Night of Seduction/Heaven's Gate

Night of Seduction Heaven s Gate A Night of Seduction can change your outlook on life and open Heaven s Gate Night of SeductionMusic Executive Jason Davies made a mistake That result was a gift of love his daughter Sierra Accepting

  • Title: Night of Seduction/Heaven's Gate
  • Author: Iris Bolling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Night of Seduction can change your outlook on life and open Heaven s Gate.Night of SeductionMusic Executive Jason Davies made a mistake That result was a gift of love, his daughter Sierra Accepting his responsibility as a father, he moves the mother of his daughter, Latoya Wright into his home Expectantly, she wreaks so much havoc in his life he completely gives up onA Night of Seduction can change your outlook on life and open Heaven s Gate.Night of SeductionMusic Executive Jason Davies made a mistake That result was a gift of love, his daughter Sierra Accepting his responsibility as a father, he moves the mother of his daughter, Latoya Wright into his home Expectantly, she wreaks so much havoc in his life he completely gives up on love Then he meets the sexy, lovable photographer TeKaya Kendrick and not only does he find a love, he experiences a night of seduction that will last a life time.Heaven s GateRB singer Eric Silk Davies has lost his muse Night after night he sings, bringing joy and hope of love to millions, but can t seem to find it for himself Then during one of his concerts, his eyes rest on a woman in the front row and his songs take on a new meaning that leads to an unbelievable night of seduction The woman, he believes to be a call girl, turns out to be a beautiful, baggage filled, school teacher named Siri Austin who just happens to be his key to open Heaven s Gate Two brothers Two Sisters Two Loves of a Lifetime

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      Iris Bolling s published her first novel, Once You ve Touched the Heart in 2008 This self published work was the first of the five additional books to complete the Heart Series The popular Heart Series has captivated the hearts of readers and awarded Iris the Emma Award as Debut Author of the Year in 2010 In May of 2011, Iris introduced a new cast of characters in her in Night of Seduction Series The second book in the series, The Pendleton Rule was reviewed in USA Today and received, the 2014 Emma Award for Suspense of The Year In 2012, she began the Gems Gents series with her novel Teach Me, which generated an importune shoe contest on Facebook that spanned the international waters It continued with the release of the very popular Book of Joshua I and Book of Joshua II The series has earned Iris several awards including 2014 Hero of The Year and 2015 Heroine of The Year The beginning of her third series, The Brooks Family Values, was introduced in her novel Sinergy in 2014, followed by book 2 Fatal Mistake and Propensity For Love, both released in 2015 Propensity For Love was awarded the Villain of The Year honor and has been nominated for several 2016 Emma awards Iris received the honor of being named Author of The Year twice since the inception of her career, 2012 and 2014 In 2014, Iris stepped into a new venture geared towards bringing books to film She produced The Heart, a television series based on her popular novels Season two will air in the spring of 2016 Adding to her resume Iris is now doing quest speaking engagements to share her experience and to encourage others to follow their dreams Iris currently lives in Richmond, Virginia where she is working on her next series Join Iris mailing list for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram Join Iris Book Palace You can reach Iris at irisb siriaustin

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    • Siri Austin hasn’t been the same since her divorce and the scandal that followed. Her mother and sister TeKaya, aka TK, see it and wonder if she’ll ever again be the Siri they once knew. Hoping to get her sister out of a funk for at least one night, TK, a photographer, scores VIP tickets to a concert for Silk Davies, Mr. Get-Her-Wet. It’s a night neither sister will soon forget.Iris Bolling is a name I’ve been hearing for quite some time. With a review pile like WHOA, it’s not often th [...]

    • Night of Seduction/Heaven’s GateIt has been a long, long while since I read a book that had me laughing, talking out loud to myself and simply grinning. I truly enjoyed these two stories. I started the book last night and read until I was delirious with sleep. I awoke in the early morning and continued to read until I finished. The characters were relatable as if I knew them and was a fly on the wall as the entire story unfolded.The story reminded me of Waiting to Exhale, Terry McMillian’s b [...]

    • Wow, this book was a roller coaster of up and downs with the LaToya drama, but the core love stories were certainly there. Eric & Siri, and Jason & TK loved hard, and the romance and steam between these two was at a 20per hot. The supporting characters were a great additions to the story especially the moms Kerrie & Miriam. I'm hoping Ty and KiKi get their own book because we saw the beginnings of fireworks between those do, and I definitely want to see how they end up. This is defin [...]

    • I did NOT want to put it downd yet I didn't want it to END to soone full cast is engaging and UNFORGETTABLEquite a PAGE-TURNING romantic treatd I hope there's a sequel coming soonWELL DONE, Ms. Bolling!

    • So Love This BookI love this book. Eric and Siri were meant to be together as well as Jason and TeKaya. The way they all met and fell in love was so romantic.

    • Great ReadI truly enjoyed this novel,it brought the joys and pain of loving someone who still gives you the power of endurance all for the glory of LOVE.

    • Not Your Average Romance Novel I am going to try to find the words to explain how much I revere this authors work. She is nothing short of amazing. I have read and loved all seven of her books. I absolutely enjoyed and raved about each and every last one. I knew from the first book she was going to be a shining star. I will support any book she writes; she could rewrite the three little pigs and I would swear it’s going to be her best work yet. Ms. Bolling can't publish books quick enough for [...]

    • This was such a good read. I honestly had to finish it (yes up till 3am). Love concurs all, that's just an amazing thing to hope and believe in. The balance in this was great between the drama and the stories core tone and. I miss Friday's at Sunset (sad face) loved reading about a place I actually know exists (since I'm from there). Really good read.

    • SENSUOUSEric, Siri, Jason, and Tekaya are all single professionals who find that special enchanted love they never thought they would ever find. But it’s not easy sailing for these two couples; contrary to what some may believe, having money does not mean a drama free life!Keeping the sea of love in choppy waters is, one ex husband, one baby mama, and one nasty battle-axe of an ex mother in-law and you’ve got DRAMA for days!!!Trying to keep the pendulum from knocking out one of the loveable [...]

    • Iris Bolling brings her readers two stories of love at first sight. Siri Austin is still trying to come to terms with her divorce from City Councilman, Carl Austin. Her first step was to get out of the house and attend a concert with her sister, TeKaya, to see Eric “Silk” Davies, crooner extraordinaire. From the moment she saw him, she knew she could spend the rest of her life with him. To Eric Davies, music was his life. But when he saw Siri in the audience, his heart began to play a differ [...]

    • For Siri Austin, life had taken a spiral in the wrong direction. All she wanted was to educate her children and be spared any further pain.Walking into love was the furthest thing from her mind.With a dastardly scandal lingering above her head, a spineless ex-husband and conniving former mother-in-law in the wings, Siri’s world was a wreck.Thank goodness for Siri’s determined sister, TeKaya Kendrick, who forces Siri to attend a music festival. Little did they know what the night would bring [...]

    • Two brothers, two sisters, a glance a look that bonds them together. What a lovely story of love and endurance. I really enjoyed this novel to the fullest. I love a good love story with a twist of intrigue and this is exactly what Ms. Bolling has delivered in this 2 part novel. The first story Night of Seduction is primarily the story of Jason Davies and TeKaya Kendrick. They are instantly attracted to each other but little do they know another connections is being made behind the scenes with Ja [...]

    • Another great read….I truly enjoyed the story of Siri and Eric Silk Davies better known as get your panties wet. The supporting characters of TK, Jason, Ty, and their mothers were great. The baby mama drama all I will say is that she was scandalous. This novel is about second chance at love, healing from past hurts, and recognizing and grabbing hold to love.

    • I am a new fan and I must say I am now a lifelong fan! I first read the Heart series and decided to read Night of Seduction - please know that I read this book in one day! The story includes romance, suspense, revenge, envy and just plain ole good drama! This is a great read and I am looking forward to reading future works from this author!

    • This book was so good. Eric "Silk" Davies couldn't help but fall hard for Siri Austin, and his brother Jason fell even harder for Siri's sister TK Kendrick. This was an entertaining read. I just discovered Ms. Bolling's Heart series in 2011 and enjoy her writing style. She has the knack for pulling your heartstrings while writing some hilarious scenes. I read this book in a day.

    • Awesome cryingAwesome cryingI have read this book over and over whenever I want a goodromantic novel I pick up this novel to read. let me tell the readersplease pick up Iris Bolling novels you will not be disappointed.

    • WOW, WOW,!!!!!!!!!!!!!This was an amazing story, I don't know it Iris Bolling can top this. Drama, drama drama, with a shock factor it sees on every fifth page. Two stories in one book I can't wait for Ty's story,

    • This book was sooo good. I would have read it all the way through if I had the time. Only wish the editing was better. Just started Ty's story "The Pendleton Rule" and its good too. Loving Iris Bolling right now!

    • Thumbs UpIt is now official I am a Iris Bolling junkie.I don't know which story I enjoyed most Jason and T K or Eric and Siri. Now I could have slapped Mrs. Anderson and beat down La Toya all would be well in my world. Great read!

    • Awesome, this series is getting more and more interesting with each book. Now on to read The Pendleton Rule.

    • Loved these stories. I loved how Jason and TK, Eric "Silk" and Siri relationships began. I loved the drama, the magic, the passion and the outcome.

    • Eric & Jason (brothers) Siri & TeKaya (sisters) all find the half of their heart when they least expect it. This a MUST READ!

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