Pitch This is an out of print edition Sixteen year old Lola is a daredevil She likes playing hooky making out with bad boy Everett James and stealing cars The reason behind all of her rebellious antics Be

  • Title: Pitch
  • Author: Jillian Eaton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an out of print edition.Sixteen year old Lola is a daredevil She likes playing hooky, making out with bad boy Everett James, and stealing cars The reason behind all of her rebellious antics Because she can But what can one girl do against a horde of murderous vampires Aided by her sometimes sober father, her best friend Travis, and Maximus, the mysterious stranThis is an out of print edition.Sixteen year old Lola is a daredevil She likes playing hooky, making out with bad boy Everett James, and stealing cars The reason behind all of her rebellious antics Because she can But what can one girl do against a horde of murderous vampires Aided by her sometimes sober father, her best friend Travis, and Maximus, the mysterious stranger who appeared out of no where to save her life, Lola must accomplish what the rest of the human race has failed to do in the aftermath of the world wide massacre survive.But how do you survive when everything you know has been destroyed and the one person you thought you could trust ends up being the most dangerous person of all

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      Jillian Eaton grew up in Maine and now lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania When she isn t writing, Jillian is doing her best to keep up with her young son and three very mischevious dogs.She loves horses, coffee, getting e mail from readers, ducks, and staying up late finishing a good book She isn t very fond of doing laundry.Keep up with Jillian on Twitter jillianwrites Instagram authorjillianeaton jillianeatonfacebook jillianeatonbooks

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    • Why, oh WHY, is this just a novella!!! When you have something this awesome, rock on!!!! And on and on and on!Lola is your everyday misfit, hellbent on pushing the limit, totally acting out over her parents' divorce and her father's drunkenness. She's currently trying to steal a car, dragging her whiny, unmanly best friend Travis along for the felony, when they hear a horrible shriek within the house. Curious, and a little too reckless, Lola knocks on the door, but it's not the owner that answer [...]

    • **Only $0.99 onfor a limited time!**If you're looking for sparkly vampires and love triangles, keep looking. But if you love strong female protagonists who like to kick ass (and dole out plenty of snark while doing it), then this is the book for you! Faint of heart and those searching for a flawless hero need not apply.

    • Originally posted @ Book Whales“This is a war,” he said softly, so softly I had no choice but to lean towards him to. He angled his body to mine. We were as close as two people could physically be without touching. My breath caught in my throat, refusing to go up or down.“What kind of war?” I managed to croak. “A war to end all wars.” His eyes burned into mine. “A war to end the human race.”I’m not so sure where to start my review. I’m feeling half half with the end of the st [...]

    • Big thanks to Jillian for an ARC copy for review.This was such a fun and thrilling novel. I liked the humor, the bonds of friendship between Lola and Travis, and of course, plenty of action with fighting evil creatures of the night. Lola was a head strong character, and I really liked that about her. She can take charge of a major situation and kick some serious butt as well.I adored Travis and the friendship he had with Lola. He follows the rules and tends to think things threw before doing som [...]

    • First reviewed on: xoreadsI think this novella was good enough to become a novel. actually, it would be quite easy for the author to do so if she wished; adding some more detail in the beggining, some more obstacles in the middle- a little more detail & imagery BAM 300 pages easy. Personally i think Eaton should take on the challange, enough people enjoy the novella that i think it would do well as its own novel. I was excited when i recieved this from the author (thank you!), im all about k [...]

    • Finally! Scary vampires! It’s been a while since I read a book about vampires. These days, they aren’t too popular a subject in YA and that’s probably due to the oversaturation that came just after Twilight. So color me refreshed when I discovered A Night Without Stars, the first vampire YA I’ve seen in a long time that shows these suckers as the villains they’re supposed to be.My favorite part about this novel was the main character, Lola Sanchez. She’s plucky and sarcastic and carr [...]

    • Lola is pretty badbutt (sorry if that sounds ridiculous, but I try not to swear) whether she's hijacking a car or battling an angry horde of blood-thirsty apocalyptic vampires. Probably more so in the latter. Sixteen-year-old Lola is a daredevil. She likes playing hooky, making out with bad boy Everett James, and stealing cars. The reason behind all of her rebellious antics? Because she can. But what can one girl do against a horde of murderous vampires?Aided by her sometimes sober father, her b [...]

    • Rating: 3.5/5The author managed to deliver a very interesting storyline in a world where most dystopian books looks similar. I have to say that Lola’s characters reminded me a lot of Faith (in BTVS). Honestly it’s almost a good thing that her dad is a drunk of he would have died a thousand dead with everything she did. I’m pretty sure I would have smacked her a couple of times! Seriously you can be sure that this girl will do EVERYTHING she’s not supposing to. She’s reckless and head s [...]

    • *I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. Lola is not your typical heroine. Lola isn't even your typical YA read. She is a young girl fighting to make her own way with an absentee mother, a drunken father, and town full of vampires.Lola does have her best friend Travis, who is sticking by her side through sick and sin. Which in this case includes stealing cars and crashing in abandoned hotels. I like reading about Lola and her uncanny ability to stay alive using sarc [...]

    • The only problem I had with this novella, was that, that it was a novella, TOO SHORT! I wanted MOOOAR!! D:There were some editing issues here and there, not enough to take out from the experience. I just skipped right over them.Awesome start for a series, loved Lola! she was gutsy, sarcastic, smart, but still down to earth. Even though her life kinda sucked she doesn't overly whine about it. Loved the interactions between Lola and Travis and Lola and Maximus. It was obvious there was something u [...]

    • This novella was definitely not long enough for my liking! But I guess that's why it's a novella and not a novel right?From what I've gathered of the plot of this little series I do quite like it. The whole 'vampires slaughter millions' thing isn't new or anything, but I like the way that it's put together in this story. These 'Drinkers', as they call themselves, seem to be a bit more ruthless than the ones that you see in other stories and I do like that about them. As always I love Eaton's wri [...]

    • HOTT-DAMN! I am in love!! I had hit a slump and kept starting to read books but could not deal with the weak girls so I'd stop and start a different one. I had entered to win Pitch in a contest so decided to download a sample. Well, once I started it there was no stopping. The same day I entered the contest I ended up buying it, lol. Damn it was worth it! The mc is one kick ass chick and I'm eager for the next taste:-)

    • Good book, loved Lola - what a great character the author has created her infantile attraction to Maximus the only blot on her character (view spoiler)[redeemed when she shot him - yay, extra star (hide spoiler)]. Travis did not move the needle one way or the other. Hated Maximus, his name, his character, everything about him, I would rather Lola have a relationship with Angelique!The vampires were good - and not sparkly!!!Will read #2 to see what happens with Lola

    • Lola feels reckless and decides that she will break into and hot-wire a car. But what she does not expect is that she would hear someone screaming and go to investigate, just to encounter a strange man with metal teeth. As her world slowly starts falling apart one strange encounter at a time, Lola realizes that something is very wrong. How is one reckless girl supposed to save herself, not to mention others, in a world that is suddenly dangerous and scary?I can honestly say that I have never rea [...]

    • (Note: I received a review copy of the book in exchange of an honest review)  Okay, this book change the way I see vampire novels! I'm not a big fan of vamp-books (except for Richelle Mead books) because of all the cliche' that's going on in there but oh wow, A Night Without Stars just change my mind! This is my kind of vampire book, I love the concept, I love the story world and most of all, I love the main character Lola.Lola's character is so kickass and badass, also add smart mouthed th [...]

    • I kept seeing this book roll through my feed and show up in my email. Finally, I decided that if it kept showing up, it must be a sign that I had to read it.The story follows Lola, a troubled teen, who seeks attention by doing dangerous and illegal things. One night she is thrown in the path of a vampire and strange things start happening. The whole town goes dark and the sounds of screams from the dying can be heard. Lola and her best friend and father try to escape the city, but can't. When t [...]

    • Early on in this book, the narrator (Lola) tells us that this is not a story with a happy ending. How refreshing to find that she wasn't kidding!I've read a number of books with the whole "strap in, things are terribad and about to go downhill from here" disclaimer by the narrator in the beginning. Most of the time, those stories don't deliver. There is a resolution, or something, somewhere, somehow, goes right in the end. There may be losses, but there is a sense of closure, or the good guys do [...]

    • I wasn't sure about this book at first. In the book world saturated with vampire books, I didn't find much that made this book stand out. But, since it was short I kept reading. I am so glad that I did!I think the biggest thumbs up for this book is Lola. She's a sassy lead female character. She doesn't even bat an eye when she uses that against a vampire who is bent on killing her. I think it saved her life. She's fiercely loyal to her best friend and her father. It may have been a lack of judge [...]

    • 3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!I have to admit I wasn't expecting to like Lola. BUT although she's rash, kinda foolhardy and definitely abrupt, I did like her. Lola's antics and dark tone made me smile in a cynical, Marvin, the Paranoid Android kinda way. Lola definitely finds more then she bargained for when an act of teenage rebellion leads to an unsettling discovery and a whole heap of trouble. Not only is Lola facing an unhelpful Dad but also a town full of homicidal vampires. So of course she drag [...]

    • I am totally not a fan of historical romance, in fact when my Kindle suggested to me this book I started some researches about the author and I was really skeptical.But reviews were so enthusiastic I decided to give it a try and I'm really happy about my decision.The main character is a feisty teenager who comes from the very wrong side of the town: she has a drunk father she loves to death and she's facing the fact her Mom and older sister decided to drop her to her fate and not even return her [...]

    • Another free ebook that I downloaded forever ago but I'm just getting around to reading. If you are an amazon prime member, you can still read this book for free. Everyone else, it's .99. This book was somewhat entertaining. It saved itself by being blessedly short. But it's length was also its curse as many things go completely unexplained. You just have to roll with it and pretend like those gaping plot holes don't matter.It's amazing how some characters can simultaneously be smart and incredi [...]

    • This book will not be everyone's cup of tea - but it certainly kept me entertained and intrigued until the very last page. Most of the time I spent reading this book, I was literally asking myself "What the efff is going on right now?" Ha! I like that about a book it kept me so entwined in the characters and wanting to know more about Lola, that I really didn't care about what was happening around her. This was my first book by J.A. Eaton, and I truly enjoyed her style of writing - I just have [...]

    • Very, very good book. It is short so I read it all in one day, but even if it was longer I think I would have read it quickly just because of how interesting the story line and it's characters were. The pace was excellent and I never felt like the story was rushed or slowed down. The ending was fantastic and I cannot wait to get my hands on book two! I will definitely be continuing on with this series. I recommend this series to those who are into the paranormal and more specifically vampire tak [...]

    • A Night Without Stars is well written with engaging characters. The author knows how to write a snarky, sarcastic teen very well. I read the entire thing in an afternoon not wanting to put it down. I hope the author writes another book with Lola picking up right where it left off. My only complaint is there are a few questions I would like answered and this could be done perfectly in another book. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys books about vampires and a kick ass/smart ass tee [...]

    • A dark, thrilling story with a spin on the lore about vampires. I absolutely fell in love with Lola from the first chapter, no, the first paragraph. She was so snarky, so authentic. But underneath the layers, she's still a girl who gets scared like everyone else and has no idea what the heck is going on.full review to come someday

    • Soooo amazing!! Lola is such a bad a$$, I loved her from the first page. Can't wait for the next book. That ending was.urgh! I need more!

    • WHAT??? How did that just end the same way it started?! I know it's only the first in a trilogy but seriously WHAT? Now I have to go stalk Jillian Eaton until I can get the second book.

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