Sugar Fork: A Novel

Sugar Fork A Novel THIS CAPTIVATING STORY takes place in the Sugar Fork Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains wilderness during Nate Randolph and his five unique daughters wrestle to survive after the death of C

  • Title: Sugar Fork: A Novel
  • Author: Walt Larimore
  • ISBN: 9781439141908
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • THIS CAPTIVATING STORY takes place in the Sugar Fork Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains wilderness during 1925 1926 Nate Randolph and his five unique daughters wrestle to survive after the death of Callie his wife and their mother as well as to maintain their farm, forests, family, and faith against an evil lumber company manager seeking to clear cut their virginTHIS CAPTIVATING STORY takes place in the Sugar Fork Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains wilderness during 1925 1926 Nate Randolph and his five unique daughters wrestle to survive after the death of Callie his wife and their mother as well as to maintain their farm, forests, family, and faith against an evil lumber company manager seeking to clear cut their virgin woodland A cast of delightful characters, including gypsy siblings, Cherokee Indians, a granny midwife, a world famous writer, and even a flesh and blood Haint, join our heroine, sixteen year old Abbie Randolph, in her life and death struggle Abbie falls in love for the first time, helps run the farm, and mothers her independent sisters while battling to preserve her faith when senseless murders threaten to destroy her family and way of life Will the Randolph family survive intact Will the farm be saved Only a miracle could make it happen With the march of the industrial age, especially industrial lumbering, the roaring twenties, Prohibition, the increasing momentum for a national park, and the onslaught of a modern world, trains, and radio communication, the traditional life and ways of our Southern Highlanders were about to change forever.

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    • This is a continuation of the story of Hazel Creek, however this story does stand alone. We rejoin the family as they re-group and move on from the death of Callie Randolph, Nate's wife and Abbie's mother. Abbie is doing her best to take care of her four younger sisters, but it seems to take a toll on her. Causing her to be snappy and ill tempered with them, her engagement to her beau Bobby Lee makes life seem a bit easier. Worried about her promise to her momma to take care of the girls and the [...]

    • I actually liked this more than a 3 star rating would imply. I didn’t like it as much as its predecessor, Hazel Creek, owing to almost a ridiculous amount of action but not as much emphasis on character development. In Hazel Creek, you really got a feel for each of the Randolph sisters. This is wholly Abbie’s story. It also ends not quite on a cliffhanger, but definitely in a way where you want the story to continue because you don’t really get closure. Given that it’s been 6 years since [...]

    • A few months back I found a beautiful treasure! To a book lover, one of our greatest treasures is to find an amazing book that transports you as you read it to another time and place. It frees you from the cares of this world and takes you away to live another life. That's just what I found when I read the first book Hazel Creek by Walt Larimore. When I wrote this amazing man to tell him what literal joy his first book brought me, he was flattered, and humbled! He then told me that in the fall o [...]

    • Title: Sugar ForkAuthor: Walt Larimore Pages: 384Year: 2012Publisher: Howard Books What an awesome way of telling tales within the folds of the Smokey Mountains scenery! At first glance perhaps the paperback might cause some to think this to be a simplistic fable. I must inform anyone thinking this way, however, that wouldn’t be accurate at all. Walt Larimore writes of faith and the differences in lifestyles between mountain folk and those referred to as flatlanders. One of the prominent feat [...]

    • At the age of sixteen Abbie Randolph is the oldest of Nate Randolph's five daughters,and considered one of the most eligible girls in the valley. She doesn't have a lot of time though, after the death of her mother she finds herself responsible for the tasks that her mother always did, including mothering her siblings, in addition to that she has schoolwork to contend with, but when the sheriff's son comes calling will she be able to find time for him? Abbie's father is determined to keep the ti [...]

    • Featuring colorful characters and vivid descriptions, Sugar Fork is sure to delight readers who enjoy historical fiction. I loved revisiting the characters I grew to care about in the first book in the series, "Hazel Creek", especially Abbie as she heroically faces heart-breaking events that threaten to break her. The book reminds me of reading the Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, because it hearkens back to a simpler time and place where people lived close to the land [...]

    • Title: SUGAR FORKAuthor: Walt LarimorePublisher: Howard BooksOctober 2012ISBN: 978-1439141908Genre: historical Sixteen year old Abbie Randolph and her family struggle to survive in the Great Smoky Mountain wilders during 1925-1926. Her mother has just died in childbirth, and her father is struggling to maintain a living, working in a mine and hunting for food, while trying to protect the family timber land from and evil lumber company manager. Abbie falls in love for the first time, helps to run [...]

    • North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains are a tough place to make a living in the 1920s, and life becomes even harder for Abbie Randolph when her mother dies in childbirth. Though she is only fourteen, Abbie is left to raise her four younger sisters while her father works long, hard hours at a mine and supplements his income by running medicinal moonshine. Two years later the Randolph family may not be prosperous, but they are holding together. Then Abbie’s father fails to return from a deer hunt. [...]

    • 3.5 StarsThis novel picked up where Hazel Creek left off. Once again, it's not a happy-go-lucky story. In fact, it is quite a downer, to be honest. At times it felt disjointed, especially the last third or so, but the characters were interesting and believable. I particularly enjoy The Haint, Danya and Maria. Of course Abbie is a favourite as well. This is the kind of story that you can pick up and put down as often as you need to; there's no sense of having to rush through it . I put it on hold [...]

    • This book for me didn't have near the mountain heart that Hazel Creek had; and I truly missed that. We continue to meet many of the eccentric friends and family of Abbie; but the only person in this story who had a conclusion was Abbie and I was looking for more. This story also took a tragic turn mid-way through that I was most unpleased with. I can't even say I was happy with Abbie's ending; but because I came to know so many people in this series I needed more. I just wanted more.

    • I feel this book would have been better if it would have been in the voice of Miss Abbie. She is the one who introduces her story but as the chapters go on the story is told with info that Miss Abbie would not have experienced.In this 2nd novel in Hazel Creek, Abbie and her sisters survive even more tragedy and loves.

    • Another great read from Walt Larimore with descriptions of the Appalachians so real I felt I was a real part of the heritage. Anyone liking the allure of the mountains and having strong faith in what you believe will enjoy this book.

    • Wanted to like this book, but by page 100 i just could not get into it, far too slow for me. I am sad cause I liked the characters, but the plot was moving way too slow. Had to move on to another book.

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