Death Mask

Death Mask When the victim of a violent gang rape accuses five premier sportsmen of being her attackers she has no idea that her suffering has only just begun It s a scandal that rocks a nation of sports fans B

  • Title: Death Mask
  • Author: Kathryn Fox
  • ISBN: 9780340919088
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the victim of a violent gang rape accuses five premier sportsmen of being her attackers, she has no idea that her suffering has only just begun It s a scandal that rocks a nation of sports fans But, in spite of a huge amount of evidence, no one seems to believe the girl.

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      Kathryn Fox is a medical practitioner with a special interest in forensic medicine who currently lives in Sydney, Australia.Her debut novel, MALICIOUS INTENT, received international acclaim, won the 2005 Davitt award for adult fiction and was shortlisted for the Ned Kelly best debut novel award In addition, it toppled The Da Vinci Code to become the no 1 crime book on in the UK and Germany Fox is also the author of the internationally acclaimed and bestselling WITHOUT CONSENT, SKIN AND BONE, BLOOD BORN, DEATH MASK, COLD GRAVE AND FATAL IMPACT In her spare time, Kathryn indulges in her favourite pastimes reading and playing the harp very badly.

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    • This fifth book in the Anya Chrichton series tackles the difficult issue of gang rape and sport. In her job as a forensic pathologist, Anya becomes involved in a case involving a local football star and his new wife and following on from that she becomes involved in a study of the code of conduct in sport. Anya is then invited to New York to a pre-season education and training session for American footballers, where she gives some talks on sexual health and conduct and is shocked to discover tha [...]

    • death Mask by Kathryn Fox is the 5th book featuring forensic physician Dr. Anya Crichton. When a newlywed presents with multiple sexually transmitted diseases which have not come from her husband and she denies any other partners, Anya uncovers a football team behaviour of group rape. With her work in this area becoming internationally known, Anya is invited to lecture to football players in the US and becomes involved in investigating accusations of group/gang rape amongst several prominant pla [...]

    • A bit too much football in this one - and American football, at that! - but it was certainly interesting (albeit shocking) to get an insight into what some men think constitutes sexual consent. I love Anya Crichton - she is a quietly confident forensic physician who is not afraid to stand her ground and speak up for the victims even in the face of significant opposition.I’m looking forward to the next in the series!

    • Although I was fully aware of the sensitive theme behind Kathryn Fox’s “Death Mask” it hadn’t prepared me for the jaw dropping impact it would have on me within 10 pages. Despite it’s despicability I hadn’t truly grasped the brutality of gang rape – were you aware that rape remains one of the most under reported violent crimes today? The beginning left me breathless in its evocative delivery - a blushing new bride is brutally and savagely attacked while on her honeymoon. She return [...]

    • It took me much longer than usual to read this book. It may have been because it was Christmas week and I was busier than usual, or maybe, it just was not enough to keep me hooked, I'm not sure. I enjoyed Kathryn Fox's previous books, but I feel I could have lived without this one. Anya Crichton becomes involved with the case of a victim of gang rape, the victim being the wife of a Sports team player, the gang being her husbands team-mates and it happened on their wedding night, with his consent [...]

    • A great page turner that had me gripped from the very first page. The sensitive subject of gang rape was handled professionally and informatively and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Hope there is a sequel to see if anything happens between Anya and Ethan. Would recommend.

    • Another interesting tale of sex crimes, this time in the US. I have to admit to missing the Australian setting in this one, although Dr Anya Crichton is still a formidable woman wherever she may be. Not being a fan of sport I was aghast at the "we are untouchable" mentality of the footballers. Happily justice is served in the end and I remain a fan of Kathryn Fox's characters.

    • Where to start with this little gem.Plot: In theory I really liked the plotline for this novel. The rape of a young woman leads to the invesitigation of American Football players who have an unhealthy (understatement) opinion of women and sex. It is discovered that Football Stars are raping women in groups and getting away with it. Also, I really didn't see the point of the beginning chapters about Hannah. What a weird way to start it, only to NEVER mention it again? I know that it was the start [...]

    • Kathryn Fox's crime series follows Dr Anya Crichton, who specialises in dealing with victims of sexual assaults. Malicious Intent and Without Consent were both excellent reads but her novels have gone slowly downhill since and I think Death Mask might be the end for me.For some reason she decided to transplant Anya to America to cover the seedy side of American football even though she tars Aussie rules and soccer with the same brush. I find it very hard to believe that 90% of football players a [...]

    • A definite page-turner, and an unusual crime novel, as the reader knows who has committed (most of) the crimes from the beginning, but that just gives us more opportunity to enjoy the journey and uncover different types of intrigue. This novel gets to the heart of a lot of the problems regarding football and sexual assault, and I particularly liked the way she shows how a legitimate rape case can be made to look suspect. While this is of course a work of fiction, Fox has obviously researched the [...]

    • Sadly this book didn't keep me as captivated as the previous books in the series.Although the subject matter of gang rape in team sports (and the subsequent treatment of women in general by these sportsmen), along with the research into head injuries within high contact sports such as American football were interesting, the story line didn't captivate me enough to stop me from putting it down.The book was full of factual content and quite graphic at times, however I felt that I could have been s [...]

    • Very disappointing:Whilst the subject matter could have made for a thrilling story it has been presented in an uninspiring way.The characters are bland, two dimensional and devoid of humanity.The narrative lacks any cohesion and seems to consist of a series of facts or statements that have to be taken as face value because the characters fail to come to life and carry the story line in any meaningful, emotive way.The only surprise is that this is the fifth book in a series.

    • "All About Rape" would have been a more appropriate title. Fox essentially uses the novel as a pedestal to dictate the horrors of sexual assault, specifically in the context of post-football match gang-rape by the athletes. The premise is interesting for a while, but gets stale quickly.

    • Interesting look at the world of aggressive team sports but not very well written and a fairly forgettable mystery element.

    • Really enjoyed this book a good crime story but set in a slightly different environment from my normal. it set within the world of American football and although it is about American sports stars it makes you think about the issues surrounding sexual violence and harassment, as I think a lot of it may have at least an element of truth. Really gripping plot and loved the characters

    • Dieses Buch habe ich bei einem Gewinnspiel auf einem anderen Blog gewonnen und es ist eine ganze Weile lang auf meinem SuB rumgeschwommen, ehe ich es mir nun endlich zum Lesen geschnappt habe. Hannah ist eine junge Frau, welche sich auf nichts mehr freut, als auf ihre Hochzeit mit ihrem Traummann. Schon Tage vorher fiebert sie daraufhin und auch, wenn es bereits am Tag der Hochzeit durch ihren Verlobten zu etwas gedrückterer Stimmung kommt.In der Hochzeitsnacht jedoch passiert das, womit Hannah [...]

    • When Sydney-based forensic physician Anya Crichton is asked to consult a patient who has returned from her honeymoon with sexually transmitted infections she believes she's being unnecessarily involved in a simple case of infidelity. Given the woman's husband has tested negative for the infections, Anya assumes that Hannah Dengate is lying when she claims to have had no sexual partners other than her husband. However the case soon turns into something all together more unsavoury and leads Anya i [...]

    • The fifth Dr Anya Crichton book from Kathryn Fox, DEATH MASK combines Anya's forensic physician role with an exploration of professional sport and sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct is too mild a description really - this book explores the very murky world of mob-behaviour, gang rape, drug abuse, violence and professional sport. Set mostly in America, the behaviour is something that Australian's are also more than aware of, the poor behaviour of many professional sports people hitting the head [...]

    • This is the 5th Anya Crichton novel by Australian author Kathryn Fox, and is a captivating crime fiction novel set against the backdrop of sexual assault and drug abuse in professional sport. Forensic physician Dr. Anya Crichton is the likeable, but sometimes aloof main character who finds herself lecturing American footballers in New York and ultimately investigating the sex, drugs and rap and roll culture of the sport. The plotline is slick and the American location no doubt lends itself to fu [...]

    • Well! Kathryn Fox does it again. Her fifth novel for Dr Anya Crichton does not disappoint. Some of the content can be a little graphic and as is often with Kathryn Fox's books the subject matter is dealing with a confronting issue in society today. The book deals with pack mentality in professional sports and how their bad behavior is often protected.The book is set in America where Anya has been asked to present a series of seminars to footballers on sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior [...]

    • Death Mask is the 5th book written by Australian medical practitioner and author Kathryn Fox. Anya Crichton is the forensic pathologist who features as the main character in Fox’s books. In Death Mask, Anya is called from her home in Sydney to work in New York. Anya has been asked to assist a fictional American football team called the Jersey Bombers, in helping to educate their players on safe sexual practices, in an effort to prevent inappropriate treatment towards women. Anya is soon thrown [...]

    • This was a facinating book in terms of being a bit of an eye opener on the awful subculture/ignorance of American Football players. Also thought provoking with the delving into of the brain injuries that occur and the effects they sustain long term.Forensic physician Dr Anya Crichton is presented with a patient who has returned from her honeymoon with multiple sexually transmitted infections.Her husband has none of them. She tearfully denies having had any other partners and Anya believes her. I [...]

    • Kathryn Fox writes a mean thriller. This one was a bit more tame than her others, but still very much enjoyable. Through every novel we learn more about Dr. Anya Crichton. This time in New York, she falls for a private investigator working for the football team. She tries to deny the attraction, as long-distance romance is not high on her list of things to accomplish. She's fallen for Chaser, who seems to be a little cracked himself. I'm still very curious as to why he seemed to be constantly ea [...]

    • This was really confusing in two respects, around book 2 it was said that Anya was in NYC working with SVU but this book ( #5 in the series) was supposed to be her first visit to NYC. But there was no note that this was at a previous time. Also, poor editing. I can understand that it's Australian English but she has American characters using Australian language (we don't say basketballers) and mannerisms and she kept changing the spelling of proper names, i.e. Rockefeller Centre. I don't think I [...]

    • This is a good plot, but it can be difficult to read. Obviously it would be a trigger for some people, but also just reading the attitudes towards rape is just difficult. The plot let's you know pretty early on that a few football players aren't good guys. I figured out who the villain (in terms of the plot line) was pretty early, but there were a few small twists and turns. One aspect that I liked was through the book you clearly knew some of the characters were pretty awful people, but you did [...]

    • From the very first "Introduction" I knew I was in for a ho-hum ride, but little did I know how mediocre, pedestrian and predictable the whole thing was. The introduction as it was, makes no sense what-so-ever and does not fit with the book as a whole and it litterally bookends the entire novel. The only thing worse than the plot was the development of the plot as we meandered through. Plot twists were wedged into the book that served no purpose nor seemed to gel with the vague personas applied. [...]

    • Since the very first book I read of the Anya Crichton series, Kathryn Fox had me hooked! I fell in love with the series straight away and couldn't get enough of her writing while at the same time wanting to stretch out the series to last me as long as possible. I am now saddened that I've reached the end (thus far) and so now having read them all to date, I have to say that this was one that left me disappointed. After loving and immensely enjoying the others, this one didn't seem to hit the spo [...]

    • This book, apparently the 5th in the series, oddly enough runs parallel to book 3 in fact this one logically starts before book 3 and concludes just before the start of book 4. It centres mainly around American footballn't say that's a topic I've ever really cared much about however there was enough stuff in it to keep my interest. Like all Fox's other books this made me think about things that I normally wouldn't even look twice at and she really deserves a gold star for maintaining my interest [...]

    • Kathryn Fox is doctor who works in pathology and therefore has a wonderful insight into the world of her main character, Anya. Each of her books have been page turners and not only exciting but also really interesting.Death Mask goes even further with it's insights into the sexual and moral character of many players of team sports. Whether all of the scenarios mentioned in this book exist or not, pack rape of unwilling women is a scary thing to be drawn into and Fox draws her characters and us i [...]

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