Day of the Storm

Day of the Storm On the last day of her mother s life Rebecca learns that she has a family in Cornwall and she sets out to find the Grandfather and cousin she has never known But only the enigmatic Joss Gardner the

  • Title: Day of the Storm
  • Author: Rosamunde Pilcher
  • ISBN: 9780613065313
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the last day of her mother s life, Rebecca learns that she has a family in Cornwall, and she sets out to find the Grandfather and cousin she has never known But only the enigmatic Joss Gardner, the outsider who seems to be the apple of her grandfather s eye, can help her understand the dark currents that lay behind her family s loving reception.

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      435 Rosamunde Pilcher
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    About “Rosamunde Pilcher

    • Rosamunde Pilcher

      Rosamunde Scott was born on 22 September 1924 in Lelant, Cornwall, England, UK, daughter of Helen and Charles Scott, a British commander Just before her birth her father was posted in Burma, her mother remained in England She attended St Clare s Polwithen and Howell s School Llandaff before going on to Miss Kerr Sanders Secretarial College She began writing when she was seven, and published her first short story when she was 18 From 1943 through 1946, Pilcher served with the Women s Naval Service On 7 December 1946, she married Graham Hope Pilcher, a war hero and jute industry executive who died in March 2009 They moved to Dundee, Scotland, where she still lives today with a dog in Perthshire They had two daughters and two sons, and fourteen grandchildren Her son, Robin Pilcher, is also a novelist.In 1949, her first book, a romance novel, was published by Mills Boon, under the pseudonym Jane Fraser She published a further ten novels under that name In 1955, she also began writing under her married name Rosamunde Pilcher, by 1965 she her own name to all of her novels In 1996, her novel Coming Home won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by Romantic Novelists Association She retired from writing in 2000 Two years later, she was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE.

    128 thoughts on “Day of the Storm

    • I came to this book and author more or less by accident through the “challenge of horror” in which two of my friends and I participated. Ultimately, it was about reading a book that, in all likelihood, will not please. For me, the name Rosamunde Pilcher has always been synonymous with hyper sentimental stories and a happily-ever-after ending — a genre where I see myself far beyond the target audience. So it was really a sacrifice on my part to dedicate my precious reading time to such a n [...]

    • Πολύ επιφανειακό, περιληπτικό θα μπορούσα να πω. Ίσως εφηβικό. Δεν με έπεισε καθόλου, θα μπορούσα να πω πολλά αλλά πιθανόν αν είστε σε εφηβική ηλικία να σας αρέσει, δεν ξέρω. Απλοϊκό, δεν υπάρχουν σχεδόν καθόλου περιγραφές σε τοπία και χώρους που θα μπορούσε να γράφει ατελείω [...]

    • Nothing wrong with the writing but this particular story just felt a little too dull and depressing (our little downtrodden urchin heroine soaked to the skin in unforgiving storms etc) and I feel like a more cheerful read at this time. I will come back to this author at some point.

    • Pilcher's short novels are comfort food for the reader. I am seeing that they are a bit formulaic. Young woman struggles in quaint English seaside town or country village. Young woman encounters quirky English characters. Young woman discovers family secrets. Young woman learns about herself. Young woman falls in love with cad and is rescued by good guy. The story usually comes to an abrupt and happy ending. At least I know what I am getting and completely enjoy her writing style and imagery. Wh [...]

    • My expectations are so much greater after having read Pilcher's longer novels, I am let down with her shorter novels which are undeveloped and sketchy.

    • Rosamunde Pilcher has a beautiful way of putting words together, and has a knack for drawing one in as a close observer to a different culture, climate and year.

    • This is the book that taught me what a nymphomaniac is; a character is suspected of being one a couple times, and when I first read this, ages ago, I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up. Thanks, Rosamunde Pilcher!Also, I did a book report on this book in middle school. We usually had to choose book report books off an approved list, but sometimes we were allowed to do one on a book we liked, and I chose this one. I thought it was very romantical. I might have had a silly literary crush o [...]

    • Even for an airport book it was awful. I did finish it because it was what I brought for a 16 hour travel day, but it looks like Pilcher wrote a couple of good long novels (the shell seekers) that probably took some serious time and effort to produce, and a bunch of short crap to make a living otherwise.

    • This is the story of a girl who goes to the bedside of her dying mother and discovers who her father is. Of all the Rosamunde Pilcher's I have read, I would say this is probably my least favourite.

    • This was an enchanting story. Written in an older type of English, what a delight! A simple story of a girl finding her family. Told with a charming tone and good command of the English language. Such a pleasure to read. I shall certainly read more. Novels published in 1975 had a different tone. Using words like record player, 50p for the pictures, lugubrious , amongst other lovely words.I think its time I started going back in time and reading books that had been written from that ageIt was a J [...]

    • Like a lot of other Rosamunde Pilcher novels, this is set in Cornwall and involves a painter. But you can tell it is one of her earlier works, it is not as fleshed out as, say, The Shell-Seekers, and the ending was very abrupt, much like this review. 😀

    • I really loved this book right up until the last page--- and then? It ended so abruptly I was shocked. So many questions left unanswered, so many loose threads. I have since learned that apparently the hardback was over 500 pages, whereas this -- the digital copy I read as well as new ditions of paperback and hardback -- have been abridged. If this is true it's a really bad abridgement. It ends on a very basic happy-ever-after note -- everything wound up in a page or two. What a shame! I advise [...]

    • Rebecca is a young woman who was raised by a single mother. Her mother lived a Bohemian lifestyle with frequent changes of boyfriends and addresses so Rebecca never grew up with roots. She never knew of any other family or relatives. She is working in a bookstore in London when she is summoned to ibiza, where her mother has been diagnosed with leukemia. Rebecca had not seen her mother in 2 years. Her mother finally shares family information with Rebecca, telling her her grandfather is a famous a [...]

    • Oooh, this could be a contender for favourite Rosamunde Pilcher book. The Empty House has been my favourite ever since I was 16-17, but this one had a hero just as awesome and I twist that I thought I had guessed at but hadn't.Rebecca is 21 and her mother has died. Before she died she finally revealed details about her family and Rebecca is now going to meet them for the first time: her famous painter grandfather, her aunt and her cousin down in Cornwall at a house called Boscarva. There's also [...]

    • 2.5 stars. Like, if you wanted a Hallmark movie in a book, this is it. I liked the descriptions and the setting, and sure, I liked Joss. But the plot was really flimsy, and I really didn't feel the narrator or her passions. A lot of typical tropes - the whole "I'm so uncomfortable with this guy who's obviously going to end up being my love interest" thing, for a start. Also, it was so obvious that Eliot was not a savory character, so why did she just let him come onto her like that? And I can ac [...]

    • I give this a 3.5 or a 4. I love Pilcher's longer books, and I also enjoy the shorter ones for quick low-stress reading. The only problem with the short ones are that the endings seem a little too rushed and it's over before you really get a sense of what's happening. I did enjoy this nice light read about Rebecca and her artist grandfather. Pilcher seems quite fond of the "non-mothering" mothers in her books, and this has some of the same. Definitely check it out if you are a fan.

    • On the day of her mother's death, Rebecca discovers that she has family that she has never met living in Cornwall. She sets out to meet her grandfather and cousin. Her new family greets her very lovingly but only Joss Gardner, the outsider who seems to be the apple of her grandfather's eye, can help her understand the dark currents behind their reception of her. I liked this story and give it an A+!

    • I like the way Pilcher writes, its smooth "comfort" read for me. This book had an interesting story, with vivid likeable characters. The ending left me a little put off, it seemed rushed and abrupt.

    • This was a quick, easy read; but after reading The Shell Seekers and The Empty House, it was somewhat disappointing. Pluses were the vivid descriptions of the countryside around Porthkerris, the storm and the sea, and Boscarva and surrounding land; and the plot was intriguing. Minuses were that the characters and plot were not fleshed out to my satisfaction, the ending was abrupt after learning the dark secret, and the main character fell in love with her 1st cousin (was that even legal back the [...]

    • Mom recommended this book when I was stuck in bed at home. It was a good way to pass the time. It wasn't as obviously an in-your-face romance novel as others I've read. I liked that the heroine started out (and spent most of the book) happily single. I suppose the fact that she ended up with the guy that she hated on sight was a romantic trope, but it did take a long time to get there so it was okay. It was weird that he was her cousin, though. I wish I had a job that I could just walk away from [...]

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    • Just an incredible book! I loved " the shell seekers" twice twenty yrs ago but this book was full of intrigue and mystery with the same tea by the firelight coziness about it like the other books I've read by rosamund pilcher. The ending was quite a surprise also!

    • History is sometimes hard to piece together. And when pieces of your personal life are missing- so much harder. It's nice to read about someone who makes the effort to try. An interesting though not suprising story, set in an endearing area I'd love to visit.

    • Love this author. Her descriptions are spot on and transports the reader to Scotland. Sometimes you just need to read a book with a happy ending 🙂

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