Enemies at the Altar

Enemies at the Altar The last woman he would ever marry The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker she was naively trying to seduce him Whilst her provocative sensuality is emblazoned on Andreas s memory the terribl

  • Title: Enemies at the Altar
  • Author: Melanie Milburne
  • ISBN: 9780373238569
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • The last woman he would ever marry The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker she was naively trying to seduce him Whilst her provocative sensuality is emblazoned on Andreas s memory, the terrible consequences torment him So the news that they must marry to secure his inheritance is unthinkable Once devastated by his heartless rejection, when she sees Andreas againThe last woman he would ever marry The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker she was naively trying to seduce him Whilst her provocative sensuality is emblazoned on Andreas s memory, the terrible consequences torment him So the news that they must marry to secure his inheritance is unthinkable Once devastated by his heartless rejection, when she sees Andreas again it makes Sienna s humiliation burn brighter And as for marrying him They d be lucky to last the ceremony without killing each other But there s a fine line between love and hate Will the flames of anger turn to white hot passion on their wedding night

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    About “Melanie Milburne

    • Melanie Milburne

      I grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Sydney and as a keen horse rider, often competed in local gymkhanas and even broke in a few horses from time to time As I was surrounded by animals, I decided at an early age to become a nurse, however I couldn t stand the sight of blood and so opted for a career in teaching It s a bit ironic that I married a surgeon.I read my first Mills Boon novel when I was 17 and that encouraged me to continue reading romance novels the lure of the tall dark handsome hero, who in reality I fell in love with and knew I was going to marry on our second date After marrying a year later, we moved to Scotland with our six week old baby so my husband could work and study for his MD in surgery After the birth of our second son we came back to Australia to settle in Tasmania I went back to University and up graded my teaching diploma to a degree and then went on to do a Masters but still I felt as if something was missing I sat down one day and began writing and everything clicked into place I had finally found my brilliant career I used to write from instinct rather than a specific plan, but now, so many books later I find a loose plan doesn t go astray An idea will pop into my head, sometimes it will be just a simple phrase or a what if question and I m away Writing is a skill that can be learned and the best way to learn it is to read and to write So many people feel they have a novel in them and very probably they are right the only trick is to get it out My advice to would be writers is to write, write, and write even Carry a notebook at all times and jot down ideas And like any other activity the you do, the it feels comfortable I hope you enjoy my stories and look forward to hearing from you.

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    • How appropriate that I read this on April 1st, because it was one big joke. I suppose it's no surprise that the infamous porno star from Deserving of His Diamonds? was really an innocent victim, but even aside from that, this has got a sloppier narrative than "The Teddy Bear's Picnic."Major plotholes: 1) Sienna and Andreas are told that under his father's will, they must marry or a property Andreas desperately wants will go to an unpleasant relative. The terms of the will say that if either one [...]

    • I usually like the misunderstood bad girl heroine, but this identical sister to the heroine of Deserving of His Diamonds? was a bit too obnoxious for me. The hero was equally strident in his "hatred" of the heroine. They both doth protest too much and it got repetitive.The reason the hero's father set the terms of his will that the H/h had to be married for six months is never really explained. The heroine's mother (as his father's mistress) was one of the reasons the hero had a bad relationship [...]

    • This was a pretty intense read. One of those romances where extreme hate between the main couple is really suppressed longing and desire. In real life, I don't know if I think that suppressed love translates into hate, but "Hope deferred does make the heart sick." My goodness, Andreas and Sienna are super-duper mean to each other. And Andreas is a hypocrite. He's the kind of guy who calls a woman a whore because she doesn't do what he wants her to do and she doesn't fit his mold for what he want [...]

    • It was an intense book,liked Sienna a lot,she was strong and warm person who lived the life way she wanted and hid her real self behind that fake rep that press has potrayed,she committed some mistakes which she regrets but learned from it,both Sienna-Andreas shared a history and both hated each other,threw insults at each other,Sienna stood and gave back whatever he threw at her,Andreas looked upon her with disgust and called her names which i did not like.The plot was good and after so much ha [...]

    • After reading the blurb of the book I felt that it sounded remarkably similar to Melanie Milburne's 'The Wedding Charade', although this slightly disappointed me I do love this author's style so I knew I wanted to read it. And while the book had some of the same themes as 'The Wedding Charade', the overall story was different enough, which made me feel a lot better! I found this book thoroughly enjoyable, actually.The relationship between the hero and heroine can only be described as storm [...]

    • This came up in my recommended list, I downloaded a sample on and bam, HAD to have it!This story was so refreshing because Sienna was feisty but in a great way and it was such a neat read how she was portrayed.Knowing this was book 2 I thought I'd go and get Deserving of His Diamonds (the story of Sienna's twin sister) and I have to say the books are both night and day in terms of characters but I loved them as much.When I have more time I will pad this review more but I just wanted to say read [...]

    • In this the second book of the outrageous sisters duo Mrs Milburne as certainly done it again. It was a book of blackmail and romance and a almost forbidden passion.I loved how Sienna gave as good as she got right back to Andreas,the man called her all sorts of names that would make a normal woman back down and just give up but not Sienna.The author made her strong and willing to fight back I just loved it !!!And Andreas what a delicious character Mrs Milburne you certainly had be on the edge of [...]

    • Much better than her sisters book and not just because of the sex tape resolution! There was just far less whining going on. Ok. That wasn't particularly sensitive. I guess I just liked this sister better. The hero wasn't too shabby either.

    • Really enjoyed this book loved the story loved the characters Andreas Ferrante & Sienna baker they must marry to secure his inheritance but there's a fine line between love & hate,

    • Unexpected passion gets in the way of settling old scores in Melanie Milburne’s final title in her outstanding Outrageous Sisters duet, Enemies at the Altar.Andreas Ferrante has got good reason to despise Sienna Baker. Sienna’s mother had been solely responsible for breaking his mother’s heart and ruining her life when she had shamelessly seduced Andreas’ father – and now to add insult to injury Sienna has brazenly turned up at his father’s funeral and rekindled all the pain, sufferi [...]

    • Baca ini karena 'ratjun you-know-who' ;)dan sekarang malah keterusan baca adult romance Tverall, suka dengan cerita dan penggambaran karakternya.Endingnya tidak se-sweet buku sebelumnya.

    • ENEMIES AT THE ALTAR by author Melanie Milburne is Mills & Boon Modern and Sexy release for July 2012.Billionaire Andreas Ferrante certainly didn't want to see Sienna Baker at his father's funeral, let alone expect to inherit jointly from his will. His father made a clause for Andreas and Sienna to stay married to each other for six months for him to inherit his mother's estate.Now Andreas would do anything to keep his mother's estate in his family, but would he marry Sienna?Sienna had a tee [...]

    • I did not enjoy this book. It wasn't particularly well written, especially the dialogue, which hardly ever seemed natural. The biggest disappointment was the sexism. The fact that Sienna was vehemently slut-shamed throughout the book by Andreas reflects chronic sexist undertones, particularly insofar as her worth was only apparent after Andreas discovered she'd slept with 2 men. The fact that she had to conform to his sexual expectations before she was able to receive any respect is appalling. A [...]

    • This book is everything a Harlequin Presents should be: sexy alpha hero, strong feisty heroine, guaranteed sparks.I love heroines who are brash so I thoroughly enjoyed this story.It's a marriage of convenience story packed with glamour, heat, emotions and self discovery.Recommend.

    • 4.5 starsPretty intense read. The characters are well portrayed, especially Sienna. She is fiesty, spirited & she gives as good as she gets. With all the verbal sparring & the sexual tension between Sienna & Andreas, there is no dull moment in the book.

    • 3,85 buat cerita yang yah sedikit melebihi ekspektasi. HAHAHA. Btw, bete banget liat tampang kusut di sampul -_- Tapi tak apalah kali aja ini cerita yang termasuk "don't judge a book by it's cover". Dan, TARA, bener banget euy.Judul dan blurbnya menarik. Gaya bahasa dan penulisannya mengalir dengan lembut. Penokohannya oke banget sampe jadi Baper. Kasian ama nasib Sienna yang di awal ampe pertengahan berbanding terbalik ama kembarannya terlepas dari topeng kecentilannya. Btw, nama Sienna emang c [...]

    • Ini gemes-gemesin gimana lho. Aku memang agak terlalu lama mendelay menuliskan reviewnya, dan buku selanjutnya yang aku baca juga sama bagusnya, tetapi jelas yang satu ini sudah bagus dari awal sampai ke belakang (buku selanjutnya nampol di bagian klimaks, meski dua-duanya aku berikan nilai yang sama). Aku suka dah. xD Akhirnya ketemu juga buku yang kece dari penulis HQ yang berbeda. :)))

    • 3,5⭐Another enemy to lover from Melanie Milburne. Lebih suka Jaz dan Jake sebenernya, yang ini agak drama. Tapi aku suka gaya ceritanya xD

    • Enemies at the Altar is one of the Outrageous Sisters books from Mills and Boon/Harlequin. As usual, I'm reading them out of order, but it doesn't matter. This book works perfectly well as a standalone, but I'd definitely like to check out the other book to fill in some of the gaps.This is the story of Sienna Baker and Andreas Ferrante. Many years ago, they lived in the same house as Sienna's mother worked as a maid for the Ferrante family. Sienna harboured a major crush on Andreas, and even tri [...]

    • At first I didn’t like Sienna. She was so completely different from what you normally read in these stories, but she did grow on me over the course of the story. Andreas didn’t seem to be too horrible though and I wished there was more explanation for what his father intended for the two of them. As it is I felt like the explanation was all supposition, but possibly they were spot on in their thinking given what is revealed about his father. I could definitely see why Andreas would hold Sien [...]

    • Reviewed at: HarlequinJunkieEnemies at The Altar is a emotionally charged page turner that will keep you glued to the very end.Sienna is the kind of heroine you either hate to love or love to hate…she has been wronged and misunderstood, she has done some dumb things but learnt quickly from her mistakes. Andreas Ferrante is one hot furniture designer….He and Sienna share quite a bit of murky history. Not only did Sienna's mother have an affair with Andreas father but Sienna herself was the ca [...]

    • Daha önce diger ikizi Gisele'nin hikayesini okumustum ve onun sevgilisinden ayrılmasina istemeden sebep olan Sienna ailenin kara koyunu idi.Annesi Giselayi baska bir aileye evlatlik verip Siennayi yaninda tutmustu.Skandal seks kasetinden sonra kendinden oldukca büyük bir adamla evlenerek mazbut bir yasam sürmüstü ama kocasinın ölümünden sonra eline pek bir sey kalmamisti.Para tam da bittigi sırada ona cok tuhaf bir miras kaldigini ogrenir.Kendisine kalan mirasi alabilmesi icin Mirasi [...]

    • Hassstagaaaa hot banget ini novel!!! lewat mah yang kedua resensi sebelumnya, jenny sama si linda howard. Astagaaaa, adegannya hot!! Satu kata untuk buku ini, LIAAAARRR. Adegannya mereka berdua melulu, meskipun ini tentang cerita pernikahan mereka, tapi kan ya ada tokoh lainnya. Di sini lah kekurangannya, kurang dieksplor tokoh lain. Seperti, kembaran dari Sienna yang tiba - tiba bertemu, dan memiliki hubungan baik. Padahal mereka berdua terpisah semenjak kecil, apa ya gak aneh kalau tiba - tiba [...]

    • I've read so many pocketbooks within the past week. By far, I'm not exaggerating, this is one of my favorites. It stirred so much emotions in me. I've always liked heroines who keep secrets. The ones who looked guilty in the prying eyes of the public. Deep down, they're the most loving, innocent, caring human beings. Hindi talaga mawala sa isip ko :) if words could just kill a person, Andreas and Sienna would have killed each other. I promise, all their witty and vindictive banters, you will hav [...]

    • Hampir sama dengan buku pertamanya yaitu berkisar mengenai perjanjian yg berujung uang dlm jumlah besar, Seina Baker harus menikah dengan Andreas Ferrante sesuai dg surat wasiat dari ayah hero utk mendapatkan puri ibunya tersayang.Kalo di cerita Gisele, terlalu banyak unsur seriusnya, di cerita Seina lbh banyak humor-nya (menurut gw) krn tingkah dari Seina yg selalu menentang perintah Andreas utk setiap hal bikin gw senyum2 dan berakhir ngakak.Walo endingnya juga kyk dipaksakan, tapi yah namanya [...]

    • Same plot repeated as in previous books written by the author.The plot is where there is a will and to acquire of whatever interest related to it, both characters have to get married. Initially both are reluctant but given they are each in a tight position, they finally give in to get married. There are clashes but eventually all ends well.However, the good part of the book is that the characters were well written.

    • This was an enjoyable read; unfortunately I've never found heroines who refuse to clear their name when they've been wronged and then act out appealing. Sienna is believed to be a gold-digger and slut, despite only having slept with a handful of men. Her behavior is obnoxious, to put it mildly. I've never understood why you would want to live up to your own bad press! Instead of coming off as not caring about what other people say, she just seems immature.

    • maybe, you hate him now but remember he's you're first love and you know he was enchanted you. Sienna and Andreas should married but they didn't love each other, they were hated each other. But, they enjoyed when they live together and you know that feeling come and they love each other. Yeah, she didn't want him but she's know she need him the most :') and Him too. Congrats, I wish you both get a twin childern ah >_<

    • Serinin ilk kitabini ben cevirmistim Gisele ve Emilio'nun hikayesinde hem huzunlenmis hem de kahkahalarla gulmustum Sienna'nin sebep oldugu skandalla ayrilan bu cift uzun bi aradan sonra mutlulugu bulmuslardiEe tabi hal boyle olunca sienna neler yasamis merak ettim Sonuc kendisi hic de dusundugum biri gibi cikmadi Kitap hosuma gitti ama ilki kadar yuregime dokunamadi maalesef

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