My Perfect Life

My Perfect Life The witty sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen sees high school rivals Carla and Lola compete in the school election

  • Title: My Perfect Life
  • Author: Dyan Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9781406336825
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • The witty sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen sees high school rivals Carla and Lola compete in the school election.

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    • Dyan Sheldon

      Dyan Sheldon is the author of many novels for young adult readers, including the 1 New York Times bestseller CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, which was made into a major motion picture American by birth, she lives in North London.

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    • In this sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Candlewick 1999), Sheldon skillfully weaves in details from the first book to make this a stand-alone title without boring returning fans while refreshing their memories. The irrepressible Lola Cep is still competing with the class alpha female Carla Santini. When Carla decides to run for school president, Lola immediately becomes interested in politics, but instead of nominating herself, shoves her quiet pal Ella into the spotlight.Ella is [...]

    • This book was honestly so dull. Going into it, I didn't expect much at all because I have read a book by Dyan Sheldon before: My Worst Best Friend and although at the time, I enjoyed it, I was only about 13 so that's expected. I think the main problem was how bloody irrelevant it was. There wasn't really a message, there was the clear mean girl and her minions, the quiet and reserved MC and then her crazy friend who was way too big for her boots. It was just so clichéd. The MC and the 'mean' gi [...]

    • in the beginning of the book,the author writes it like ella has the perfect life. she comes home, has a big home, and has an awesome mom. ella also has a friend named lola who always comes over. then one day the election for school president comes and lola wants to run against carla santini but cannot because of requirements. therefore she makes a sneaky move and puts ella and sam in without them saying yes. then the race starts and ella and carla start battling each other. everything goes wrong [...]

    • This book was decent. Ella seems to have a perfect life, that is until her new best friend, Lola, signs her up for the school's presidental elections. Ella starts to see new things in her no longer perfect family. Her ex-best friend, Carla, is Ella's opponent and will use anything especially Ella's personal life to win. Ella is a very shy character and learns to stand up for herself and about everyone elses not so perfect lives.

    • This book is about a girl named Ella Gerard. Her life seems so perfect, but of course nothing is perfect. Ella wakes up to harsh reality. Her mom is a drunk, her dad moved to england just to get away from her mom, and now her best friend Lola is making her run for school president! Talk about hectic!!

    • Wow, Carla made me so angry I wanted to tear the book apart! I know she's only a fictional character but I will never understand how anyone could be so spiteful and dishonest and not show any remorse. What a disgusting creature. *shudders*

    • Hey Everyone! I've been holding onto this review for a while but I actually read and enjoyed this book in November!Today, I am posting my review of My Perfect Life by Dyan Sheldon! I have to say thanks to Walker Publishing for sending this to me all the way from the UK after I requested it.Now, many of you have probably read a Dyan Sheldon book and might not have realized just how popular her books are. I happen to love them. My Perfect Life was no exception. Many of you have probably see the mo [...]

    • My Perfect Life is a sequel to Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen by Dyan Sheldon. When I was in junior high school Coatdq was my fave. I mean, I literally re-read it for about a gajillion time, even my Mom knows that it's one of my fave books and my mom doesn't give a heck about shit like this. It's like everytime we go somewhere I always bring coatdq and my perfect life with me, sometimes the golden compass, all-american girl or any books written by meg cabot really and other books I currentl [...]

    • This was an okay book. It is based on a high school girl named Ella and she think she has the perfect life along with perfect parents.But her friend Lola nominates her to run for school president against the most popular girl of the school whos name is Carla.From this point everything starts to fall apart in Ella's life.She soon realizes that she is too shy to be the president of the school.She also comes to realize that her mom is an alcoholic and her dad is never there.It alls turns into a big [...]

    • I found out this was a sequel many years after I read Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and I thought it would focus once more on Lola, maybe during senior year or first year acting class. But it surprised me. Ella St. Gerard was the main protagonist who is running for class president at the behest of Lola (Lola is unable to run due to a school policy) and her main opponent is none other than the infamous Carla Santini. Ella's ideal life with perfect parents from the first novel turn out to [...]

    • I am use to paying 25 to 33 cents for my books, so when I purchased this from a charity shop for 1.25 I was really looking forward to a good read and indeed it was. I am secretly in a contest with my sis-in-law for the amount of books we have read for the year. Recently I purchased two children’s books with 150 and 200 pages, heh, heh. I consider this fair as I am also reading 3 books with 500 pages or more and she listens to audio books instead of reading them.I just loved this tale of a 16 y [...]

    • Right now, Lola and Ella are trying to destroy Carla Santini, because Lola is running for student body president along with Carla. Also because on page 79 Lola said "We are going to confront the loin in her den. Or in this case, the weasel." This shows me that Carla is the antagonist in the story. Ella is just helping Lola with her campaign, and is also helping Lola with her plan to destroy Carla. I know that Lola is very demanding. "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.". Ella said about Lola: "She w [...]

    • My Perfect Life by Dyan Sheldon is a ok book. are main charater is Emma and two others that are her best friend lola and carla the mean girlrst, emma thinks her life is perfect and then her best friend lola enters her in the electons for class president and her compition is carla and thing go bad.Carla is making a fool of emma and emma starts to fight back and next electon day comes the girls are eager to hear who wins but none of them win someone esle does and after school that day on drama is [...]

    • I thought it would have maybe a bit of romance,be a bit more lively.It has great characters but it could have been a lot better.I did read all of it though but next a book like that should be spontaneous and just all around fun i did not think that about this book.The ending was very abrupt that definitely could have been better but all in all it is a good book but it is just not for me.I would recommend it to maybe 10-13 year old's.It just doesn't have that punch that a good YA book or any book [...]

    • This book is a bout a girl whose name is Ella Gerard. A lot of people has said that she is perfect. Who can not say that I mean she has perfect parents, perfect friends and a perfect poise she has it all. So she became friends with a girl named Lola Cep who has nominated Ella to run for school president when she will be going against her ex-best friend Carla Santini who is wickedly popular. Now the question is will she win or lose? The results will surprise you. I would recommend this to people [...]

    • This book was fantastic. It's like a sequel to the book TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, but this time it's about a girl named Ella. Ella's life is pretty much perfect until she meets her best friend Lola. Lola have Ella doing things that she has never done before, such has sneaking pictures of a girl who is puttin on make-up to help Ella win the school's presidential election, which Ella wasn't even going to participate in until Lola persuaded her to. This is one of the amusing books [...]

    • I read this book because I was interested in the cover, and it was written by the author of "Planet Janet in Orbit", which I didn't get but it was well-written. "My Perfect Life" is an excellent book about a realistic heroine. Ella is kind of a pushover, and she's got a sense of humor, and she's not perfect or a terrible person, she's sorta average. I had to take off a star for Annoying Lola Cep, who is in this book as well, but this one is really about Ella and Carla. And Ella's mother.

    • honestly this is the best book i ever red before! i really like this book, it has a great story and the level of the book is perfect for me. So the story is about a girl that had a PERFECT life, she had perfect parents, she lived in a perfect town and did perfect things with other perfect kids! but her life changed a lot when her new friend Lola camei would recommend this book to anyone who is interested with this book :)

    • The book was about a girl named Ella.She also had a bestfriend named Lola.People basically said that Ella had the perfect parents and a perfect life.Meanwhile in school Lola signs up Ella for the presidential elections.Ella had a ex-bestfriend that was also running for that. I didn't really like the book it was ok.I recommend this to people who like reading about elections.I also choose this book because of the cover and the title.

    • I enjoyed reading this book, it was very light and fun to read. I enjoyed seeing Ella stand up for herself to Carla. I loved Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen in high school so when I saw there were more books in the series; I knew I had to read them. It was a good switch to show this from Ella's POV because it was great to see things from her perspective. I gave it four stars, but really mean 4.5 stars.

    • My Perfect Life by Dyan Sheldon is a perfect follow-up to her wildly popular Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Lola and Ella are still friends and evil Carla is still conniving and wildly popular among the crowd at Dellwood High. So popular, in fact, that everyone thinks she's a shoo-in for student body president. Everyone, that is except Lola, who does her best to get Ella elected. And of course, there's a third party dark horse

    • This girl named Ella she has the perfect life because she has the perfect parents and perfect friends. But her best friend Lola nominated her in for president and this other girl did to and she is popular.Ella thinks if you are popular you cant win so she doesn't want to go for president, so she is mad at her. I like this book because i like teenage drama books. I recommend this book to teenagers because they will know what is going on because they add least been though it.

    • this book is a desent book because this girl has a perfect life and the perfect parents. but i like this book because its based on realality like sometimes at school you have elections like for presadent and stuff like that. but in the story Lolas best friend put her to be the presadent and she didnt want to do it because this other girl named carla is populare. and she thimks if shes populare she cant win the election.

    • I'm done. And I'm giving this book five stars. I'm a big fan of Lola but having a glimpse of Ella's life makes me like Ella much much more. Maybe because I can connect with her being as shy and not-so-much-for-a-public-attention-kind-of-girl. It's all about finding the real you and what you're capable of doing, achieving it with the help of real friends. Enticing, funny and quick read. :)

    • This book is desent. but its bacesd on a girl named ella has a perfect life and perfect parents. Then her best friend named lola nomanated her for prensdet. And this popular girl named carla was going for presdent to. so they need more votes. And they dont think thier going to win becaues there not as popular then carla.

    • An okay book but not one of my favorites by Dyan Sheldon. The start was good but it took a while to really get into and when you did it wasn't long until the end of the book and it left me wanting to know more.

    • It DEFINITELY wasn't as good as confessions of a teenage drama queen. I liked the little twist in the plot, but you could definitely figure it out if you're looking for it.

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