of romance, and a life lesson all tied up into a cleverly plotted story line. It's a fun read.

    • Killing Casanova, has at its core an intriguing story with a cast of compelling intertwined characters from a rural ranching community. Several scenes give the reader a glimpse of McDonald's skills as a writer. It also has problems which make it feel like an early draft. I put it down twice out of boredom, before finally making myself go beyond the first chapter. As a reader who agrees with Mark Twain about adverbs, I found dialog tags like "he said teasingly" (instead of "he teased") annoying. [...]

    • Utah Romance Writer Traci McDonald brings you a unique love story with her first Romance book "Killing Casanova" As you crawl between the pages, the first person you meet is Jake. He is easy on the eyes, popular and self absorbed. At a local Bar he meets Cassie, She does not fawn over him or even try to get to know him. In fact to his astonishment, she is frostily polite. Jake's second encounter with Cassie leaves Him even more puzzled. He is intrigued by her and cannot figure out why his boyish [...]

    • Killing Casanova is wicked good. I was hooked from the very beginning, and my biggest thought throughout reading this book was, how in the world is she getting her blind heroine, Cassie, so spot-on? The vivid descriptions of Cassie’s other senses—what she smelled, felt—took this book to a whole new level. The end of the book, when Cassie finally decides what her hero looks like, brought tears to my eyes. And then I read her “About the Author,” and a puzzle piece slipped into place, alo [...]

    • Killing Casanova is the perfect title for this creative romance about looking beyond the masks and walls that people put up as barriers and seeing the true person beneath with our inner eyes. It's about loving people for who they are inside, even when they themselves are unaware of their true identity. Traci McDonald has a picturesque way of describing scenes in vivid detail. Her characters are distinct and easy to relate with. I found myself hating 'Casanova' in the beginning, just as Cassie do [...]

    • Killing Casanova draws the reader in right from the start.With his tendency to lure women in and leave them without a second thought, Jake isn't an immediately likable hero. He's intent on looking out for number one - himself. And then he meets Cassie - he's stunned when she scarcely pays him any attention. When he learns why she's not immediately captivated by his looks and charm, he's left more than a little surprised.Cassie is drawn in vivid detail, especially when she describes how she views [...]

    • I loved reading this book. I loved the characters in the story right from the beginning. The whole story kept me interested right from the first few pages. Jake the main character captures your interest right away. And the woman is a different leading lady then you are usually used to, which I loved from the start. I felt like it was a well written story. I love romance novels, but I like them to have some action to really get you interested. This book did not disappoint at all. I read it in a c [...]

    • Killing Casanova is a beautiful and unique story; the type of romance I dreamt of as a girl. Jake hides his vulnerabilities behind a mask and Cassie is the one woman impervious to his false charms. Both must learn to let go of old fears and warped perceptions in order to really “see” the other. By killing Casanova, Cassie frees Jake from an artificial life, and finds the courage to love again. I love that Jake and Cassie grow together. Even when they’re apart, they’re learning from one a [...]

    • Absolutely delightful book. A romance is usually a one note type read, but in Killing Casanova, the author has managed to weave strong, relatable characters with a surprising amount of depth. Being able to see through the main character's POV was fascinating and really brought down the barriers one usually faces in regards to romance, i.e. appearance. Thank you Traci for writing such a beautiful book that made me feel.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed Killing Cassanova. It's a well-written and enjoyable read whose characters you'll find yourself falling in love with from the get-go. The imagery is wonderful and the way McDonald helps you see things from the blind characters' POVs is amazing. Interesting characters, a little romance, horses, and a sexy can't go wrong. I can't wait to read more from McDonald.

    • This is a sweet story about Cassie and Jake. Jake is dubbed the local "Casanova" because of his number of girls that he goes through!!But Cassie can see through the facade, even if she is blind. She doesn't give him much room to change that.He is intrigued by Cassie. And she might be the only one that will accept him as he truly is.It's a sweet read. I enjoyed it a lot. The author is a talented writer.

    • I was impressed with this book - it's great for a first novel, and I really enjoyed reading it - and love the title. I hope this doesn't seem too nit-picky, but I did grow weary of each chapter starting with the word "Jake."

    • I really enjoyed this suspenseful romance. It was woven around a blind therapist and a guy nicknamed Casanova.It had danger, anger, some violence and a almost heart breaking ending. It moved at a pretty fast pace and was hard to put down. It was a nice read for this weekend.

    • I liked the suspense. I thought he author did great- especially for her first book. I love how each character had to discover themselves. 3.5-4 stars

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