A Plague of Pythons

A Plague of Pythons The pythons had entered into Mankind No man knew at what moment he might be Possessed On Christmas the world s freedom died Every man woman and child lay in the grip of fear for no one knew at what

  • Title: A Plague of Pythons
  • Author: Frederik Pohl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The pythons had entered into Mankind No man knew at what moment he might be Possessed On Christmas the world s freedom died Every man, woman and child lay in the grip of fear, for no one knew at what moment his nearest friend or a casual stranger might suddenly be possessed by some brutal mind and begin to murder and destroy For Chandler it was worse than for most.The pythons had entered into Mankind No man knew at what moment he might be Possessed On Christmas the world s freedom died Every man, woman and child lay in the grip of fear, for no one knew at what moment his nearest friend or a casual stranger might suddenly be possessed by some brutal mind and begin to murder and destroy For Chandler it was worse than for most He was both victim and executioner He had suffered himself, and he had committed a violent crime while under the strange domination Accusing of hoaxing he was driven from his home He wandered the world and found it smashed like a spoiled child s plaything now Chandler was in the very presence of the destroyers But what could one person do against such power the power of gods

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      Frederik George Pohl, Jr was an American science fiction writer, editor and fan, with a career spanning over seventy years From about 1959 until 1969, Pohl edited Galaxy magazine and its sister magazine IF winning the Hugo for IF three years in a row His writing also won him three Hugos and multiple Nebula Awards He became a Nebula Grand Master in 1993.

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    • Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Lord Acton’s quote was as true then as it is now and serves as the fundamental theme of Frederik Pohl’s 1965 publication, Plague of Pythons.As the story begins, there has been some global calamity whereby people are possessed and can be made to do horrible acts including mass murder, rape, arson and all sorts of crimes against humanity. The world Pohl depicts is post-apocalyptic where people are still coming to grips with the situation. [...]

    • An underrated book. The premise is that a device has been invented which allows the user to assume control of other people's bodies at will: electronically mediated possession, in effect. Pohl explores the consequences unflinchingly. There are a couple of extremely memorable and disturbing sequences. Here's the one I think of most often. The hero is being introduced to the mind control device by a female character that he's rather attracted to. She says she'll show him how much fun it is. So the [...]

    • Great little SF gem. Spooky and definitely not for the squeamish. It would have been all but impossible to adapt for film when it was published in the early 60's but in today's ultra violent video culture it would be quite the cinematic wild ride. Great premise; well realized. Give it a read.

    • This Librivox recording needs compressed or to be recorded with a sibilant filter: unlistenable on my setup. Rating not a reflection of the written material.

    • Sometimes I wonder why I continue to read "junky" science fiction books. This novel came out in 1965, almost 50 years ago. I think the main reason is that I like old-fashioned storytelling and sometimes I come across real surprises (good ones) such as this. For most of the book this really reads as a horror story of demonic possession - worldwide possession where almost anyone is at risk of being taken over at any time. The modern day equivalent of witch trials apparently have returned, with a t [...]

    • A plague of pythons takes place in the near future, in a world where possession is normal. Huh? Possession? Yes, really. Nobody really knows who is doing the possessing or why. All that is known is that it started from one day to the next, people were getting possessed and performed unspeakable acts without being able to stop it. Possession became so common that it is now a common defense at trials: I did it, but it wasn't my fault, because I was possessed. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for C [...]

    • "Chandler served for Rosalie Pan: her telephone, her social secretary, and on occasion he was the garment her dates put on." Loved it. I think Pohl is one of my favorite writers now.

    • Small number of people are controlling all the world's population and using them as a disposable slaves. One man have opportunity to change this. Fast pace and quite interesting to read and also did not feel very much out of date.

    • When I heard that Frederik Pohl, one of the Grand Old Masters of science fiction, had died earlier this month, I rummaged through my collection of vintage paperbacks looking for something of his I hadn't read. I came up with this short 1965 novel.Someone or something is taking over people's minds and leading them to commit horrible crimes. Nuclear bombs go off, people go on killing sprees, and in one unsettling scene a jetliner crashes into the Pentagon. The people who get possessed are fully aw [...]

    • Pohl è stato uno di quegli autori che nei romanzi ha sempre cercato di denunciare gli aspetti negativi della società. Per far questo ha immaginato spesso le proprie storie in un futuro in cui attività normalmente svolte nell’uso quotidiano venissero portate alle estreme conseguenze, come ad esempio ne I mercanti dello spazio in cui viene denunciata la potenza delle aziende commerciali intermondiali che, per mantenere e acquisire quote di mercato, compiono azioni che definire spregiudicate s [...]

    • A good, short speculative story of what would probably happen if a bunch of people got the power to jump into people's minds on command.Chandler's multiple setbacks and moral dilemmas felt like they were given a decent amount of time, which is no small feat for a short book like this. The destruction and punishments doled out to the possessed, while extreme, also seem horrifyingly plausible. The ending is both satisfying and ominous. Recommended.

    • Enjoyed reading even with it's dark nature and somewhat dated cold-war era mindset. A bit too much nastiness (people under mind control doing horrific things and ultimately suicide). The story evolves from demonic possessions to mechanical mind control and ultimately a morality tale.

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