Embrace the Night

Embrace the Night They re the Magickal ones mpires werewolves witches and fae who dwell among humans united by extraordinary talents and unbridled sexual powers Chloe Standish went looking for a one night stand to e

  • Title: Embrace the Night
  • Author: Crystal Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780758272010
  • Page: 260
  • Format: ebook
  • They re the Magickal ones mpires, werewolves, witches and fae who dwell among humans, united by extraordinary talents and unbridled sexual powers.Chloe Standish went looking for a one night stand to erase memories of her cheating ex and found the hottest sex of her life A witch and biochemist who s working on a cure for werewolves, Chloe knows all about magic, yThey re the Magickal ones mpires, werewolves, witches and fae who dwell among humans, united by extraordinary talents and unbridled sexual powers.Chloe Standish went looking for a one night stand to erase memories of her cheating ex and found the hottest sex of her life A witch and biochemist who s working on a cure for werewolves, Chloe knows all about magic, yet Merek Kingston evoked a spellbinding lust beyond anything she d ever felt But now her ex boyfriend and research partner is dead, his part of the formula in terrorists hands d the detective in charge is Merek, the same man who s haunted her dreams ever since their frenzied night together Chloe is the one person whose future Merek can t predict e only woman who could make him break every rule just to possess her again Nothing will stop him from protecting her, and an explosive passion too primal, too perfect to forget.Praise for the novels of Crystal Jordan There are books you read and those very special ones you devour.Carnal Desires is definitely one of the latter This is definitely an author to watch Kate Douglas, author of Wolf Tales The author is a master world builder and the abundant sex scenes complement the plot and characters One cannot help but fall in love with these large, dangerous, hot cats Romantic Times on On The Prowl

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      260 Crystal Jordan
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    • Crystal Jordan

      Crystal Jordan began writing romance after she finished graduate school and needed something to fill the hours that used to be eaten away by homework She is originally from California, but has lived and worked all over the United States Currently, she serves as a librarian at a university in her home state and writes contemporary, paranormal, futuristic, and erotic romance.

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    • What a pleasant surprise! I received this book in a bundle of freebees and really wasn't expecting too much. Embrace the Night is a great suspense PNR> The Premise: MC are witch/Warlock with secondary characters being werewolves and vampires with the odd elf and "normal" tossed in. In our story Chloe our heroin is a Doctor/Scientist who is on the verge of creating a vaccine to aid the Werewolves in their potentially lethal shift during the full moon. The Bad guys want the vaccine and kill all [...]

    • Off the bat, I just want to say…This is NOT a love story that involves werewolves (note wolf on cover). There is a great werewolf in the story and there is love involved, but this is not a werewolf love story. Ok, now that has been said.What a great story!! I loved the 2.5 main characters (I’ll explain later). In this story there are Magickal ones…vampires, werewolves, witches and fae. While they are hidden from the Normals, that would be us, they are mainstream.Chloe Standish is a woman w [...]

    • This book starts out with the main character screwing a stranger using words better suited in a late night cable porno. I stopped reading it after page 2, double checked what I downloaded and then skimmed ahead a bit. Today I tried reading it again and then deleted it. Now don't get me wrong. I love reading paranormal romance. I curse all the time. That isn't what bothered me so much. What made me give up on it was I felt like it was written by a horny 18 year old male virgin. There was a lot of [...]

    • I did not enjoy it. I wanted it to be over. Lots of explicit sex. Several fight and flight scenesORY BRIEF:Vampires, werewolves, witches, and fae are called Magickals. Humans are called Normals. They live among each other. Magickals keep their powers secret so that all Normals believe everyone is a Normal. Merek is a police detective warlock. He can see the future for everyone except people he cares about. Chloe is a witch doing chemical research. She is part of a three-member team trying to cre [...]

    • Embrace the Night by Crystal Jordan* I received a copy of this book from Kensington in exchange for an honest review*Chloe Standish is a witch that is afraid of the dark. She lives in the city because it never sleeps, is always bright and she is never alone. She was raised by her Aunt Millie, a very powerful person in the Magickal community. Chloe is a witch that specializes in potions. She’s a Doctor (chemist) that has been working for the Vampire Conclave to develop a serum that would stop a [...]

    • Chloe Standish is a doctor and a biochemist. She’s also a witch. When she discovers her vampire boyfriend is cheating on her she heads to the supernatural friendly bar Sanguine to look for a hot one-night stand to occupy her mind and body. Merek Kingston is a loner, a cop and a warlock with powerful abilities. He’s not just clairvoyant. He’s clairvoyant³ where he sees all the way into the past, all possibilities in the present and to the end of days in the future. He struggles constantly [...]

    • Embrace the Night by Crystal JordanThis is an adult paranormal romance book. It is a VERY HOT book. Enter into a world full of Magickals (elves, Fae, vampires, werewolves, warlocks).The two main characters are Chloe Standish, a witch biochemist, and Merek Kingston, a warlock detective who has a precognition ability. Chloe is part of a 3 person team of scientists working on a control for werewolf changes. One of the scientists, Chloe's vampire ex boyfriend, and his fiancee end up murdered. The ot [...]

    • It's really not kidding about the erotic romance warning on the back -- so, while I might wish that there had been more of Merek and Chloe during non-sexytimes, that's on me. The author did do a good job, though, in making me care about them both as individuals and as a couple and the ending was satisfying and felt earned. I do want to sit them both down for a 10th grade health class style condoms lecture, though. There wasn't even the usual throwaway line about Magickals being immune to STDs an [...]

    • This book is packed full of everything including action, suspense, romance, erotica, and paranormal characters. There is a warning right on the cover for sexually explicit content, but that isn’t all you are going to get. There is a great story here and it just so happens that the sex scenes are in detail… and boy what details!Chloe has a heart of gold and is easily identifiable. Merek is the knight coming to the rescue, or in this case the warlock. He is also bound to be the star of several [...]

    • This is a rare for me. I tended to be more annoyed with Merek then Chloe in this book. Chloe is a witch and Merek is a warlock. His power is seeing the future, and when he can't see Chloe's future it makes him run the other direction. I was annoyed at how he took his power for granted. In this world there are humans (Normals), so all of them can't see the future, plus the rest of the Others can't. I understand about his past and the bad things that happened to people he loved, his whining just d [...]

    • A society in a society is where this book take place. It is a normal world but most humans have no idea that magic and vampires and werewolves live among them. Chloe Standish is a scientist trying to find a cure to keep werewolves from having to turn when the moon is full. Turning is very dangerous and can sometimes kill the werewolves and this is what happened to Chloe's best friend. Just before she is able to finish her work all hell breaks loose and she's on the run with a cop named Merek and [...]

    • I loved this book!I have only read her shorter books, and wasn't sure what to expect from this one. It was wonderful. A powerful witch with issues, a powerful warlock also with issues who is a cop in a world where Normals don't know about the existence of Magikals. There is suspense, danger, violence, romance, hot sex and witty dialogue. I was thoroughly engrossed in the story and very much want to read the next in the series, "Night Games".(In the interest of full disclosure, I won a copy of th [...]

    • 3.5-4*s Chloe is a scientist and a witch who is part of a team of 3 working on a "cure" for lycanthropy. One of the other researchers is murdered, and the other goes missing. Merek, a warlock with the Magickal Task Force of the Seattle PD, is assigned to the case. Soon Chloe and her godson, a werewolf, find themselves in Merek's protective custody and on the run from the bad guys.Yes, this book is romantica, but don't discount it because of that. The story had a good solid plot and emotional imp [...]

    • To be honest, I started reading this book with high expectations(which is my fault). I made it to chapter 4 before I just skimmed my way through the whole book. It was way too long, with sex scene after sex scene thrown in just for the sake of erotica. Not that I object to the explicit nature of the story, but in no way did these scenes serve to further the plot. I found myself rolling my eyes every time Chloe said, "Touch me, Merek," and thinking,Here we go again.

    • Chlore & Merek, Wizards, Magikals, Shapeshifters, Elves & Vampires, what a combo, with mystery and magikal zing to add to this explosive and tantalizing story. The story kept coming, the action, the fear and the connections that the characters created were spell binding. Turn down the a/c grab a tall ice cold glass of your favorite beverage and turn up the fan, It's H. O. T.

    • I LOVED this book. I can't even begin to explain why, I was just captivated. However, I don't think I'll read the rest of the series. I was kind of hoping the next book would be a Luca/Tess book but apparently that doesn't happen (not a spoiler, just read the summary of the next books), so I'm thinking I'll stay out of the rest. But I have to admit I liked this one a lot!

    • Paranormal Erotic Romance.One of my favorites for the summer. I finally picked up a pen and started underlining all the awesomeness. Totally my style.Great characters, interesting back story, plenty of energy and suspense, a whole new world fascinating, captivatingI just couldn't put it down.Very easy read. Loved her voice. Hope I get to read more by Jordan.

    • This was part of a 3 book bundle from ebook library @ Pennant HillsLove the flow of Crystal's books and fell in love with the characters Easily let the book transport me to a world where Magikals live among Normals where werewolves can die under the affects of full moon

    • Enjoyed the book and liked the world, but would have been fine with fewer sex scenes. It seemed the only time the hero and heroine thought about their feelings for each other was during their detailed sexual exploits.

    • WOW! This book took my on a roller coaster ride. I loved the romance, action, and suspense in this book. I will be looking for more books from this author.

    • 4.5 stars. This was certainly enjoyable. I don't know how I missed it when it was released a couple of years ago. Must read the next one.

    • Loved the book the characters were rich, interesting and I got emotionally involved with themn't wait for the next story in the series.

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