The Warrior's Way

The Warrior s Way The small Aztecs island is busy trying to gain their independence while helping the Tepanecs expand their Empire engaging in and wars Yet the Great Empire s interests are not always going along wit

  • Title: The Warrior's Way
  • Author: Zoe Saadia
  • ISBN: 9781476029337
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • The small Aztecs island is busy trying to gain their independence, while helping the Tepanecs expand their Empire, engaging in and wars.Yet, the Great Empire s interests are not always going along with our heroes goals While struggling to achieve their aims, the main character find themselves on different paths, each fraught with losses and danger.

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    • Zoe Saadia

      Zoe Saadia is the author of several novels of pre Columbian Americas From the architects of the Aztec Empire to the founders of the Iroquois Great League, from the towering pyramids of the Mexican Valley to the longhouses of the Great Lakes, her novels bring long forgotten history, cultures and people to life, tracing pivotal events that brought about the greatness of North and Mesoamerica.Having researched various pre contact cultures of this continent for than a decade, she is convinced that it s a shame that such a large part of history was completely overlooked, by historical fiction most of all Both Americas had an extremely rich, diverse, fascinating history long before this continent came in contact with the rest of the world So her professional motto is set America has not been discovered , not yet Maybe not ever

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    • This last of the pre Aztec series takes place mostly in the Tepanec capital of Azcapotzalco. Atolli has returned from Tenochtitlan a changed man after his experiences there, he has a purpose and is determined to make his mark. Mecatl has fallen in love with a rescued slave girl, Mino, who arrives with them and their new recruits.Atolli has been offered the position of leading warrior by the Aztec ruler if he succeeds in conquering the targeted settlements during his raids with his band of Aztec [...]

    • I continue to be amazed at the enjoyment I experience while reading Zoe's books! Normally, after reading multiple stories written by the same author, I can fairly accurately anticipate what will happen next. However, while reading Zoe's books, I'm completely involved until the end! She does a terrific job of making not only the characters, but also the setting and events realistic. I'm on to another series written by Zoe Saadia

    • Zoie Saadia brings us back into a world rarely written about, and creatively mastered in her novels. In The Warrior's Way, we stand on the cusp of a new era; the largest, most dominant empire known to the Americas before the coming of the Europeans is set to take the stage, ready to grow from a small, isolated subject-people to a force of Mesoamerica. Zoie's writing style brings to life this amazing period through relateable characters, dramatic and dynamic relationships, and page-turning action [...]

    • I’ve really enjoyed reading Author Zoe Saadia’s “Pre-Aztec Series.” I’ve long had an interest in the historical eras of the Aztec and the Inca, and Ms. Saadia brings so vividly to life the characters, the settings, and the events. Perhaps it is being older now that inspires me to awareness of the sociological underpinnings of these novels, and to draw parallels to other historical societies (such as the European Middle Ages, and the at-that-time-still in the future Spanish Conquest), a [...]

    • This was a wild ride , many surprising twists in the stories.Every time you think your favorite characters are heading in one direction they slip down a different road.The nobility had such low opinions and value on lower classes,each life was valued less for what they did and more for how they diedrough all this romances flourish and Heroes emerge .ere are crooked politicians and military genius all teaching about a lost culture .Totally brought the past world to life!

    • Lovely and lively readDiving deeply into pre-Columbian Mexico the novel reveals in depth characters who reach out to us across time. The novel is an easy read, hard to set down, and demanding the story continue.

    • Action story. This is an action story of a Tepeniac warrior family. The story is about their daily life and customs in the valley of central Mexico in the 14th century. A must read. well written.

    • Another wonderful Historical fiction by Zoe Saadia. I learn much by the characters from different cultures interacting. In being so dismissive of the others culture and religion, it helps to illuminate what those cultures and religions are all about.

    • Fascinating and well researched, I have enjoyed delving into the life and times of the pre-Aztec civilization with our fearless leader.

    • A wonderful end to the Pre-Aztec series. All the unexpected had happened, keeping me turning pages deep into the night

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